After a busy week we’re here with our usual Pokémon Smash post! This week is the movie special episode so expect lots of craziness based around the movie that released recently in Japan.

This week I will not be posting live updates as the episode airs, instead I will provide a write-up with any relevant information. Apologies for this, I’m away from my computer so won’t be able to watch and update at the same time. However, NL should be available in the PJ chat!

We’d like you to follow along and come take part in our site chat which can be found HERE. Come along and talk about anything Pokémon related as well as the episode when it begins airing! Also make sure you follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook! Don’t forget about our forums too!

If you can hear a popping noise whilst on this page, please view the chat in the spoiler below and click the small speaker in the bottom left of the chat.

Because we didn’t provide a live write-up of what happened in this weeks episode, below you can find a quick bullet point list of what happened.

  • Movie Time! Zorua in “The Legend of the Pokémon Knight”! was this weeks anime episode.
  • After discussion about the movie a small feature showed Shokotan and her voicing Sylveon in a studio.
  • Smash had Pokémon Tretta in the studio for a demonstration.
  • In the XY Corner Gym Leader Viola and Alexa were shown off.
  • Finally the episode ended with a small TCG section and the preview for next week.

The episode next week is said to have a BIG announcement for X & Y!



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