RUMOR: 2ch Posts August CoroCoro Information


As with any of our rumor posts, we do NOT recommend people put any faith in speculative information. These are used to spark discussion and entertain only.

This month is rather unusual in that CoroCoro will be coming out on Saturday, July 13th not Monday, July 15th. This is due to a Japanese holiday that falls on the latter date. Luckily for us this means that the leaks will potentially come a few days earlier, possibly today even. With that in mind, there has been information posted on what the August issue allegedly contains. This was found on 2ch so be very very skeptical. We’re not taking any of this to heart and we don’t recommend you do either. It is fun to enjoy speculating about what we’ll see though 🙂 Without further ado, here’s the translated info:

New Pokemon

  • Honedge (Steel/Ghost)- The move used by Honedge, seen in the Message to fans at the Japan Expo in France, is called “Soul Smash”
  • Panpura (Grass/Ghost) – Pumpkin ghost Pokemon, may be based on a Jack ‘O Lantern, likes to prank and uses Astonish
  • Yotsurun (Ice/Fighting) – Giant with a horn, uses the move Ice Hammer
  • Syoomai (Water/Bug) – Snail-like evolution of split evolution of Shellos which gains an actual shell
  • Myuujii (Psychic) – Pokemon based on a quarter note which has a move or ability called Battle Melody which lowers opponent’s stats and raises user’s

Interesting, huh? Chatot might get a musical companion!

<3 PJ

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