October CoroCoro Leaking [UPD]

it’s that time of the month – Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro’s October issue has begun to leak online!

  • The Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon box art mascots are actually forms of Necrozma
  • When Necrozma absorbs Solgaleo it becomes ‘Necrozma Mane of Twilight’ and is able to use Sunsteel Strike, Solgaleo’s signature move
  • When Necrozma absorbs Lunala it becomes ‘Necrozma Wings of Dawn’ and is able to use Moongeist Beam, Lunala’s signature move

UPDATE: Another page of CoroCoro has leaked online revealing more info about Lycanroc’s Dusk Form!

  • Lycanroc’s special Z-Move is called Radial Edge Storm – It can be used by all of Lycanroc’s forms, deals massive Rock-type damage, and eliminates all field effects
  • Rockruff can only evolve into Dusk Form from 5:00pm to 5:59pm at Level 25
  • The special event Rockruff has the ability Own Tempo