Uncovering Ōrot/Aulotte; New Pokémon! [UPD]

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A week ago, a Twitter user lucky enough to go to the pre-screen of the Genesect movie reported on a mysterious Pokémon called オーロット or Ōrot/Aulotte”. The Genesect movie begins airing today in Japan, and we should be receiving word on Ōrot/Aulotte at any moment. (Thanks to AAPF for this info!)

While we’re waiting, thanks to the PokeBeach staff, we have a rough sketch of what Aulotte looks like. The Pokémon seems to resemble a Treant (a tree with human characteristics), looking at the sketch, but we should have a clearer image confirming it soon!

In other news, Pokémon Smash has recently updated, promising that the July 21 episode will have XY gameplay! A “new” Pokémon is supposed to be caught, so make sure you’re here to watch Smash next week!

Stay tuned as we update on this mysterious Pokémon!

[UPD] The staff believe that the romanization of オーロット to Aulotte is a bad one. The Pokémon closely resembles a tree in appearance, and as the Katakana for the name is Oorotto it’s possible that the name is a combination of big (oo) and rot (a rotting tree). We’ve kept Autlotte in for now to prevent confusion but we believe that Ōrotto (for those unaware Ō = oo) is a better romanization.


    1. The writer of this post wasn’t aware of the source when he posted it, but the staff has been aware of this and we’re fixing the post right now.

      Apologies to Pokebeach for our mistake, but it was done with no ill intent, and was being fixed before you commented. Server’s under heavy load.

      1. Mechanos, why don’t you have the Gym Leader title? :O
        You’re part of the PJN staff!

        1. I was trying to figure that out myself!

          I used to just have the power to post articles, but I just got actual admin powers today to edit this post. I was kinda hoping I could edit myself to be a Gym Leader with them, but apparently only PJ can do that, haha.

    1. I was going to say the same thing! Now if we get an Amoeba Brothers Pokémon, I will get quite the chuckle (and like it).

  1. Isn’t this Whispy Woods in his Kirby Dreamland 3 appearance?

    It’s probably a cool new Pokemon though

  2. Pokebeach referred to it as “brown and green like a tree’s typical coloring but looked extremely menacing and spider-like”..could it possibly have something to do with its typing?…if that’s the case…im betting for ghost… maybe grass/ghost…just my opinion

    1. Yeah, I’d bet any money it’s grass/ghost. Should be an awesome typing, if it manages to be more powerful than Mow Rotom.

  3. Like others I could see this “Treant” pokemon as a ghost/grass type haunted tree.
    The face being hollow holes, with piercing glowing eyes coming from within.
    Branches being its arms its roots being its legs (like a spider). And topping it off with leaves.

    Closest thing I could find to what the clearly quick drawn image above was this, this is a Treant from a Final Fantasy game, not sure which one/ones:
    (Clearly the drawn image has a long body intead of this short bodied looking one)

  4. The drawing doesn’t do it justice, lol. I hope it is good, though, cause I want a grass/ghost.

  5. Now is aulotte the romanised name or Orotto?
    And is it only romanised for Japan, and not for English?

    1. It’s just romanized. No English name yet. I don’t think we’ll get the English name anytime soon either.

      1. Oh okay, I was trying to figure out if it was english, and if I had been I was gonna try to start a conversation about what words could have made up its name. But looks like I done have to anymore. 🙂

  6. I wonder what its evolutionary TREE will look like. Maybe it will BRANCH out to other types of trees? Who knows? Just LEAF it to GF.

    Anyway, I would hate it if this was fake because it has really GROWN on me. We’d all be BARKing up the wrong tree if this wasn’t real. It’d be awefully SHADE-y of pokebeach to do that to us. *facePALM*

      1. I know this is FIR real. I just love puns based on trees. Other puns are just OAK-ay.

          1. I WOODEN have expected that from you. I guess I AXED for it.

            Looks like that first post is becoming quite POPLAR.

    1. I didn’t think it was possible to make so many tree puns in one comment.. You just proved me wrong big time!

      1. I’m ROOTING for what type pokemon be. But, for now I’m gunna go out on a LIMB and say grass/ghost 😀

  7. So, what type will it really be? It seems like it could be Grass/Ghost, Grass/Dark, maybe Grass/Fairy, and if I’m really stretching Grass/Fighting.

    1. It was seen in a Horde battle, which means it’s a normal wild Pokemon apparently.

    2. Well, aren’t you late to the party?

      Here at PJN, we kinda new that already.
      But, heeey, grab a shot!
      The party’s not over til October 12, 2013!


  8. Does anyone else think we may get a 2D pokemon this Gen. ? Sort of like Spongebob’s “Doodlebob”?

    1. Pls don’t genwun. This has been a nice article and that’s what pokejungle’s about. So I’m begging u DON’T genwun

      1. But, Genwunning means to complain about Pokémon that come after the original 150 or complaining about anything Pokémon related that comes after Pokemon Red & Blue, sometimes Gold & Silver.

        What Senpai is doing is just giving it a horrible name. Lol

    2. I feel that Talonflame’s name was created with no creativity, they just put two words together, I liked it when Pokemon added like 5 words associated with pokemon together.
      Compared to the Pokemon from recent generations I think Talonflame’s name lacks creativity.

          1. Listen… Whatever you do…
            Don’t. Make. The Forest. Angry…!

            • • •

            For it now moves…

        1. That’s only bad if its a rock type. Watering a grass type would be beneficial to its health as it would require dihydrogen monoxide in order to undergo photosynthesis. Therefore, watering this pokemon will not only benefit this pokemon, it will also benefit you, as the oxygen released by Aulotte will most definitely allow you to breathe better. 🙂

          1. Unless it’s a Grass/Ghost-type.
            Then it’ll only benefit it as it will then proceed to steal your life force!

            But, of course, that’s only if it’s part Ghost-type.

          2. I know the feel. I can never remember Drapion’s type. Even though I’ve trained one to level 100 once. :/

            Brb. I have to look up its type now…

            Poison/Dark. I always get confused because I remember that Aaron had one. ;(

  9. At first I sadly thought it was fake. then I realized it was real. then I realized someone is going to make fan fiction about how it was born. But all jokes aside anyone else interested in whether it will evolve or what kind of typing? I imagine it will be a standalone like farfetch’d and will have have a bug grass typing.

      1. I think I got part of it. The Smash episode that will show Akiyama playing a XY copy and catching a “new” Pokémon will be aired on July 21st.
        … … …
        Er… That’s all I got. How is that ironic? What do the G6 games have to do with a G2 manga character?

  10. Something like this? Hopefully it won’t look too much like this, because else they would be swagger jaggers.

    1. I see you’re a fellow Dragon Quester. Lol >:P
      I was typing my comment while you had already posted yours. :/
      This was exactly what I was thinking of, but I’m sure it’ll look different/better as a Pokémon.

      1. I love Dragon Quest haha, especially the Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 1 & 2, as it is like Pokemon only slightly better (graphics like etc). Too bad the 3ds remake isn’t gonna make it to Europe..

  11. There are new sketches of Aulotte on PB. They aren’t much better than this one but they are an improvement.

  12. Do you know what’s funny, years ago in elementary school, a couple friends and I were drawing pokemon we wanted to see in the future. One of them did a tree. It’s name was treelog and it’s evolution was planter. I even have the picture. Good times.

  13. So, I went to do some Pokésearching… aaaand I found something interesting.
    viper.fox from PokéBeach forums stated “According to a few Japanese twitter friends I have it’s called オーロット/Aulotto.
    They’re also describing it’s shape being like おばけかれき from Dragon Quest.”

    I, of course, Google Image’d おばけかれき because I have no idea what it meant, but I HAVE been playing Dragon Quest IV on the DS recently (working my way up to VI) and noticed a few familiar pics of a certain monster. This monster is known as Treeface.
    Comparing Treeface’s appearance to that of the sketch from PokéBeach, I figured this is the monster viper.fox’s Twitter friend was talking about. The similarities are pretty close, but I’m sure Aulotto we’ll look better.
    Here’s hoping these pictures will stimulate your mind as well as some conversation about this new Pokémon!

    P.S. – Is there anyone in Japan that’s gonna go watch this new Pokémovie?
    Please take a camcorder/iPhone and record this freakin’ Pokémon some time to do some reconnaissance?
    We’d all appreciate it!
    ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ ( ゚ヮ゚)/ ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

    1. Im down for some Pokemon X DQ. Treeface isnt my favorite design, but typing could make all the difference.

  14. So, I went to AAPF to read the post and I think the name is closer to Oak Rot instead of Aulotte.
    So, Grass/Ghost it is?

    1. Not bad. Oak Rot does go pretty well with a Grass/Ghost-typing.
      Not the kind of Grass/Ghost-type I was expecting (wants a pumpkin Pokémon), but I’ll welcome it with open arms.

      1. And Oak Rot will welcome you with open arms too! (Before crushing you in its giant, oaken arms)

  15. As someone who finds Gaelic lore very fascinating, I am terribly excited to see Game Freak making use of what was (at least for the franchise) an untapped wellspring of ideas!!! Hopefully the Dark/Fairy Gwyllion-esque Pokemon will be soon to follow 🙂

    Oh, and it’s delightful to be joining all of you guys and gals here at Pokejungle!!! If you need anything at all (or would just like to discuss obscure mythological fauna) I’d be glad to help 🙂

    [ Image below of a Gwyllion, for reference 🙂 ]

  16. Seriously thought this thing was a joke when I saw a crude doodle as the main pic. Would be awesome if the person just trolled everyone xD

    1. “the person” is WPM, so chances are he’s not. Serebii also mentioned the same pokemon a while back.

  17. Am I the only one who noticed that you can get Pangoro hat in trainer customization in one of the screen shot where they show the friend list? Do want.

    1. I would love a Pokémon based on this! Now is the perfect time to introduce it, too, it would seem, what with the apparent underlying theme of genetics.

    1. The car rumor comes from 4chan, which is among the worst possible sources of anything in this planet.
      No to mention, that the rumor claimed there was a full-fledged trailer for the XY movie, as if they were already so far in production. There’s no way next year’s movie has even started being animated.

    1. Hey Moving, wouldn’t this be a better rendition for the image at the top instead?

      1. No, It’s just a drawing I did based on what I thought a “spider tree” would look like. Will probably look nothing like this.

    2. Does this pokemon remind anybody else of that Tree digimon I’m not saying there copying or anything it just bares a vry strong resemblance. I’m hoping its Ghost/Grass 🙂

      1. Hey did anyone think that it could be a sudowudo evolution( I know I spelled the name wrong but admit its hard to spell)!!!!!!! I think a sudo wudo evo would be awesome! Spread the word if you agree!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Totally agree, and if they ever did they wouldn’t go from the cutesy playful style of bonsly and sudowoodo to a menacing nightmare inducing pokemon like this, at least I hope not XD 😛 🙂

    3. Oh Man that definitely has to be grass/ghost, rotting old tree with spiderwebs that is awesome!! Also if those other four things on top of his eyes are also eyes that is even more bad ass. I can’t wait to see it!

      1. I’d like it to be a Poison or Steel legendary. If Xerneas beats Yveltal, the Z pokemon bust beat Xerneas. All of them having an equilibrium.

        1. too bad the article says it’s shown in a horde battle, meaning it’s not going to be legendary

          1. True an apparently the drawing above is not the actual pokemon which I wish it were : /

        2. I think it would be ridiculously cool if the Z shaped legendary was a dragon serpent mixed in with a viking ship in appearance. Dragon/Poison.

    4. Maybe it symbolises Yggdrasil and it will be a “Turnabout Pokemon”
      Yveltal can be the Eagle, and Xerneas a gardian of Yggdrasil.
      We can see a snake at the bottom, maybe it will be another legendary pokemon

      EDIT : Ups, I had not seen the article about the norse Mythology…

  18. I was wondering if we would get something like this today. It looks….interesting. Like an angry spider demon tree…

  19. Why did the earlier person say it looked like Beeheeyem? I would think saying it looked like a tree would be an obvious remark to make.

  20. the movie’s out today, do you think we’ll see the new Sableye evolution??? 😀

    1. There’s also a possibility for a new Eevee evolution as well, Sylveon is in the movie too.

  21. Considering the Victini sketch didn’t do it justice, this pokemon will be more of a badass (am I allowed to d’ya that word, some people find it offensive)…who said it’d be a car? -_-
    Hopefully it will be a grass/ghost as opposed to being broccoli on legs (another food pokemon for people to complain about)
    Was this pokemon also shown at the end…like sticking it’s head out or…?

  22. Oh I’m sorry, you try coming up with 700+ concept ideas and then developing on them, you’ll find it’s not an easy job. Even if you’re inspiration is an Ice cream.

  23. Just thaught id say that the bike Is confirmed for x and y. So it hasnt been fully replaced 🙂 it was shown in the new trailer for x and y before the new mewtwo movie.

    1. We already knew the bike was still in a while ago.

      And there’s another new Trailer?

      1. Yes but the player character wasnt shown riding it. Now it has been shown so its confirmed. And yes it was shown before the beginning of the new movie for anyone lucky enough to see it in japan.

          1. Not too much most of the details are already known. It was mainly to high-light the bike returns and hasn’t been replaced by rollerskates and riding Pokémon. Aulotte however was shown in battle and it was a horde battle aswell. Exciting stuff.

  24. Pokebeach did another rendition on what it looks like. And it’s a little different.

    1. If your talking about their rendition which is in the top left of the picture, that’s probably Aulotte using an attack. Its mouth is open almost showing it preparing to fire an attack, also its left arm isn’t attached to the ball / firery thing. It seems to be flowing away from it.

      1. No, I gathered that. I meant the bigger sketch. It reminds me of Gastrodon for some reason.

        1. Its probably that slight slope on the neck or something that reminds you of Gastrodon haha, I thaught that myself aswell. But the main aspects of the pokemon are the exact same even the 3 small branches / horns on the top, id say its just even more roughly drawn than this one. The only striking difference is that Pokebeach randomly did not include the small stick arms.

          1. Well either way, I’m interested. As for typings, Grass/Ground, Grass/Ghost or Grass/Dark seem the most likely.

          2. Yeah its extremely menacing and evil looking though I first thaught Grass / Ground but the more I look the more I see Grass / Dark. Id still love Grass / Ghost.

          3. Id be totally happy with a new Grass / Ghost ! I love the spider leg features of this pokemon.

        1. Just attempting to troll. Some people are on the fence about Pokebeaches rumors saying that Professor Sycamore and Patrice are being swapped etc etc. People SERIOUSLY need to stop that now the rumors were true and people like Ben here just complain and say stupid things like this to annoy people. Im 100% happy the rumors were true as theres so much more coming soon like meowstick a proper psychic cat pokemon. !!!

          1. Yeah I heard that before. Thanks anyway tho. I’m hoping its not fake tho. Ur thoughts ?

      1. Lolz I know the Pokemon is real. The joke was meant to be something else but it kinda failed..

  25. A wild Sableye and Feraligatr were heavily featured in the film. Feraligatr because it was needed to put out the fires, Sableye for no real reason. Perhaps it will have an evolution in X/Y, so they decided to promote it here? 😀 🙂

  26. i just saw the movie!! and i saw that tree pokemon. it was VERY VERY brief but it looked pretty cool. it was shown in a horde of them ^_^ btw the movie was ok. definitely not as good as ones in the past but i enjoyed it. it was my first seeing a pokemon movie at a theatre in japan so im happy regardless ^_^ and the eevee and friends short was really cute. i’d say its one of my fav shorts for sure.

      1. since he was in a fast shot of a horde i couldnt see the face all that good but his body was much more straight up and a tad narower and his legs were sharper. ^_^

    1. Grass/Dark, Grass/Fairy, Fairy/Dark, Fairy/Ghost or Grass/Ghost. Ability: Intimidate or Suction Cups.

  27. It’s a shame this is Fake. (Or at least confirmed to be fake) It looks pretty real to me though.

      1. It’s getting kinda hard to tell when you have people who can come up with something that replicates his style of drawing.

        1. It looks like it would be one of those Pokémon that can learn Fly, but shouldn’t be able to carry an actual person.
          …Like this Spearow.

  28. Just a clarification here.

    Xerneas and Yveltal’s abilities, Fairy and Dark Aura power up every Pokemon in play that uses Fairy/Dark type moves and not just themselves.

    1. Meh.. I wish it could be like Flower Gift and boost the Dark/Fairy attacks all Pokemon in the party, regardless of whether Yveltal/Xerneas is active in the field. That would be more fitting for a Legendary’s ability. Even so, it’s not very powerful.

  29. It also said on pokebeach that the 2014 movie trailer was shown and the starters were fighting each other!

      1. When it shows the starters fighting, people have reported Fennekin using a punching move too. Could be a hint for it’s evolutions.

  30. Pic down below is from DeviantArt.

    But, unfortunately, if you read HERE you’ll find out that this pic, and the one with bat wings, are not accurate illustrations of what
    Oorotto/Ōrot looks like. Some guy was being a douche and told people he saw the movie when he actually didn’t, giving out a fake description. So, the sketches on the PokéBeach site are more accurate as it’s said to look skinnier than the nice pics we all like.

    On another note, I found this Japanese site that, when using Google (crappy) Translate, mentioned not only Oorotto/Ōrot, but also
    a strange bird-like Pokémon that resembles Beheeyem. Didn’t we hear about some Pokémon that looks like Beeheeyem before?
    Of course, this is only a rumor.

    Oh, and beeteedubs (btw), what’s the origin of the name Oorotto/Ōrot anyway??
    Someome mentioned a possibility of oak and rot, which I find to be kinda perfect.
    Grass-type and Ghost-type perfectly blended within its name.
    I think I’ma name mine Yggrott, from Yggdrasil and rotten. 😀
    Don’t you dare take it! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    1. I do believe it was said that Ōrot looked like Behyeyem. It could have been misleading though, will try to get someone to look into it.

      1. Yeah, I kinda remember that, but if it’s coming from a Japanese site, it deserves some investigating. Lol

          1. Well, I know that much from Google Translate.
            What I meant is that we should try and find out more about this Beeheeyem bird rumor.
            That site was just a place that reminded me of that rumor, but I didn’t know it might be a bird.
            Didn’t that rumor say that Aurotto looked like a Beeheeyem?

          2. Right, didn’t realise you’d linked above. Just had a little talk about this. The site actually only mentions one Pokémon. That Pokémon is Ōrot. It also says that Ōrot looks like a Beheeyem bird, or, a bird resembling Beheeyem. The sketches don’t really resemble a bird, but that’s what the site says!

            I can see where you got confused, the Google translation is a little odd!

            Forgot to say, for name origins it’s possible it comes from oo (big) and rot.

          3. Sometimes Google Translate can be funny, and other times frustrating. Lol

            So its name origin is possibly from big and root, huh? Seems plausible.
            Still hoping for rot or rotten to be in its name, though. At least in its English name! D:
            Okrot/Okrott, oak + rott/rotten. It’s not that bad, right? 🙁

          4. It’s a weird thing. Sometimes it’s excellent, other times not so.

            Could be anything really, there’s a lot to play with! I quite like Rootrot/Rooten/Roroot. Anything like that really.

            Had to edit my last comment, its name is possibly from rot NOT root. I keep making the mistake, I’ve made it up in my head. 🙁

          5. I thought orotto meant erotic so I’m naming mine auto after that and the rumor about the car pokemon.

    2. I honestly cant believe that nobody thought to snap a photo or film a short video with a smart phone, knowing that the movies would PROBABLY have game play trailers before them- AND we knew about it in advance!

      1. Yeah, that’s very illegal. You’re looking at a maximum fine of 10 million yen and/or up to 10 years in prison.

        1. IIRC its happened before. Im not saying video tape the feature film, just the “advertisement”.

          1. It has. Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company were saints not pulling down the site that first put that up. I don’t think we’ve ever had a case where someone took an ad on the screen and got arrested, but I don’t think anyone would want to put the next few years of their life on the line for a stupid Pokemon and try either.

  31. I hope we can get a germ pokemon exclusive to X version. That way we can have “Germ-X”. Get it? But for realzies, I think a germ pokemon would be really cool. What do you guys think? I would understand if you guys thought this was a SICK idea. :p

    1. They need a grammar version of Jigglypuff in the anime, if you use wrong grammar she writes all over your face.

  32. Haven’t you seen the fox and frog Pokemon? And there is a Pokemon based on Goat! I mean WTF! What is happening with the animals gamefreak?

    1. Its Japanese name is far different from the Sudowoodo’s line. Sudowoodo’s theme is its deception. Sudowoodo’s Japanese name is Usokkie (“uso” as in lying, and “ki” as in wood or tree), and its pre-evolved form is “Usohachi” (with the character “hachi” that means flower pot).

      This pokemon’s name is roughly “Orot,” which can mean “big rot.” If that is the case, then it is an actual rotting tree, as opposed to rocks pretending to be trees.

      Just because two pokemon look similar in design does not mean they are related. Their themes are completely different.

  33. WTF! We have a half-dozen eggs that evolve into a TREE POKEMON? A rock that pretends to be a TREE POKEMON? A living pokeball? A pile of grime? A pokemon that just copies others? A floating magnet? I completely agree. GameFreak is seriously running out of ideas… NOT!!!

  34. After watching the Mewtwo movie earlier, and seeing it’s new forme in action, it got me thinking.

    This Mewtwo was “Female” which is kinda a throw off however the new forme looked rather feminine don’t you think? Seeing as Women only have X chromosomes and Men have X and Y chromosomes, I’m wondering if the two formes are gender based. So if it’s like that then the Y forme would be more masculine?

    Don’t shoot me, I’m just thinking.

    1. There has been a rumour going round that there will be two new Metwo forms: this Awakened forme (X) and an Y forme
      I think on the movie website there were like 2/3 empty hexagons under Mewtwo which people speculated to be the new formes

      1. Going along with the rumors from Pokebeach, it was said there would be another forme.

        1. The person who distributed the rumors said that he threw some fake ones in there. I’m pretty sure the one about Mewtwo getting a second new form is one of the false ones because if there really was an other form then it would’ve been in the movie which isn’t the case.

          1. Referring back to my main comment above which states about their being two formes based on genders.

            Why would the Male forme be shown on a Female Mewtwo? Not to mention that this Movie is under the Black/White anime, Not the X/Y one. it would make sense to wait for it.

          2. Actualy Mewtwo is genderless. Female seiyu =/= Female character. Example, Pikachu is Male but his seiyu is a female.

          3. I know Mewtwo is Genderless, but in the anime it isn’t taken into account.

          4. Are you talking about MageLeaf or Tai La Ree? Because Tai is the one who said some info was fake, but he had no connection with the leaks other than trying to protect Mage’s identity when Nintendo started investigating the leaks. WPM said the only that might be fake are Espurr/Meowstick and the bit about two rivals. Here.

      2. One rumor mentioned the existence of a ‘Dormant Forme’ Mewtwo. If that’s to be true, I’d say Mewtwo-X (“Awakened Forme”) will have high speed and probably Speed Boost. Mewtwo-Y (“Dormant Forme”) will have its speed nerfed real bad, but have amazing Defenses instead and a defensive ability to go with it.

    2. Now that you think about it, WPM said Mewtwo’s new form is some sort of speed forme. The URL of the image said “M2X”, which implies “Mewtwo X” and that the other form is “Mewtwo Y”. So, this implies there’ll be a forme for each game.
      Now, let’s add my theory of there being five games. Pokémon’s stats in the main games are HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. This new form we have seen is, according to WPM, some sort of speed forme, so a new Mewtwo for each game? Or, since the best stat for Mewtwo is Sp. Attack, and it makes no sense to have an HP form, only four new forms, and the old Mewtwo would be the “O” or “0” form.

      So, classic Mewtwo, or Mewtwo “O”/”0”, is Sp. Attack, Mewtwo “X” is Speed, and other new forms for the other three stats and games. Okay, sounds too speculative but it’s possible. This would make Mewtwo the new Deoxys, which would be ironic since the two fight in the SPECIAL/Adventures manga.

      So, by the theory of Mewtwo “X” being “female” because of the X chromosome, we would have:

      -Mewtwo “X” and “W” being feminine.
      -Mewtwo “Y” and “Z” being masculine.
      -Mewtwo “O”/”0” being genderless due to being absent of chromosomes.

      Like EliteTrainer, I’m just thinking. Technically it’s possible for this to be the case, but I’m not sure if I’m going to support this theory or not. I need to wait for more details in the new forms before deciding if I should consider this as likely or not.

        1. not to be mean or any thing but in order for anything to be male it has to both X and Y genes female:XX male XY

          1. I was always bad at biology in school, looks like its coming back to haunt me years later 😛 Anyways Dinesh did put a lot of effort into making that no one can deny that 🙂

          2. you are he did put a lot of effort into and it is well thought out and should be applauded for his effort in making it

          3. I hear you. X is the common element in both genders. It’s the additional X and Y that decides what’s what. Yes, it doesn’t make perfect sense, but it’s game logic and is acceptable (If it’s true, that is).

  35. All right, let me explain something to you real quickly.

    Without fail, a new Pokémon generation will bring with it a wave of criticism—the idea that Game Freak has progressively gotten worse at designing new Pokémon. I’ve noticed that people who are critical of new Pokémon will typically point toward the original 151 Pokémon as examples of amazing, if not the best, Pokémon design.

    The only reason people refer back to Gen 1 as being the best is because it’s their childhood, we all grew up around the first 151 monsters and we see them as something we treasure, and that they will always be the best. This is false. In my opinion, the first Gen is boring, yes I said boring.

    My issue with the original 151 is that they’re too analogous to creatures we’re well-acquainted with in real life: the pigeon, the snake, the bat, the starfish, the dog, the cat. Just to name a few. There’s nothing noteworthy about being safe when it comes to a design, I don’t think. Though admittedly, there are some basic concepts that repeat from game to game: every generation will have a creature similar to Pidgey, for example.

    What if it we’re Gen 5 that was actually the Gen 1? Pokemon Such as Trubish, Garbador, Vantilite and it’s evolutions, they wouldn’t of been hated back then because there would of been nothing before them that set the benchmark. I mean come on, Gen 1 is far from perfect. Voltorb and Electrode are Poke Balls, Exeggcute is broken eggs and Grimer and Muk are blobs if sludge, I mean seriously, at least Trubish has the decency to keep it clean inside a trash bag.

    Newer generations forced GameFreak to get creative, to create things that made people pause, raise eyebrows, if not laugh at the absurdity of what they came up with. These reactions aren’t a bad thing in my books, they’re definitely preferable to something boring unlike a Poke Ball that explodes.

    Seeing as gen 5 is the latest generation available to play, it’s also the most prone to ridicule. The Pokémon that comes up the most has to be Vanilluxe, the ice cream Pokémon.

    As if people don’t love ice cream, first off. As if the absurdity of said Pokémon isn’t what makes it so remarkable: oh my god, can we…. eat Pokémon? What does it mean, evolution-wise, when creatures start resembling man-made objects? It seems like a natural progression, after scientists were able to engineer Pokémon. I think it’s fascinating, lore-wise, that this is the case—despite being incredibly silly. Funny how we can retain the nostalgia of childhood but not the sense of wonder or the suspension of disbelief required to enjoy something lighthearted.

    We like to postulate that things are always getting worse, regardless of what it is we’re talking about. I think it’s more accurate to say that change feels scary to people. It’s so much easier to hang on to the things we know, the things that comforted us in the past. I can’t help but wonder if kids new to the series feel just as strongly about the new Pokémon as some of us might of the original 151.

    Things can’t stay the same forever, there bound to change. And people need to start accepting this. If you don’t like it, go back and play Red/ Blue again.

    1. While I admire youre attempt, “genwunners” and the like are impossible to reason with.

      1. My attempt isn’t in vain, while people are entitled to their opinions, most of them stay oblivious to the fact that each Gen has it’s own quirks and positives.

        As far as I’m concerned “genwunners” have nothing on me, I can reason all day and I wouldn’t get tired.

  36. Oh yeah, anybody spot the new Party sprites? Their not just deformed pixels anymore!

      1. He always has a bird to do fly overs, so Fletching seems like a certainty….and he’ll probably get all three starters. I could tell you that and I don’t even watch the anime anymore (aside from hearing things)

        1. Then did you hear he never had all the starters in hoenn and sinnoh ? So relax with assuming stuff you don’t even watch.

          1. Yes I’m aware he didn’t have all the starters in Hoenn (I actually watched a good amount of Hoenn episodes) and Sinnoh. Ash only had a Treecko in Hoenn and he only had a Chimchar in Sinnoh. Based on the previous generation where he had a Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy it wouldn’t be too out there to imagine the same would happen.

          2. He just proved me right. Nice to see you actually know what happened in the anime and commented correctly unlike Sean.

          3. Bow your heads everyone for Mr. Elite and his dashing side kick simkenno the law on matters concerning the Pokemon anime…… But seriously tho he gave an inference and you jump his case? Settle down kids.

          4. Firstly I aint no sidekick, I probably know more about Pokémon than the vast majority of people on this site. Secondly trolls like you trying to get a rise out of everyone should be given an instant ban. Thirdly your attempt at sarcasm just comes across as desperate, in future don’t bother us REAL fans with your trolling, just because myself and Elite know more than both you and Sean doesn’t mean you just cry about it like you did there, Jeeze talk about kids settling down…. Good-day to you.

          5. (Read with a calm and deescalating voice)

            O.k. Cool, but next time instead of jumping someones case how about correcting someone in a polite non “konw it all” sort of way and when someone lets you know your being a bully with a bit of levity instead of calling them a troll idk apologize. On another note Iv played Pokemon since I can remember in fact my best child hood memory is when I got a new Gameboy Color and a bunch of cool attachments and the last box covered in layers upon layers of duct tape was Gold and Silver versions along with Pokemon Yellow!!! I didn’;t even know more games were coming out! On Silver i chose Chikorita and on Gold I had to have Totodile!!! I have played every game (i never owned gen 3 games but i have them on my laptop) and Pokemon is a part of my life and even my husband is exited for x and y! I may not know everything about Pokemon but that dos not make me less a fan.

          6. This is your opinion. If you think it was ” a know it all ” non polite way then that’s your prerogative. You however should take your own advice and not instantly start comments being sarcastic to attempt to make other feel bad. You should re read the conversation and you are the one who created non friendly atmosphere. I simply corrected someone. Now you also seem to take offence to the fan comment. If someone researches and spends more time in the world of Pokemon than other then it does make them a bigger fan. This is not meant to be an insult so just relax. That is like me being a fan of football but not caring if I missed a match and barely watched it, and another fan goes to every match and never misses a game. Then they are a bigger fan. So in conclusion don’t take offence no intention was made to offend you,just simply correct, and call out your sarcastic unneeded comment. I’m glad to see you enjoy Pokemon aswell, so we are all friends here. Relax 🙂

          7. Incorrect. Just as elite said he had chimchar and turtwig in sinnoh. You just proved me right. Next time do some research before you challenge me.

        2. I think he’d all starters excluding Fennekin. That would probably get given to the female companion in this gen.

        1. And the screen is brown. Yellow remake will be paired with a Brown version where we start with Eevee!

    1. Saw this the second the pics were released this and the beautiful 3d models of pokemon evolution. And from the look of it I hope they are planning on using the bottom screen as the full menu system again like in heart gold and soul silver. Fingers crossed.

      1. So your saying you prefer the B/W/B2/W2 GUI interface better? Are you kidding me, that’s the worst one yet. This is very similar to HG/SS’s interface which was all around perfect.

        1. Good to see u agree with me. They were perfect IMO. Bw and bw2 was outrageous :s

          1. I’m hoping that the items have 3D models as well, that’d be awesome. You know like a masterball that spins so we can see it in all it’s glory.

          2. Haha I’d love that. The same with tm’s 🙂 I also love the new sprite style for all the Pokemon, it looks so crisp 🙂

        2. I hope so, because since HGSS I don’t like them. The XY one reminds me a bit of Pokemon Colosseum / XD

      2. IMO hg ss had the best use of the bottom screen, but to each there own I guess haha 🙂

  37. If this thing doesn’t learn Ingrain, somebody is going to lose their mind.

        1. I personally want Oorotto to be Grass/Ghost because it is an otherwise unused type combination.

          We already have three Grass/Dark types, not to mention those rumors that Chespin’s final will be part-Dark too.

          1. pokemon has been bringing out new type combinations so i am assuming it is grass/ghost too.

      1. There are many ways around it. It could be a Rock Type and an evolution to Sudowoodo. It could end up Pure Grass. It could end up, and I hope, Grass/Fairy or even, kinda don’t want, pure fairy.

        Gamefreak can even pull something outrageous and make it a Ground Type or a pure Dark or pure Ghost type. Its their call. Anything can happen. Grass/XXXXX is most likely and hoped for outcome though…though there are a lot of Sudowoodo evolution fans supporting Rock type…

  38. its not actually bad ideas look at Muk it just sluge and SLime put together magneton is just three magnemites put together, slowbro is just slowpoke standing up with something biting its tail there alot of things that are more unique in generation 6 then generation 1 and this coming to guy who thinks all pokemon look cool in there own way

  39. This is the most accurate depiction of what Oorotto actually looks like. Slightly disappointed its a Cyclops but it still looks beast 🙂

  40. In serebii.net there is a new approach to this Pokémon. It seems to be a mix of a Cyclope and a Treant. Maybe Grass / Ghost, Grass / Dark ?

    eDIT: didn’t noticed the new comments sorry

    1. It’s interesting to see how different the Pokémon looks in each drawing. Can’t wait to see what it actually looks like!

      1. I think the colour of it will help as well, ie: dark/ghost typing could be represented by a darker shade of brown or even black for the bark to show death

  41. I’m beginning to think that Aulotte will be Grass/Psychic due to the recent cyclops rendition.

    1. It’s not. This is exactly the same as that pencil rendition except it now has a color pallete. We have a more accurate rendition of what it looks like from Serebi..

  42. Serebii has another picture that is reliably more accurate. This is what Serebii has to say, “Following on from the movie yesterday, a moviegoer friend of mine has managed to do a more accurate rendition of Oorotto, the Pokémon that has been seen in a trailer for the movie, which differs slightly from the original sketch we posted yesterday. This image shows that the Pokémon is a cyclops with several strips of its bark having been removed around the arms. It has foliage on the head and on the arms. ”

    For some reason, I can’t seem to post the picture so you guys will have to check it out at Serebii.net
    So sorry.

  43. Because pitcher plants (Read: Bellsprout line) in the first gen weren’t randomly sentient plants, too? It’s a Treant or Ent – both very prominent concepts in fantasy games and literature.

  44. I don’t know if you mods would like to update this, but one of Serebii’s contacts has drawn a different version of Oortto (Also someone who saw the movie). It’s a cyclops-tree with grass-bands and grass-crown.

  45. hmmm I drew what it might look like from the drawing but…its just an interpretation…. I hope its Grass/Ghost 🙂

    1. This is very well drawn, and not too far away from what it actually looks like at all 🙂 Theres just one extra horn/branch on the head missing haha 🙂 once again very well done 🙂

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