Pokémon Adventure Tour UK


The Nintendo UK Facebook page has recently updated with details of an upcoming Pokémon Event in the UK. The event kicks off for UK fans this Saturday in Guildford and then travels over the country making stops at various locations. Sadly, according to the schedule Pokémon X & Pokémon Y aren’t set to make an appearance, but there’s still a chance of them showing up at the events in some form. Don’t expect a demo though! Details are as follows:

[table type=”striped”]
[thcol]Dates & Times[/thcol]
[tcol]Saturday 13th July: 12PM – 9PM
Sunday 14th July: 12PM – 9PM[/tcol]
[tcol]Thursday 1st August: 10AM – 9PM
Friday 2nd August: 10AM – 9PM
Saturday 3rd August: 9AM – 7PM
Sunday 4th August: 11AM – 5PM[/tcol]
[tcol]Thursday 8th August: 12PM – 10PM
Friday 9th August: 9:30AM – 7:30PM
Saturday 10th August: 9:30AM – 7:30PM
Sunday 11th August: 9:30AM – 7:30PM[/tcol]
[tcol]Thursday 22nd August: 11AM – 5PM
Friday 23rd August: 11AM – 5PM[/tcol]
[tcol]Thursday 29th August: 10AM – 6PM
Friday 30th August: 10AM – 6PM
Saturday 31st August: 10AM – 6PM
Sunday 1st September: 10AM – 6PM[/tcol]

The Facebook page says: The event will have three ‘zones’ aimed at battling, gaming and general fun as well as a Pokémon Training Centre and a lounge where you can kick back and watch some of your favourite Pokémon episodes. So whether you’re a fan of the games, the TV series or even if you’re brand new to Pokémon, there’s something for everyone. So it could be a lot of fun and a great place to meet new Pokémon fans! There’s a possibility I’ll be attending the Bournemouth event, so let me know if you’re planning to attend!

Further details can be found here.