POKÉMART EP.1: Clean Up on Aisle XY


Pokémon is ever growing and ever expanding, just a few months away from the worldwide release of X & Y – the sixth generation of the Pokemon series – we have seen several brand new Pokémon introduced to the Pokémon world. Some of their designs are good, some not so good – it’s all down to the personal perception of the individual and it’s that individuality of taste that makes the Pokémon world so interesting! Let’s face it, if everybody liked Metapod and nothing else, it would make for a very boring battle! Variety and opinion are what continues to make Pokémon so enticing, whether you collect the monsters purely for completion of your Pokédex, or whether you use them competitively.

One thing that will always remain consistent in the Pokémon world is the Pokémart! Although combined with Pokémon Centres in Generation V, the Pokémart has been a long standing friend of ours, always there when we have needed it most, whether that be for buying emergency potions, status healers or even to collect items that have been sent to you from the delivery man! It’s been a great aid to use in all of our adventures, and something we can all relate to whichever level you perceive yourself to be at Pokémon playing.

But how about in reality? We have no Pokémon to heal with potions, no magical reviving items that would cure our household pets from fainted states… No, the Pokémart of our world is predominantly supermarkets. The place where we do our food shopping.

So let’s combine the two for a brief moment – done in true ‘Dan’ style, welcome to the PokéJungleMart! Lets take a trip to our local Mart, and take a look at a few Pokémon that resemble food!

‘Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the PokéJungleMart! Today we are going grocery crazy! In aisle one we have an offer on 6 pack Exeggcute!..’

How do YOU like your eggs in the morning??.. Exeggcute comes in a pack of 6! Exeggcute are one of 5 Pokémon that have 7 weaknesses, probably due to its brittle shell. Competitively Exeggcute is a great Pokémon for status infliction, having two sleep inducing moves – sleep powder and hypnosis, could possibly aid sleep once consumed! Not a fan of plain old eggs? Then spice them up and catch yourself an Exeggcute with its hidden ability of Harvest, which could possibly cause Exeggcute to create another berry once it has used one. Delicious!

‘Or perhaps your taste buds tingle for..’

Fancy something a little more healthy?.. Then get your hands on the Cherry Pokémon, Cherubi. It is said that once this Pokémon is close to evolving, its smaller second head will begin to wilt – better to eat these things while they’re fresh! Cherubi have the ability to utilise the sun to use moves such as Synthesis, Morning sun and Solar beam. Its ability, Chlorophyll allows it to speed up when in sunlight! That’s one healthy Cherry! Just watch out for the stone inside…

‘Or cool off with..’

Everyone in the UK right now will want to get their hands on one of these what with temperatures right now! Yes, the Fresh Snow Pokémon, Vanillite! This Pokémon comes with a head full of swirled vanilla ice cream – the perfect treat for cooling down in those ridiculously high temperatures. With its ability Ice Body, it is able to regain health during a hail storm – perfect if you enjoy ice cream all year round! As the lightest Ice type Pokémon, you’ll have no problem carrying this winter treat! Who needs a Casteliacone when you have a Vanillish!

‘NEW in!..’

The Cotton Candy Pokémon. One of the newly released Fairy type Pokémon from X & Y. Swirlex is said to only eat sweets which causes its body to be sweet and sticky like cotton candy. Swirlix comes with a brand new ability called Sweet Veil, which prevents Pokémon on the same team from being left asleep in battle – probably due to all that sugar! Also comes with the new Fairy Type move draining kiss which causes damage to the opponent but also restores some of its own HP! I guess that damage maybe comes in the form of the dentist! *ouch*… Seeming as Fairy type is now the new ‘go-to’ type, get ahold of one while you can! Only while stocks last.. Terms and conditions appl… Yeah, and stop Dan…


So there we have it, thank you for shopping at Pokémart!

What do you guys think of Pokémon that resemble food? Do you have any of them in your team? What other food products do you think would make awesome Pokémon?..

I am a huge fan of the all new Swirlix, and definitely cannot wait to get my hands on one! What else do you think we will see from it?, any suggestions for moves and what about it’s evolution – does this cute fluffy cloud evolve into something more menacing? LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

  1. How about a carnivorous lemon!!?

    Or maybe a cute little dumpling Pokemon?

    Or maybe a soup Pokemon!!??

    Now I’m hungry for dumplings with lemon and some warm soup… .___.

  2. This article made me hungry 🙂 😛

    Some other pokemon that remind me of food are tangela and tangrowth they remind me of spaghetti. Ditto , muk and grimer remind me of jelly 🙂 The bird pokemon eg Pidgey ettc are all like birds but farfetchd reminds me of duck… I wouldn’t mind a roast farfechtd in BBQ sauce 😉 hahah

    I also love seafood so krabby also looks like a treat 😉

    Loads of pokemon can be associated with foods in some way , eg miltank with milk. All the fish pokemon eg feebass , and I’m crazy so jigglypuff is like a big blown up bubble of pink chewing gum 😉 🙂

    Not gona lie I loved this article 🙂 😀 I’m a fatty tee-hee 🙂 😉 😀

  3. Let’s try some Slowpoke Tails!
    I’ve ever wonder if people of Pokemon world is vegetarian? what kind of meat do they eat?

    1. Theve said in the anime before they eat pokemon : they wanted to eat a tauros haha 🙂 :p

      1. Vegetarians wouldn’t eat any Pokemon at all, there are grains in the series.

        1. But an Oddish would still be a plant. It would be the same as us eating a walking radish.

    2. There have been several references to real-world animals in Pokemon. Then again..

  4. I have a feeling Swirilix (and its exclusive counterpart Spritzee) will be similar to how Growlith & Vulpix in Gen I, Misdreavus & Murkrow in Gen IV, and Cottonee & Petilil were handled in Gen V. I Predict (at least) one more evolution for each and possibly by some sort of (new) Evolution Stone.

    1. Another interesting/trivial observation on their theme: Spritzee is based on the sense of smell (and has a rather large nose), and Swirlix is based on the the sense of taste (and a little tongue hanging out). Both senses are closely related; it will be interesting to see how these themes play out in their evolutionary stage(s)…

      1. I just imagined a Spritzee/Dr. Doofinshmirtz evolution. The big nose, the skinny body, the long, bony legs. xD

        1. Since u mentioned a Phineas and Ferb character, I think we really need a platypus pokemon too xD

          1. I never really thought about it but now that I have, I have to say I agree. Maybe we could have a pure Water-type female and a Water/Poison-type male. In real life, male platypi have little toxic stingers (I forget where) that they use for defense.

    2. I completely agree with that, but I’d like to think Swirlex becomes a taffy Pokemon then it turns into a hard-candy. I am surprised nobody has mentioned how great Swirlex’s ability is. The strategy I would use for it, is to have it in the back of your party, so the other Pokemon won’t fall asleep during battle, then as a last resort, send out Swirlex and take out those pesky Dragons.

        1. Kinda sucks that I just fund out that its ability only takes effect in double/triple battles. My strategy was fool-proof.

          1. Well I am not sure if it is confirmed to work like a (Wide-Guard meets Vital-Spirit/Insomnia) ability. If that’s the case then Swirlix will be immune to sleep as well (as its teammates in Doubles/Triples). Also, I am not sure if it just prevents sleep from happening or if it also cures sleeping teammates… The details seemed brief and sparse.

    3. Maybe Swirlix and Spritzee are the new Vulpix and Growlithe or Misdreavus and Murkrow of this gen and will evolve with a new stone, but it is also possible that they are the new Karrablast and Shelmet of gen 6. Maybe, because the senses of smell and taste are so bound to each other to work, we have to trade each one of them with the other one before it will evolve into a new pokemon.

    4. I really hope that they would be available at the start of the game, if this was the case 🙂

  5. I love Swirlix! Maybe because he looks like my dog. Could he possibly evolve into to French Poodle? He looks like one (tongue, tail, paws, etc. ) I’m looking forward to using it. I’m getting Y though, so if anyone is getting X if you can trade me a Swirlix and I’ll trade a Spritzee, another version exclusive, or whatever Pokémon that would be awesome! Thanks! (If we remember :p) BTW, the PokéJungleMart has awesome customer service 😀

  6. Ignoring food here’s something for the ladies… A spritz of spritzer anyone? I bet you’ll enjoy a flabebe cuz they certainly brighten my day!

  7. I think many vegetables and fruits can potentially become pokemon in future generations. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a Coconut pokemon. I think Grass/Rock would be fitting to it and it could later evolve to a palm tree. 🙂

    1. Exeggutor…

      I mean, we have Exeggcute which is kinda like a coconut, considering its relation to Exeggutor.

      1. I would actually like to see a Tropius evolution that has coconuts as well as bananas growing on it. 🙂

      2. That’s true but we could have another one that looks more like a coconut lol

    2. I remember that old “Coconut Pokemon” rumor (GRASS/FIRE type)… Too bad it was fake. But I do think GRASS/ROCK would be just as good. Cradily and Lileep are pretty awesome type wise, great hidden ability, passable move-pool, and bulky enough defenses, but unfortunately so slow! I hope that if they ever make a GRASS /ROCK type coconut Pokemon, that they make it like Electrode, with excellent speed.

        1. That’s another thing… I kinda miss the old formula for explode (I know it was a total pain sometimes). Now it’s too weak, especially considering the user faints after using it… 🙁

          1. OMG I am SO happy you said that ! I loved the old formula which was ( For those who don’t know ) Though the power is listed as 170, the target’s Defense will be halved when damage from this attack is calculated, giving it an effective power of 340. Its too weak now IMO aswell. Its great to see you agree with me haha 😀

          1. No its not. There are two separate attacks. One called Self Destruct AND ANOTHER called Explosion. Two totally different attacks. Explosion is a lot more powerful than self destruct………………………

  8. i know this is off the food topic but if we have a garbage pokemon then we need a recycle pokemon

  9. Soon we will be able to have food fights in pokemon and I really like swirlix

  10. How many fish Pokémon does it take to make a grand sushi platter?
    Also, grilled Eelektrik unagi and grass fed Tauros/Bouffalant burgers
    Mareep kabobs and Flaffy chops.
    -insert bad Chinese joke about eating Meowths and Growlithes-

  11. Maybe in XY we’ll get a croissant pokémon or a cheese pokémon OR a snail pokémon….NOMNOMNOMNOM….I’m hungry now D;

    1. If there’s another snail-like Pokemon, I’m calling mine Escargoon.

  12. So let me make sure I got this right… Pokejungle is promoting the consumption of pokemon? In all seriousness, this was pretty entertaining, but whoever though of this topic may need to go to a psychiatric hospital. 😛

          1. I just watched the first trailer, there’s differences. First, there’s no water-like mark in the middle in the real trailer (Edit: though on closer examination, it seems the picture just gives the illusion of a water mark, it looks like the trainer standing in the middle), it’s just a circle. And I don’t see where the Team Flare symbol is. The highest the camera pans upwards to show is some mark with a rectangular bottom. Team Flare’s symbol has a pointed bottom.

          2. see where the arrow is pointing in the circle. it shows the bottom halve of a symbol which looks to be part of team flare’s symbol. is it for sure i don’t know, but it could be

          3. It does not imo. That has a rectangular bottom. Team Flare’s symbol has a pointed bottom.

          4. are you serious,that you can’t see the pointy bottom of a symbol within that circle. here can you see it now

          5. It’s a rectangular bottom. How does that resemble a pointy bottom? Also, look how thick it is compared to the Team Flare symbol.
            Edit: And I watched the trailer in HD on full screen again after looking at the slightly blurry picture, it is not Team Flare’s symbol IMO.

          6. i am not saying it is ether i am more on the fact that you can’t see a slight resemblance. but i guess if you don’t want to see something you won’t

          7. It’s not that I don’t want to see something, it’s that I don’t see anything. The two things look nothing alike. Look at how large the bottom of the symbol is in the trailer and at its rectangular shape, then look at the bottom of the Team Flare symbol, there is zero resemblance.

            Now I’m not saying it won’t turn out to become Team Flare’s HQ. It could, it could be something else. All I’m saying is that symbol does not resemble Team Flare’s. Watch the trailer in HD for a clearer image.

          8. Yeah, you are right. After re-watching the trailer, you can see the trainer makes an arbitrary “water-drop” shape… Also note the floor is multicolored similar to Xerneas’ antlers… Very curious…

        1. Dewkage is correct, that is the picture. I had a little bit of trouble getting it up on an iPhone.
          Thoughts on this???

          1. I really think there will be an opposite team to ‘Team Flare’… Notice though the Water Drop with an Honedge eye between the pillars of flame?

          2. it’s possible i guess it’s hard to tell with only the bottom half showing if it is that would be the most extravagant villain base to date. and backs up what i have thought of them from the moment i saw them that they are flamboyant or in their case flameboyant

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