Fashion week returns to Pokémon GO!

Love Pokémon? Love fashion? You’re in luck, as Pokémon GO is rolling out some adorably-dressed Pocket Monsters and one of the most fashionable creatures of the series: Kalos’ Furfrou! It will also feature the return of costumed Pokémon from last year’s fashion week. Read all the details below. Furfrou, the Poodle Pokémon, is making its … Read more

Pokémon GO outlines plans for April 2020 events

Many players are stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean Niantic isn’t trying to still make Pokémon GO fun. Earlier today they announced that they were looking into ways to make raiding from home possible—a big step forward for those who can no longer attend raids for rare Pokémon. Now we also have more details … Read more

Pokémon GO news: Genesect, Abra and the response to the coronavirus

Pokémon GO is taking the global spread of the coronavirus seriously and has postponed the upcoming Abra Community Day. They write: The following events have been canceled, postponed, or changed. Abra Community Day: This event has been postponed. We will also be making the following changes to Pokémon GO which are effective starting now until … Read more

Pokémon GO Battle League events begin soon

The first season of Pokémon GO’s newly-added Battle League will begin on Friday, but there events running before the official start. Read all the details below: The GO Battle League preseason is coming to an end, and we’re excited to announce that GO Battle League Season 1 officially starts this month on Friday, March 13, 2020, … Read more

Pokémon GO reveals some of what it has in store for March

Pokémon GO has continued to roll out events at a break-neck speed, and it seems March won’t be any different. From the official site: Get ready for a changeup of Research Breakthrough encounters, Legendary Shadow Pokémon, and Legendary Pokémon in raids coming this March! This month is chock-full of events and Pokémon both returning and … Read more

Pokémon Day 2020: Check out these in-game events!

It’s still February 26 in the US, but there’s already plenty to report about Pokémon Day (officially celebrated on the 27). Check out the different ways the franchise is celebrating. Pokémon Day in Sword & Shield Special Max Raid Battles are available! Mewtwo will be appearing in raids across the Wild Area. That’s not all … Read more