Happy Valentine’s Day

Here’s to all the lovebirds and Luvdiscs out there! Did you do anything nice for that special trainer in your life? The above art was kindly given to me by Twitter follower @itechkat 😀 Looking forward to reading the comments and hearing how you spent the day!

<3 PJ

ps- As an aside, did you know that in Japan it is customary for the women to give men chocolates? Often they make homemade sweets, but there is also a large selection of chocolates available, such as the frog-shaped one I got from my boyfriend.

  1. Sorry it’s not about love, but… I’ve got a theory.
    Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. And after watching some youtube videos on which pokemon game will be the next, I theorize that it will be a gen 7 game. These games will be a continuation of x and y, however, and be called pokemon silicon and pokemon carbon.
    The themes of the ecosystem and artificial life in pokemon are being thrown around a ton these days. This is why these games are an obvious, simple prediction. (remember that interview about “flowers”, volcanion being artificial life, zygarde saving the ecosystem, you get the point) But I think that these games are supported by some key evidence. First off, (I found much of this info and these ideas in an ohnickel video) the pokemon company has figured out that they’re not making much money off of their “third” games in each generation. (emerald, platinum, even BLACK AND WHITE 2 have not made much money when compared to the first games of each generation) Instead of making a third game, gamefreak has realized that they should WORK HARD on a new generation. With pokemon games having better graphics, etc. It’s harder to make a pokemon game each year. This is why they decided, instead of working hard on a third game, to cash in on a new generation and put all of their effort into it.
    With zygarde forms, volcanion, and magiana not yet having been released to the public in a game, this game could serve as the host for these pokemon, maybe a kind of continuation of gen 6, but really being its own separate generation.
    I don’t want to get in to how exactly the war between nature and mechanics, carbon and silicon would fit into this game, because I’d probably get the pokéjungle award of honor for largest paragraph.
    Sooo… now we get into some conspiracy theory stuff. Many people compare gen 6 to gen 1. It has an artificial life form created by the evil team: volcanion (just like mewtwo), it has its own caves for mewtwo, it includes the original starters, etc. What if gen 7 was like gen 2? It would be a continuation of gen 6 just like gen 2 was a continuation of gen 1. And just like gen two, the game’s names will be based off of elements from the periodic table. But wait, there’s more. Silicon and carbon are directly above and below each other on the periodic table. AND SO ARE GOLD AND SILVER.
    Big thanks to whoever read through this whole thing.

    1. You… I like you. Good theory, Not sure about the name Silicon, but Carbon is an excellent name based on the fact that all organic material is made up of Carbon.

    2. I agree with every single thing in this post. Pokemon Silicon and Pokemon Carbon are badass names, too!

    3. I don’t care what we get…..I just want a new game NOW!!!!!! hahaha Ur theory isn’t bad tho. Up until this gen I actually haven’t considered buying the “3rd” version of the other games. I bought BW2, but that’s bc they were entirely separate games compared to the rehashing of the originals with slight upgrades like Platinum was. Although I suppose I do own Emerald, but I never played it with full enjoyment like I have the others so I don’t really count it as much. Either way If GF stop making “3rd” versions and just stick to the core 2 games, but make them SUPER good I wouldn’t complain. If anything it would reduce time between gens I guess. Unless they take a year off every so often like they did last year that is.

  2. A Valentine’s Day NX rumor for everyone’s heart:

    – The Nintendo NX Dev Kits are in extremely high demand.
    – Nintendo has started to release SDK’s to allow developers to start porting/making their games for the system. It would allow for a faster and smoother transition.
    – Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine are already working right out the gate.

    Man. The NX is going to be a demon during launch. A bunch of games use Unreal Engine 4, including the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. I would love to see FF15, Persona 5, and KH3 be ported to the NX! Image a NX bundle with KH3… that would sale like hotcakes!

    1. I just hope the NX lives up to all the hype. All these rumors seem to make it out to b such a a potentially great system, but if non of them r real people will get their hopes up for nothing. I think I’m gonna have to disagree with u on those games coming to the NX. The system might b up to the challenge of having them on it, but I don’t ever think Persona or FF will b on a Nintendo system. They may do KH3, but the other 2 r so in bed with Sony it doesn’t make sense fort them to even bother. sure FF15 is coming to the Xbone, but there’s such a divide between Sony and Nintendo as far as ports go that I don’t think FF will make it onto Nintendo systems for a while. At least not until Nintendo can prove themselves to make a competent system. There’s a reason many developers left Nintendo for Sony and Microsoft. Only time will tell I guess, but in my personal opinion I can only c myself playing all 3 of those games on a play station console.

      1. Those games aren’t confirmed at all. There just my thoughts to what I want to see. FF15 might be coming due to Square Enix’s heavy interest on the console. Persona 5 has a possibility due to the strong relationship between Nintendo and Atlus. SMT IV, SMT IV Final, SMT x FE (Genei Ibun Roku #FE), and Persona Q were all on Nintendo systems. KH3 is the biggest possibility due to Nintendo having some KH games. Hell, Nintendo has expressed trying to improve their third party. Third Party developers are likely what they hear about the NX, so anything is possible.

    2. You know what else is running on Unreal Engine 4? Final Fantasy VII Remake. Considering Cloud is in Smash, It wouldn’t be too far fetched to see Re:FFVII on NX. IT’S HAPPENING BOYS

      1. It’s fine to have some doubts, it’s a rumor. Unity Engine already supports the New 3DS, so why not the NX. As the previous Wall Street Journal rumor stated, the NX was crunching specs, polygons, and power. Nintendo is going traditional with the console, so it makes sense for all of the latest engines to be supported. Why wouldn’t it be?

    1. The Sinnoh remakes better make Team Galactic more developed. Though, considering how ORAS made what were once generically evil villains to highly developed characters I don’t have to worry.

      1. Yeah, Team Galactic is crazy when you realize that they are literally trying to create another universe and their leader is trying to become god. There is so much they can do with that

      2. Sinnoh pretty much guarantees Megas
        Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon, Weavile, Garchomp and obviously Rhyperior

          1. I was figuring that since Vespiquen stores Combee inside of itself, there could be some sort of Parental Bond type of thing going on. (except even MORE BROKEN)

          2. Mega Electivire
            Pure Electric (Not fighting)
            it would be much shaggier with sparks constantly going off
            much more muscular with its arms will either gets spikes or antenna that further generates more electricity
            and i want to say freaking Mohawk that are just bursting with energy
            and its tails quadruple with just more electricity everywhere

            literally there is no second this Pokemon is not producing electricity

          1. it needs more…cartoonish features mostly right around the eyes
            also a better body, and with spikes on the mace tail

          2. Mega Rhyperior
            Solid Rock
            HP: 115
            Attack: 170 (+30)
            Defense: 150 (+20)
            Sp Atk: 55
            Sp Def: 105 (+50)
            Speed: 40

            “It’s Protector plates have fused throughout its body making it tougher then ever, running on all fours it can demolish anything in its path without remorse”

            “It gains a significant boost to its defenses and it’s Solid Rock Ability further bolsters this trait by reducing Super-Effective Damage”

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