Mario Maker, Splatoon get new Pokémon content

mario-maker-costumesSome other Nintendo franchises are getting some Pokémon content in future updates. The Wii U title Mario Maker will soon give designers 3 new costumes to utilize: Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander! These are no doubt in honor of the series’ upcoming 20th anniversary and will bring the three original and iconic starting Pokémon into the world of Mario. Lots of great uses shown off in the trailer above. The costumes are available as a reward for completing an event course which can be run multiple times to collect ’em all!

Another Wii U title, Splatoon, will be holding a worldwide battle pitting Pokémon Red fans against red-blue-splatoonPokémon Blue fans (Green in Japan!). Support can be displayed by special Charizard or Blastoise/Venusaur shirt during the event. Hopefully participants will get to keep them for use afterwards as well. It will take place on February 20th-21st and the results will be determined for each region. Are you #TeamRed or #TeamBlue?!

Always exciting to see the franchise pop up in other games! Anyone else looking forward to these updates?

<3 PJ

  1. I will be getting those costumes and supporting Pokemon Blue ASAP!

    Also, read this:

    For the Pokemon TCG League, each month has a different theme based on the new cards available at the time. August is “Steam”, which is connected to Volcanion.
    September is “Gear”, obviously referencing Magiana (or Magearna, as it will likely be called). Does this mean that Pokemon Z will be out by August/September? Hopefully!

    1. It better be. I’m bored to death. Wish they would release games before or during summer instead of during the middle of school though….

    2. I was just able to read the article. Makes sense. I would love a Nature VS Tech theme. That’s exactly what I want.

  2. Johto Starters Megas x Dunsparce:

    AbilityFairy Aura or Flower Gift
    Original StatsAt: 82 | De: 100 | SAt: 83 | SDe: 100 | Sp: 80
    MEGA StatsAt: 82 | De: 130 | SAt: 123 | SDe: 130 | Sp: 80

    TyphlosionFire/Rock or Fire/Ground
    AbilitySolar Power or Solid Rock
    Original StatsAt: 84 | De: 78 | SAt: 109 | SDe: 85 | Sp: 100
    MEGA StatsAt: 124 | De: 88 | SAt: 129 | SDe: 95 | Sp: 120

    FeraligatrWater/Dragon or Water/Dark
    AbilityMoxie or Tough Claws
    Original StatsAt: 105 | De: 100 | SAt: 79 | SDe: 83 | Sp: 78
    MEGA StatsAt: 145 | De: 110 | SAt: 99 | SDe: 93 | Sp: 98

    AbilityRegenerator or Super Luck
    Original StatsAt: 70 | De: 70 | SAt: 65 | SDe: 65 | Sp: 45
    MEGA StatsAt: 110 | De: 90 | SAt: 65 | SDe: 85 | Sp: 65

    BONUS: Extra Pics of Magiana.

    1. I think Fire/Ground makes the most sense for Mega Typhlosion, considering how its design lends itself more to a badger. I would also like Mega Feraligatr to be Water/Dark.

      1. It has kinda a hard sell, yeah it’s classified as the Volcano (maybe because it has flames erupting from its neck) but it gets zero special rock or ground moves not even earth power
        It’s most likely to stay pure fire and be yet another generic speedy special attacker mega
        Besides giving it Ground or Rock will seriously weaken it by making it worse off in water and this thing ain’t bulky to begin with

      1. I am pretty sure she will a steel type but if she has a secondary type unfortunately for u it will be fairy type.

  3. Is history repeating itself, ladies and gentlemen? Let’s look back 6 years in the past, to the uncharted era of 2010…

    Zorua and Zoroark, the first Generation 5 Pokemon, were revealed on February 10th. I know it’s just a coincidence because of leaks, but Magiana was revealed on February 10th 2016 (formally, CoroCoro releases on February 15th, but it’s close enough). Why is this important? They were also coupled with a movie, the last one of Generation 4. We can assume that Magiana’s movie is also the last of Generation 6, not only because of timing, but because they have always included a brand new Pokemon in the final movie.

    Back to 2010. Black and White were revealed on April 9th for a late Fall release (which would end up being September 18th). Why is September also important in 2016? In my comment below, I mentioned how the Gear Season of the Pokemon League takes place in September this year, directly following the Steam Season (featuring Volcanion, the last known Pokemon before a few days ago). For this reason, it’s possible that we’ll be getting a Volcanion distribution throughout August for all Generation 6 games, with a game featuring Magiana following directly afterwards in September.

    Not only do these assumptions make sense, they all follow a pattern. The Pokemon League has (apparently) teased big events in the past, so the “Gear Season” could not possibly be anything else. Thanks for reading all of these paragraphs, if you made it this far. Typing is fun.

    1. UGH!!!!! Does this mean we’d have to wait until April to have anymore info on the games……..not that we have any now anyway…………… I much prefer BW2’s timeline where they announced them in February! That may only b bc I’m getting impatient tho hahaha

      1. I think it’s more likely to happen before April, but considering how the “New Friends” Season of the Pokemon League happens in May, it’s possible that it won’t happen until then. New friends implies new material, so May is (in my opinion) the latest it can happen. Enjoy the wait, my friend.

    2. Man. B/W were the Pokemon games I was the most hype for by far! My hype level for X/Y comes in second compared to the level of hype I exhibited for that game. Anyways, I cannot wait for this year to continue. So many good games are releasing this year alone. A new Pokemon game around the fall would just make another awesome addition. I do feel like they might show a teaser for the new game during the premiere of the Volcanion Movie. Afterwards, they would show some footage at E3 with some CoroCoro sprinkled in, then the game would release!

      1. Sorry, but wouldn’t E3 come before the premiere of the movie? Either way, teasers seem to be right up Game Freak’s alley in the past couple years. There is now no doubt in my mind that we’ll be getting a game this year, thanks to Magiana (which literally came out of nowhere). The whole AZOTH situation, tying Project AZOTH (from ORAS) and the Azoth Kingdom together, makes me think that Magiana may be a Kalos Pokemon after all. We’ve never had this many unknowns stacked up at once, my mind can’t process it all. This is the first time we’ve seen an actual new Pokemon since late 2013. It’s a HUGE deal!

        1. Oh! I didn’t know when the movie was releasing. Well with that then I think they would just tease use or something. I seriously cannot wait for this summer.

  4. Thinking about colours…France flag has red & blue, the italian one has red & green. Italy is below France so maybe will be south Kalos….
    (crazy theory I know)

    1. I could absolutely see Italy being the basis for either the Gen 7 region or “southern Kalos”! It’s technically southeast, but that counts!

  5. These costumes make no sense while they didn’t have any signature move and ability like Charmander should be resist to these fire ball.

    1. They’re just skins. They don’t do anything other than make the sprite different. Non of the costumes do anything special really.

        1. I mean look at these dinos ability in this game like swimming in volcano ,prevent from sliding on ice ,fly swimming….I had been played this game when I was 10 years old.

          1. That’s a completely different game tho…..whatever uses the extra stuff in that game has is specifically for THAT game. All the costumes in Mario Maker are simply just that….costumes. Sure they could have added attributes to them, but that would end up taking away from the core game play that is Mario.

          2. I can understand wat r u trying to say but they add something s unique in the these customs they even didn’t have a signature move so wat the point of using them ?

  6. So I’m working on my Fakemon dex
    Aeligo Water, Aligladius Water/Steel, Gladigator Water/Steel
    Roman Infantry Aligators

    Gargolem Rock/Flying
    Hulking scary stone Gargoyle

    Spellsufi Psychic and Magenie
    “Arabian” Humanoids with veil like robes made of psychic energy

    Bearry Grass
    Green Grizzly cub made out of plant that has fruit growing out of its body

    Pestuzz Bug, Vamsipher Bug/Dark (Name needs work)
    Mosquitos that you seriously don’t want to be bit by

    Stoofy Fairy and Mashmellow Fairy/Fighting
    Pink plush sack creature and then hulking overstuffed guardian toy thing (super protective and gentle)

  7. So tomorrow we’ll get the official release of Magiana. Anyone want to guess what they say about her? Could they hint further at the next game or do people think they just drop Magiana and say basically nothing just as CoroCoro has essentially done?

      1. This is true a new trailer is prolly coming. I also really hope we get actual game news too tho…….I getting tired of waiting and although I know it’s coming the wait is unbearable lol

    1. I honestly can’t say what they’ll do with Magiana because I have absolutely no idea. It’s such enormous news, even bigger than the Zygarde forms, but I don’t think they’re ready to admit that a new game is in production. If Magiana ends up being Gen 7, there will likely be one official piece of art released tomorrow/Monday until much later in the year, or next year. Otherwise, we may be getting some hints to Pokemon Z, which seems more likely at this point in time. I do hope they release the information tomorrow, though.

      1. Yeah I can c them not saying too much on the subject….which is sad, but I suppose understandable. I’m just getting so sick of all the hints that lead to no where. If they dropped something substantial then we could at least talk about what they’ve revealed, but forms and a single new Pokemon with no real background r hard to keep conversion going after everything is said about them. I’m still excited to c where things go, but they really need to pick up the pace hahaha

    2. The TCG has already alluded to there being a new Pokemon game releasing around the fall. Yet, I feel like there just going to show her and talk about the movie. Her typing is super obvious highly being Steel/Fairy or Steel/Psychic. I believe we will get some video game news around April or May before E3. There highly going to follow OR/AS style of announcement. They’ll show a teaser first, the some gameplay before E3, then the true trailer during a Nintendo Direct (which takes place at E3).

      1. It should either be tomorrow or Monday. If you look back at Volcanion’s reveal trailer, Hoopa’s reveal trailer, and some others I can’t think of, they were all on the 14th or 15th.

      2. I say tomorrow, but technically I guess it’s the 15th. Japan usually updates on the 15th along with CoroCoro officially releasing, but for a lot of the world it’s still the 14th by that point.

  8. Going Team Blue for Blastoise

    I don’t know if I want to get Red or Blue though. Blue has most of the pokemon I want (Mainly Vulpix) but my friend is getting blue so I won’t be able to get Red exclusives.

  9. I can’t believe how fast this year is going so far. Almost halfway through February! Pretty soon we’ll be experiencing high temperatures (my favorite!) and discussing E3 rumors and speculation. I always start getting hyped in April, which really isn’t that far away!

    1. I think what’s making these months go by faster is the expectations of news. It’s like how November there’s Thanksgiving (for Americans) and December there’s Xmas(for….anyone who wants presents lol). If it wasn’t for the 20th anniversary we’d feel sad and depressed bc well…….the first 3 months of the year r just terrible out right lol (sorry for anyone with birthdays in these months. Nothing personal lol)

      1. That would be me on March 10th. I agree, I would much rather have a summer birthday, but it’s not like a have a choice 😛 I’m turning 17 in a few weeks…unbelievable.

        1. March isn’t as bad as it can actually b pretty nice out ;P I think what gets to me is just the winter months without a significant holiday lol

  10. Does anyone remember the X/Y Demo? I could recall being ecstatic about it and begging PokeJungle to record some footage and telling GameFreak to release the demo in the E-Shop. At that point, we were just introduced to the Fairy-Type and Mega Evolution. I love going back and looking at older screenshots and gameplay of Pokemon games because I adore the feeling of reliving what I did not know.

    1. Oh man, I remember being so excited about this. The Pokemon world really did change in 2013. The reveal of Magiana was one of the only recent events in the last year or so to give me that same rush. It really has been since the October 2014 CoroCoro (with Mega Beedrill and Mega Pidgeot) that we’ve really felt that hype. I think 2016 will be our year to relive that.

    1. Only Game Freak employees know right now. It’s highly likely that Magiana will be revealed in the West tomorrow or Monday, so sit tight. If I was one to bet, I’d say it’s going to be Steel/Psychic or Steel/Fairy.

    2. I hope not a fairy….I mean if it’s mechanical it would be the complete utmost opposite of a Fairy type (Seriously how many Fairies are associated with technology)
      Another accusation based off looks

      It’s probably pure Steel end of story

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