Uncovering Ōrot/Aulotte; New Pokémon! [UPD]

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A week ago, a Twitter user lucky enough to go to the pre-screen of the Genesect movie reported on a mysterious Pokémon called オーロット or Ōrot/Aulotte”. The Genesect movie begins airing today in Japan, and we should be receiving word on Ōrot/Aulotte at any moment. (Thanks to AAPF for this info!)

While we’re waiting, thanks to the PokeBeach staff, we have a rough sketch of what Aulotte looks like. The Pokémon seems to resemble a Treant (a tree with human characteristics), looking at the sketch, but we should have a clearer image confirming it soon!

In other news, Pokémon Smash has recently updated, promising that the July 21 episode will have XY gameplay! A “new” Pokémon is supposed to be caught, so make sure you’re here to watch Smash next week!

Stay tuned as we update on this mysterious Pokémon!

[UPD] The staff believe that the romanization of オーロット to Aulotte is a bad one. The Pokémon closely resembles a tree in appearance, and as the Katakana for the name is Oorotto it’s possible that the name is a combination of big (oo) and rot (a rotting tree). We’ve kept Autlotte in for now to prevent confusion but we believe that Ōrotto (for those unaware Ō = oo) is a better romanization.