New Pokémon Shown in Pokémon X & Y Trailer


The new Pokémon shown in CoroCoro have now been featured in a trailer uploaded to YouTube! The official site has also been updated with new English details!

Official English Details:


  • Xerneas’ ability is Fairy Aura
  • Yveltal’s ability is Dark Aura

Pangoro evolves from Pancham and has the Iron Fist ability, evolution method is noted as being different than normal.
“Pangoro is the evolved form of Pancham. It’s a cantankerous Pokémon, but it has a strong heart and doesn’t forgive those who pick on the weak.”

Inkay (Revolving Pokémon) evolves into Malamar (Overturning Pokémon).
“Transmitters above Inkay’s eyes have the ability to drain the will to fight from other Pokémon. It uses this skill to run and hide when attacked by stronger enemies” — “The evolved form of Inkay, Malamar wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any Pokémon and can make its opponents bend to its will.”

Swirlix is the cloud-like Cotton Candy Pokémon.
“Exclusive to Pokémon X, Swirlix loves sweets and eats nothing else, making its body as sweet and sticky as cotton candy.”

Spritzee is the Fairy-type birdish Perfume Pokémon
“Spritzee is a Pokémon that can be found in the wild only in Pokémon Y. It emits a unique fragrance from its body, and any who smell it fall under its spell.”



Professor Sycamore is the English name of the Professor — you first meet him in Lumiose City.
“Professor Sycamore is the top Pokémon researcher in the Kalos region. He entrusts you and your friends with Pokémon and sends you out on your big adventure!”

Team Flare is the name of the evil organization.
“A strange organization known as Team Flare has begun to make its presence known in the Kalos region. What could they be up to?”

Gym Leader Grant is the one with mountain climbing equipment and will probably be the Rock-type Gym Leader.
“Gym Leader Grant excels at bike racing, mountain climbing, and all sorts of sports. You’ll be facing a Trainer with a strong heart when you challenge Grant!”

Gym Leader Clemont is possibly the Electric-type Gym Leader.
“Clemont is a young Gym Leader who loves science, especially inventing new devices. He’s not interested only in strength—he enjoys all the time he spends with his Pokémon, too.”



  • Holo Caster seems to be similar to the Xtransciever
  • Global Trade Station returns and does not require you to have seen the Pokémon you’re requesting
  • Wonder Trade allows for a random Pokémon trade
  • O-Powers will work similarly to Pass Powers of Gen V
  • Shout-Outs are small messages sent to friends and nearby players, typing on keyboard allowed
  • Photo Spots allow you to screencap your trainer and share photos
  • PGL will feature social network sharing for events

<3 PJ

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  1. Pangoro, Inkay and Malimar names were true?

    Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, Water/Fighting starters CONFIRMED.
    *puts on sunglasses* Deal with it

    1. Let all the haters hate now before the rumors once again prove themselves to be more than rumors. 😀

      1. There’s a theory (emphasizing it’s a theory so that no one assumes it’s a fact) around that two of your rivals actually get Kanto Starters and you get the third one later. In other words, the Kanto Starters are the new elemental monkeys and you don’t get to choose directly which Kanto Starter you get.

        Also, the leak said the main Professor was Patrice and Sycamore was an alternate Professor. I guess GF either swapped their names/roles or just merged the two in one.

        1. Or there could be an assistant that is aspiring to be a full-fledged Professor someday and is named “Patrice.” After all, the site said you don’t meet Sycamore until Lumiose, and somebody has to give you your starter in the first town. Then again, it could just be one of your numerous friends who gives you the starter, who knows.

  2. you know even with the pokebeach leak like 98% true i will still not completely believe in them. if the rest come to be true it would not surprise me. but i don’t want to be disappointed if some thing does not come true. cause i really want the final evo to be what the leak said they where

    1. You don’t have to, the leaker confirmed that some of the stuff he put up was fake solely because he didn’t want to lose his job and didn’t want to be sued.

      The Patrice thing has been proven fake now that we have Sycamore, same as the riding Pokemon being restricted to Gogoat leak.

      He’s a good guy for leaking real stuff, and then informing us that he intentionally leaked some fake stuff as well so he wouldn’t be attacked by Nintendo.

      1. The rumor states there are 2 professors one is Patrice and the other is Sycamore. He was right about Sycamore

        1. Actually, doing some backtracking, MageLeif told WPM that Sycamore’s original name was Patrice during early betas of the game. The demo that he played had the Professor’s name as Sycamore. WPM made a mistake and thought that there were two professors instead of one.

        2. The rumor also states that the main professor is Patrice and that Sycamore shows up at the end and gives you one of the Kanto starters

  3. So freaking amazing <3 but it looks like team flare will only use fire types or at least is fire based.

    1. Finally, Team Magma done right.
      *Magma used too many Poochyenas and Zubats back in the day.

      1. But do you think they would do that? Using the (not so same but same) villains from a previous version? Lol wat if X and Y are remakes but they changed everything dramatically. :/ even if they were to make a remake of Gen.3 I don’t think it would be after this gen cuz it would have the same villain types etc.

        1. there not really the same villain type one want to expand the land this one want to make money

      1. Well, partially because Magma’s angle was not only lava, but Land. Meaning they liked things on the land period. And given their somewhat devilish appearance, with their red hoods and black horns on said hoods, dark types are somewhat natural. No, the question is why do Team AQUA use so many Poochyena and other strictly land based Pokemon.

  4. Team Flare is trying to restore fossils in one of their missions to make money. Check out the screenshots at Serebii.

      1. Me too, I would love to have more then 2 new Pokemon Fossils introduced this Generation.

        1. I want a T-rex (finally) and a pleiosaur (water dino, loch ness?) and possibly a velociraptor

  5. You can talk to people on your watch thingy and they appear as holograms. That is cool.

  6. snice the gym for grant looks to be a cave like area i am gonna say he is ether rock or ground

    1. I didn’t pay attention to the gym, but there’s his badge which is quite similar to Clay’s. That, and the things in his (very stalagmitey) hair obviously meant to resemble gems embedded in caves.
      So I’d say almost definitely Rock.
      Clement or whatever seems to be either Electricity or Steel. I’m rooting for Steel.

        1. Looks like a cave.

          • • •

          Zoe Mah Gurrd!! Dark-type Gym Leader confirmed?!?!?!

          Just read the rest of the convo and realized you guys are already talkin’ about a Dark-type Gym Leader in a cave.

      1. On that note, it’s harder to make out, but Clement’s badge is visible too, just obscured by his mecha-arm. It’s a lot more elaborate, and larger than most badges are though. Buut… There is also the fact of their background colors behind the character. Green for Viola, Brown for Grant, and Yellow for Clement. Viola is appearently supposed to be a Bug Leader, so that fits, and while several could fit grant, Rock is the most likely, but the yellow probably means that Clement is probably Electric. And he has some hair sticking up in the shape of a THUNDERBOLT. JUST noticed that.

        1. Grant’s name comes from Granite or basically grant. Giving us further info that he might be a rock type gym leader. What if he is in league with Team Flare! That would be the best story ever. I mean, a gym leader in league with the bad guys. 😀
          Meaning of Grant: Agree to give or allow (something requested) to.A sum of money given by an organization, esp. a government, for a particular purpose.Synonyms
          give – allow – bestow – concede – admit – accord – confer

          1. Probably reading a bit too much into the name in terms of a government grant, but Granite as the origin actually sounds fairly likely. Though, it would be nice to have a Gym Leader working with the bad guys again. We’ve had only one, that being Giovanni. Though… If they DO introduce a Dark Gym Leader, and he just happens to be a bad guy for almost the sake of using Dark types, I’d probably flip a table XD.

          2. Team Flare DOES want to dig up some fossils… Hmm… Not a bad theory at all, Azulon.

            I like that Clemont incorporates “lemon” into his name. I also love how his Japanese name, Citron, has “-tron” in it, a suffix used to name various electronic devices, a number of elementary particles, and a number of particle accelerators. Fits, seeing as he’s an inventor.

  7. Soo exciting! So those rumours are pretty much definitely true, though I find it weird how the rumours mentioned Sycamore as ‘another professor’ or something like that.
    Also, the site has a pic of the new bag screen, with the item using interface on pokemon opening up there itself. Quite nice!

  8. This is Spritzee’s Pokedex entry, “Spritzee is a Pokemon that can only be found in Pokemon Y. It emits a unique fragrance from it’s body, and anyone who smell it fall under it’s spell. Spritzee’s fragrance changes based on it’s diet” After reading that, I hope poffins or other food-based items return along with Pokemon Contests.

    1. Well, there’s those candies in Pokemon-Amie, but I wonder how much will they impact in the pokémon development?

  9. Professor Sycamore gives me the vibe of some one that spends way to many hours in his office

  10. I’m really starting to love Spritzee, especially with the speculation that it’s based off of plague doctors. I noticed that it seems pokemon from food look like they have a derpy expression, it could just be a coincidence since we only have 2 pokemon now based off of food…but I wonder if it has to do with how they become pokemon? I might be thinking way to far into this xD This gen is going to be so fabulous.

    1. “Spritze” means “syringe” in German. I am positive it is based on a plague doctor

  11. i love what they did with Global Trade Station
    previously, you could trade via the GTS only
    for Pokémon you’d already registered in your Pokédex by seeing or
    catching them. For the first time in the main Pokémon series, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y allow you to receive a Pokémon not yet registered in your Pokédex via GTS trade!

    1. If your talking about the wonder trade i never though about it that way. I thought it would just be a place for bidoofs to live until someone picks them up and replaces them with another bidoof. Hopefully people dont be jerks with it.

      1. no Previously, you could trade via the GTS
        only for Pokémon you’d already registered in your Pokédex by seeing or
        catching them. For the first time in the main Pokémon series, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y allow you to receive a Pokémon not yet registered in your Pokédex via GTS trade!

      2. Yeah! idk why they implement new features when they know its like never going to be used seriously or properly. and even though most of us can get almost any pokemon using our old games, this will be great for newcomers who want older gen pokes. (like me in gen 4 wanting a squirtle so badly)

        1. You’re assuming that we can get pokemon from our old games. They *still* haven’t confirmed migration yet.

  12. You guys know that when Xerneas uses Geomancy, jewels come out of thin air. Oh how Team Flare would love to use that move and then collect all the jewel that had been left behind.

  13. Woot the Tree pattern for prof. names remains!

    And Grant is a Ground type Gym Leader. Clemont is an Electric type one. I wonder what his sister has to do with the plot?

    Sprtizee <33

    1. and how do you know for sure Grant is a Ground type Gym Leader. Clemont is an Electric type one

      1. I only know Grant – Granite, a rock. That’s all the analysis I can give

  14. hear me out i know what the leak said about how inkay evolves. but i think it might be form what i can tell inkay comes out of the pokeball right side up and when it uses the move topsy-turvy it filps upside down what if it evolves while it is upside down


      1. actually… I really prefer yvelta but xerneas attack looks WAY better like almost unfair =[…. maybe the trailer didn’t show it all cause it looked like it just went up, paused then read hyper beam… while xerneas’s attack go all out!

          1. Good Eye, now that you mention it I see kind of energy sparks going back up toward Yveltal, and then the recovery looking sparkles afterwards. An HP Draining Signature Move for a Legend… Interesting.

          2. Yessir. I noticed that and was like, “Wait a minute… Blood sparkles.”
            A Legendary Pokémon with an HP draining Signature Move is interesting indeed. 😀

          3. That would make sense, since its theme is Destruction and Death, taking life force away from its enemies

      2. Me too. Oblivion Wing is just.. meh. Maybe that’s because I thought Yveltal will be a Physical Attacker. So a red hyper beam-ish attack from the sky didn’t impress me all that much. Meanwhile, Xernears’ attack was Fabulous!

  16. Team Flare looks awesome too!! the form of battle when you met the team flare looks really really perfectly

  17. Also, we are getting some screenshots showing what evolution will look like. Though, it’s kind of indistinct, but it certainly doesn’t look like Gen V where they seem to separate at the molecules and reform. Kind of looks Anime-ish, in that they will be engulfed in a bright light, but it’s hard to tell right now.

    It also at least confirms what the Fairy Aura and Dark Aura does, which was talked about yesterday. Only it powers up EVERYTHING on the field. *shrugs*

  18. Hey if you look here you cans ee a picture on the wall with audino, and othe black and white’s pokemon

    1. Maybe unova will be the second region in the game, just like kanto was in Gold and Silver? Could be really awesome if it was!!

    2. I also spy Servine, Roggenrola, and Sigilyph. My, someone certainly likes Unova. Maybe that’s the region he’s from?

  19. *Deleted* ’cause I’m not going to waste effort on a sily apple fanboy. Seriously, why are you bringing your iPhone into it!?

    1. I’ve been lurking on this site for a few months. Every time new info got released, I was losing more and more hope. Till the point that every hope was lost. I’m not a hater, I’m just voicing my honest opinion. If you want to be ignorant so you be. Not that I care anymore. I’m really enjoying my iPhone 5 I got day one and will happily pick up the new iPhone 5S with a superior OS. I feel sorry for the people who bought this 3DS thing not wanting to admit they wasted $200.

        1. Why should I leave? Am I not entitled to an opinion of my own? Or is it because my opinion isn’t the same as yours?

      1. I am ‘ignorant’ ?? ???
        And son, you are comparing a 3DS (handheld for games) to an iPhone? What does an iPhone have to do with pokemon lol.

        Nobody is really excited for the graphics alone, but for the new pokemon and new gimmicks/mechanics that this gen would have. For you to say Red/Blue are the best, you are just blinded by nostalgia. Gen 6 is as innovative as Gen 1. This is pointless.

        1. please do not feed the troll. if you don’t feed it they will die and hopefully in a slow and painful manner

      2. I love how you said Nintendo/Gamefreak keep chuning out these Pokemon games with no innovation, but yet you are proud to have an iphone (and plan on getting the next one) which absolutely has no innovation at all. You talk about “easy money”, lets talk about the easy money that Apple is getting from you each and every time. sorry ass.

  20. Anyone catch Team Flare taking about Fossil Pokemon in the screen shots. Fossil Pokemon confirmed!

  21. Pokémon is better than it used to be. Red and Blue are technically the worst games. The story is terrible, the Pokémon designs are terrible—going by what others say about these newer Pokémon designs, and graphically they’re horrid. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anyone who tries to claim that they’re the best games or that the newer games are bad and the old ones are the best are simply blinded by nostalgia.

    I don’t like XY for graphics, they’re still terrible, I’ve played some of the most graphically impressive games I don’t play Pokémon for graphics.

    I completely disagree with most of what you’ve said, but please don’t leave because people disagree with you. Disagreements make discussion, and we love it when people aren’t scared to voice their opinions like you have. Thank you.

    1. If I am blinded by nostalgia, you are blinded with fanboyism. Red/Blue are the best games because they were the most innovating. All games that followed were just some rehashes with prettier graphics and more convenient use of moves/items, but used the same old, boring formula. Gamefreak (and Nintendo) is putting minimum effort into this because they know you’ll all just buy it. It’s easy money. Why would they want to spend more when 99% of their demographic is a passive sheep anyway? I’m that 1% that is actually arguing for better Pokémon games.

      1. You have your likes.
        We have ours.
        We may disagree,
        But inside,
        We’re both pokemon lovers.

      2. How were they the most innovating? Do you even know what innovation is? If anything, Generation 2&3 are the most innovating because they introduced things that every gen since then have improved upon.

        Gen 2 introduced females, the PokeDevices, enhanced Pokedexes, traveling between regions, better trading, time features, Eggs, pre-evolutions, and a lot more.

        Gen 3 introduced Double Battles, which is one of the most used ways of battling in Pokemon history, solely because it’s used many times ingame, in the anime, and in almost every tournament. Gen 3 also had newer time features, an actual story, new evolution methods, music that isn’t shared across 7+ other routes, and so much more that I can’t even name because I literally don’t wanna type a lot.

        At least in later gens the formula was improved upon. There is a reason Pokemon has been around for over 15 years, because the things GameFreak do, improve, and introduce have gathered a fanbase that is one of the largest in gaming history.

        I realize you have an opinion, and I respect your opinion, but calling people ignorant, and basically raging at anyone who supports the games after Red and Blue is not reasonable. You need to accept the fact that Pokemon is changing, and it’s not changing to push you away, but it’s changing to make things better.

    2. It’s not just the “graphics” that make the Gen I games horrible:

      – Leech Seed and Toxic used the same damage calculator when stacked; if a Leech Seeded pokemon was also poisoned by Toxic, or if a pokemon hit by Toxic was also hit by Leech Seed, Leech Seed damage will increase each turn by the same counter as Toxic.
      – Critical Hit ratios were based on a pokemon’s speed; fast sweepers can pull off insane crits.
      – Using Agility while paralyzed (your Speed is halved) does not just double your Speed; it returns your Speed back to normal and then doubles it.
      – Same goes for your Attack stat when using Swords Dance while you are burned.
      – You had to save your game every time you switched to a different box on your PC.
      – Wrap, Fire Spin, Clamp, and Bind prevented the opponent from doing anything for 2-5 turns.
      – If you use Rest while your pokemon was paralyzed or burned (speed and attack are halved), it only heals you from the “status.” The pokemon’s attack and/or speed are still halved.
      – Whirlwind was completely useless when you fought in a trainer battle, and its accuracy was only 85%.
      – If your pokemon KO’d another pokemon with Hyper Beam, there is no recharge turn.
      – Using Substitute does not protect your pokemon from status; also, if a Substitute was destroyed by a Hyper Beam, there is no recharge turn.
      – More importantly, if a Substitute is destroyed by Explosion or Selfdestruct, the pokemon that used either of those moves does not get knocked out.
      – Substitute when your pokemon’s health is at 25% or lower is a self KO.
      – Waking up from sleep takes up the entire turn.
      – Blizzard has 90% accuracy in Gen 1 (back when there was no hail condition).
      – Rage. As soon as your pokemon uses Rage, it keeps using the move until it gets knocked out. You cannot switch it out. And if Rage ever misses, its accuracy becomes less than 1%.
      – For some odd reason, using Disable increases the Rage Counter.
      – Remember how Focus Energy supposedly doubles your critical hit ratio? Well, in the Gen 1 games, it actually decreases the critical hit ratio to 75%.
      – Counter only counters Normal and Fighting type moves, and surprisingly enough, Ghost types aren’t immune to it.
      – You can also use Counter on a move that hits your Substitute.
      – Critical hits ignore stat changes from both the user and the target, not just the target as in future gens.
      – You can never thaw out from freeze unless you were hit by a Fire-type attack or Haze.
      – Multi-hit moves will all do the same damage, which means that if one Pin Missile was a critical hit, ALL of the Pin Missiles from that attack are critical hits.
      – If your pokemon uses Fly or Dig while it is paralyzed, and on the second turn of the attack its paralysis sets in, the game treats the pokemon as if it is still underground or in the air. Unless you switch out or you use the move again, your opponent cannot hit your pokemon with anything but Swift.
      – Ghost Types are immune to Struggle.
      – If you use too many stat boosting moves, your stats are lowered to very small percentages.
      – Special stat and Amnesia. I need not say more.

      1. Sadly, I didn’t/don’t have time to write out everything that’s wrong with Gen. I games. 😉

  22. Well nice to know you support Apple, but I for one am an Android person, and my Samsung Galaxy S4 is far superior to an iPhone any day. And graphics don’t make a game mate, the story and plot does. But we don’t have nor know what story it will be. If the game’s plot shakes the formula like Black and White did (I pray you at last know what those games did mate) then its really well placed. And word on the street is that some if not a good handful of other gen Pokemon will be in this game, so if you hate these new ones, get those oldies. I’ve been here since the Red and Blue days, and even though I love them to death, I still see room for improvement, and as such I see all games as an answer for that. Also I can tell your a fan of Chespin, good choice. Hope to not leave any I’ll will to your day so I’ll say this, I hope you’d give them a try and not break the hearts of others. Good day.


  23. Dude if you hate pokemon so much why are you on this site? either get out or shut up dude, enjoy the 3D graphics for once and stop complaining about how much you hate these pokemon. If ya wanna hate on pokemon keep it to yourself because 95% of people who use this site like Pokemon

  24. Pokebeach rumors say this english names in May and also they said that sycamore gives you one of the kanto starters

    1. the leak say’s that The professor’s English name is Patrice and that another professor named Sycamore gives you either Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle so a bit diffent than the leak but he could of just gotten mixed up

      1. Or made the errors on purpose so he wouldn’t get caught. So anyone here get that Professor Patrice guy will be the Corless of this gen!

  25. if if if these are true then…. MY LIL CHESPIN WILL BECOME A DARK TYPE and i don’t want him to be dark

    well i’m going to go jump out a window….

  26. No matter what genwunners or haters says…every gen Pokemon keeps doing it better and better…it literally “evolves”…and of course, we who really enjoy these games are the real winners! 🙂 Thank you gamefreak!

    1. I love that last picture. I actually don’t hate any Pokemon because they bring something new to Pokemon and Game Freak has gotten really creative as of late and I hope to see more creativity. No matter what Game Freak comes up with next, I will await and welcome them with open arms.

        1. Yeah, I even used Solosis and Seedot multiple times. I used them in my team in Pokemon Black and White 2. Except Solosis was in my White 2 and Gothita was in my Black 2.

          1. I don’t think you got the point. I said they welcome the new Pokemon with open arms.

            Voltorb, Solosis, and Seedot don’t have arms. :p

          2. I don’t understand what’s wrong with seedot, he evolves into a beast!

      1. Same here. I love every single Pokémon and I look forward to more!
        But, I will admit, Vanillite, Vanillish, and Vanilluxe gave me some frustration, but I got used to them and we’re cool now.

        1. Yeah. At first glance I was like “What happened” then after using them for my Black team, they pushed aside my dislike of them and became one of my most used and favorite Pokemon of all time. I am a little bias with Fire types though as I could have a whole team of fire types and I would’t complain but I restrict myself because I like to have a team with different types. I havn’t used a Ghost type in awhile so I might try Honedge. And I have the urge to catch Malamar and name her/him Ursula. 😀

          1. I absolutely L♥VE Psychic-types, so I’m definitely catching myself an Inkay.
            Love your nickname for a female Malamar, btw.

    2. i don’t hate any new pokemon, I like how creative the new designs are and how much gamefreak is stepping up the 3D games as of late

      1. Not to be rude, but… why reply to a 10 day old comment??
        I’ve moved on… and so should you.

        1. Just had an opinion man, why reply to a comment from a comment from 10 days ago?

  27. I’m scared of Malamar,

    “The evolved form of Inkay, Malamar wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any Pokémon and can make its opponents bend to its will.”

    “There is never a shortage of humans attempting to use Malamar to achieve their own nefarious purposes.”

    1. Don’t listen to those things. Alakazam is supposed to have an IQ of 5000 and yet it can’t figure out how to eat with knife and fork.

        1. You do know that every great scientist had some form of facial hair, whether beard or moustache?

    2. “Behold my evil power, human! I will bend your Pokemon’s will into thinking that it is a squirming Magikarp.”

      “Vivillon, use bug bite!”

      1. I had always wanted Dark/Psychic, so much so that I already calculated it’s weaknesses and it only has one – Bug x4.

  28. “Previously, you could trade via the GTS only for Pokémon you’d already registered in your Pokédex by seeing or catching them. For the first time in the main Pokémon series, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y allow you to receive a Pokémon not yet registered in your Pokédex via GTS trade”

    Isn’t that sort of ground-breaking?

    and Omg, Lapras looks amazing in 3D model.

  29. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Genwunners ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽/

    Oh, joy! Looks like we’ve got a complainer!
    Oh, boy! Looks like his name is Stargazer!
    Oh, joy! Each generation gets funner!
    Oh, boy! Stop being such a Genwunner!


        1. Sorry, that was me. I thought you were talking about the emotes, then I noticed you said pics. ._.
          Got those off of good ol’ Google Images.

          I tried deleting the comment, but when I do the comment just stays there and my name is replaced with “Guest.”
          This is the fourth time already. Anyone have an idea how to fix that? :/

        2. Not thos ones, the ones with the genwunners and all that other jazz!

  30. I honestly can’t wait for these games! I just wish I could build a time machine and get the games already! Only 92 days!! 😀

    1. Well, do you mind if I use your time machine? I’ll want it to experience every Pokémon launch ever. Yay for Pokémon Ruby 3 and Sapphire 3 on Nintendo 4DS-2.

      1. I wish they would make Ruby and Sapphire remakes. Those were my favorite games! (TRUMPETS!!) 😉

    2. Pfft.. Use Time Machine to get to a period when they’ve successfully created Pokemon in real life.

        1. Looks like someone left Squirtle and Pachirisu in the daycare for a lil’ too long.

  31. to all the Genwunners wining about gen 6. no one is making you buy the games you don’t like them then don’t buy simple and just cause you say stuff about what you hate about pokemon now no one here is gonna be OMG you right i hate pokemon now two. every one here loves all pokemon from abomasnow to zweilous and you wasting you time wining woun’t change a thing

    to everyone else please do not feed the Genwunners. if you don’t feed it they will die and hopefully in a slow and painful manner.

    1. I do understand why negative comments get all the attention,
      it’s because of negativiy bias, which is natural but I think we do not need it
      here. Let everyone have their opinon, If they’re disrespectful while stating their opinion, we shouldn’t bother to answer them.

      And plus, on the other side I don’t understand people shitting on first generation just to justify new ones are good.
      Every generation is good no matter what.

      1. exactly but i think there is a thick line between people with opinions that are disrespectful and people that are just wining for wining sake

  32. Just don’t bother with him, he is obviously being slapped left, right and centre by his parents and doesn’t know what he is talking about!

  33. Since this proves that pokebeach rumors are true. That means chespin will be grass/dark. It will have 6 weakness, only a ignorant fool or a wannabe hipster would pick a crappy pokemon like that, which has so many weakness.that means more people will pick fennekin or froakie, which they should since chespin is a pathethic excuse for a pokemon

    1. How would you say I hate Chespin, while it is smiling brightly in your profile pic 🙁

    2. the rumors have not been proven 100% true cause the leak said The professor’s English name is Patrice. and that there is a Another professor named Sycamore which is different then what we have just been giving and that can be taken in a number of ways

        1. true or he could of done that on purpose to throw the scent off of him self the thing is what else he might of done like that

        2. Or maybe GF swapped their names/roles or merged them into the same person.
          But taken in account that the leaker mixed Chespin and Froakie’s types, yeah, he could have mixed them up.

      1. Personally right now I think the rumours are very solid, too much has been proven correct for something like this to pull it down again. My guess is that there’s some kind of vagueness at play here or just something we don’t know any better about. Some missing piece of the puzzle.

        1. so do i, but i don’t want to expect something from the rumors and it comes to be that it is not true if every thing is true then it won’t surprise me

      2. A blurb on the website says that we first meet Sycamore in Lumiose city, so he could give us the Kanto starters, and another professor give us the new ones.

        1. yes but the web site also says this “Professor Sycamore is the top Pokémon
          researcher in the Kalos region. He entrusts you and your friends with
          Pokémon and sends you out on your big adventure!”

          1. maybe its like in BW2 where the Sycamore entrusts a professor working under him to give you the starters, and than when you meet him in lumiose city he himself gives you another pokemon

          2. that could be true but i think if he gives you another starter it will be post elite-4

          3. and i have a feeling that the story will start out like hoenn. you the main character has just moved to town. and there are some picture to hint at that

    3. No, only an ignorant or fool would have an opinion like that…since that argument it’s just a pathetic excuse to avoid more game difficult.

    4. It’ll have an immunity to Esper (Psychic), thus compensating one of it’s weaknesses. Assuming GF won’t change the type relations between old types, Harimaron (Chespin) will be immune to Fokko (Fennekin)’s second type.

  34. Has anyone else noticed that GameFreak is really stretching the uncommon letters this generation?

    flab-E-b-E (with the accents)

    Surely I can’t be the only one who has noticed.

      1. Well, no. I just noticed the uncommon letters in the new Pokemons’ names.

        But V might work. (No it wouldn’t)

      2. No, it will probably still be Z unless they pull another sequel out of nowhere like they did with Black 2 and White 2.

        1. i honesty like the hole sequel thing they did with it i just don’t think that they should of do it the way they did

        2. I actually think we’ll get five games, X, Y, Z, W, and 0/O, because all these five letters (and zero) match both the chromosome thing and the dimension thing.
          So, two sets of paired versions, X/Y and Z/W, and a fifth game, which could be 0 or O. Not to mention that the Japanese pronunciation of the Latin letter “O” is the same as their word for “king”, and I don’t think GF would waste the pun of having a legend master in the “king” version.

    1. I noticed and I’m happy. Xatu was getting lonely there as the only Pokemon that started with X until Xerneas.

      1. Hopefully there will be more, I remember when me and my friends would play Pokemon A-Z and because they would go before me I would always lose at X.

  35. It may look like a minimal hint, but the logo on Sycamore’s laptop is the same on this guy’s chest from the new movie 😉

    Love to find these things ^^

    EDIT: I just noticed.. it was a bad angle ;P on a clearer image from the website, it is definitely a closed closed pokeball on his laptop xP

  36. Wonder Trade sounds like a good idea, but it might be an easier way for Trainers to rip off other Trainers. For example, if I were to put up a Beartic, and I get a LV 1 bidoof.

    1. I probably won’t put up any fully evolved pokemon, but I’ll definitely breed some various pokemon (rare ones) and throw them up on Wonder Trade.

    Uhmazing, Oh my god, you know serperior is the royal French Pokemon and it is on the fking gates of the fking castle like thing, oh my goodness, gosh, this is too much to handle, god, yeah, AMAZING, you know, shivers…

  38. Gotta say, people will abuse the random trade. They will set up a rattata or etc. while other people actually trade decent pokemon.

  39. I dont want another electric type gym leader. We’ve had one in every region (except for johto). hope this one is steel instead.

    Same goes for rock, we’ve had too many.

    1. I’d welcome Steel and Dark for these two Gym Leaders.
      Who know, maybe they’ll be dual-type Gym Leaders and Clemont will use Electric- and Steel-types
      while Grant will use Rock- and Dark-types.

      1. We’ve been dying for a Dark type gym since gen 2 and Fairy gets one this gen and Dark doesn’t so help me I will use final gambit

    2. Totally agree with you. Im personally thinking that, since the guy is athletic- we might finally see a 4th Fighting type gym. Or GF can troll us and make him the rumored Fairy gym leader.

  40. i think spritzee might actually be a plague doctor. the word “spritze” means syringe in german

  41. I’m just happy about the online trading, means I can access it anywhere and potentially trade decently early on for the other two starters so they can be on my team!
    I think Malimar, Spritzee and Swirlix will grow on me (but hopefully, Swirlix with evolve into some awesome pokemon)
    Team Flare…hmm hopefully they won’t predominately use Fire types and I hope that their story is intertwined with the Legendaries like N’s was

    Edit: I’m also assuming that since Sycamore is based in Luminose, and that’s where Ash’ll be starting, he’ll be important in the anime

    1. I think it said in the anime info we got that Ash will be starting in Lumiose City.

  42. I would love to play the games without knowing the rest of the Pokémon like in Red/Blue so they’ll be more excited, but I can’t resist knowing the Pokémon because I really love the designs.

    1. Im actually the total opposite. I originally thought(back when R/B came out and I was 12/13ish) that Pokemon was dumb, and didnt really care for RPGs in general. I had a subscription to Nintendo Power, which at the time was including mini walkthrough pamphlets with each issue. Out of boredom, I read through about 6 of them, looking at all the interesting creatures you could tame, and had an epiphany so to speak. Im 27 and have been an RPG/Pokemon fanatic ever since I got my hands on the first 2 games. I love seeing what the game has in it- Pokemon, things to do, new features etc- so I can IMAGINE what Im going to do when I finally get the games and play’em.

  43. After looking at the Team Flare screenshots, im really hoping for some new fossil Pokemon in this generation, also i really hope we dont have another electric and rock gym leaders, i might be ok with the rock gym farther in game, but I’ve yet to see rock type pokemon, but still not excited about electric gym -_-

  44. I’m so happy about everything released so far, I wish the were released tomorrow so I could start my Kalos adventure.

  45. Team flare looks like Team Magman -.- POKEMON would make best team but the choose team flare -.- and where’s Team water……….They could make some teams like Team X. I dont like that they want money -.- It’s better if they want to kill all the pokemon eliminate Xernea or Yvelta or something like that

    1. From the screenshot of Team Flare talking about fossils, they want to sell fossils to get money. Yes they want money, but you don’t what else they want to do with that money.

      1. This screenshot makes me curious as to what new fossil Pokémon we’re going to get!

          1. I vote for a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
            It’s deserving of being a Legendary Fossil Pokémon.
            Rock/Fire-type. Three-stage evolutionary line if the T-Rex is not a Legendary.

            Edit: Fix’d.

          2. Meh, then it wouldnt be any different from a normal Pokemon. Legendaries are supposed to be, as its been said about non-evolving species, complete as a Pokemon in the Pokemon world.

          3. Which pic? My profile pic?
            I know, right? It’s a pic that suits me very well. I l♥ve Mewtwo!
            Always been my favorite Pokémon and always will be. Fun times using him in Super Smash Bros Melee.
            Hoping for his triumphant return in the next Super Smash Bros!
            Also… I wonder (and slightly fear) what his PokéBeach rumored other form will look like. :/

          4. I hope it looks more like Mew more than her/his other form.

            EDIT: I love that last and second to last ones. They are EPIC

          5. Rock/Fire? Id like to see a Rock/Dragon 3 stage T-rex line. There needs to be a fossil Dragon type anyways, its supposed to be a mythical (AKA OLD) type/species, and a fossil of one would be fantastic!

          6. I would love it if the Z legendary was an DLC event fossil. That would be a twist, and be unexpected by alot of people. It could be downloaded like a normal event(except the data for the mon, sprite etc wouldnt be on the card like a normal event- so people that actually find a way to rip the data wont find it), and you could take it to the Fossil-Revival place and SR for a shiny or decent stats!

  46. I’m so effing excited for this game!!!! Heck I’ve already nicknamed some of my team members lol

    It’s looking to be one of the best Pokemon games ever!!

  47. Am I the only one who thinks this is the best news we have received so far? I am loving Malamar the most.

  48. i didn’t expect to receive this information so soon (i expected it some days later). well, pangoro, inkay and malamar kind of confirm those rumours that appeared time ago in the Pokebeach website (the names, the new evolution method for pangoro…). then, we should expect that Espurr pokemon.

    and the new features are also interesting! they make easier to play with other players, but without making it an MMO (i like to play by myself and then trade and fight with others). best thing: now you can look for pokemon in the GTS that you have not registered in the pokedex! thanks, Game Freak! but that Wonder Trade… it’s a good idea, but who would be willing to give a rare pokemon without knowing what they will receive? you could make it if you have a spare pokemon (we won’t see legendary pokemon in wonder trade, that’s my advice). finally, i would like to know a bit more about XY’s Global Link, but we’ll have to wait a bit more for it.

    1. CoroCoro came out today in Japan (time difference) earlier than usual because of a holiday. Thanks to the simultaneous release, we receive the news at the same time. The source did confirm that some of the information the source leaked was fake so Nintendo wouldn’t get so mad or so the source wouldn’t get into more trouble. It’s a possibility that was one of the real leaks.

      I can imagine Wonder Trade having some problems. For example, someone who is new to the series putting up a legendary Pokemon or shiny or something rare and then getting a Lv. 1 Rattata in return. 😐 I would use it, but I wouldn’t use strong Pokemon. Maybe one that I bred, exclusive Pokemon, etc. The generation 5 Dream World will be missed by some people. I just hate that I can’t change my C-Gear. D:

      1. thanks for the info! i knew that corocoro was going to be released sooner this time, but i forgot that when i saw all the info, so i expected the official website to be updated in 15th as in the previous months, xD!
        and about Wonder Trade, you are right. i think the good idea is to give a pokemon enough rare to make someone happy, but not so much rare so you think you have made a bad deal, like breeding pokemon from previous generations or exclusives or things like that.

      2. Out of curiosity, when did MageLeeaf confirm some of his info was fake? I remember Tai La Ree claiming some of the info was fake, but WPM said Tai wasn’t related to the leaks and all he did was an attempt to draw attention away from the source when Nintendo started investigating the leaks.

  49. When you turn Inkay upside down, he looks like a fat baby with a haircut that only DreamWorks would invent for a character. When you turn Malamar upside down, he looks like a squid that’s stopped fighting the funk and is waving his hands in the air

  50. If we have to flip the 3ds around to evolve some new pokemon could they change voltobs evolution method. It kind of makes sense if they did. But I really don’t want pokemon to evolve like this if its true

  51. I would prefer seeing all my Pokes by my side like in HG SS, except this time in 3D especially sense none can follow behind us…..buuuut were not getting any of that =/

    1. Sawry, butt Ai haz too bee ei gramer nahtzi. Dohnt heit mii. D:

      For the reason that: because: “Delegates were delighted, since protection of rhino reserves will help protect other rare species”.

      Perceive by a sense or senses: “With the first frost, they could sense a change in the days”.

        1. It’s alright. You don’t have to care.
          As long as you’ve learned the difference.

  52. I think Grant will be a Ground-type Gym leader, not a Rock-type. If u think about it, we’ve never had a Ground type gym and his name is more similar to “ground” than to “rock” but we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

    Edit: this is a big fail. I forgot about Giovanni and Clay ._.

    1. We had a ground type gym leader in the last gen. You’ve forgotten Clay already? Also I’m thinking he’s called Grant because of Granite.

      1. I’ve heard Grant comes from Granite.
        Take out the I and the E and you’ve got yourself a Grant.

  53. This is my expectations and wanted desire for Team Flare.

    1. I want them and their whole organization plus their leader to be fashion freaks.
    2. I want them to do whatever they must to gain money so it would worthwhile to battle them and it feels like you’re actually saving lives and doing something realistic.
    3. I want their leader to be female and use Malamar.
    4. I want their organization to only have the money based goal because it seems trying to use legendaries and controlling the world is an idea that has been used too much already. Their goal can have a deeper meaning just not trying to control the world using Xerneas and Yveltal.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’d love for them and their plans to be totally irrelevant to the legendary. Probably shouldn’t get our hopes up though.
      Also, I’d love for them to have jazzy theme music and moonwalk as a preferred means of travel.

      1. Thanks. I love those ideas too, it adds more awesomeness to their already to-be-awesome-legacy.

        PS: Did PJ get my mail. I hope he did. 😀

    2. Love all this, especially number 3.
      I’d love a female antagonist this time around. Lady in red (or orange)!
      Team Flare should use lots of Magmar and Magmortar. They share similar hair styles. Lol

    1. Dark type!!! Fairy-types are supposedly getting a gym on the gen it was introduced so it would be a shame if Dark-types dont considering they have been waiting since Gen 2 to get one!

    2. Edit:i want a grass,steel fighting, poison,and dark so my fennekin can own a lot of the gyms

    3. Well, we’ve already got a Bug-type Gym confirmed and it’ll be the first. It seems like we’ve got Rock-type and Electric-type Gyms with Grant and Clemont. PokéBeach rumors stated they’ll be a Fairy-type Gym and that it’ll be the second Gym we encounter and, if I recall correctly, the PokéBeach rumors also stated we’ll be getting a Fighting-type Gym as the fourth Gym we encounter.
      So, these five Gym types might be our official types, so far.

      I’m really hoping to finally have a Dark-type Gym available. I’d love to have a Psychic-type Gym, too.
      I think a Ghost-type Gym would be welcomed and maybe even a Steel-type Gym.

    4. We already have Bug confirmed. I’m thinking we’re getting Electric and either Dark or Rock with the new leaders.

      What I want to see most is Fairy, Dark, Psychic, and a late-game Grass gym.

    5. So I guess everyone wants a dark gym, me included so please Game Freak give us one! I also would like to see a mixed gym, like when you battle Blue back in the days of Gold&Sliver.

      1. you know the game is already done and now it is just in the production phase of it

        1. We can still speculate about gym types because we don’t know them yet. Your argument is like saying we can’t speculate or think of new Pokemon that we would want to see because the game is already done and in the production phase.

  54. Picture of a Pikachu and Eevee being traded. Yellow remake confirmed, and paired with a Brown version.

  55. My theory on Team Flare is this:

    The pokemon creators stated that the overarching theme for Pokemon XY is beauty. Also, I think that Team Flare really cares about looks and beauty based on how they are dressed. Therefore, I think their goal (aside from getting money) is to get rid of all of the “ugly” pokemon or change them to make them more beautiful. Also, in this game we seem to have the parallels of Fairy and Dark. Fairy could represent beauty (which could be why they might want Xerneas in Pokemon X to give life to beautiful pokemon) and Dark could represent the ugly (which could be why they might want Yveltal in Y to destroy the ugly pokemon). Then again, one grunt is shown to use a Houndour which is dark-type and yveltal itself is dark-type so capturing to destroy it would not make sense. T.T I’m thinking too much…
    Or Gamefreak could completely throw something so random and still make it work lol They always do 🙂

    1. Dude i think that they will steal pokemon to sell them and make money… the beautiful thing is overthinking it too much

  56. Im buying a 3DS because if this.. my lite broke anyways so I need one… Im not getting the XL though.. I just watched the trailer above on a super small screen and it looked HD just because of that… I’ll let my hands cramp up if that’s a problem

    1. I would get XL. So much more comfortable and the larger screen actually makes the games look better IMO..even if the cells are supposedly stretched (You really can’t tell).

      1. A lot of people tell me they can tell, and they say XL feels cheaper. The XL was just a bad excuse to get more money by making people think they fixed flaws but just created new ones… I want the XL 2 to come out with TRUE corections but the original is the best for me right now

        1. There are only 2 real flaws with the original that I can see- and thats the heaviness of the unit (think DS Phat) and the terrible battery life. I havent personally held an XL yet (planning on getting one soon though), but I know that they improved the battery life in the unit. Plus, from what I have read, the screen size is a huge improvement, and coming from someone that would like to one day play 3DS games on my 40 inch, the bigger the screen the better. If you were to get the possible XY edition, youre not only getting the game installed on it, but a larger screen, better battery life, and a limited edition console. Also, just an FYI, I had to buy a 3rd party battery for my OG 3DS, which was 25 bucks IIRC, because the default battery only lasts 3 hours max without 3D on.

          1. Yeah but I wont be carrying it around outside… so battery irrelevant, Heaviness really should not bother anyone unless they have muscle issues, just sit I a position better for lifting it if a person is weak. The screen only gets bigger and that’s the only improvement next to anti glare… but they didn’t even bother to make the games properly fit the screen so it just makes the games look of lower quality. I play games for graphics as much as just playing it for fun because graphics are a HUGE part of a gaming now so it doesn’t make sense to stand up for paying more for a downgrade.. some may not find it a big downgrade but it is in fact a downgrade…. I can easily move out of light in my home for glare and 3D should look best on the original because I will be sitting still with it and see all the surroundings at once, the bigger one just gives a better illusion of there being more room in the game but im sure it will be all the same when sitting still. I have no problem buying the game separate.. and I will keep my 3DS plugged in if I have to or buy that different battery. What they need to do is Release a TRUE upgrade instead of looking for more and more money… with all that money they should be at least on playstation vitas level of graphics, the cut scenes in this game are comparable to a super old Yugioh PSP game I played.. Im a fan of Nintendo and Pokémon especially but they really need to up their stuff next system and soon! 0_0

          2. 3 hours? Mine lasts for about 8 hours when I’m playing Kid Icarus online with half sound

  57. Guys, it seems we might get an early look at the first parts of the games. This is from Serebii, “It has been announced that the Pokémon Smash episode, due to air on July 21st 2013 is to feature some gameplay of Pokémon X & Y. While much of this is likely to be mirroring the information of CoroCoro, the episode has the host Akiyama playing a copy of the game borrowed from game director Junichi Masuda so has the potential to show some further footage.”

    1. Thank you for the heads up!
      EDIT: I checked the smash website and I can confirm this. It says Akiyama will capture a “new” pokemon, so it might actually be an episode worth watching.

      1. Finally, we only have about 92 days to go until the release. counting tomorrow. I hope it beats Diamond and Pearl’s world record for the most copies sold in a week. I pray that these games will break that record. We have a big day ahead of us.

        1. Keep in mind the DS had a install base of 50 million, while the 3DS ‘only’ has an install base slightly above 31 million.

  58. OK my question is “Can we customize our characters just like the ones in PSS screen, or those avatar things are just for PSS screen?”

  59. I like the Photo Spots, might pick the female protagonist just for that feature.
    And I’m hoping GTS Negotiations are still around.
    I like all the new Pokemon, but I actually don’t like Team Flare.

    Anyway, now that Shushupu’s English name is revealed, I’m absolutely certain it has nothing to do with scrunchies, yes?

  60. I’m just saying, there better be more Fairy types like Xerneas and less fairies like Spritzee and Swirlix.


  61. Am I seeing their respective badges behind the “you’ve been challenged by” pictures?

  62. all of these pokemon make me happy but i just don’t understand the feet on Swirlix……

  63. This game is going to be so beautiful… ugh, is it October yet. :/ As for the leaks, I’m still sceptical about the rest of the info.. primarily the final evo typing. Idk. I’d totally love G/D F/P W/Fight trio, but it just seems too good to be true, y’know. :/ From what I can gather it looks more like its Grass rock Fire nothing and Water psy… hopefully I’m wrong! again lol :p

  64. Swirlix is just too darned cute! I remember when my mother bought me a swab of pink cotton candy at Disneyland, only for it to dissolve when my brother (accidentally) splashed some water on it! This generation is shaping up to be just as fun and innovative as is deserving of the franchise 🙂

  65. So, since Team Flare is talking about fossils in one of the images, does that mean that there is a possibility of new fossil Pokemon, or am I just reaching?

  66. Just thaught id say that the bike is confirmed in x and y. So the rollerskates didnt fully replace them. The player character was shown riding the bike in the new trailer for x and y that was shown before the new mewtwo movie 🙂

  67. A wild Sableye and Feraligatr were heavily featured in the film. Feraligatr because it was needed to put out the fires, Sableye for no real reason. Perhaps it will have an evolution in X/Y, so they decided to promote it here?

  68. My guess is that Grant is a Rock-type Gym Leader and Clemont is an Electric-type Gym Leader; it seems pretty straightforward to me. I also really want to use a Swirlix on my team. I wasn’t crazy about it when I first saw it but its design has really grown on me.

  69. if they made another epic ‘new’ fairy pokemon like Xerneas or sylveon(stretching it here) no bodies gonna bitch

  70. From the pictures it looks like Scatterbug evolves by trade. also grant is most likely rock cuz of the backround in the picture where the trainer talks to him

    1. No, just the background for evolving and trades looks similar. It has nothing to do with how it evolves.

  71. So who else feels bad because they thought Grant looked female? Anyone? Or just me?

    And oh, Professor Sycamore, I have a good feeling about you too *wiggles eyebrows*

    1. I thought Grant was female, too. He still has a very narrow waist, and those hair decals didn’t help much either.

  72. So I was going through possible gym types I wanted to see, and I remembered something. The first gameplay trailer showed like 3 gyms. From the information given by GF, rumors, and speculation I can conclude these things.

    Rumors: Bug [confirmed], Fairy, and Fighting

    Somewhere we will see a possible electric gym and possibly a rock type gym (from the new info).

    Now the list is this: Bug [confirmed], Fairy, Fighting, Rock, and Electric.

    From the first gameplay trailer we see 2 other gyms (other than the bug gym); a grass gym (from looks), and possibly a psychic gym (if not then it’s the fairy gym).

    Now the list is this: Bug [confirmed], Fairy, Fighting, Rock, Electric, and Grass (Possibly psychic)

    That’s 6-7 gyms we know of now.

    My guess is that the psychic gym is really the fairy one, and that we will get an Ice gym and either a Flying or Dark gym (and if we get a flying gym, then we get a dark elite four member, and vice-versa).

    My guess in order of gyms:

    1. Bug
    2. Fairy
    3. Electric
    4. Fighting
    5. Dark
    6. Grass
    7. Ice
    8. Rock

    1. Bug
    2. Fairy
    3. Electric
    4. Fighting
    5. Grass
    6. Dark
    7. Ice
    8. Rock
    Now I think this because of several things:

    1. Of course, the rumors WPM got are most likely true, so the 1st, 2nd, and 4th gyms are probably going to be those.
    2. It seems that we might go to Lumoise city fairly early, and the Eiffel tower like structure had a yellow gym sign on it, and we
    speculate Clemont is going to be said electric gym leader.
    3. That weird pink crystal that we thought might be the fairy gym, wouldn’t be it b/c the rumors state it is going to be the 2nd gym,
    so it might be and Ice type gym. It looks as though we wouldn’t be going here for a while in the game.
    4. Further east of said Ice gym is a mineshaft, which could be Grant’s gym. I think we would go here pretty much last.
    5. The 5th and 6th spots I’m pretty much guessing on 😀
    6. Grass may be considered a symbol of beauty, and dark may be considered a symbol of anti-beauty/anti-purity?

    1. I definitely want a Dark type gym, but maybe the last one giving it more importance

  73. Hooray I don’t have to ask for Pokemon on the Global Trade Station I’ve already seeeeeeeeeeeen!

    I think it would be good if you had to at least type in the name, so’s you aren’t able to see every Pokemon within the game via it.

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