E3 2016: Pokémon Director Jun’ichi Masuda Set to Attend!

Greetings Pokéjunglers!

I am sure I need not remind you, but 2016 promises to be a huge year for Pokémon. The 20th anniversary of the beloved franchise brings along with it re-releases of the original Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow games that started it all, as well as the much anticipated Pokémon GO.

In addition to these known releases, there are also said to be some unannounced projects in the works. Will we get the third entry to the Kalos saga as many suspect? Or perhaps something entirely different and unexpected? It is possible that ‘Pokémon Day’ (February 27th) will answer some of these questions, but even later into the year there may be further reveals and elaborating on future plans.

One possible place to tease and demonstrate upcoming releases would be E3 2016 (14-16 June), where Nintendo is thought to revealing more about its mysterious new console, codenamed ‘NX’. In addition to this NX news, however, it seems that beloved Pokémon composer, director and all-around dandy Pokéfellow – Jun’ichi Masuda – will be attending the event this year too!

In a personal exchange on twitter Mr.Masuda seems to have let slip that he will be attending the event this year as part of the Pokémon Company International. In the past Mr.Masuda has attended just before the release of a Pokémon main series release or remake, so just what could this mean in terms of what is in store for us?

Will we see more of Pokémon GO perhaps? Or perhaps we will get more information on a yet-to-be announced title? Only time will tell, but until then, speculate away!

– Kriffix

P.S. Special thanks to Flyffel for bringing this to our attention!



  1. OMG! A new Pokemon Game is confirmed at this point. Again, I do think it’s going to be a new Pokemon Sixth Generation game. Yet, there being a 6.5 or a whole new 7th Generation is a possibility.

    Lastly, I think that Nintendo will start a 7th Generation on the NX. It doesn’t make sense for them to keep it on the 3DS as hardware improves. This is mostly because I think the NX is a whole platform: both a console and a handheld. Still, the hype intensifies!

    1. The President for Nintendo said they have some big titles for the 3DS yet to be revealed. I’m assuming it’s a Pokemon main series. They’ve done this before. Take a look a Black 2 and White 2. 3DS releases in 2010 and the game comes out for the Nintendo DS. You have to keep in mind, they plan these games up to a couple of years before releasing it. And converting it from 3DS to NX would just waste more time. Unless the NX is both a console and handheld like many rumor. The NX to be honest has more mystery than Magiana. Lol.

      1. I can’t think of another “major” title, let alone titles, that would release before March 2017 if it’s not Pokemon. They usually reveal 3DS games within 3-6 months of their release, so it makes sense with the timing.

        1. Just watch. It’s gonna be Pokemon Z or 6.5 or something releease in Fall 2016 or late Summer 2016. Calling it. If not then, a GSC Kalos return for NX Generation 7 if that has to be the case like many people want/theorize. I just want Generation 6 to have it’s loose ends tied up. Is that too much to ask?

        1. Aye Harry Potter the protagonist. I don’t know many Pokemon fans are also Persona fans… would be curious to know the amount of overlap.

  2. This makes me really happy. We need more information on Pokemon games. I hope this means another 3ds game.

  3. This Mega-Evo set was inspired by EarthenWarrior and OmegaEmpoleon:

    RhyperiorRock/Fairy… jk. Rock/Ground
    AbilitySolid Rock or Huge Power
    Original StatsAt: 140 | De: 130 | SAt: 55 | SDe: 55 | Sp: 40
    MEGA StatsAt: 170 | De: 160 | SAt: 25 | SDe: 125 | Sp: 40

    ElectivireElectric/Fighting or Electric
    AbilityLightning Rod or Iron Fist
    Original StatsAt: 123 | De: 67 | SAt: 95 | SDe: 85 | Sp: 95
    MEGA StatsAt: 153 | De: 77 | SAt: 125 | SDe: 85 | Sp: 125

    MagmortarFire or Fire/Rock
    AbilityDrought or Solar Power
    Original StatsAt: 95 | De: 67 | SAt: 125 | SDe: 95 | Sp: 83
    MEGA StatsAt: 115 | De: 87 | SAt: 155 | SDe: 105 | Sp: 103

    1. You fool Rhyperior is Ground/Rock
      Buuuuut Huge Power with 170 equals 340 base Attack sooooo I guess I’ll let that slide (For now)

  4. Didn’t some Pokemon higher-up attend E3 last year and nothing happened? And if I remember correctly, there had never been a Pokemon main-series game announced at E3 so I don’t think this news is of any significance.

    1. Yeah, an actual main game has never been announced but big reveals including fairy type and starter megaevolution have been. Im thinking it’s more likely an announcement of a game will come sooner in the year and Mr.Masuda will deliver more details/trailers etc. Perhaps in addition to giving some more Pokemon GO details. Also the tweet reads that he’s attending in the capacity of the Pokémon Company International so I thought that was interesting.

    2. If I remember correctly, I believe that Fairy-type was revealed back at E3 2013 after so many fans thought it was fake. They can reveal huge information at E3 if they choose to. In this case, Masuda would just be discussing the new game(s) that were revealed prior to June.

        1. Oh yeah, you posted that while I was typing…I think we’re both right. We will probably see the reveal any day between now and May.

  5. It’s only just after 5am in Japan, so there’s still a chance that we’ll get Magiana’s official reveal today (or very early tomorrow morning)

  6. ALL I WANT IS A GAME TO B ANNOUNCED!!! They don’t even need to tell us what it is……I just want all this passive hinting to stop and for them to say “Hey! We got a game coming. Look for this specific date for more details!” Is that too much to ask for? lol

  7. I hope Pokemon doesn’t screw this up. We better get a main series game that is good and has longer post-game than XY and ORAS. I’m experiencing extreme paranoia and worry right now. We have months until this event. I hope that the press-release package on Magiana tomorrow sheds some light on if we are getting Generation 6.5 or Generation 7. I don’t want to have them teasing this thing like shit. Because it’s also ugly as shit. Lol.

  8. We’ve got a new leak straight off of 4chan today, everyone! I saved this image in case we want to refer to it later. People seem pretty convinced and it’s a good discussion starter.

    1. Oh Jesus here we go again hahaha I love rumors and fake stuff like this. It may not turn into anything, but it keeps my attention and makes me excited lol

        1. The first thing that popped out at me were the Pokemon who’s species are thread, sheet, and bed hahahhaha Anyway it seems like they’ve tried to make some different type combinations which I think the real series needs desperately lol

          1. I’m reading the thread right now and I’m laughing, because there was actually some SERIOUS effort put into this. I want it to be real so badly. Any on the list that you particularly like?

          2. The one family of Pokemon that are fighting and then the last being fighting/dragon seem like a cool combination. It would b a different type combo plus the idea seems pretty cool in general lol

    2. Ah, the fabled Water/Psychic Dolphin pokemon returns!
      Anyways, I think that there’s a lack of Fairy pokemon in this list, but that may just be me wishing for a Fairy/Ground pokemon 😛

      1. I know I know, I was going to say the same thing. That is a bit of a cliche inclusion. It could be a complete coincidence, but I doubt it. One of my favorites on the list is a “Quantum” Pokemon for being both dead (Ghost) and alive (Normal), like Schrodinger’s Cat. I can imagine that legendary phasing in and out of existence like a flame.

        1. Yeah I went to look at the amount introduced in Gen 6 and I think I counted 9? I suppose if this is Gen 6.5 then it makes sense to include a lot of non-Fairy types.
          I really like the abstract concepts introduced, like 735-737 (Instinct/Prudence/Conscience), 785-787 (Time), and the one you mentioned

          1. Another honorable mention is 748-750. Those names, H-Gen, Okishigen, and H20taa remind me so much of the Porygon line. I always thought there couldn’t be another Pokemon in history that uses 2 in its name.

      1. I think those ones are supposed to be more like invisible ghosts that make themselves visible by moving around sheets and…beds. I have no idea how that would look.

        1. I see them more like. Ghost that trap victims on to the them and give them spooky nightmares

          1. I have an update. It could be based off the Japanese folklore legend of the “Ittan-momen”, a roll of cotton that flies around and attacks humans at night. Who the hell would know about this other than an actual Japanese person?

      1. It now makes sense to me that Magiana would be Gen 6.5. For one, the whole “Azoth” and “AZ” situation is referenced so many times in XY and ORAS that it has to be part of that region, rather than a faraway region. The fact that Magiana is tied to Azoth seems to give it a Kalos identity. With that conclusion, this list makes much more sense. We’d have a total of 142 Pokemon for this generation, a much more respectable number.

      1. This IS true. One of them IS real. Now we just need confirmation if there r any other new Pokemon. (not these obviously as they’re fake) hahaha

      2. I like that outlook. We know we’re getting one new Pokemon out of this, and chances are it will be joined by others. The only questions are when, why and how.

      1. Are you referring to “ice fang” for the wolf? That may not be a wolf at all…snow leopard, perhaps? Since it’s two-stage, maybe a saber-toothed tiger fossil?

        1. Lol I guess I did jump too fast,
          But this is a very cool list none the list, but there is a lot of type changes upon evolving with this pokemon

          1. Yeah, for sure. I think some of them are duos and trios (like 735-737, 758-759, 763-765 and 785-787)

    3. Sounds like stuff people wanted thrown together in that list. I don’t want to see ANY OF THEM until I buy the game.

      I actually designed and came up with a Fakemonline that started and sheets and evolved into a bed… It was Ghost/Normal though

    4. The leaker had Magiana labeled as Artificial. People dismissed it because CoroCoro already told us its species is Manmade. TPCi just confirmed that its species is in fact Artificial. There could be something to this.

    5. Oh wow this list seems to obviously fan-pleasing to be anything but fake, but I really wish it could be real, and I wouldn’t mind being spoiled if we actually got this. Thing is, it really gets me thinking how gamefreak would ridiculously nail it if they produced something like this. But we know they’re just gonna stubbornly stick to their own style, which, while cool enough I guess, seems a bit idiotic when you realise this is what we could get… But this is waayyy too good to be true: too many long-needed animals, the object-based ones are too cool, and there too many high-minded concept-based creations, and too many awesome new typings. There are so many ideas on there I adore, it’s ridiculous. Besides, though I’d love a gen 6,5, my bet is on us getting Z (or whatever name they come up with for a third version) with a bunch of new megas this year and then gen VII with Magearna and more next year. I’d also be ready to bet we’ll know more on the 27th. On the bright side at least, if that came true they could be hyping both megas and gen VII pokémon through the year. I just hope they don’t reveal a significant percentage of new pokemon or every single bloody mega before the game comes out like they did recently, which is just a terrible marketing strategy and insulting towards fans.

  9. Still waiting for Magiana…I guess it’s more likely to happen tomorrow like I originally thought.

    1. It’s so weird…..usually by now we have the update bc it’s already the 15th in Japan. Typically the updates hit around now only bc the magazine is already on the streets of Japan at this point. I wonder why they’re waiting to update when people technically officially know now…….I just want some sort of validation!!! hahaha

    2. Just wondering, is this for a Japanese official release or outside of Japan?
      From what I remember, movie information usually isn’t “revealed” outside of Japan until a couple months later (I think it took 2 months for the official English name for the Hoopa movie which I can’t remember :P), so I wouldn’t expect for it to occur with Magiana. Although I guess anything can happen, with it being a new pokemon and all.

      1. I just don’t see why they should keep Magiana hidden for so long in the West when Japan already knows about it. When the Zygarde forms and Ash-Greninja were revealed last September, they were quickly revealed in the West and never spoken of again…until this month, of course, when Pokemon XYZ begins. All I’m expecting is a quick fanfare about a “newly discovered Pokemon!” and nothing else.

  10. Hey guys, I’m wondering if there’s any significance to the fact that Masuda is representing Pokemon Company International? Is he saying that he’s NOT representing Game Freak, and therefore isn’t promoting a new game?

    1. I want to ask the same question …another thing who reveal Zygarde , Ash’s Greninja and Magiana is it GF?

    2. GameFreak = Pokemon Company. I think he is representing a new game. The Pokemon Company logo has been appearing on the box art of the more recent games. Re/Fresh.

  11. New main series Pokemon game I hope if not I will spend my life savings on a ticket to Japan just to graffiti Nintendos headquarters

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