RUMOR: 2ch Posts August CoroCoro Information


As with any of our rumor posts, we do NOT recommend people put any faith in speculative information. These are used to spark discussion and entertain only.

This month is rather unusual in that CoroCoro will be coming out on Saturday, July 13th not Monday, July 15th. This is due to a Japanese holiday that falls on the latter date. Luckily for us this means that the leaks will potentially come a few days earlier, possibly today even. With that in mind, there has been information posted on what the August issue allegedly contains. This was found on 2ch so be very very skeptical. We’re not taking any of this to heart and we don’t recommend you do either. It is fun to enjoy speculating about what we’ll see though 🙂 Without further ado, here’s the translated info:

New Pokemon

  • Honedge (Steel/Ghost)- The move used by Honedge, seen in the Message to fans at the Japan Expo in France, is called “Soul Smash”
  • Panpura (Grass/Ghost) – Pumpkin ghost Pokemon, may be based on a Jack ‘O Lantern, likes to prank and uses Astonish
  • Yotsurun (Ice/Fighting) – Giant with a horn, uses the move Ice Hammer
  • Syoomai (Water/Bug) – Snail-like evolution of split evolution of Shellos which gains an actual shell
  • Myuujii (Psychic) – Pokemon based on a quarter note which has a move or ability called Battle Melody which lowers opponent’s stats and raises user’s

Interesting, huh? Chatot might get a musical companion!

<3 PJ

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  1. Really loving this so far, please be true!!!. Guess time will tell :3

  2. Woo, Chatot’s across the world are waiting in anticipation, and young shellos everywhere imagine what they could become. Meanwhile I’m terrified of this new Ice Giant

  3. I heard similar rumors to this by a Serebii forums moderator with what he found. What you posted is translated differently or from a different source?

    1. I’m guessing it’s differences in translation. post number 949 or ID:3ZNA4rLX0 of this thread is our

    1. Possibly fake, litleo evo does exactly look like it has Sugimori design to it. But who knows, looks good though.

      1. It would be so cool if Litleo evolve into a Manticore look at the evolution the back has like red fur symbol of the wings but you guys are right it does look fake :/

  4. Dat Shellos evolution possibility! 😀 I heard similar rumors to this by a Serebii forums moderator with what he found. Is what you posted translated differently or from a different source? They said the giant/snowman would be Ice/Fighting… What do you think?

    1. It’s Ice/Fighting. We accidentally left it out, and we’ll fix it promptly. sorry!

        1. The original Japanese text says it’s a giant, but I think it could be a Yeti. More of a ape approach to differentiate between Abomasnow maybe?

          1. Do you guys know what time you might get the CoroCoro info? I ask since I can see your a Gymleader and that makes me think you might know… just asking.

          2. If it comes today, expect it to be anywhere from 8:00PM PST to about 5:00AM PST.

          3. I’m still thinking snowman. The original Japanese text said “giant?” Lol.

          4. I think what jstar said is spot on with the Frost Giant. They’re a race called “Jötunn,” the j being pronounced like a y, and which sounds really similar to Yotsurun.

        2. If the idea of this generation being Norse mythology based…I say it’s a Frost Giant pokemon.

  5. I heard similar rumors to this by a Serebii forums moderator with what he found. Is what you posted translated differently or from a different source? They said the giant/snowman would be Ice/Fighting… What do you think?

  6. I’ve always wanted a Jack o lantern pokemon ever since i saw this fake-mon in Pokemon Vega (pokemon hack) it was so cute! Now the Shellos evo sounds kinda weird since it already has Gastrodon as a evo i think it should b it’s own Pokemon honestly 🙂

  7. If they went with a “Stingy Jake” story based design for the pumpkin pokemon and possible evos I think it would be quite a nice idea. Stingy Jake is basically depicted as a humanoid creature with a pumpkin for a head (with a jack o lantern face, basically the reasoning for jack o lantern carvings today).

    Stingy jake story:

  8. These are some noteworthy rumors. Myuujii would have too much treble battling though.

    1. Careful with all these puns. The STAFF may have you all BAND. They will be the INSTRUMENT of your demise. Be glad your name isnt Joe because then PJ would have to BANJO. I bet you wouldn’t even be able to HANDEL the pressure. Hope you don’t plan to have an ENCORE because the STAGE is set for your deBEAT. Once you are done for we will live in HARMONY again. This is all MUSIC TO MY EARS. If they fail, I may have to build myself a FORTE and hide the KEY to shield myself from your puns. So you should just give it a REST.

      I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad, but if I have I feel no SYMPHONY towards you.
      Oh, these music puns are just so CLASSICAL.

    1. There’s a lot of times where names from loads of games are the same as a product, brand, etc..
      Plus it’s not even even english named..

      But im not gonna rule out this whole thing being fake either.

    2. Abrakadabra….Alakazam!

      I mean ya >> so totally fake because of a possible name….Oh don’t forget our local movie star Pokemon Bruce Hitmonlee and Jackie Hitmonchan.

      1. Guest, make an account. That comment makes me want to welcome you here.

      2. They were people that the majority people knew about. 15000 does not constitute a majority. I also find it more than coincidence when the name and attribute (music) match the real person. I also highly doubt that gamefreak looks through youtube usernames to get pokemon ideas. It was also found on 2ch which casts even more doubt.

        1. I highly doubt they did any research on the name anyway. Most of the time the name is a description of the Pokemon. Myuuji sounds like Music. They use names that ended up being famous name or phrases. It happens.

  9. It’s WISHFUL THINKING that Game Freak would announce three pokemon with two unique type combinations and one that people have wanted had more coverage in this month’s Coro Coro.

    Definitely fake.

    1. It’s a new generation and only 20 or so pokemon have been released. It’s quite likely that there would be newer type combos, and they would want to lure people into playing X/Y with that just as much as everything else thats been new. So just based on that, for just 4 pokemon, that’s no a major reasoning for this to be fake. But I’m also not saying it isn’t fake either.

  10. I hope that in this new generation will have a pokemon fire/water, it will be really awesome

      1. maybe, like Ben 10, he has a monster that it’s grass and fire, could it be

      2. A good idea for Fire/Grass would be a jalapeño pokemon. Of maybe a burning plant. Wildfire, go!

        1. I love how both you and Samurott mention Wildfire from Ben 10 🙂 I think the ghost chili would be pretty cool for a pokemon too.

          1. it could it be man 😀 because some pokemon grass are piece of shit but if you put a pokmemon grass/fire they will be soo powerfull with a pokemon ice, water, rock,ground

  11. GameFreak giving us a long-awaited Grass/Ghost Jack-O-Lantern? I’m calling this fake just because it is so cliche with all the fanart out there.

  12. pokemon has a lot of type that they could put in th enew generation like pokemon type galactic or light, sounds or something like that, and pokemon need to make a generation on the space like the future

    1. “galactic” Why does that sound familiar… oh wait!!!

      Solrock, Lunatone, Deoxys, PALKIA!!!

      SOrry to be rude, this whole “galactic”, “spacial”, “astral” type speculation just needs to die. There’s no way GF would introduce after Gen IV

  13. I want to know if we could ride a ponita, or arcanine, or something like that it will be really REALLY AWESEOME

  14. Hey. I think someone should make a post telling people to join Mount Moon Community. We get so much activity here, so maybe if more people knew about the forum, there would be more activity there. 🙂

  15. I don’t believe the rumors, but it definitely provides something to speculate on before CoroCoro. I will say I’m hoping we do get a Grass/Ghost Pokemon (Whether it be a pumpkin or whatever). Then we’d have a Water/Ghost, a Fire/Ghost, and a Grass/Ghost!

    I’m not sure I like this rumor’s idea of another evolution to Shellos. There’s already the differentiation of West and East Shellos; don’t really need an evolution other than Gastrodon IMO. I do, however, like the concept of Water/Bug. That’s something one of my favorite Pokemon (Surskit) has. Just a shame Surskit loses that type combo upon evolving.

      1. North and south would be hard to incorporate with West and East which I think is why we never got a North/South version. I mean with just East and West you were guaranteed a specific shellos. While North and south would interfere with the spawning of East/West. Its always possible that we can get some, but I don’t think GF is willing to attempt yet.

        Snail version makes some sense since they are sea slugs. It could have an Eastern/Western look about it as well. Seeing as Kalos is separated into three parts we could see some Shellos appearing in the wild.

    1. Perhaps Syoomai could be found in the North and South (in their respective forms), and Gastrodon in the the East and West. Think of Kalos as a dissection of four parts.

      Alternatively, The Kalos Pokedex shows the Region divided into 3 parts (Coastal (blue), Central (White), and Mountain (Red)) perhaps a Central Shellos form could be introduced and evolve into Syoomai, instead of Gastrodon…

    1. Hey, hey, hey! Guess who’s also gay?!
      This guy! Yeah, that’s right!
      Raaaainboooows and uuuunicorns and GaGa and stuffs~!

      No, seriously.
      Chespin is awesome and there’s nothing wrong with having a gay Chespin. Accept it, for it was born that way!

      ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้ <–This bear is at a rave. It's also from the South Pole. Love him! Love him now!

    2. I liek unicornz, why is not any unicorn pokemon yet? I would pet it all over <3

  16. What I am hoping to see in this CoroCoro is the next stage of the starters! I came across this pic, it’s someones idea of a Chespin 1st stage evolution. I would love for Chespin to evolve into something like this 😀

    1. They never show the starter evolutions, it’s one of those things that they want us to discover for ourselves
      This is an appropriate time for a hashtag, I believe.

      1. Gen V showed the middle stages, and the middle and final stages were leaked. And Blaziken appeared in the Johto League. Just sayin’.

        1. Blaziken is them being proud of a cool design, and Dewott and Servine were leaked unofficially in a character sheet.

          1. And the final evolutions were leaked too. But yes they never reveal them we are waiting for leaks…

      2. There’s never an appropriate time to use a hashtag…

        Wait… unless it’s Twitter.
        Last time I checked, Twitter wasn’t a Pokémon!

        Besides that, I agree with you. Starter evos are never shown, only discovered.
        …Or leaked.

        1. Because of you, I will now go catch a Spritzee and name him Twitter, then find you through the PSS and beat you with Twitter so I can say SORRY BOUT IT.
          -Laltevy used HeavyStalking- 😛

          1. Only if its shiny version is blue should you name it Twitter. Either way, good luck with that.
            I’ve never gone online with Pokémon in my life. I only connect locally.


  17. I hoping to see in this Corocor the PROFFESOR PLEASE!! because in the intro who will lead you when you’re staring?

  18. I want to know what you will choose: Fennekin, Chespin or Froakie. Please all the people who saw it please put me your comments

    1. I will be choosing Fennekin because I’ve started with the Fire starter since Charmander. And it is so ADORABLE!!!!

    2. Chespin, no question. Made that decision within seconds of seeing my choices.

    3. Frakie I love all the pokemon water and they always be the best pokemon, because for example, Swampert is WATER AND GROUND!!! Samurott is one of the best he learn bug attack

    4. Chespin! With no doubt. I made the decision of choosing the grass starter in 6th gen since i chosed Oshawott in 5th gen…and when i saw Chespin i knew it must be my Kalos starter…love it! xD

      1. well!!! you have some reason, because I never choose grass when I’m staring the game

    5. Fennekin, because I love Fire Types and because it looks like my dog. 🙂

    6. Froakie or Fennekin. It depends on their evolutions, I can’t decide for sure yet!

      1. Don’t know if you agree with me guys, but in my opinion, it would be more exciting if we find them out for ourselves (the starter’s final evolution), and our chose would be based only on their first form 🙂

        1. well i like it !! it would be more exciting if we find the first pokemon on the grass

    7. I always choose water (except for Gen 5 when I picked Snivy) so I’ll be getting Froakie!

        1. I like Samurott’s design and everything but god, its moveset could be better! My favourite one is Empoleon. I hope Froakie turns out to have a swift frog as its final stage though 🙂

          Edit: sorry I just realised I’m talking to a Samurott. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings, bro 🙁 I still prefer you over Emboar hahaha

    8. Chespin because iv chose fire starters up until 5th gen when I chose Oshawott. Iv never chosen the grass starter before so this is a real change of pace.

      I just hope Chespin becomes as cool as a starter as Sceptile is.

    9. well thata a though one this is the hardest since is the first generations where i like all starters but if i had a voteing in my mind right its

    10. Fennekin. Because Fire types have always been my favorites. I loved Ninetales right from the First Generation and I was the happiest person when it got Drought. I still wish they hadn’t nerfed Houndoom’s speed and given it two lackluster abilities.


  20. Quite believable, imo. I do like the idea of the music note. Also, the jack-o-lantern is a good idea. we are missing some pumpkin pokemon. . .

  21. I dont know but the first time I play pokemon black and white I choosed Snive as my first pokemon in this region and and that was a mistake I dont know why but all the first pokemon did you choos, the pokemon grass always is a piece of shit , I’m hoping the Chespin will be the best Firts pokemon that you wull use

        1. Treecko and Bulbasaur are pretty awesome 😛 Especially Treecko, my first Pokemon ever ^_^

          1. Treeccko is really awesome I LOVE IT BUT chikorita, bulbasaur and snive are a piece of shit!! TORTERRA THE BEST POKEMON GRASS

          2. I agree Chikorita is shit, it’s an abomination honestly. Other than that, the grass starters are great!

    1. It transcends fake. Somebody came up with that evolution following the manticore speculation.

  22. Lol…more new pokemon…and i’m still waiting for Xerneas and Yveltal’s type -.-

    1. And it’s ability too. It better not be an ability that already exists with a different name.

      1. I think that it wont be because when you look for the information you will se ??????? Maybe It’s means that the will have a new ability

        1. Turboblaze and Teravolt sounded new, but just turned out to be Mold Breaker with a different name.

          1. They had all those silly question marks too before we knew what it was actually called.

    2. I think with the introduction of the new type Yveltal will likely be dark/dragon and Xerneas fairy or possible fairy/steel.

    3. I’d say Dark/Flying and Grass/Fairy. The new Golden 3DS seems to go by that theme. I don’t know what Xernears is based on, but if it’s based on Shishigami, then it’d be interesting to see if it gets any formés relating to a giant forest spirit.

  23. I want to know why in the pokemon logo It has a DNA imagen ? What does this imagen that mean

        1. What logo and what “ADN”? Sorry, I’ve had a long day and I guess my brain is just getting confused too easily. :p
          I feel so dumb now. I see what you’re talking about now. You meant DNA. Could it be hinting at a genetics theme to the games?

          1. We don’t know why, and we prolly won’t know for sure until after a playthrough.
            These things need time. Painful, painful time.

          2. look this is the japan’s logo of pokemon x and y and as you can see it has a ADN molecule and I want to know why

    1. It’s on the bracelet thing of the protagonists too. Hopefully we’ll know when they reveal the significance of the bracelet thing.

  24. If you think about it, Kalos is split up into 3 parts Pokedex wise, maybe Shellos get’s 3 new area based evolutions? Worth theorizing.

    1. Or just two with the center not having any Shellos at all…Though the western part is the Mountain and Shellos is more wetland and coastal.

  25. Soo people what is the next pokemon mouse electric type in this new generation? Because here you can see all the pokemon mouse electric type

    1. OMG I dunno but I Cant WAIT!!!!!! Ima chose one and keep as my main POKE.. it was Emolga but Im not sure I want to give up other flying types or have 2 flying o my team =[

    2. Marill was the second Gen Pikachu Clone since Pichu can’t really be a clone with it being directly related. Marill was based on a mouse, had an element, and was given Pikachu like mascot status. Its also one of the “mascots” in the remake what with the opposite gender character having it.

      New Pikachu clone may be something else.

    3. Well, it has to be a rodent, but I can’t imaging which rodent species Game Freak will use.
      All I really wanna know is… Can It Finally Evolve?!
      The last time one of these ele-rodents evolved was in 2000.
      As in, the year 2000!
      As in, Gold & Silver!!
      As in, Pichuuuuu!!!

      Evolve, dammit!

  26. I have been wanting a new Jack-O-Lantern poke for a while now, not too long just ever since I saw a new Yugioh card with it

  27. Shellos would never get an evolution…that’d be so pointless..I would really like another bug/water type though that is actually decent. Maybe froakie? 😉

    1. Almost certainly not. The Pokebeach rumors depict Froakie’s final evolution as Water/Fighting, and those rumors are continually getting proven right as time goes on.

      And just because an evolution would be pointless doesn’t mean it won’t happen anyway. Just look at Rhyperior. Rhydon was fine as it was (not complaining about Rhyperior, though, just stating that Rhydon was not in need of an evolution), was it not?

      1. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…Just because rumors point to something doesn’t mean it’s true. Froakie hasn’t even been shown to learn any fighting moves has it?

        1. But it hasn’t been shown using any bug moves either. And how is a frog going to turn into a bug pokemon?

          1. Well frogs eat bugs and when I think of a frog I think of it eating bugs with its tongue. I don’t actually think it will turn into a bug pokemon I just think people are being too determined that it will turn into a fighting type. People are so set into them being fight/psychic/dark.

          2. They showed (theoretically) Fighting, Dark, and Psychic moves in the first trailer. Why would they randomly use it in the trailer if it weren’t foreshadowing?

          3. idk, so that when they reveal their actual types we will be surprised because they aren’t what we thought they were. The only one I think will actually turn out is maybe fennekin as fire/psychic. Your guess is good as mine though

      2. A lot of the rumors that Pokebeach had posted were also wrong. The guy has a hit and miss record (Not WPM, the supposed source) that there ruins all credit he had. If he were leaking the game due to playing it or having inside source he would not get any info wrong.

        He wouldn’t misspell any names either and say that is their name and give a reason to support it only to have an official source come out with a different spelling.

        1. What info has he gotten wrong? I still couldn’t find any. If it’s the two rivals thing, well, the info comes from a beta version and things could have changed.
          And what hit and miss record? MageLeaf leaked info before? If so, could you mention other stuff MageLeaf leaked from other games that turned correct or incorrect?

          And yes, he could misspell them if he were writing them from memory or if the spelling was changed later. Do you honestly believe someone would be able to correctly guess the names of those four Pokémon if they were making it up?

  28. So is Syoomai a branch evolution coming off of Shellos or is it an evolution of Gastrodon, making a three stage evolution line?

      1. I can’t wait to see the Z pokémon representing the snake/dragon of the Yggdrasil tree 😛

        1. Same here! I;m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for a Dragon/Poison-type.
          Or Poison/Dragon-type, whichever way Game Freak wants to put it. 🙂

    1. I think we can all say that Yveltal and Xerneas are related to the Yggdrasil, after we saw that new 3ds in Japan.

  29. Wonder how Gardenia will react to Panpura. It’d be great if she makes a cameo regarding this. Then again, it’s like Surskit and Misty. Misty didn’t make any mention of it in the games.

  30. I’m so excited for these games. The designs are great. I haven’t liked them this much since Hoenn. I normally get the water starter, but I’m leaning more towards Fennekin this time. Just because its cuter. I want to see the final forms though… And stats. We need a wolf pokemon with good stats. Fennekin will be the third fire fox and the fifth fox altogether. Hopefully it will evolve into one! (Just saying, it’s possible.) if it does I plan on naming it after my boyfriend because of an inside joke between me and him… I hope Froakie ends up being a Water/Fighting type in the end. That’s be a great addition to my team. Water and steel types FTW! My Empoleon and Swampert are killer! I’ve never really cared for the grass type starter designs. Treeko’s family is my favorite though. Then Snivy’s.

      1. It’s actually a kinda long story about when we met and our thoughts about each other while we tried to get the nerve to ask the other out.

        1. Yah, I figured you wouldn’t. 😉

          Oops. This was supposed to go under your reply saying you weren’t going to tell the story.

          1. Lol. Its irrelevant. This is a Pokemon site, not a gay love story forum.

  31. Tbh, I hope these rumours are false cause another Shellos is kinda not needed
    I do want the Frost Giant pokemon tho (he better have a reference to Laufey in his name!)

    1. I don’t think anyone was sure of their bracelets…I think someone did mention the DNA symbol is on Calem’s but I’m not sure if that’s true or not

    2. They have hats and Glasses…those are Xavier and Yvonne. Calem and Serena are the NPC clones of the PCs.

      1. The NPC’s names are always the official characters names. Xavier and Yvonne are just promotional names like when Tōya and Tōko (Hilbert and Hilda) were named Blair and Whitlea in English trailers and Black and White in the Japanese trailers.

  32. I have this feeling that we´re getting the starter evolutions this month, or at least next

  33. I have this feeling we are getting the starters their second evolutions.. or at least next month

  34. Well so Grass / Fire pumpkin is not going to happen … :,( (if the rumours are true)

    1. Who says that they didn’t invent something similar and aren’t in the mood to leak it?

    steel/ghost, grass/ghost, ice/fighting and a water/bug type which is not surskit! split evo for shellos

    come at me gen 6

  36. I hope we do get a Ghost Pumpkin Pokemon, cause that would be all sorts of awesome

  37. if i wanted a pumkin type it would bwe ghost first stage, Fire/ghost the next to based of jack o laterns

    1. Maybe this is just a small pumpkin with vines all over it from where it was still growing. When/If it evolves, it could lose the vines and become more like a Jack-O-Lantern with a flame inside it. This might change it from Grass/Ghost to Fire/Ghost. It’s a bit bizarre for a Pokemon to completely change types, but just look at Surskit, Gloom, and Azurril. 🙂

  38. All I want this Gen is an Electric-type elephant with lightning bolts for tusks. 😀

  39. Ice Hammer seems unlikely cuz we have Wood Hammer and The Honedge move seems to be wrong because he is not smashing

    1. I don’t think it’s that unlikely, I mean we have Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Bubblebeam, Psybeam, Charge Beam, Aurora Beam and Aurora Beam. One more Hammer move would be fine. 🙂

  40. Sould Smash sounds awesome
    a powerful physical Ghost attack that is not Shadow Force FINALLY !!!!!

  41. A Grass/Ghost pumpkin seems to be a popular idea among fans….and I think some wish Beartic had been Ice/Fighting. Also many wish Surksit had kept it’s Bug/Water typing so there isn’t really any viable pokemon of that type. So I’m inclined to think these are fake because game freak wouldn’t be so in line with what fans want.

  42. I’m hoping for a Grass/Flying this Gen that’s based on a Hummingbird and a Grass/Dragon that’s based on a Chinese Dragon. You know one of those green serpents.

  43. Idk…I just have a gut feeling this is fake. There will likely be some feature-related news in CoroCoro, not JUST new Pokemon news.

    Though I do like the sound of the music Pokemon.

  44. Ahh, yes. I have long awaited the day for a Grass/Ghost type. My two favorites smushed into one 🙂
    Let’s hope it’s not a rumor, and lets hope it’s design is super awesome ;D

  45. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y needs to create a eeveevolution as dragon type because I’t will be really awesome because Eevee with Dragon type will be the enemy of silvion

    1. I agree. A Eevee-esque Dragon line would be cool:
      Dragon-Electric (Thunder Stone)
      Dragon-Fire (Fire Stone)
      Dragon-Water (Water Stone)
      Dragon-Grass (Leaf Stone)
      Dragon-Fairy (Shiny Stone)
      Dragon-Dark (Dusk Stone)

      1. No…he meant a Dragon Type evolution to Eevee, not an Eevee like Dragon type Pokemon who evolves by different stones. XD

        Nice concept though. I’ve tried the same with birds once.

  46. If gamefreak were to release a ghost/fire pumpkin pokemon this region would be the perfect timing. JackOLanterns originated from around the region of Europe, I think It was Ireland.
    Plus it doesn’t hurt that the game is released in October (month of Halloween).

  47. Seems kinda fake, especially this “Battle Melody” move, but the ideas are nice!

  48. hey, do you guys think we’ll see the new sableye evolution when the movie comes out in 3 days? just speculatin’ 😀

  49. I really like that Shellos rumored evolution. It reminds me of the beta Gastrodon back sprite.

  50. This concerns the upcoming issue right? (The august edition is being released in July?)

    1. Yes. The August issue releases in July. The July issue released in June, etc., etc. I have no idea why though. :/

      1. That’s how most Magazines are. They are dated a month ahead that way the info is current as you go into the month. Things like Shonen Jump were like that, even US magazines like Time, or Electronic Gaming monthly.

        A lot of magazines come out during the beginning of the month and some come out the end of a month, both still date a month ahead to keep the info relevant into the next month.

    1. Wow I really hope it’s real ’cause that looks really good it’s exactly what I’d want Skrelp to evolve into! 😀

    2. It doesn’t look real to me. It just doesn’t seem to fit what they seem to be going for with Skrelp….plus the art itself I’m not sure it’s sugis…

      1. It seems like this could really change things for Skrelp in terms of popularity then.

      2. Question:
        If all new Pokémon images are accessible like this on the site. Why haven’t we looked at them all yet?
        Just think about that for a bit guys XD
        Basically, I think it being “viewable on the site” has given this story less credit.

        1. Why didn’t I think of that x’D *Facepalms.*

          Even so, it has the background that all the Pokemon from X/Y have on the official site, not to mention that the artwork is clear unlike the other image. But that could just be from the creator.

          As it stands, I’m not gonna call it just yet.

          1. The Japanese in the scan is really suspicious. I see a trend in these recent alleged Corocoro scans where they zoom up to the artwork to the point where a lot of the would-be incorrect Japanese is cut off, making it hard to say if the Japanese is actually right or wrong. However, you can guess to some extent what the sentence will be. In this case, it would probably be”(新)ポケモンを進化させる方法!” The parenthesis is there to acknowledge the fact that the word new might be in front of the next word, Pokemon. Either way, although not a grammatically wrong sentence, it is very suspicious context-wise. Corocoro usually has the name of the Pokemon evolving, in this case “クズモー,” But alas, it does not. Another thing I noticed looking at that scan is that the in-game 3D model screenshot next to the artwork is completely cut off at the point where one would probably be able to see this Skrelp evo. I don’t think a leaker would simply do that. Typical captions seen for Corocoro aren’t seen here either, the background is bland, and not much going on text wise. I have to say that I wouldn’t count on this being real.TLDR; The Japanese is off, how the scan is taken is unheard of, and the structure of the supposed page itself is not what we see in Corocoro, although similar.

          2. Aww… That’s too bad, it’s one of the most awesome fakes I’ve ever seen.

          3. the biggest note is that the file is saved as .png, while all of the website images are saved as .jpg

        2. You know that it wouldn’t have always been up there right? It’s not like all 100 new pokemon are waiting on the site for us to pull out…just whatever ones they’re getting ready to announce.

          Anyway I think somebody is telling fibs. I wasn’t able to find this.

        3. Well something must be accessible ’cause more than one person seem to have found the file (and taken a picture of it). I can’t see how someone could have made this out of the “fake” in such a short space of time after this scan was leaked. Anyways I may have been a bit too hasty in declaring it to be real but I do hope it is 🙂

          1. But they could be the same person or working together for all we know.
            If it was accessible via jpeg, no one would have bothered to print screen and upload it. They would have just linked to it directly.

          2. That being said, good job posting it here. We like discussing rumours. And of course that includes trying to figure out their legitimacy 🙂

      3. what do you mean the modes is encoded into the site? what site? could you be more specific please? that design is really great.

    3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    4. I’ve inspected the site with chrome and there aren’t such semi-transparent images. All of them are merged with the background and in jpg format. So most probably it’s a fake. But I love it, I’d love to have a POISON/DRAGON sea weed pkm!

  51. I hope these rumors are true. I really like the sound of the music note pokemon. And if Shellos gets a new evo I want Burmy to get another Wormadam evo considering the Dex is split lol

  52. Has anyone proven this one legit or fake?

    1. I pretty sure this was proven fake back a few months ago. To me it looks like an evolution for Flabébé.

    2. I hope it’s not real and especially not an evolution of Flabebe. I don’t think it does it justice. It looks more like it’s related to Cherrim. Like Cherrim and Weepinbell had a baby together.

    1. The juries out, if Caitlin can give us a page we can try to confirm it. I’m digging through at the moment but I’m not finding anything unusual.

      1. For people to say “If it’s fake, then huge disappointment. Why do people make amazing fakes?”

  53. Anyone else paused for a sec to try to come up w/ a clever music pun too after reading the comments but gave up? T^T LOL

  54. So if Corocoro leaks tonight, will it be between the same hours that were previously said about last night? 8:00PM PST – 5:00AM PST?

    1. If you’re referring to what I said yesterday, yes. It’s possible to leak right now really, just that it’s most likely going to leak from 8:00PM PST to about 5:00AM PST.

      1. i was wondering if you guys where going to try to stream mewtwo special i now that it does not come on till 7:00PM in japan which is like around 3:00AM (AZ time)

          1. it’s alright i will just have to live off of the pictures that provide

  55. What if they moved the corocoro issue back a few days to avoid leeks.. -_- Meaning we only have to wait what 3 more days ^-^

  56. just uploaded the newest CoroCoro scans, unfortunately none of the above was real. But there is a cotton candy pokemon lol hahahaha

  57. I’m just a little guest passing through.
    But uh… did anyone think “ICE CLIMBER” when they read Yotsurun’s little mini description?
    It might just be me, but yeah. xD

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