E3 2016: Pokémon Director Jun’ichi Masuda Set to Attend!

Greetings Pokéjunglers!

I am sure I need not remind you, but 2016 promises to be a huge year for Pokémon. The 20th anniversary of the beloved franchise brings along with it re-releases of the original Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow games that started it all, as well as the much anticipated Pokémon GO.

In addition to these known releases, there are also said to be some unannounced projects in the works. Will we get the third entry to the Kalos saga as many suspect? Or perhaps something entirely different and unexpected? It is possible that ‘Pokémon Day’ (February 27th) will answer some of these questions, but even later into the year there may be further reveals and elaborating on future plans.

One possible place to tease and demonstrate upcoming releases would be E3 2016 (14-16 June), where Nintendo is thought to revealing more about its mysterious new console, codenamed ‘NX’. In addition to this NX news, however, it seems that beloved Pokémon composer, director and all-around dandy Pokéfellow – Jun’ichi Masuda – will be attending the event this year too!

In a personal exchange on twitter Mr.Masuda seems to have let slip that he will be attending the event this year as part of the Pokémon Company International. In the past Mr.Masuda has attended just before the release of a Pokémon main series release or remake, so just what could this mean in terms of what is in store for us?

Will we see more of Pokémon GO perhaps? Or perhaps we will get more information on a yet-to-be announced title? Only time will tell, but until then, speculate away!

– Kriffix

P.S. Special thanks to Flyffel for bringing this to our attention!