Pokémon Smash! July 14 — FINISHED!

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After a busy week we’re here with our usual Pokémon Smash post! This week is the movie special episode so expect lots of craziness based around the movie that released recently in Japan.

This week I will not be posting live updates as the episode airs, instead I will provide a write-up with any relevant information. Apologies for this, I’m away from my computer so won’t be able to watch and update at the same time. However, NL should be available in the PJ chat!

We’d like you to follow along and come take part in our site chat which can be found HERE. Come along and talk about anything Pokémon related as well as the episode when it begins airing! Also make sure you follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook! Don’t forget about our forums too!

If you can hear a popping noise whilst on this page, please view the chat in the spoiler below and click the small speaker in the bottom left of the chat.

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Because we didn’t provide a live write-up of what happened in this weeks episode, below you can find a quick bullet point list of what happened.

  • Movie Time! Zorua in “The Legend of the Pokémon Knight”! was this weeks anime episode.
  • After discussion about the movie a small feature showed Shokotan and her voicing Sylveon in a studio.
  • Smash had Pokémon Tretta in the studio for a demonstration.
  • In the XY Corner Gym Leader Viola and Alexa were shown off.
  • Finally the episode ended with a small TCG section and the preview for next week.

The episode next week is said to have a BIG announcement for X & Y!

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  1. Hopefully a little new trailer! (I know we already had one) but I can’t wait for next week! When they show GAMEPLAY 😀

    1. You might be shown the trailer that was shown before the movie. There’s not much in it , it mainly shows off the bike and that it hasn’t been fully replaced. Then just the Pokemon oorotto in a horde battle. 🙂

  2. I hoping we will get the Demo “sorry” of the game next week 😀 We need it seriously

          1. Yea! I think he means I’m hoping we will get the demo of the game next week 😀 We need it seriously! And the demo will be on PKMN Smash next week 🙂

  3. Hopefully the preview at the end of the episode gives us a glimpse of what kind of gameplay we’ll be getting next week.

    I hope it’s not the same as the Game Show Demo and I hope it’s not at the beginning of the game, as I want that to be a complete surprise to me when I play the game myself.

  4. I think today’s just gonna be a filler episode:
    Gameplay of newly revealed Pokes vs old gen Pokes

  5. I have a feeling will be seeing the New trailer that was shown along with the movie.

    1. Don’t expect too much from the trailer. There’s not much in it as I said before.

  6. Pokemon Smash episodes are pre-recorded so this one could have been filmed an x amount of time ago. Which means I doubt we will see the tree Pokémon or maybe even the Pokémon recently revealed. Who knows, maybe they planned the schedule, etc. to coincide with the release of the Pokémon. (Just lowering everyone’s expectations just in case nothing new is shown) :]

  7. I just CAN’T at their Genesect costumes. Those pieces are supposed to be at back not front.

    Now semi-naked male is imitating Pokemon and there is endless laughter going on. WTF is going on?

  8. Important anouncement for smash next week and CoroCoro promised to be the biggest scoop of the century. Gonna be tons of awesome info coming these next few weeks! 🙂

      1. i know right the BIG announcement for X & Y is most likely some thing everyone already knows

          1. This is where I get your hopes up. What if they show us the final evolved forms of the starter Pokemon!

          2. then i would be really, really happy but i never get my hopes up for smash. they have yet to reveal any pokemon for X and Y so why start now

          3. oh yea huh. but they have not done any besides that and i don’t know if a would call revealing the mewtwo forme as revealing a new pokemon for X and Y

          4. They have done so in the past and although the forme may not be officially a new Pokemon species it is in fact a new Pokemon in the forme sense. So you both should just agree to disagree 🙂

          5. I’m actually betting that we’ll see Mewtwo Y pop up in CoroCoro next month. It’s obvious it has two formes because the source has always been correct from Pokebeach and the site data suggesting “M2X” as the label for the one we do know. The source said Mewtwo Y looks more close to Mew and I’ve heard part of the movie is about trying to perfect the cloning process or alter Mewtwo.

          6. The scoop might just be the confirmation of the final typings , it would be great however to see final evolutions.

    1. I trust CoroCoro more than Smash. And there are only 2 issues left (!!) to go before release, so hopefully we get some more good stuff soon.

      But considering that only a little while ago CoroCoro *promised* to have new info the next month, and then came up empty handed and were basically like ‘LOL we lied sorry!!1!’ I wouldn’t hold your breath for them either. The good stuff comes when it comes 🙂

  9. so what is everyone else hoping for on the next smash gameplay wise? i mean besides the catching of the new pokemon. Do you want to hear more about team flare or something???? i know i do.

  10. Hitotsuki/Honedge is the first time in this franchise’s history that I have been disappointed with a Pokémon design. I don’t have a problem with a sword Pokémon, I have a problem with how it was designed. It is literally a sword with just an eye on it. The eye doesn’t even make it look like a creature when it’s unseathed. The blue cloth “hand” at least wins some points.

    I know it’s a possessed sword, but Rotom’s forms were possessed appliances and had cartoony shapes instead of being just like an appliance with two eyes and a mouth. If you’re going to make a sword Pokémon, then at least give the blade one of those crazy shapes you see in anime and tokusatsu or some design quirk that makes it look alive/like a being like a mouth-shaped scratch and don’t put all the creativity (and the face) only in the scabbard.

    I just hope that when they make a key Pokémon they give it a creative shape or color like you see in Keyblades or a face that makes it look alive and don’t make it literally look like a key with eyes (and possible mouth).

      1. Looks like I’m being mistaken for a genwunner.
        Well, Magnemite and Voltord, despite being uncreative, have big eyes that make them look alive, like creatures. Electrode and Ditto have tiny eyes, but they a big mouth and a smiley face that make them look alive. If they were mouthless, then they wouldn’t look as alive the other two.

        Voltorb and Electrode, Magnemite and Magneton, Ditto, Grimer and Muk, Unown, Beldum, Solrock and Lunatone, Bronzor and Bronzong, Lampent, Trubbish. Just name it, so far every Pokémon based on inanimate things had some trait that made them look alive. Honedge is the first one who has a problem of not looking alive when unseathed.

        Honedge’s face is located on its scabbard, and when it unseathes itself in battle, which is when we see Pokémon for the most part of the gameplay, it doesn’t look alive because it has no face. Its eye alone cannot make it lively due to how the eye is designed. This is not good design. A good design would have been putting a face on the sword and treat the scabbard as some sort of mask. But no, they had to use all the creativity on the scabbard and in the end there was nothing left for the blade.

        Due to the statement that it unseathes itself in battle, there are rumors it will be seathed during the Pokémon-Amie, but it still has not been confirmed. It that’s not the case, then it will only look alive in the Sugimori art, which is a big problem. I hope the rumors are right.

        1. Don’t say ” this is not a good design ” this is your opinion so start saying its your opinion before making outrageous comments like that, the majority of people disagree with.

        2. I agree with Simkenno this is your opinion just don’t go around saying ”it’s not a good design” because I think Honedge looks quite ”alive” The eye & the arm are unique & give it, it’s own unique Flare + the fact it holds it’s own sheath is alive enough for me (that’s probably dumb but hey that’s how i see it) I & many other ppl love the design. And I just want u to know I respect your opinion :/

    1. I can get where you’re coming from; the yellow and silver in-game looks somewhat bland; an evolution might solve that though. Not to say I don’t like it sheathed, though.

    2. I’m a little sad that it’s more of a Western ‘Excalibur’ design than a katana or something, but hey *shrugs* the game is set in a region based on europe so it’s not a massive surprise.

      But I’m definitely with you that they could’ve done more with the design. I hope this guy’ll grow on me because the idea of a sword pokemon is still fun, even if it didn’t live up to expected potential.

    3. You never know. This might just be the first evolution. The French one is called “Mono”(i forgot the rest) and the English name is called H”one”edge. There’s gonna be a second evolution and possibly a third which will take the design to a whole new level… hopefully.

      1. Some one in another discussion on Honedge’s announcement, I think it was Kriffix or Dae, mentioned something about three European swords owned by some Count or knight, suggesting Honedge may instead have two counterparts. I don’t remember the full explanation.

        Either way, there must be something special about Honedge for Masuda himself to announce it. Maybe it and another shield and armor/helmet Pokémon fuse to evolve into a ghost knight? Now that fusion has been introduced by Kyurem, I think they should introduce some evolution method based on it, and retcon Slowpoke’s evolution method to this.

      2. Am I still the only one who thinks it’s intended to be pronounced as “On Edge” (silent H in French, you know). It fits a ghost type and a sword, as well as Honour, Hone and Edge.

    4. Actually, the opening in the sheath and how the sword looks inside it does make it look like a mouth. So you can argue it does have a mouth already.

      1. Yes, but only when it’s sheathed. The problem is that when it’s unsheathed, which is how we’ll see it during most of the gameplay since most of it is spent battling, it doesn’t have a proper face or any feature that makes it look alive. This is the problem I’m having with it.

        1. For all you know it may end up being covered by the sheath in battle at some point. So relax complaining so much and think positive 🙂

    5. I would to agree that honedge has a very disappointing design, unsheathed. however with it’s sheath on, it looks awesome!

    6. It isn’t really meant to look like a creature, it’s literally a spirit that has possessed a blade – be grateful it has an eye peaking through the crystal on the hilt at least! I’m not happy with the sheath though, it looks odd.

      I want to see a shield Pokemon next (Bronzor is more like a badge).

  11. You know what would be awesome? A motorcycle Rotom as one of those alternate means of transportation.

    1. I wouldn’t dig that, and for the same reason I think mow rotom was a poor choice. Rotom is an electricity ghost. It shouldn’t be haunting things that run on gas. Electric scooter rotom would be interesting, sure, but it wouldn’t make for a good interesting typing like the others do.

      1. um on that note, not all lawnmowers run on gas, some of them are electric. You plug them into an outlet on the outside of your house, and away you go.

        1. Never seen them in my area. Everyone has gas-powered ride-on mowers or gas push mowers.

          But the main idea is that non-electric rotom forms are a no-go.

  12. While I’m genuinely pleased that many people find this program entertaining, I can’t help but wonder if there is not something more they could be doing with the show. As it stands now the episodes seem to be fairly uneventful.

    1. Both sableye and feraligatr were HEAVILY featured in the move. Feraligatr to put out fires but sableye for no apparent reason. Probably promoting it for a possible future evolution soon 🙂

        1. No its not a possibility. The movie is out in Theaters already in Japan, many thousands have seen it already. There are plenty of full summarys around the web , eg on serebii and pokebeach. Sableye does NOT evolve but is given a noticeably larger role than any other non – important character. Therefore many have decided that its shown on purpose to hint at a possible evolution in X and Y. 🙂

  13. Their ‘big’ XY announcement is going to be Inkay, Malamar, Spritzee etc isn’t it? Oy.

  14. I think that what Corocoro means with (biggest scoop of the century) is for the pokemon Anime
    and i wish that they’re bringing Misty and Brock back

    1. That would be the best news for anime since mistys return in hoenn for the mirage special 🙂

  15. And the number one thing to take away from this episode is that next weeks will actually be worth watching 😉 🙂

  16. You know how they keep saying “biggest scoop of the century”. Sounds to me like they’re going to talk about the journalist character, Alexa, and how she fits into the game.

    1. In the preview, when they showed the XY stuff, they had the usual flipboard with the question mark hiding it’s content. IIRC, the flipboard in that preview was huge. So, The big announcement might just be about the July corocoro bunch. You never know though, we might get something gameplay-wise.

      1. I hope we do, it just seems like interesting wording to call it the “scoop of the century”…

        Unless it’s another ice-cream pokemon, in which case I’ll be happy.

  17. This is a more accurate drawing of exactly what Oorotto looks like. Im slightly disappointed its a Cyclops but It still looks beast.

      1. No I preferred it as a non Cyclops, as I said. But it still looks amazing it also matches up with one of the rougher drawings shown on Pokebeach.

    1. Hmm, Looks like a Grass/Dark type! Shiftry time to move over XD Also, isn’t this image from Serebii? I wish they could sneak a camera and record the trailer!

      1. I said the exact same a while ago 😀 but if its not Grass/Dark my money is on Grass / Ghost 🙂 It is indeed 🙂

        1. I’d actually edge towards Grass/Ghost. Whenever I’ve seen Yggdrasil portrayed in Japanese media as a tree, there’s always something going on inside – The most recent example is Digimon Savers/Data Squad.

      2. Before I knew what this rumoured “Orotto” was, I was thinking about the Norse Mythology basis. You have the Elk, the Eagle and possibly a third Serpent but the main thing missing is Yggdrasil – the God Tree. Could this be a representation if it in Pokemon? If so, would it evolve into a larger tree? I’m excited about when it’s revealed now.

          1. Meh sort of I always just associate it with Phoenix and Rainbows, even thought it has 3 multi-coloured wings and in the anime is shown with rainbows. I want an actual rainbow Pokémon haha sort of like a castform, a standalone Pokémon based on weather haha 🙂

    2. There are so many versions of this flying around that I’m starting to think there’s a Spinda scenario going on here. Do different Oorotto have different features?

      1. Who knows 😛 I doubt there are many different types. Its mainly just due to many people just drawing fast rough versions of it, as it was only shown in a very short trailer before the mewtwo movie. Then the drawings of it with wings etc are all just fan-made depictions of what they would want it to be, but sadly its not 🙂

  18. My guess is that Alexa will be the region’s Champion. We know we will see her in the anime, and in the games. She’s not a gym leader but she’s got some strong pokemon (noivern, gogoat) that aren’t specific to one type.

    The one thing that potentially doesn’t fit with this theory is that she’s a reporter, and that might take away from her duties as champion, and she would maybe outshine people when in an interview with another person.

    1. thats a good guess and she is a journalist not a reporter as far as i now, which i don’t think would take away from her duties as champion, but i would like the champion to be a family member

    1. Yes, I want one. They’re so promiscuous and we haven’t explored that content in Pokemon before.

      1. Are you SURE you mean promiscuous? I think you mean prevalent or predominant. Though dolphins are pretty big sex maniacs.

          1. Do I? I don’t know, you saying that make me feel suspicious since English is not my mother tongue. I meant promiscuous, which is adjective and means having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners.

          2. Well u consider a dolphin promiscuous , yet there’s ditto that transforms into any other Pokemon and can breed with any gender wether male or female :p

          3. Yes I do forget about Ditto’s daycare stories, but ditto’s promiscuity is somewhat hidden in games because he is mostly known for being transform pokemon as its Pokedex entries always talk about this concept.

          4. Yes but it’s also said ditto will violently rape a Pokemon in the daycare if it is upset. :p seriously tho there’s nothing more promiscuous than dittos sexual nature.

          5. Ditto should evolve into a bigger blob but hold a whip and chains. It’s signature move could be sexual whip. A normal type move that damages the opponent by removing all outer clothing and sexually submitting it. In battle it’s a ohko. A secondary move could be chained cuffs. A steel move that fully paralyses your opponent and forces them to bend to your every whim.

          6. Was that meant to be funny ? How about learn to take a joke. Seriously people like you just annoy us real fans. Go crawl back under a rock and don’t bother us REAL fans, who enjoy joking together.

          7. Hahaha 🙂 Good to see someone can enjoy a joke and have some fun, unlike SkullHydra 🙂 seriously tho….. imagine how odd and weird S&M Forme seems 😛 🙂

          8. I dread to think what it’s long “beak” would be used for… Anyway, why dark? It’s usually the quiet ones who are the sex maniacs – So, it should be a Water/Fairy.

          9. Yeah but by the looks of it, a Fairy can cause a lot of pain if it can take down a giant dragon with 3 heads. As I said, always the quiet ones.

          10. Oh don’t say that… I just imagined Ditto in my head saying “I can be anything you want me to be” 😛 haha!

          11. …Because that’s totally going to fly in a pokemon game. Cats are more promiscuous than dolphins, anyways, and we have loads of them in pokemon.

            Anyhow, the larger issue is the difference in how Japan sees dolphins vs. how the rest of the world sees them – You might want to watch the documentary “The Cove” for an idea (Not for the squeamish). How the west sees dolphins can differ from how the east sees them.

  19. I found these rumors on 4chan earlier today and many of the comments stated that this is legit and will be featured in an upcoming CoroCoro or a Pokemon Smash. Pokebeach (Water Pokemon Master) commented on the rumors before the page was taken down, stating that since Aulotte was mentioned and other information that sounds plausible, this could be part of next month’s HUGE CoroCoro and the Smash episode following/preceding it. He also stated that he saw some of these Pokemon evolutions and other information revealed here part of a special exclusive screening of Extremespeed Genesect, but he said that he and his friends who attended the screening will be keeping this secret until officially revealed by CoroCoro or Smash. The Pokemon they saw could be fake, but I just found this info before it was taken down, and to start a discussion about possible things that could be true. I am not responsible for these rumors, or made them up; I found these for discussion purposes only. Thank you, and here is exactly what was featured in this 4chan post (don’t have high hopes for how real this is…)

    Pancham has another new evolution besides Pangoro, a Dark/Grass beastly-looking Pokemon, like a direct opposite of Pokemon like Beartic and Garbodor, in size, weight, design and stats.

    Litleo gains a Fire/Water evolution that is very similar to Houndoom and Stoutland, but the overall move set and design has improved a lot.

    Helioptile gets an Electric/Fairy evolution that looks similar to Mawile and Gyarados, but with a Fairy Pokemon look that makes it gain the Fairy-type.

    Talonflame is a Stage 2 out of Stage 3 Pokemon, meaning that Talonflame will have an evolution.

    Dual-type attacks and dual-type Pokemon with unusual typings (Fire/Water, Electric/Water, etc.) will come in handy in Pokemon battles, especially when battling the gyms, the E4, OP trainers and Team Flare.

    No old Pokemon gain evolutions or pre-evolutions.

    There are 233 Pokemon in the Pokedex, and this number is what it is because of the Fairy-type introduced. There are at least 50 Fairy-type Pokemon, whether pure Fairy or part Fairy.

    Espurr and Meowstick were confirmed, but Espurr is Psychic and Meowstick is Psychic/Fairy.

    Aulotte’s English name is Aulettè, and is a Grass/Ghost type Pokemon, and this Generation will be adding new type combinations to make battling more interesting, and to maximize battling strategies and movesets.

    And finally, Mewtwo has two new formes, based on gender. Mewtwo-X is the male version of Awakened Mewtwo, and is available in both X and Y, and same with the female Mewtwo-Y. Their look is different, the moveset is different, the typings are different, but everything else stays the same. There are two ways to get a regular Mewtwo to awaken. One way is to use a Genetic Mixer item on a female or male Mewtwo (found after beating the game, details not specified) or level up a female/male Mewtwo with 5 Genesects in your party (one Red Genesect and 4 regular, can be found in 5 secret locations triggered by an event in the aftergame.

    1. This is already totally fake. Sylveon is an evolution of eevee. An OLD Pokemon. Never believe the shit on 4chan. Seriously did sylveon not even cross ur mind. ……

      1. I told you, I found this on 4chan, blame those stupid fakers. 😐
        I am not responsible for how sucky these rumors are, but I found them to simply start a discussion on Pokejungle about how real and fake this shit is.

        1. I just told you. Don’t believe shit on 4chan. Don’t get your nickers in a twist because I instantly proved them fake. I love rumours more than anyone as you can see by my past comments.

          1. I never believe things on 4chan, however, this is one of the few 4chan posts that I found before it was taken down, and it seemed like something interesting to get the entire Pokejungle’s staff’s opinion on. I love rumors as well, and since you do so much, I would like you to write me all of the “can be added into the game” and “cannot be added into the game” parts of the rumor. Basically, the interesting twists and the bullshit of these rumors, and yes, they are officially confirmed fake, but giving opinions is always appreciated. 😀

          2. The vast majority IMO is easily bull. So ill be frank. Auloutte possible. Mewtwo forme possible. Talonflame possible. The rest are all just up to people’s imaginations and their gullible ness. Dual attacks no way but possible moves being a single type and being super effigy against other Pokemon is plausible. Eg a water move called electric wave. Super effective against rock etc but also flying. If u get me.

          3. I get ya. Lots of this is bull, but some things may turn out to be true after all…
            Any other thoughts?

          4. Firstly im just gonna say if I appear rude im sorry im extremely tired so if you think im attacking you please don’t. Then imo I think litleo evolving into a water / fire would be silly. Id love a water / fire type but not stemming from this line. Helioptile has great potential so I really look forward to it. I want it to evolve into something simial to how dilophasaurus was depicted in Jurassic park. ( fun fact the dilo in jp looked nothing like that in real life ) 🙂

          5. My thoughts:
            Pangoro having an evolution: plausible, but would look to menacing to be an actual Pokemon unless GameFreak makes a badass design.

            Litleo and Helioptile evolutions: may happen, typings are a little bit off, but we may see types like Fire/Water, Grass/Fire, Water/Grass throughout this generation at least a few times. As for an Electric/Fairy evolution, that would be cool, if they don’t screw up the design.

            Talonflame evolution: This is the most believable part, and there have been rumors going around about this, however, I don’t think anything in the Fletchling line can top Talonflame.

            The dual type attack thing and the typing thing does not sound like something GameFreak would be willing to do, because if they would, they could have in past generations.

            Pokedex count: Generation 2 introduced 2 new types, but they still only introduced about 100 new Pokemon, so double that over one type? Naw, not possible.

            When it states no old Pokemon gain evolutions or pre-evolutions, I can see Sylveon comes to mind as said in the comments, so that’s bullshit right there– EEVEE IS AN OLD POKEMON!

            Meowstick and Espurr stuff is a ripoff of Pokebeach’s source. Nuff said.

            Aulotte or Aulettè- there isn’t much difference, typing is cool and all but GameFreak should really pick a better name, if not keep it at Aulotte, because the next thing we need is another ripoff name of Flabébé.
            But hey, this is the Kalos region.

            And as for Mewtwo X and Y- legendaries are genderless, method of awakening Pokemon with the Genesects will NOT happen, Genetic Mixer may happen, but this source did not give us enough information to even choose and pick good stuff out of the rumors, the Talonflame being 2nd stage rumor was the only good one. This is bullshit, and they could have done better. Anyways, it’s always nice to read and judge rumors! 😀

          1. That would be really nice, to have a Fire/Water Dog that can murder Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel, Fire, Rock and Ground types, and have a badass design.

          1. WPM said Hiro’s friend said that Hiro doesn’t know anything about this Generation other than Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon’s types.

          2. But what about the other confirmed information? Pangoro? Inlay? Malamar? Parabola Charge? Draining Kiss? And the rest???

    2. You know how 4chan works, right? Anyone can impersonate whoever they want. Even ‘Obama’ could approve of these rumours. And 233 is waaaaaay too much. Even cutting out the 50 fairies you still have the biggest amount of new Pokémon in the game by a big margin. Unless by Pokédex they mean the regional dex, I doubt they will have so many Pokémon.
      And legends with gender? Aside from some examples where it truly mattered, having a legends that can both be genderless, male and female seems a bit odd to me. And 5 genesect? Lol.

      1. The rumors stated there was 233 Pokemon in the Pokedex, not 233 new Pokemon in total.

        1. Actually, to clarify, the rumor stated that 233 Pokemon will be debuting in Pokemon X and Y, new Pokemon. There will be 882 Pokemon in the Pokedex, 649 from previous regions and 233 brand new ones.

          1. “There are 233 Pokemon in the Pokedex, and this number is what it is because of the Fairy-type introduced. There are at least 50 Fairy-type Pokemon, whether pure Fairy or part Fairy.”

            That is a direct quote of the rumors you posted above. Where in that sentence does it say anything about there being 233 NEW Pokemon? It doesn’t. It only states that there will be 233 Pokemon in the Regional Pokedex. Either you forgot to edit your post or it’s as it says.

            While it does say that there will be “50” fairy type Pokemon in the Pokedex which of course would be all new Pokemon, we know there are Pokemon from previous gens in the Regional dex so I don’t believe this at all. Unless you made some sort of typo or can link me to 4chan where the rumors came from then I’ll give you a bit of leeway.

          2. Bro, calm your tits. Here is what happened:
            This is exactly what the source said, and my understanding of it was placed in my reply to your comment. If you hadn’t been such a smartass, you would know that these rumors were confirmed fake before you even commented this bullshit, and I previously stated that the 4chan page was taken down. I am not trying to be rude or offensive in any way, but read more carefully, don’t be a smartass and go with the flow, I found and posted these rumors, so please don’t be rude again. Thank you.

          3. Excuse me? I’m being rude? Your calling me rude because your understanding of the rumors was wrong, so in all fairness my friend, your rude for calling me rude when I simply stated the truth. I don’t see how I’m being a smart ass when all I did was point out the situation which you clearly misinterpreted. I didn’t see the post about the page being taken down so I’ll give you that.

            However, that doesn’t give you the right to call me rude when your in the wrong, Next time choose your words carefully kiddo. Now, no more about it alright?

          4. I understand, sir, and I am sorry for the misunderstanding. You are indeed correct and I look forward to hearing again from you soon. 😀

      1. Dude, pay more attention, I didn’t make these shit rumors, I am asking for opinions and thoughts, not people calling me dumb for giving them something to discuss before the upcoming CoroCoro and Smash’s BIG announcements. I understand Mewtwo X should be female, however, I did not make this up: it’s people like you who get me thinking how bad these rumors are, so thank you for your help.

        1. im not calling u dumb for making em im doing cause u even considered them to be real and posted them here

    3. Update, this is all fake, but discussions and thoughts are appreciated but please, no spam, rude language or accusations– I did not make these rumors up, these are 4chan rumors that even though are fake, I would like to give Pokejungle an opportunity to discuss and give their opinions on these rumors.

  20. I just had an idea that I would love for them to incorporate into the games! They could reference past games by making locations such as Crystal Cave, Ruby Ridge, Platinum Plains, or Gold Mine. They could have pokemon from those games in those areas or maybe even include the mascots of the games(Suicune, Groudon, Giratina, etc.). Although the latter may be a bit of a stretch, I think they could put these areas in the games as a post E4 quest. What do you guys think?

  21. Seems like news has died down now, Expecting Aulotte’s worldwide release later this week seeing as Smash is revealing a new Pokemon.

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