August Corocoro Leaking — New Pokémon, Characters and More!

The latest issue of Corocoro has begun appearing online, and with it comes a stash of new information, including new Pokémon, characters and even more!

The scans and our translations can be found below. Remember! These are the Japanese names and it’s almost certain that we’ll get the official English reveal of these Pokémon in a couple of days.

Pokémon Information

  • Maaiika: “Rotate Pokemon”, Dark/Psychic with Contrary or Suction cups. It flashes the lights above its eyes and confuses its opponents. As its classification suggests, this Pokémon actually rotates it battle.
  • Kalamanero:  the “Turnabout Pokemon”, an Evolution of Maiika. Has either the ability ‘Contrary’ or ‘Suction Cups’. It knows the move ‘Flip Around’ which flips the stats of the afflicted Pokémon, much like it’s ability.
    • This may actually work through the 3DS’s gyroscope?
  • Goronda: “Tough-Looking Pokemon”, Fighting/Dark Knows Arm Hammer. Ability is Mold Breaker or Iron fist. Pancham is hinted at evolving in a special way. It is described as “looking like it has a rough temperament, but cannot stand to see the weak getting bullied. It has a warm heart”.
  • Shushuppu:  the “Perfume Pokemon” is Fairy Exclusive to Pokemon Y and looks like a pink bird. It has the ability ‘healer’. “It releases a special aroma from its body to fascinate the opponent”.
  • Skrelp is a Pokemon Y exclusive, Clauncher is an X-exclusive
  • Peroppuff: “Cotton Candy Pokemon”, Fairy type, has an ability called Sweet Veil which protects team members battling from sleep. Exclusive to Pokemon X
  • Xerneas: “Life Pokemon”, Fairy type and has the ability Fairy Aura which powers Fairy-type moves. Has a new move called Geo Control
  • Yveltal: “Destruction Pokemon”, Dark/Flying type and has the ability Dark Aura which powers up Dark-type moves. Has a new move called Death Wing
  • Honedge has the ability ‘No Guard’

Character Information

  • Team Flare are the new antagonists, they aim to make big money, but doesn’t seem like their only aim
  • Prof. Platane is the new Professor, may battle you
    • “The Tree of Hippocrates is the plane tree (or platane, in Europe)” -Wikipedia, This could refer to a 3D plane which has X and Y coordinates, infers third game will definitely be Z.
  • Two new Gym Leaders: Citron (likes to invent things) and Zakuro (good at sports)

Game Information

  • New “O-Power” which can help you throughout the game, similar to Pass Powers
  • “Holocaster” allows you to receive updates on WiFi tournaments through the PSS
  • Drain Kiss is a new Fairy-type attack which attacks the opponent whilst recovering HP
  • New attack “Flip around” switches around the opponents stats.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Maaiika is from Maika, a common Japanese squid, as well as being from the common Japanese phrase “Maa, ii ka!” used to ‘leave something as it is’ and to ‘not bother yourself with it further’
  • Karamanero is Calamari (squid), Karamasu (to entangle/entwine)
  •  Goronda is Gorogoro (the onomatopeia of rumbling or something big rolling), and Panda
  • Shushupu is Syusyu (a scrunchie or haritie covered in fabric or lack on innovation/stupidity) and Puchi (french preffix Petit.)
  • Shitoron to come from Citron, and Zakuro is clearly from Pomegranate