August Corocoro Leaking — New Pokémon, Characters and More!

The latest issue of Corocoro has begun appearing online, and with it comes a stash of new information, including new Pokémon, characters and even more!

The scans and our translations can be found below. Remember! These are the Japanese names and it’s almost certain that we’ll get the official English reveal of these Pokémon in a couple of days.

Pokémon Information

  • Maaiika: “Rotate Pokemon”, Dark/Psychic with Contrary or Suction cups. It flashes the lights above its eyes and confuses its opponents. As its classification suggests, this Pokémon actually rotates it battle.
  • Kalamanero:  the “Turnabout Pokemon”, an Evolution of Maiika. Has either the ability ‘Contrary’ or ‘Suction Cups’. It knows the move ‘Flip Around’ which flips the stats of the afflicted Pokémon, much like it’s ability.
    • This may actually work through the 3DS’s gyroscope?
  • Goronda: “Tough-Looking Pokemon”, Fighting/Dark Knows Arm Hammer. Ability is Mold Breaker or Iron fist. Pancham is hinted at evolving in a special way. It is described as “looking like it has a rough temperament, but cannot stand to see the weak getting bullied. It has a warm heart”.
  • Shushuppu:  the “Perfume Pokemon” is Fairy Exclusive to Pokemon Y and looks like a pink bird. It has the ability ‘healer’. “It releases a special aroma from its body to fascinate the opponent”.
  • Skrelp is a Pokemon Y exclusive, Clauncher is an X-exclusive
  • Peroppuff: “Cotton Candy Pokemon”, Fairy type, has an ability called Sweet Veil which protects team members battling from sleep. Exclusive to Pokemon X
  • Xerneas: “Life Pokemon”, Fairy type and has the ability Fairy Aura which powers Fairy-type moves. Has a new move called Geo Control
  • Yveltal: “Destruction Pokemon”, Dark/Flying type and has the ability Dark Aura which powers up Dark-type moves. Has a new move called Death Wing
  • Honedge has the ability ‘No Guard’

Character Information

  • Team Flare are the new antagonists, they aim to make big money, but doesn’t seem like their only aim
  • Prof. Platane is the new Professor, may battle you
    • “The Tree of Hippocrates is the plane tree (or platane, in Europe)” -Wikipedia, This could refer to a 3D plane which has X and Y coordinates, infers third game will definitely be Z.
  • Two new Gym Leaders: Citron (likes to invent things) and Zakuro (good at sports)

Game Information

  • New “O-Power” which can help you throughout the game, similar to Pass Powers
  • “Holocaster” allows you to receive updates on WiFi tournaments through the PSS
  • Drain Kiss is a new Fairy-type attack which attacks the opponent whilst recovering HP
  • New attack “Flip around” switches around the opponents stats.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Maaiika is from Maika, a common Japanese squid, as well as being from the common Japanese phrase “Maa, ii ka!” used to ‘leave something as it is’ and to ‘not bother yourself with it further’
  • Karamanero is Calamari (squid), Karamasu (to entangle/entwine)
  •  Goronda is Gorogoro (the onomatopeia of rumbling or something big rolling), and Panda
  • Shushupu is Syusyu (a scrunchie or haritie covered in fabric or lack on innovation/stupidity) and Puchi (french preffix Petit.)
  • Shitoron to come from Citron, and Zakuro is clearly from Pomegranate



  1. OK, so we got Pangoro, Inkay, Malimar, Draining Kiss… Anyone still want to argue against the Pokebeach leaks?

      1. [EDIT – ADDED IMAGE]

        They could be wrong about the professor being called Patrice since his Japanese name is Purataanu プラターヌ which can possibly romanised into Platane, which can also be Platanus. Plantanus is a genus comprising a small number of tree species native to the Northern Hemisphere (where france is located). And here is an image and description of a tree in this genus that is from France
        Platanus dating from 1797, Bayeux,
        Normandie, France
        They could also be wrong about the second gym being fairy considering that the gym leaders shown in the Coro Coro don’t resemble someone who battles solely or with fairy types at all, “Citron (likes to invent things) and Zakuro (good at sports)”.
        This is just what I think but I seem to have backed it up with some evidence. The other Pokebeach leaks are either uninformed, have been confirmed or they are most likely true.

    1. i will slightly cause it says that koronda(not gonna call it pangoro till the u.s release it) evolves with a new method. while the leak say he evolves in the early level 30s. and In order to evolve, you need to have one other Dark-type Pokemon in your party. doing it with a dark type may be different but evolving while having a certain pokemon in your party is not. now what the leaker provided seems pretty true but i i will hold out on the names till the u.s release it but i am glad most of it is true cause i so want Starter final evolutions to be Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark, and Water/Fighting

      1. Who is voted this down, just because he is presenting his opinion towards Hiro’s Leaks (which aren’t 100% correct) doesn’t mean you can just vote it down because you don’t like it. This may seem like an extreme comparison but it still expresses my point, it’s like the KKK lynching African Americans just because they don’t like them.

        1. Ok first came down, stop cursing and I never said there was any relation between voting down and the KKK. I merely said that I think that the people who voted this comment down did that because he was arguing that the PokeBeach leaks aren’t 100% true. It may be true that people can vote down as much as they like, I’m just saying that to me it’s stupid to vote it down just because someone has discredited something you believe to be true when you can just argue why you believe that it’s true. I admit it may have been a stretch to compare voting that down to the KKK lynching Black Americans but that is no reason to to start insulting me.

        2. The PokéBeach leaks don’t come from Hiro, they come from MageLeaf. WPM said Hiro doesn’t have any info abou this Gen other than Xerneas, Yveltal, and Ninphia (Sylveon)’s types and Clefairy having its type altered (the latter info being still unconfirmed).

        3. if they wanna vote me down let them. cause i ain’t gonna put 100% in the leak more like 95%. i don’t want to expect some thing from the leak and then not get it. if every one wants to blindly fallow some thing let them

        4. …. What is wrong with you? I find it very problematic that you felt the need to compare such a HUGE True event in the worlds history, to all the “realness” of a Pokémon video game. Sounds like you need to grow up and learn what’s fake and reality ( -_-)
          Source: A black Pokémon player

          1. I have apologised for doing that, and it wasn’t compared to pokeman at all. I compared it to people voting down a comment just because the comment discredits the belief of something which isn’t 100% fact.
            And I am also a Black Pokemon Player.

      1. That looks like the case. Seeing as the Japanese site data says “M2X” for Mewtwo X’s section. Apparently, Mewtwo Y looks more like Mew.


    3. The only rumors i dont see coming true is mewtwo getting another new form, turning your 3ds upside down to evolve the squid and dual typed moves. I say the other new mewtwo form because i think they would have showcased that form as well in the new genesect movie in japan but they didn’t thats why i doubt that one. i doubt turning your 3ds upside down to evolve the squid because 1) Coro coro didnt say it evolved in a special way like pancham to goronda and 2) It has that new move that reverses stat changes so i think the squid evolves once it has learned that move and leveled up that makes a lot more sense than turning your 3ds upside down. And by dual type moves i think it might be moves like scald. That are a certain type but cause the status effect of another type. For example an electric type move that burns. Or a water type move that freezes.

    4. Looks like MageLeaf got it mixed up when they told Pokebeach that the professor’s english name was patrice and the other professor who gives you the gen 1 starters name was sycamore. Check the x and y official website for the english names of everything that was leaked.

    5. Pokebeach rumours are proven true yet again!

      Pancham’s evolution, Goronda is called Pangoro in English, Maika is called Inkay, Karamanero is called Malamar, also the way Pancham evolves is said to be done using a new method (could be the one mentioned in the Pokebeach leaks) according to the official x and y website, “There appear to be Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y that evolve in ways never before seen! One example is Pancham and Pangoro, but how do they evolve?”.

      The only thing that was wrong was that they mixed up the names of the professors that they leaked, it’s actually professor Sycamore who gives you your starters and if there will be another professor their name will most likely be Patrice and they will most likely give you one of the gen 1 starters.

      I’m just gonna list the english names of the leaked Pokemon and everything else:
      Goronda – Pangoro
      Maika – Inkay
      Karamanero – Malamar
      Peroppafu – Swirlix
      Shushup – Spritzee
      Geo control – Geomancy
      Death WIng – Oblivion Wing
      Professor Purataanu – Professor Sycamore
      Gym Leader Shitoron – Gym Leader Clemont
      Gym Leader Zakuro – Gym Leader Grant

      Here are my predictions for what type Grant’s gym will be. I think it will be a rock type gym, one reason I have to assume this is that his hair sort of resembles stalagmites which are a conical mineral deposit, usu. calcite or aragonite, built up on the floor of a cavern, formed from the dripping of mineral-rich water. Another reason is that he like mountain climbing, but that one can be cancelled out by that fact that he also likes playing sports and cycling. One more reason is that when you battle him you see what could be the gym badge and the colour of it looks like it is rocky colour scheme. And that’s pretty all I got about him.
      Clemont’s gym as we’ve all guessed is most likely an electric type gym, considering that fact that he likes to invent think and his inventions look as if they are electronically powered. And when you battle him the image behind him looks like a gym badge and it’s bright yellow which could be the colour of many electric type attacks. If he’s not an electric type gym leader then he has to be a Steel type gym leader because the inventions we have seen are very mechanical.

      Visual Proof:

  2. Is it just me, or are these new Pokemon a little off compared to the other 6th gen Pokemon they revealed…. The best word to describe these new Pokemon would be “Controversial.”

    I like the new Gym leaders, hoping the one dark skinned one is a Dark Type gym leader and not a ground/rock type.. (No racist joke intended, I’m basing the idea off the jewels on his hair.)

    Oh, and the leaker about Pancham’s evolution to a Fighting/Dark type is true as well… Seems like that leaker was legit for sure. :/ I hope he can come back and leak the rest of the info he has….

    1. Meh. I guess you can’t agree with every design. I never have in any generation of pokemon. I do like the squids and the Pancham evolution. Not to high and mighty on the new fairy types that were leaked today. Here’s to hoping there evolution’s are cooler!

    2. The dark skinned trainer is most likely a rock-type leader, as he’s wearing rock climbing gear and his badge looks very much like bricks. The background also seems to resemble mountains or hills.

    3. I saw the Gym Leader´s shirt and automatically thought she would be our expected dark type leader! But now I feel defrauded seeing she is sort of climbing a mountain and the background points that she might probably be rock or ground specialist. We can just wait and hope.

    4. If you zoom in the picture with the gym leaders…. you may see something like a gym badge beside the gym leader… It looks more Rock / Ground than Dark. Also, he has a ring lock thing for abselling

    5. I would lean more too the rumoured Fighting-type Fourth Gym. In their description, it does say they are a sporty gym leader as well as Rock Climbing being a physical activity.

      1. Right! I was on tumblr and all of the sudden I get an email/notification and I saw pokejungle on it and I screeched (cuz I new it would be the leaks) and my mom came in the room and told me to shut up lol (it’s 1:16 am over here

  3. Wow this is great stuff, I love skrelp I’m so happy I picked Y! And i Love all the new Fairy-types!! So, did we confirm any rumours here, debatable. Ho hum I guess I can go to sleep now. But wait what does the picture of kids trading whilst battling mean?! Please translate soon!!

    1. I know right!! I pre-ordered Y and now today I find out that Skrelp (and the new pink flamingo cutie, who I love) are version exclusive! F YEAH!!! <3 *high fives for Y version*

  4. Guys that pink bird makes me believe that we’re finally gonna get a flamingo pokemon wooooo!

    Dark/psychic! Ghost/steel! More awesome combos please!!!

    A panda with a cape!!!

    1. I’m pretty sure that it’s actually (Also?) based on a plague doctor. They would wear masks exactly like Shushuppu’s, that were filled with perfume. They thought that illnesses passed via odor, so by blocking the odor, they’d be safe from disease.

      1. The version that has the Destruction Pokémon as its mascot also gets the plague doctor Pokémon? Sounds like a fun theme for the game.

        1. As well as the poisonous seahorse, while the other version has the Life Pokémon and a sugary dog-candy Pokémon. I’m definitely getting a Light vs. Dark kind of theme for the games.

    2. Flamingo pokemon, Sylveon, Cotton Candy pokemon… I can finally have a Kawaii team 😀

  5. I honestly think that just the possibility of Shushup evolving into some Fairy/Flying flamingo has made me decide to choose Pokemon Y over Pokemon X. I’ve never had that happen before. hahaha

    1. Haha, the opposite here– my love of Clauncher almost makes me want to change from getting Pokemon Y to getting Pokemon X!

      That said, I almost always choose based on legendaries, so I’ll probably stick with Y.

      1. i agree with you but my wife is getting pokemon X so i can just use her’s to get my clauncher

        1. Similar situation here– my brother is getting Pokemon X!

          Trading and using Pokemon in X/Y will probably be some of the only contact I have with him, since he’s at college.

          1. I’m in college, but my younger brother doesn’t play Pokemon, so I have to trade with my cousins

      2. I usually choose that way, too. I’ve looked long and hard at Swirlix, and can see some good it in. Spritzee will have to be traded for.

  6. OMG!!! Xerneas is Fairy!!! Yay I new it all along! (In my thoughts lol) I am soo getting X

  7. I came to look at the scans, only to discover that the site isn’t letting me view the pictures (in both Firefox and Chrome).
    Anyone else having this problem?

    1. It’s a WordPress issue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. You could try refreshing, and if that doesn’t work: right click -> open link in new tab

  8. that panda is by far the coolest looking fighting type pokemon ever imo. definitely using it on my team now

  9. I have to say, DEATH WING!? That is freakin awesome!! In other news, I LOVE Karamanero. I can’t stress that enough. Now I sit and wait for a Tasmanian Devil Pokemon.

    1. I’m wondering what that’ll be changed to over here heh. I’d also like to know in what way moves are powered up by Fairy Aura and Dark Aura. just a straight up damage boost? Something more like the starter abilities? Who knows. Honestly though, I’m disappointed there doesn’t seem to be anything on confirming the rest of Fairy’s type matchups. There is that rumor, yes, but that lacks resistances, and I kind of find it unlikely that Fairy will have NO resistance’s. And then there is whatever the heck Pokemon Smash meant by it being ‘strong’ against ice type, which the leaker didn’t mention. However, NOT doubting the leaker. Seriously, completely called these things. Just, the question is, how much may have changed since he got to play it.

      1. I would imagine it resists Fighting types, at least to me it makes sense. Plus, if it supports life, wouldn’t it resist Fighting. Fighting only destroys, and the Fairy type is known to be a supporter (so far), I think it would only make sense. Not to mention Fighting types already can take down a number of types, it would only be fair if it had two resistants Well I don’t even mean resistant, but wouldn’t have an effect on it. .

      2. It’s happening again. Old abilities with new names.
        Mold Breaker –> Turboblaze / Teravolt
        Adaptability –> Fairy Aura / Dark Aura

      3. One rumor mentioned that Xerneas and Yveltal have two sub-ordinate legendaries with them (Two fairies and two birds respectively). So, I’ll just guess the Aura abilities will boost the Dark and Fairy attacks of all Pokemon on the field. Hence, it’s not similar to Adaptability. Then again, if we assume that Dark Aura boosts 50%, and Yveltal uses, say Crunch, it will have 180 BP (80×1.5×1.5). While with Adaptability, it would only have 160 BP.

        Also, it’d be interesting if you had to defeat the “sub-ordinates” first in order to get to the Legendaries.. or maybe a triple battle in which you should KO the subordinates and then get to the Legendary? Nah, that would be overkill.

      4. But I actually don’t think so. Because their abilities activated when they are sent into battles. Like “Weavile’s Pressure”…. So it’s less likely to be another Adaptability

  10. this looks so awesome i like how the professor looks and the fact that he battles you from time to time is cool and the only sad part is that i know the attack ‘death wing’ will not stick in the eng ver.

  11. I’m still foaming out of the mouth. That Pancham evolution. Those Squids. That professor. That Team Flare. Those Gym Leaders. That everything.

  12. I can honestly say I am a bit disappointed knowing Clauncher and Skrelp are exclusives, but I can say I did see it coming.

      1. I’ll trade. I prefer Y over X, honestly, but I prefer Clauncher. It’s like Black and White all over again. Frickin Whimsicott.

    1. Looks like it. Clearly, that little owl thingy had its hat and ribbons turned upside down. Also, it seems that Maika has Contrary for a primary ability. Interesting.

      1. lol a flying puffball? that sounds pretty awesome. i also hope it becomes like a giant man-eating cotton candy monster

  13. for some reason karamanero reminds me of empoleon just the shape just says regale to me

  14. I think they should limit past Pokemon to exclusives.. making the new ones like that SUX! Exclusives don’t really make sense anyways just a gimmick to get people to buy both types

    1. It’s not a gimmick to make people buy both games. They make it like that because the games are meant to bring the fans together and trade between their games.

        1. I don’t know what the share is of the people that buy both version though. Could be an only 10% increase in sales.

  15. So we have the turning squids (maybe turn upside down for evolution) and fighting/dark Panda (add dark to your team to evolve Pancham)….it could be true then
    I’m so getting X now, the Clauncher thing kinda made the whole thing for me
    (No guard…Honedge…funny Gamefreak!)
    For the characters…how will the Team exploit and get money…hmmmm
    And Prof Pantane (well Plantain is something plant related right?)
    Robot boy electric gym leader and the gym leader who looks like dancer from gen V looks like a rock Gym Leader (safety clips, harness and water bottle)

  16. I think the cotton candy one is the awesomist food Pokemon EVER… or even just object… it doesn’t look 100% like cotton candy but like a monster how it should =]

      1. Probably not the best Attack or Speed, but makes up for it in Defense. That’s my guess.

  17. Last generation pokemon served you Ice Cream!!! This gen we give you Cotton Candy!!! Gen 7 you ask…Funnel Cake!!!

    I’m just being silly, but man this is awesome! Glad I chose X because I really need that Cotton Candy pokemon in my life.

    1. It looks less like Cotton Candy and more like a fluffy puppy to me. It could just be the ways its tongue is lolling out, though 🙂

    2. can’t forget… Gen 1 gave you a dozen eggs, Gen 2 gave us alphabet soup, Gen 5 Ice cream, Gen 6 cotton candy lol.

      Then we have the random haunted items. The haunted dollbaby (shuppet), the haunted chandelier (chandelure), the haunted sword (honedge). The haunted TV that rotom comes out of LOOOL.

      God I love Pokemon.

  18. My only gripe with this news is that Xerneas doesn’t have Steel as a second typing but the fact it is a Fairy type and not a Psychic or Grass type HEAVILY outweighs it not being Dual typed. This also sums up that Fairy is the opposite of Dark and NOT Psychic or Fighting.

    1. GameFreak loves to throw curveballs. Samurott could have easily been Water/Fighting and Empoleon Water/Ice. But their main intention is to do stuff that’s not too obvious.

      I think in one of the Generation V interviews, someone explained why they drew Oshawott like a clown: That they didn’t want people to guess it’d evolve into an awesome Samurai-ish Pokemon. The same reason can be applied to this. Then again, I wish Xerneas is Grass/Fairy too (Which would also complete the reverse effectiveness.. Fairy-Dark and Flying-Grass).

  19. So I had to look at another site because Pokejungle failed to load the pics for me…
    I like how Goronda/Pangoro is based on a Bancho basically, looks cool
    And the squid, I hope I can use the squid

    Fairy Aura and Dark Aura power up respective moves for all allies on field, it looks like

  20. What does the little picture of mewtwo say? (The picture Pokejungle didn’t include)

    1. Is it bad that I have no idea what you’re talking about?
      EDIT: Ok I see it now. It says absolutely nothing relevant. It just talks about how good the figures are.

    2. Serebii says this poster is regarding Xerneas and Yveltal toys of some sort (Acquired by using some sort of coupon?) so the Mewtwo picture must be regarding the same too.

    3. It just says what “PokéPla” is (Pokémon Plastic Figurines). It uses Mewtwo as an example.
      But yeah, like NL says its just about Xer/Yve pre-order gifts.

  21. While I believe “turning the 3DS upside down while leveling up” is really, really odd. I can’t help but to notice that Maika looks pretty much like a squid, but when it evolves, it looks like Karamanero either blew its top, or it turned upside down, which I have to admit is more likely. I mean it really looks like it, and the rumor even got the typing right. I would have easily mistaken it for a water type.

  22. “Team Flare – They Aim To Steal Money” Well that’s…..surprising. No plot to destroy the world or mind control the populace?

      1. Makes sense, since this region is base on beauty it’s not surprising to have an evil team that are thieves preoccupied with buying expensive stuff to look good.

    1. The magazine kinda hints that money’s not all there is to it, but money is kinda unexpected, yeah.

    2. that picture makes team flair/flare look FLAMEboyant and not i a gay way just really over the top

  23. Also don’t those Squid pokemon sound like the Inkay and Malimar rumours? It seems like there’s too many similarities (the second one is even called the Turnabout pokemon!)….I suppose they had a name change. Even though the names are wrong, the kind of pokemon and the typing was right. I’m kinda wondering if maybe whatever information this guy had access too was really early and subject to change…

    edit: Had a brain fart, of course the names are different….they’re the japanese names.

    I didn’t feel like I needed much more proof the pokebeach guy was legit but really can’t see how anybody needs more proof now of his legitimacy.

    1. Inkey and Malimar names he gave would likely have been the English names, we only have the Japanese right now. We should know by the end of the week what they’ll be known as over here.

    2. Some people still think the leaker mixed fake info so that it would look interesting, like when I was using some of the rumors to come up with my theories of what would happen in the SPECIAL manga. But why would he/she do that? Placing fake info would be outright saying “I’m not reliable! Don’t believe me next time I leak real stuff!”, and I don’t think anyone leaking info would do that unless they don’t know anything and are trying to ride on the coattails of previous fame, like Hiro did recently.

  24. LOL Honedge has the ability No Guard
    OMG i can’t believe how funny that is

          1. That would be a cool exclusive (shield pokemon) if it evolved like Karrablast through trade.

        1. I thought he was referring to the hilt/guard because he has one but the ability says otherwise

  25. Glad WPM can go to sleep tonight now that he doesn’t have to worry about people calling him a bad webmaster.

    But legit did anyone else think Pangoro was a Pokemon done extremely right by GF? Like seriously look at that cape :’)

    1. Not sure why posting legit rumours has anything to do with being a good or bad person.

  26. Also guys, ill be getting Y, so if you’re as disappointed as I am that Skrelp and Clauncher are exclusives ( although I think it was obvious) just hmu so we can trade cuz I want my Super Awesome Pistol Shrimp Pokemon 😀

  27. Oh yeah… in the Misc section it says shushu is scrunchie but I don’t think that’s right –

    Shushu is a Japanese onomatopoeia for spraying , and Pu is for something spurting out. It’s the perfume Pokemon after all.

    And Maaiika is also a pun that doesn’t translate but pretty much means ‘whatever’.

    1. I think it’s both. I know there’s an onomatopoeia that sounds similar to it, but it doesn’t ring a bell for me. I’ll brush it up later though.

  28. I was expecting something different from Inkay and Malimar. Malimar looks like a crazy witchy bird with insane hair style. I tried to turn it upside down but it didn’t work:

    And Shushupu, Peropuff didn’t excite me at all. However, Xerneas being Fairy and looking badass is epic.

  29. The Gyms are obvious the black guy is rock bc he’s a rock climber and the blonde dude is steel or electric.

  30. I am Goronda who will have the guts to face me an almighty Dark/Fighting Type to a Match?!

        1. God, I’m gonna summon Lady Gaga, turn up Fireworks from Katy Perry and make a holy anti-bully triangle with Pangoro then.

          1. Lady Gaga Pokémon, where are you?! Hurry up and evolve from the Madonna Pokémon, we need you!
            And if we’re lucky the cupcake Pokémon will evolve into the Katy Perry Pokémon and learn the move Firework.

          2. Wait, if there is going to be Madonna, Gaga, Katy Perry Pokemon then Madonna should be the legendary Pokemon.

  31. I guess what I’m really interested in is Flip Around (or whatever it turns out to be) cause it’ll be great against Conkeldurr, Cresselia, Suicune, and more.

  32. Man seeing all this great news makes me so happy getting pokemon X over pokemon Y. I love the skrelp and the new fairy type pokemon is so interesting but I’m more into Claucher over Skrelp so I’m getting pokemon X, I’m still glad that the legendary fro pokemon X is a fairy type finally something different and that pokemon looks so cool to me for some reason I usually pick the Pokemon that looks cooler but this time I’m getting the one that involves the pokemon exclusives that I am more interested in and the legendary just looks so very majestic and different from what I usually see in a legendary pokemon plus I can always look for others online to trade with.

  33. The pero part of peroppafu is an onomatopoeia for licking. Makes sense with the stuck out tongue

    1. Isn’t it “bero”? I know that bero means tongue in Japanese.
      As in Beruringa/Lickitung and Beruberuto/Lickilicky.

      Meh. They both are similar, so I guess they share a similar meaning.

    1. I usually dislike ugly Pokémon (or Pokémon that are ugly in my opinion), but lately I’ve been liking them more and more. I like Kalamenero quite a lot.

      1. Take a look at it upside-down. I think it looks better.
        I like it, either way. I’m happy as long as we get new Pokémon.

    1. He can give me whatever he likes 😉 I have an idea to dump my starter Pokemon this time.

  34. The professor is hot, Bad guys look..kinda weird,yay more gym leaders
    An awesome panda beast ,Tiny squid is adorable and its evolved form looks like a supervillan
    The cotton candy thing looks like a poodle/dog and mini flamingo balerina cute, And life and death legendary mons.Sweet, liking the news so far

  35. A couple of months ago, this information was posted in pokebeach:

    “New move: Belch a Poison-type attack with a base power of 120 but can
    only be performed if the user is holding a berry and the attack consumes
    said berry

    New move: Draining Kiss a Fairy-type attack which has a base power of 60
    and heals user for the same amount that it damages the enemy for

    New move: Fairy Dust (fairy), makes the pokemon levitate. Same effect as Magnet Rise.

    New move: Rose Thorns (grass), hurts opponents that switch into battle. Same effect as Stealth Rock.

    New move: Mirage (psychic), makes you think that the pokemon has been
    switched by another one in the team, but it hasn’t. Similar to Illusion

    Now we know Draining kiss will be real, I think we have to consider the rest of the moves.

    1. Well well well, mirage has my attention and I love the creativity behind the rose thorns.

    2. No, draining kiss and belch are the moves that pokebeach posted…the other ones were from mossieur leaker (or something like that xD)…and he later said that he was lying, so we can say that the last three moves are fake.

  36. To convince my 9 year old brother to get X (We always get alternate games even though we are seven years apart.) I told him Xerneas was a dark fairy type… Am I a good person? Never mind I just want X exclusives.

  37. The thing that bothers me is that the squid pokemon isn’t water.. I thought it would be like the tentacool/cruel of this generation… The other pokemon that are in this month issue just don’t do it for me. Only the little bird thingy is kinda cute. The panda bear is just a big let down. I hoped for a cool evolution, not another ursaring, beartic look-a-like with a freaking cape.

    Oh and a question: does somebody know where you can pre-order the games WITH the Xerneas and Yveltal figures yet? Or is it gonna be announced..

  38. Awesome news! Although I must say my heart is broken because I really wanted Skrelp, and Shushupu (although I still love Peroppafu :3) Would anyone be willing to trade one to me ?

  39. AWESOME :3 I love them all, and loving all the new type combinations. And I guess this makes skrelps evolution fake D;

  40. OMG! Loving every piece of new information about this EPIC POKÉMON GAME!!! I love Maaiika and Kalamenero, so original!!! Getting X for Xerneas and Clauncher. Love the typing of the legendaries but Xerneas could have a 2nd typing like Grass. The team, the professor and the gym leaders are awesome! Geon Control and Death Wing sound so BADASS! Hope their graphics are too. The teaser for next month’s CoroCoro issue, due for release on August 12th 2013, is said that the magazine willl contain the biggest scoop of the century!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! I bet that the starters’ evolutions will be revealed, and y’all?

  41. If these two squids turn out to be Inkay and Malimar and their evolution method is indeed turning the 3DS upside-down, then I’m guessing that Inkay is open to more moves than Malimar since you could get Malimar as early as level 2. Kind of like how the elemental monkeys could learn moves up until they evolved and you had to use a tutor.

  42. A lot of dark types in gen VI. It would be a shame if..they still decided against a certain gym type.

  43. Ok ok ok ok if these new Pokemon just HAPPEN to be reveiled to the public as Pangoro, Inkay and Malimar and that my future Chespin will become a nasty dark type (which i really hope it doesn’t)

    then I guess ill have to go jump out the nearest window in response for believing or doubting online rumors…

    Despite what i said Pangoro looks like a Pokemon that can give one heck of a mauling and I to have one as a partner for X

    1. Why would their names matter at this point? They already describe the Pokemon that were in the rumors, so chances are they will be given those names.

  44. All of these new pokemon designs are fantastic! And finally some exclusives :’D This was definatly perfect to wake up to!

  45. I like the idea of Team Flair/Flare. Sounds like they will be greedy and snarky with a lot more personality, making you want to beat them. Their goal of making money is a fresh spin fom the usual wanting to take over the world/control everything.

    1. I wonder which word it really is, flair or flare? Maybe both?
      Flair does fit well with the whole Paris, France, beauty theme, seeing as it means stylishness and originality.

      1. Yeah exactly it would fit great with the theme. I’m hoping its not flare as in heat that makes me think too much of team magma.

  46. Did anyone else notice that in battle, the cotton candy pokemon has feet, yet in its official artwork, it has the little stick(?) thing? Or am I just seeing things?

    1. I noticed that too. I think the stick is actually is its tail and it tucks its feet up to float around. That’s just my theory, though.

  47. OMG this is the best news! I still wan’t one skrelp and the pink bird so I’ll have to trade (ps: please someone trade with me in october :p)… but it was a rumour that clauncher will evolve in water/electric type so… if it is true that definetly will be awesome! I’m wan’t even more my pokemon X! and about the candy cotton pokemon I don’t like it to much it seems like a little dog with a fussion with whimsicott… but the pink birdy pokemon it’s so cute… I’ll hope that my candy cotton pokemon in x would have a very nice evolution in other way I would definetly rise that little pink bird that possibly evolve in a flamingo pokemon…

  48. So I have a good idea on those gym leaders.
    I think the dude with robot arms will be electric type, and will have clauncher’s evo which i presume will end up being water/electric. Their color schemes match up, and the robot arms look/ will look like clauncher’s evo’s claws.

    The rock climber could plausibly be dark because it seems like he’s in a cave. But i think his main pokemon might be the sabeleye evo we’ve been thinking about. I mean they are cave-dwellers. The dude has gems in his hair, much like sabeleye.

    1. I would love for him to be the Dark type gym leader, but seeing as he’s rock-climbing and he’s good at sports I’m thinking Rock or Fighting type Gym.

      1. Since he plays sports he could be a cheater and win by scheming,
        which would make him a perfect candidate for a Dark-type Gym Leader.

  49. The Professor is Hot. I love everything!! I wonder if Team Flare is gonna be the only team for both games though.

  50. Citron = Eiffel Tower Electric Type Gym Leader. Yet another blonde Electric Type Gym Leader. I wonder who the girl next to him in the Gym is.

    Zakuro= Ground type. He’s an adventurer, mountain climbing etc. They’re gemstones in his hair. Craggy like hair. Gym Badge(?) is a pattern of bricks.

    1. I would guess Zakuro to be a Rock-type Gym Leader rather than Ground-type, if only because it’s been a while since we’ve had a Rock-type Gym Leader and there’s never been one that isn’t the first Gym Leader in their region, so it might be a nice change of pace.

    2. Citron looks more like a Steel gym leader in my opinion…but i hope GF surprise us xD

  51. I really want kalamanero but I also really want it to rotate like it’s pre-evolution. Or “Turn-about” as it’s classification says Cause I really love the way it looks right-side up or the otherway? Haha . Really happy with the news nevertheless

  52. i swear at least once i will send out a grass type to battle Maaiika/Kalamanero thinking they are a water type in sted of sending out a grass type since it has 4x weakness to it. finally it feels like they are giving the bug type some love

  53. Has anyone else noticed that Goronda’s belly looks an open mouth with teeth? I wonder if it’s meant to look like that or it’s just coincidence. And I love how Kalamanero looks like an evil parrot/squid since they both have beaks.

    1. Squids and octopi have beaks for mouths in the real world. It would make sense to add them.

      1. I know the thing that I was commenting on was that they sort of spliced a parrot and a squid to make Kalamanero’s face which I thought was cool.

    1. I’m actually getting both. Female character for X and male character for Y. I can’t choose between the legendaries. Yveltal looks awesome but Xerneas reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Princess Mononoke.

    2. I’m getting X because I love Cotton Candy!!! Thought that wasn’t the first reason. I had a feeling that pokemon was gonna introduce a new type this generation (which they ultimately did in Fairy) and since I couldn’t think of a plausible typing for Xerneas I believed it would be the new type (Yay I was right) which is why I wanted X all along.

      Plus I knew all my friends would get Y because Yveltal’s design is badass!

    3. I have planned to get x from the start. Knowing clancher is in it just gives me a better reason to get it.

  54. Also…’HoloCaster’ ummm I think this needs to be translated into something not….offensive

    1. It deeeefinitely won’t have the same name in English. lol
      Can “Jew” imagine the backlash?

      *bu dum tss*

    2. Oh I see…wow. Ok, first off, it’s like hologram. Second, it’s not pronounced the same. Third, are you serious? That’s not offensive at all, your just stretching it to make it seem offensive

      1. I’m not saying it’s offensive…but when I first saw the word, that’s what I thought off…it’s just a touchy subject for some people

        1. I read it like that, too.
          Hologram, Holocaust. Preeety similar in pronunciation if ya ask me.

      2. It’s not offensive. It’s just something that’s a touchy subject.

        Holocaster and Holocaust are very similar. We commented on it in the staff chat.

    3. Now that we are talking about holocaust, today is the anniversary of Srebrenica genocide.
      Never forget…

  55. Cotton Candy Pokemon? Oh God, I sense “ice cream Pokemon, worst mon ever” controversy all over again…

    1. Actually, if they didn’t say so, i wouldn’t think it was a cotton candy. It looks like a cat/dog like pokemon with fluffy appereance.

      1. It definitely looks canine. It’s not necessarily just a living lot of candyfloss though. That’s just a classification.

    2. I’m thinking of a poodle cotton candy dog that it will evolve into…maybe female only (and poodles are stereotypically french dogs)

    3. By this time, it should be obvious that GameFreak always creates Pokemon like that every generation. But that’s no reason to hate an entire generation of Pokemon.

    1. You can make a Bear team now.. Beartic, Ursaring, Goronda!! Maybe even a Golurk for more Huge protection and a Cubchoo as your main Poke for Cuteness!!! 0_0 0_0 0_0

  56. I came to a different conclusion with Karamanero.
    Calama[ri] + manero (‘imitate’, ‘mimic’)
    say this, because the pokemon is clearly standing on feet made from
    it’s crown, to imitate a person, which also fits with it’s Reversal
    Pokemon classification.

    1. Though I disagree with the oil explanation we have up there, I’m not entirely sure it’s from Maneru either. That being said it certainly sounds more likely than orange oil XD

        1. The 魔 is bit of a stretch to say the least, but thats bulapedia for you.
          The orange oil thing is even less likely though, I’ll just take initiative and delete it XD

  57. I love these new Pokemon! 6th generation is turning out to be wicked amazing for me. Also, Pancham’s evolution. Now I KNOW I am using Pancham on my team.

  58. I wish Xerneas was a duel type as well like Yveltal. I was hoping for Psychic/Fairy or Fairy/Grass

  59. Everyone can have Nigel Pancham is a Fighting Panda…..His name for me will be Po(The Kung Fu Panda) lol

  60. I’ve just noticed that Inkay has a happy face. So when it turns upside down, it becomes sad 🙁

  61. I was expecting them to reveal Mewtwo’s other form and tell their names, since the magazine legally comes after the movie (I was expecting this before reading this month’s issue would come one day earlier due to holidays), and since the movie is about Mewtwo, I would expect the other form to be in the movie.
    So, unless Mewtwo’s supposed third other form doesn’t appear in the movie and they decide to showcase it in the Xerneas/Yveltal movie, I think we’ll get info on the next CoroCoro.

    By the way, Moving, even if the Planate thing hints at a Z, I still think there’ll be a W. Since there’s a biology theme going ont, they wouldn’t make Z without a W. So we may have X/Y and Z/W, and possibly an O or 0 version since the origin connects all axes. So:
    -X: X chromosome and lenght.
    -Y: Y chromosome and height.
    -Z: Z chromosome and depth.
    -W: W chromosome and the fourth dimension.
    -O or 0: The absence of chromosome (X0 system, with 0 sometimes being called O), and the origin (absent of axis due to being their connection, composed of 0’s, and represented by an O).

    In other words, five games, with the legendaires being the four stags, the nameless eagle, Níðhöggr, Ratatoskr, and Yggdrasil. I’m very confident in this theory, and I’ll only give up on it if they release a solitary Z version with no W, which I find unlikely because of the ZW system, or if they don’t release an O, which would be wasting the letter, and since the Japanese pronunciation of the name of the Latin letter O is the same as their word for “king”, they would be wasting the pun of having a legendary master in the “king” version. I don’t see GF wasting this wordplay, and there would be no other chance to use the letter unless they make Generation Whatever being Pokémon I and Pokémon O from “input” and “output”, which couldn’t possibly have a “king” pun unless the O mascot is the king of the I mascot, which would defeat the purpose of two mascots being paired.

    If you want the rest of my theory and some other speculation regarding it, see

  62. Alright! So, those PokeBeach rumors are definitely true. For those who didn’t already believe… Shame. Shame on you!
    That means we already know a few English names ahead of time. For example:

    Maika is Inkay, Karamanero is Malimar, and Goronda is Pangoro, respectively. Draining Kiss seems like it’ll remain the same.
    Professor Plantane will most likely be Professor Sycamore in English, seeing as Plane trees (platane in French) are known as sycamore trees in North America. Also, because the rumors say so. Although, the rumors do state that he is another professor, meaning he’s not alone. But, based on CoroCoro, he will be the first prof. we run into. Wonder who’s the other guy? Or Gal.

    As for Citron, I wonder if he’ll keep that name. I hope so, but Lenora’s Japanese name, Aloe, was similar to his name (to me) as it was based on edible plant life and that, sadly, changed upon English release. Zakuro comes from 石榴 zakuro, pomegranate; also possibly from 黒 kuro, black. Based on similarity, maybe his English name will be Zack. Zack and black sound similar, so I think it would be pretty fitting name for him. Team Flare should definitely stay the same. Their name sounds like a pun off of the words flare; to burn with a sudden intensity, and the word flair; an ability to do something well; stylishness and originality. Just look at them! They’re flaaaaming~! Seriously, that hair. What kind of gel…? I don’t even… But, I like it.

    Anyway, can’t wait for that English info! Shushupu and Peropuff. Please name them well, Game Freak!
    I can’t even imagine a half-decent name for Shushupu right now, but I’m excited to see it evolve! I sense Fairy/Flying-type Flamingo~!
    Peropuff… you shaggy pup, you..! That cute face of yours better evolve into a poodle! I predict Peropuff’s English name to be Coddle. Lol, right? -_- It make some sense, though! D: Cotton Candy + Poodle! Right? Right..? No..? (◞‸◟;)

    PokéBeach rumors:

    1. No, profesor Plantane would be “Patrice”…Sycamore would be another professor who give us one of the Kanto starters (as Pokebeach posted)

      1. I’m hoping that if this is “Patrice”, then it will be changed to Patrick or something. I always saw Patrice as a girl’s name.

        1. I just had to make this after I posted that. xD


      2. Well, sir, these rumors haven’t been wrong so far, so you’re up against a mighty tall hill because it’s never stated which professor we’ll meet first on our journey. Plus, Patrice is a female’s name and Patrick… is too busy down in Bikini Bottom being Patrick. Either way, we’ll found out for sure in a couple of days.

        Bet you a hundred bucks I’m right? >:D

        1. Well, that’s right, we don’t know who will we meet first…so, maybe you are right…maybe not xD…who knows, let’s wait and see :)…but yeah, i belive you will right, did’t see that way first, sorry xD

        2. Patrice is a men’s name in French, though.

          …Honestly I’m thinking this guy is going to be Plantain in English. You know, the tree related to bananas?

    2. I’m pretty sure Zakuro is a girl. Citron os probably Electric Type, and Zakuro is probably Rock.

  63. Anyone else notice that Team Flare (who happens to wear all RED) is shown on the Pokemon Y version exclusive page and not on the BLUE Pokemon X version exclusive page! Maybe they just change to blue colored outfits in X or maybe there is another evil team. I’m not trying spark a crazy debate but if there is a “blue” evil team could they somehow connect to the old Team Magma and Team Aqua???

    1. I’m kinda bothered that they would reuse the Hoenn type teams. I would rather they had a grass type orientated evil team who were all “nature and mother nature”. They could wear rags and live very simple lives. Sorta like druids. It would be a good opposite to how over the top and dressy Team Flair is.

      1. I like the druid idea. It could still happen.
        Flames of destruction versus leaves of life.
        Fire vs. Grass.
        Death vs. Life.

  64. Is nobody going to mention that cotton candy is sometimes called “fairy floss?” They just showed us a fairy-type fairy floss Pokémon. Well played, Ninty.

    1. I was going to in what I typed down there, but I already felt I was gonna need to type a TL;DR cause of how much I typed. :
      But, yeah… Cotton Candy is known as Fairy Floss in some places like Australia. Hence, its Fairy-typing.

      Have you noticed Citron’s outfit has a Clauncher-like theme? That blue and yellow! Citron will most likely be an Electric-type Gym Leader, so it might be safe to predict that Clauncher will evolve into a Water/Electric-type~!
      Going with themes here, wouldn’t it be awesome if Citron had a Pokémon that looks like that sunny device behind him?
      A satellite Pokémon that’s an Electric/Steel type with the appearance of a sun, ya know, since we get light from electricity as well as the sun. Levitate being its ability, of course. I’d love that. Also, electricity and steel goes along well with him being an inventor.

          1. I was looking at Citron’s sun/arm/thing, and I noticed that the thing coming out of the middle somewhat resembles a lizard’s head. (Notice that I said SOMEWHAT). Anyway, the rays of this sun branching out from the middle resemble Helioptile’s frills. Could this hint at a Helioptile evolution?

          2. Lol @ somewhat.

            It could be Helioptile’s evolved form. Since it is a heliophile it would make sense to have a sun-shaped frill around its neck. Hmm… Me likey. Hopefully, you’re right.

          3. Well, if you look at Helioptile’s face and pull the yellow triangle out to a point, then double the point at the top of its head, it would look similar to the thing on Citron’s sun-arm.

          4. Wonder what its type will be.
            Will it remain Normal/Electric-type or become a pure Electric-type. Maybe it’ll be (insert type here)/Electric-type?

          5. I think it will electric/rock 🙂 in a special recently it was anounced that it learns rock slide! It lives in a rocky area so yeah.. who knows 😉

          6. I don’t think it’s so much a “heliophile” as a “helios (sun) reptile” — It’s frill is literally made of solar panels. I don’t think the sun comes into it any more than that’s where it gets it’s energy source.

          7. That’s what I thought when I saw that solar thing on his back. It’s clearly Helioptiles evo.

          8. Or maybe Helioptile’s evolution, which he should definately have.

  65. Do you think that typing order (e.g. to be Flying/Dragon or Dragon/Flying) must take some kind of benefit? Something like a bit more stab bonus..

    1. It really is just for aesthetics. Both types of a dual-typed Pokemon get the same STAB bonus.

    2. I agree with Similarity. Typing order has no benefits, whatsoever.
      I believe it’s mainly used to show the Pokémon’s main alignment.

      Some examples:
      Charizard – Fire/Flying-type. It’s strength lies in its Fire-type moves, yet its also adapted to flying through the skies. It’s similar to how typical dragon’s breathe fire and soar through the skies.
      Honedge – Steel/Ghost-type. This Pokémon is a sword first before it is inhabited by an ancient soul.
      Noivern – Flying/Dragon-type. I’d assume, since Noivern utilizes sound waves, its Flying-type is its primary type because sound usually travels through a medium that is usually air. Sound travelling through air is a repetitive disturbance of the air particles. The Flying-type incorporates actions used by birds as well as the wind and air.

      Hope that clarified things.

          1. Nope. I had it opened on another tab and happened to see a new comment that happened to be Wes’.
            Sooo, I quickley helped him out. 🙂

  66. Goronda!!!! I’ll catch you!!! Goronda looks soo beauty, lovely, soo stronger. I love it

  67. I dont know but Xerneas’s attack looks sooooooooooooooo AWESOME AND OMG!!! THE PROFFESSOR LOOKS REALLY REALLY AWESOME

  68. Māīka is really cute to cute and Karamanero just looks so evil, i am going to get a female one and name it Ursula

    1. OMG me too!! I thought of the little mermaid when I saw it and thought it looked like Ursula (for some reason). That or Medusa or Sedusa. <33

  69. anyone see the new trailer to the mewtwo movie coming out this weekend. there are spoilers in it just to warn you

    1. Never realized how short Genesect are.
      Oh, and dat Mewtwo Superiority! Mah goodness! ♥

      Still waiting on the reasoning behind that Mewtwo’s feminine voice.

      1. From rumors, this mewtwo is not the mewtwo from the first movie. Hopefully we will get an answer when the movies is released.

    2. I SAW A SABLEYE! This will be absolutely amazing if a Sableye evolution is revealed in this movie.

      1. What I’ve seen is that Sableye’s going to be a sort of secondary character – My hopes are up, too.

    3. Kriffix watched the Mewtwo Special earlier, then mentioned how one of the Genesect has the voice of a female child. I found it hilarious.

    4. MewTwo’s voice was also feminine.. I know it’s probably because of the new voice actor, but I can’t help but think it has something to do with AmberTwo.


          AmberTwo, or Amber, is the deceased daughter of Professor Fuji (One of the scientists who created Mewtwo). Though Giovanni funded the researched to find Mew’s DNA and create ‘the strongest pokemon’, Fuji also used Mew’s DNA to try and give life back to Amber.

          AmberTwo, Mewtwo, SquirtleTwo, BulbasaurTwo and CharmanderTwo shared a brief moment in a limbo-like state called the ‘Remember Place’. In it, Amber explains to MewTwo about life. When MewTwo asks “Why am I born?”, AmberTwo answers “That is for you to find out”. Even just as she vanishes, she tells MewTwo, “Life is beautiful”. Meanwhile in real life AmberTwo dies in her chamber, but MewTwo is successfully created. This is why MewTwo is searching for “life’s purpose” in Movie 1, while also being unreasonably angry and sad.

          Here’s a video:

          Unfortunately, this all happened only in the Japanese version of the movie. It was removed from the English version, because they thought the story was too dark for children. It’s a shame really, all it would have done is made the movie even better. It also would have answered MewTwo’s activities, instead of portraying MewTwo as a mad and stubborn villain.


          From “The Uncut Story Of Mewtwo’s Origin”:

          The whole Amber-Mewtwo thing didn’t make it to the English movie (Except for special editions), as they thought the theme was too dark for children. It’s a shame really. Not only did they cut out the important backstory of Mewtwo, but left out the whole reason for Mewtwo to have acted that way in the first movie.

        3. I typed two comments previously explaining AmberTwo. I don’t understand why they didn’t show up. In any case, search for AmberTwo in Google or “The birth of Mewtwo” on YouTube.

  70. wow, all this info is incredible! first, cool evolution of pancham, and i’m intrigued of its new evolution method. then, maaiika and kalameron are quite good, the first being nicer and the second looks so prepared for battle! and the new fairy pokemon are cute, overall Peropuff (which i thought it was a cloud with dog’s face and tail), but as I’m getting Y, i will have Shushupu, which i expected to be flying, as i like to have a flying pokemon, but i don’t want to have two fire pokemon in my team (fennekin and talonflame), so maybe i could get Shushupu and then i’d also have a fairy pokemon!

    the types of Xerneas and Yveltal were revealed by Hiro, and i trusted him, so i’m happy it has been finally confirmed! cool new characters (although i expect Zakuro to be Dark-type leader, because of its clothes and the image of the gym), but if it is good at sports and it has a look of a climber, then it could be Rock-type.
    and finally the features are also interesting! the o-powers (will have to make those minigames to get them?), the holocauster, so you can be updated with info of the Global Link and the “miracle trade” (which you haven’t mentioned)… what will it be?
    well, so much info. and in the next issue there will be even more (as it has been said in Serebii)

    1. Yeah, we seem to have left it out. I don’t really know what the miracle trade is though. Is it just supposed to be the GTS Negotiation feature, but with a different name?

      1. i don’t know neither, and it seems there is no more information about that yet. maybe when the official website is updated we will see more info about that.

    2. We’ve been waiting for a Dark type gym leader since gen 2, but I really don’t think they will get one based on the information we’ve seen so far and the leaks (which are slightly more reliable now) that Hiro gave to PokeBeach.

  71. Did anyone else notice that Goronda’s ‘cape’ splits down the middle? I’m loving these new Pokemon so far! All except for.. the cotton candy one. And I’m not hating because it’s cotton candy, but because it just seems so lazy and it really feels useless and unneeded. Everything else though, is looking great! Especially the squids <333333

  72. Does anyone else get the feeling that the Professor is going to be the Leader of the evil team? He looks quite interesting… 😀

  73. So far, the Pokemon I want on my team(s) are the following: Fennekin, Noivern, Pangoro, Clauncher, and Helioptile. But because of my OCD and not wanting two Pokemon of the same type on my team, I’m going to get both games and start with Chespin/Froakie so that Talonflame can be my fire and flying Pokemon. 😛

    1. The same thing happens to me, LOL. I can’t have Pokemon on my team of the same type. It makes my team weaker. Before I start the game I plan my team, no same types. Ever since I saw the X & Y announcement I decided immediately that Chespin was my starter. (Mostly because everyone was choosing Fennekin or Froakie.) So far my team would be Chespin, Fletchling, Helioptile, and Sylveon.

      1. what i have been doing. is since they are still gonna be a lot of pokemon to be revealed. i am finding nicknames for the pokemon that they revealed that i want to catch

    2. I was setting up my team of 6 too, but then I realized that there are like 100 to 150 more to be revealed so there might be some that you’ll like over the ones you already chosen. :p

  74. Guess the rumors about flipping the 3DS upside down in order for Inkay/Malimar to evolve is true 🙂

    Literally everything has turned out to be true so far except a few things were waiting on

    – Mawile evolve form

    – Mewtwo Y Form

    – Final Starter Form types (Fire/Psychic, Water/Fighting, Grass/Dark)

  75. Since it is difficult for actual flamingos to take off when flying, I started to think of other types that this Shushuppu could end up being other than Flying. Then I thought about the name flamingo. Flamingo. FLAME-ingo. We might get a Fire/Fairy type flamingo. But wait, if this is a perfume pokemon, how could flames be incorporated into this pokemon? Hmm… Perfume = HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!!! Could we be getting a pokemon advertising the dangers of aerosol? Aerosol -> aero -> air -> bird -> flamingo

    1. How about Poison if she’s wearing a plague mask? Doctors wear them and she has healer ability (and perfume connection with strong smelling substances in mask that repels bad smell?) But wearing plague mask doesn’t mean being poisonous, it actually repels Poison…hmmm…

  76. The teaser for next month’s CoroCoro issue, due for release on August 12th 2013, is said that the magazine will contain the biggest scoop of the century. We’ll provide details on that next month.


    1. Keep in mind that Corocoro really exaggerates their teasers. I think the “scoop” will just be about Mewtwo.

      1. Even so, if there is another forme for Mewtwo to go along with the rumors from Pokebeach, then it would of been in this weeks CoroCoro seeing as the movie is out tomorrow in Japan. Then again, it could be that the other forme if there is one will be shown elsewhere.

        1. They could just talk about its Awakened Form in next week’s CoroCoro and hint at its second form.
          I doubt its second form will be revealed in the movie, so I see this as a viable possibility.

  77. So considering Corocoro is coming out on the 13th does that mean the site will most likely update on the 13th too?

    1. Since it’s a simultaneous worldwide release, yes. The leak is a leak it’s not official so TCPi waits for CoroCoro to release officially in Japan so it could be simultaneous.

  78. I want a Bug-type Pokemon based off of the anormenis chloris. Look it up. Cutest bug ever.

    1. Anormenis Chloris looks too much like a Cicada bug, which they already have a pokemon for. Nincada, Ninjask

  79. I don’t know if anyone has pointed it out yet, but the rotating element in the evolution of Maaiika makes sense just by looking at it and comparing it to its evolution. Maaiika’s tentacles, on the bottom of its body, become the “hair” on top of its evolution, the two strips on the sides of Maaiika’s head become its evolution’s arms, and the things on top of Maaiika’s head become its evolution’s feet! 🙂 I really hope this evolution method turns out to be true, I think it would be a cool addition to the lineup of evolution methods we currently have, not to mention it could open up opportunities for other such unique evolution methods that use conditions other than simply the ones in the game.

  80. What if team flare tries to burn down yggdrasil for some reason? (provided that it is in the game of course and norse mythology is the basis of the game) Idk it’s kind of a random thought but just something to think about.

    1. That’s cool. As long as it evolves into a plague doctor flamingo, I’m OK with it.

        1. Cross your toes, too! We need this to happen!
          And don’t forget to cross your legs. You must sit… like a laaady~
          Crossing your arms might help, too. Can ya cross your eyes? Do it!
          We’ll get that plague doctor flamingo one way or another!

  81. I think Shushupu is going to be a flamingo. It has the beak, wings, and the legs even thought it is small and will probably 90% evolve. Flamingos like to dance and Shushupu looks like a ballerina too. What does everyone else think?

  82. I’m looking at the scan again, but it doesn’t seem to mention Drain Kiss shielding damage, just that it damages the opponent and heals the user. Am I missing something, or is this an error?

      1. The new movie is going to be release today in Japan. Like at what time you might be posting information of the movie?

    1. Hey, Caserin. Aren’t you a Luvdisc? Why you gotta be such a “Hatedisc?”
      Spread the love, girlie!

    1. No. That would require us to break the law, something we’re not going to do 😛

  83. So, we have Pokemon that evolve when they learn certain moves. Does anyone think it’s possible that we could get a Pokemon that evolves when it forgets a move. A squirrel or a warthog, maybe? Both are quite forgetful creatures. 😉

    1. I’d hardly call a squirrel forgetful. Yeah, they leave some nuts behind, but they have a better spacial memory than humans do. Or do you think you could find hundreds of nuts that you buried months ago?

  84. See that lava pool? Could that machine hold all the lava, magma, etc.? I figured since the antagonists have to do with fire and then I see that maybe this is something that has to do with Team Flair’s/Flare’s other goal?

    1. Honestly I think the whole desert is just a take on alternative power sources, and the lava is geothermal power. Hence the wind turbines and similar green energy feel for the desert. The desert is Kalos’s take on a power plant.

  85. Anyone else think Zakuro might be a girl? “He” has an awfully slim waistline…

  86. I believe that Shushuppu is going to evolve into a flamingo Pokemon. it’s typing what I believe is probably going to be fairy / poison, on top of that if you notice, Shushuppu’s face kind of looks like the masks that the doctors wore during the bubonic plague. also I believe that it’s evolutions typing is going to be fairy poison because biologically flamingos eat in lakes that are very very toxic

  87. OMFG GUYS! I Was doing some hardcore thinking and I believe that I’m going to be 100% right on this one. It’s my theory.

    Shushup is a Fairy type Pokemon. It wasn’t given dual flying type because it WON”T evolve into a flamingo. Instead, it will evolve into a another Fairy based off of a Plague Doctor. Now here’s my theory. All the rumors from Pokebeach have turned out true so far, atleast 95% yes? Remember the rumor that Fairy Pokemon are weak against Steel and POISON? I emphasize the poison, because if you search up “Plague Doctor Costume” on wikipedia, the first line says:

    ” The plague doctor’s costume was the clothing worn by a plague doctor to protect him from airborne diseases. The costume consisted of an ankle length overcoat and a bird-like beak mask often filled with sweet or strong smelling substances (commonly lavender), along with gloves, boots, a brim hat and an outer over-clothing garment ”

    Shushup is to be protected from “airborne diseases” aka Poison type. Which Fairy is allegedly weak against. It’s ability is “Healer” and it learns “Aromatherapy” which is remiscent of being a “doctor” like the passage says and healing. The fact it is called the “Perfume Pokemon” is a spin on the doctor having sweet smells in his beak/mask because they believed this would prevent them from illnesses which it didn’t. I pray its evolution looks bad ass but it probably won’t.

    In other news, I love Inkay, Malimar, Pangoro & Peropuff. I love the spins on these guys. Like how Inkay is cute but evolves into ugly plays apart on the “reverse” thing. How Malimar’s squid body is designed to be upside down, it will evolve by leveling it up with the 3DS upside down like the rumors said. Sickening. I’m from the contintental US so we say “Cotton Candy”, but I love how people in other countries call it “Fairy Floss” and that was a unique way to come up with inspiration for making Cotton Candy Pokemon thats a fairy.

    I pray and hope on Aug 12 the “big scoop” that they say is gonna come consists of: Confirmation of the Stage 2 Starters being Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark, Water/Fighting but don’t reveal the starters. Reveal Mewtwo Y form. Reveal a bunch of old Pokemon that evolve. And show about 10 more new pokemon lol. Preferably Helioptile evolution etc.

    1. “And show about 10 more new pokemon”. Expecting too much, are we? I really think the “scoop” is going to be about the movie. Pokemon Smash’s next episode will be about the movie too.

      1. i don’t think there big scoop will be about a movie that will have been out for a month by then. it might be about the anime though

    2. Great theory, but I don’t get why we can’t have both a plague doctor and a flamingo all in one.
      I’m pretty confident Shushupu’s evo will look like both. Just look at its design. You can clearly see both of their traits; its face resembling the mask of a plague doctor and its pink, feathery body along with its pink legs/feet resembling that of a flamingo.
      I’m hoping for a Fairy/Flying-type with an ability that resists poison. :/

  88. you know the grass move that it shows that chespin has is vine whip which as of BW has a pp of 15 so it looks like vine whip will get a pp increase to 25

      1. Haha, thank you! I thought its evolved form could be… “Quesplosion” or maybe “Boarrito”.

    1. CoroCoro already leaked out.
      I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s fake.

  89. Pokebeach rumours are proven true yet again!

    Pancham’s evolution, Goronda is called Pangoro in English, Maika is called Inkay, Karamanero is called Malamar, also the way Pancham evolves is said to be done using a new method (could be the one mentioned in the Pokebeach leaks) according to the official x and y website, “There appear to be Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y that evolve in ways never before seen! One example is Pancham and Pangoro, but how do they evolve?”.

    The only thing that was wrong was that they mixed up the names of the professors that they leaked, it’s actually professor Sycamore who gives you your starters and if there will be another professor their name will most likely be Patrice and they will most likely give you one of the gen 1 starters.

    I’m just gonna list the english names of the leaked Pokemon and everything else:
    Goronda – Pangoro
    Maika – Inkay
    Karamanero – Malamar
    Peroppafu – Swirlix
    Shushup – Spritzee
    Geo control – Geomancy
    Death WIng – Oblivion Wing
    Professor Purataanu – Professor Sycamore
    Gym Leader Shitoron – Gym Leader Clemont
    Gym Leader Zakuro – Gym Leader Grant

    Here are my predictions for what type Grant’s gym will be. I think it will be a rock type gym, one reason I have to assume this is that his hair sort of resembles stalagmites which are a conical mineral deposit, usu. calcite or aragonite, built up on the floor of a cavern, formed from the dripping of mineral-rich water. Another reason is that he like mountain climbing, but that one can be cancelled out by that fact that he also likes playing sports and cycling. And that’s pretty all I got about him.
    Clemont’s gym as we’ve all guessed is most likely an electric type gym, considering that fact that he likes to invent think and his inventions look as if they are electronically powered. If he’s not an electric type gym leader then he has to be a Steel type gym leader because the inventions we have seen are very mechanical.

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