CoroCoro reveals new Pokémon, Magiana

imageA portion of this month’s CoroCoro indicates that we’re going to be seeing a BRAND NEW POKÉMON!! As you can see above we have a Princess-like silhouette and its name is Magiana.

UPDATE: CoroCoro has leaked with pictures and more information. Magiana was made 500 years ago by someone. It is is the Man-made Pokémon. It will be in the upcoming film and has some relation to Volcanion, possibly made to protect people from it. Full title of the upcoming movie is Volcanion and the Mechanical Magiana. To clarify, its typing has not yet been revealed.


UPDATE 2: Magiana’s body holds a mechanic that serves a function and only Volcanion who is chasing Magiana knows the mystery behind it. Volcanion is on a mission to return Magiana to the mechanical Kingdom of Azoth, where it has been kidnapped from. Presumably Magiana has some link to Project Azoth mentioned in ORAS.

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  1. My mind screams GENERATION 7!!!

    I would really love a new gen coming soon. But everyone says it won’t happen this year cause we should expect Pokemon Z.

    This could be a weird Mega evolution or 2nd form, for Victini or something.

  2. Please God let it be part of a new game and not just some Mega or just a standalone Legendary Pokemon because honestly i don’t thing anyone would care for that.

    1. Yeah that’s what it’s looking like apparently. I’m predicting that this thing is a Fairy

      1. AAAANND I was just about to comment how it’s name was translated to have the word Gear in it, then I see the actual thing. My goodness, though that’s like Steel/something then I guess

        1. When i saw its silhouette. I thought it would be a fairy type. But after seeing the full pic. Im thinking it will be a steel/fairy type. Something with steel. Maybe steel/fire or steel/water. Because i think it has something to do with steam like Volcanion

  3. The new zygarde forms and AZ’s Floette mean that we are going get another gen 6 game, so this Pokemon could mean that we are going to get Gen 6.5 like many predicted.
    And since the next issue is supposed to have movie news, I predict this new pokemon will be in the new Volcanion movie.

  4. Aaand it looks disgusting.
    Like if you combined Kling with Diancie, with a grey pokeball dress and added bunny ears.

  5. Wow.. Interesting. At first shocking.. But then it really grows on you of course. Noticed that it’ll probably be able to transform into a full ball – cause notice it’s two ears could easily fill in to the empty slots of the pokeball dress.. Just a thought haha excited about a new game 🙂 finally

    I thought to myself it looks like a combination of some robot ball room dancer and Betty the maid

  7. Looks like the kid of Electrode and Klingklang, but went over the same mutation a carbink did to gain diancie body. Lol but still i wonder if its a gen 7 pokemon just revealed early

  8. And what’s cool too is that this pokemon has a huge impact on the movie it seems, which increases the chances of it being a gen 6 Mon, but could certainly be gen 7 as well (which is probably more likely).

  9. Wow I don’t know what to think!!!!! I don’t know if to say if it’s a gen 6.5 or gen 7 but even if it’s just one pokemon it blew my mind.

  10. *note to humanity*
    Stop trying to make pokemon! They all come out ugly or wanting revenge!!

      1. Actually to clarify Genesect is not a man-made Pokemon
        It was a fossilized hunter that Plasma upgraded
        So it’s not entirely artificial but influenced by humans

    1. I feel like it’s a continuation 6.5 for sure. Just examining the design. The X’s in the eyes and the blue and red chest piece similar to zygard 100%.. Seems like it fits in with that crew

      1. Honestly i feel like it could go either way. While they usually dont expand on generations it doesn’t necessarily mean they wont. Look at Black 2 and White 2 as sequels to black and white they never did that before. But this could just be like Lucario where its featured in a movie a year before the new Gen. Only time will tell

  11. Finally, some new info and a brand new Pokemon. Tbh I didn’t expect Corocoro to leak this early, but its always a nice feeling when you’re not waiting for it, for it to then spring something as cool as this.
    Fairy/Steel dya think? I mean it’s obviously steel what with it having a cog face and the fairy can come from it being like a princess – Diancie feel to it.
    Now the debate arises, 6.5 with this + Zygarde forms, or 7? (I personally lean towards 6.5)


      1. Everyone with authority in the franchise said DLC doesn’t fit the main games. We see DLCs for glitch fixing, but that’s it.

        At most, we’ll have a Pokémon that is incompatible with the other games, just like we already had with forms, and now with moves in ORAS, but this would be the first time we would see a new Pokémon completely incompatible with other games of the same Generation.

          1. Also, it would just mess up everything. The game is programmed to give you a complete National Pokedex at 721, so if they increased it, would you be stripped of your Shiny Charm? xD

  13. And breathe…

    Magiana is a fantastic name and I like the design. This is a confirmation of a new main game, which is great. The only question is whether it’s Gen 6.5 or Gen 7. Considering how we’re still in Kalos, it’s probably the former. I can’t wait to see what other new Pokemon we’ll be getting, regardless! I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EYES!

  14. Looks like the ‘ears’ can flip round to make it a giant Pokéball? Maybe to capture volcanion as the colors in the middle indicate?

    1. I feel like the body from the torso up is a magnet attached to the pokeball-like dress, and the body could slide down and tuck itself into the dress, with the ears folding up to complete the pokeball.

      1. Yeah exactly.
        I get the feeling this is still gen 6. The Pokéball factory in the fairy town (I forget the English name) seems like the perfect location for a fairy/steel Pokéball Pokémon!

  15. Alright taking all bets on its typing
    I am gonna go out on a limb and say Steel/Normal
    Otherwise Steel/Psychic or Steel/Electric
    Not saying Steel/Fairy I refuse it…no…..I defy it

    1. I’m thinking Electric/Fairy or just Fairy. If it’s man-made, they’d probably want it to be pure, like pure typing.

    2. Steel/Electric is a good guess.. then it really plays into the fact that it might be involved in the power plant scene in xy

  16. GUYS! What if we got gameplay footage of Magiana in Pokemon Z over the next few days? It’s wishful thinking but it makes sense! They acknowledged all other important CoroCoro reveals worldwide, so why stop now?

      1. I really do think that we’ll get a game reveal on the 27th. I always did and I still do. It simply cannot be left up in the air any longer.

  17. ………holy crap guys I just had a thoughtful
    Magiana is going to be playable in Pokken
    Not now but a DLC

  18. I keep refreshing the page for more before I go to class. Who am i kidding? I’m going to be checking this on my phone every 5 minuets in class

    1. I think it’s simple for a robot. It has a lot of curves and…that came out wrong but it’s true.

  19. Alright speculation time
    Just gonna say it Magiana is evil and is a grand scale doomsday device
    It’s going to act nice first then its programming will be damaged and it’ll remember its purpose it is a megaton bomb destined to destroy its ancestral home in hopes that it’s great technology doesn’t fall in the wrong hands

    1. And Volcanion treats it like the enemy and Ash and Co try to stop it before the device around its neck gets to Magiana and either it disables her or activates the safety release protocol

    2. That’s a good thought. It certainly appears capable of blowing up. Here’s what I think: see that half-blue, half-red circle on its torso? Well, the red Zygarde core hates humans while the blue Zygarde core likes humans. Magiana is manufactured to represent the middle ground of the two where it feels neither sympathy nor apathy and can make its own decisions.

      1. Where did you find that info on the Cores? I know Red hates Technology and Team Flare but was fairly indifferent towards humans
        But I feel this thing lies a dark power I am not sitting through another cliche good-guy Pokemon of mythical proportion

        1. I read it somewhere online, I can’t remember where. I’m not 100% sure I’m correct but it makes sense.

      2. Actually, in the anime it’s the red core, the one travelling with Ash that likes humans and wants to observe them, while the blue core hates humans and believes all humans disturb nature.

  20. It’s face is very klink ish. And with it being made 500 years ago, and klink showing up 500 years ago, it just makes sense somehow..I’m not sure what makes sense, but it does.

  21. This movie plot is about to be wonderful. I cannot wait to see it! I’m guessing that Magiana is going to be pure Steel or Steel/Psychic. I believe she holds the secret to Volcanion’s new forme. Also, she might add to the AZOTH Mystery. I guess this is why GameFreak was waiting on a new game!

        1. Seriously please make the right choice Pokemon and make this one evil or at least is built to be evil

  22. I can’t wait for this to be revealed in the US! They usually reveal CoroCoro information on the 14th, but since that’s a Sunday it will probably be the 15th. I’m sure they’ll also neglect to reveal a new game along with it. They’ll probably make it more obvious whether it’s a Kalos Pokemon or something else.

    1. That’s what I’m getting hyped for but I wonder if it’s gonna get release in a game trailer style or something else, since you know all the rest have gotten revealed in game trailer style like Hoopa, Diance, and Volcanion, but then again Zygarde forms and ash greninja only got art reveals.

    2. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Kalos pokemon, technically Gen 6 if we get a new region this series. I highly doubt it’d be a Gen 7, but they’ve weird lately so….

  23. Idk what the hell is happening anymore! Zygarde and it’s forms keep getting anime art, Volcanion gets revealed and everyone hates it, and now we get this Pokemon which DOES have Sugimori art and who the hell knows what gen it belongs to!!! This is utter anarchy!!! lol This is just so vexing to me. I get the feeling we wouldn’t have gotten Sugi art if this Pokemon wasn’t going to b in a game that was coming out soon. For the other movies I don’t think the next gen Pokemon got Sugi art right away when they were announced, but this one does? Either way I find it funny how much it looks like a cross between Bunnelby and Diancie! I think it’s going to b Fairy and Steel types. It could be something else and Steel, but I’m 100% sure it’ll b steel lol

    1. I TOLD YOU that CoroCoro would be worth it! 😛 I’m just happy that we’re getting some kind of main game soon. I still don’t want to get my hopes up about Gen 7 due to lack of evidence, but things are getting exciting again.

      1. I should have believed in u!!! hahaha Yeah this is definitely starting the good stuff. I hope we get more news next week, but like u said in ur post below, they could very well just say nothing about a new game and be like “Hey! Look at this cool new Pokemon!! As always stay tuned!!” As for whether it’s a gen 7 Pokemon or not I’m not sure what it is. Normally when this happens it’s more obvious that it’s in a new gen, but with how they’ve been doing things lately I’m not sure anymore!! Guess we’ll just have to wait and c!! lol

      2. That’s what I told some of my friends that I felt it would reveal something big not a new game release but I said a new Pokemon like Lucario, Zoroak, Munchlax, and Manaphy.

      1. OLM? Pokemon designs themselves r done by multiple people usually, but typically Sugimori does the final art work for the games. This artwork doesn’t look like it’s the anime artwork so it’s probably the official art. Meaning Sugimori drew it.

        1. Yes, I know people at Game Freak design pokemon. (and Sugimori does the art for every pokemon, whether he designed them or not)

          But this artwork is not done by him. It doesn’t have the style, nor the shading or coloring that the usual Sugimori artwork has. Besides Ash with Pikachu are also on the image, they are clearly part of the same revealing poster.

          This IS clearly anime art. expect Sugimori art when Magiana is revealed for a game (Z, 7th gen or whatever GF has in mind)

  24. I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw its name, I read it as “mangina”. xD

    Anyways, that’s cool. Magiana, the man made pokemon. I really have no idea what direction they’re going with the games anymore. I’d assume that this is the Zoroark/Lucario/Manaphy of this movie, but, is it a Mythical Pokemon? It’s very Diancie-esque

    1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who read it as ‘mangina’. Heck, I still read it as that. Hope the name changes when it’s revealed worldwide.

  25. Alright we gotta keep in mind Perfect Zygarde is in the mix, we are slowly forgetting that Zygarde and the core were the original

  26. I was right about it being in the next movie.
    But the real question is, when are we getting new games?
    Zygarde forms, Ash-Greninja, and now this.
    They’re all being prominently featured inthe anime, but there hasn’t even been gameplay footage of these Pokemon.
    And is this thing a mythical pokemon,or does this mean more new pokemok for gen 6?

    As for typing, I say steel/fairy

  27. Omg it’s either Gen 7 or a second half of Gen 6 Pokemon. More likely the latter. It looks like a steel type. I LOVE IT

  28. Hey everyone. Always good to comment when something new comes. Anyway, this is a really cool Pokemon. When I saw it I thought very diancie like, art-wise. Like her shape. Idk what the plan is for the next main series game but we have volcanion, ash greninja which is a mega, and now Magiana. I like the idea that it’s a man-made Pokemon too that’s a very interesting idea. I say steel obviously but something also screams fairy as secondary type. Or psychic

    1. I don’t want to say it has a second typing because its man made but I could see it being Psychic or Fairy.

    1. for sure it’s ties into Azoth I am impress how u know that ….. i will read more about Azoth it’s mean mercury by the way.

  29. She looks gorgeous for me and look kinda of fusing with many steel type :

    – first of all she have a Klink head that’s clear to every body
    -her arm looks like Gensect’s legs.
    -she have something look like a third eye and it’s looks similar to Aegislash eye.
    -and of course human made master ball .
    my theory is …once she looks like Diancie,she have the same face and body shape and eyes with this cross inside them ….if we consider Carbink an unsuccessful clone I know it’s not …..that’s mean Carbink=Ditto , Diancie=Mew, Magiana = Mewtow that’s mean game GF want to give us anew pkmn in gen 6 hell yeah we still in gen 6
    I feel I saw those yellow strips some where the nose though … be continue.

  30. I was talking to a friend and we were speculating what if this was part of Kalos lengendary trio Diancie-rock/fairy, Magiana-steel/fairy and ???? for the third.

    1. If this were true, how would Diancie’s link to Carbink be reflected?

      Does that mean Magiana could be a mutation of…. Klink, perhaps? It just sounds somewhat ridiculous with two mythicals and having to relate that all. But whatever goes, really.

  31. Just saying this Pokémon will be a big deal not only in the new movie but in general. They are going to market the shit out of it.

    And I missed out on most of the discussion so in short bursts I’m sure you know what I mean by these points..

    *Steel – Psychic Electric or Fairy
    * Power Plant opens up due to Magiana
    Main Point
    *Volcalion annoyed because its MAN MADE not a naturally born Pokémon. Hates Magiana because of this due to its hatred of humans. Hence hunting it down in the movie.

    Ps BB-8 anyone ? 😀

  32. Does the poll not work for anyone else? I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and Opera but nothing happens when I click vote. I can’t even view the results…

  33. Looks like Diancie with Rabbit ears and a machine body, not all that impressed but at least it’s something

    1. Since it’s man-made, it could’ve been built based on Diancie’s design but who knows.

  34. Azoth is in-game canon? I must have blanked out on that.

    Heaven forbid Magiana’s coming heralds another new type. 18 is a nice enough even number.

  35. I know I’m asking this waaaay past the point of reason in this series, but what exactly makes Magiana a Pokemon? I mean, it’s a robot made by a person. If I made a nuclear launching battle tank and called it a Pokemon, could I enter a competition and utterly decimate?

    1. I’m assuming it has to do with project azoth, and hence the azoth kingdom. Something along the lines of using the infinity energy to give it life. Or take life from other pokemon to bring it to life?

  36. Its a bakugan, the body has a pokeball patter and its “ear flaps” fit perfectly to complete the pokeball. So basically it is its own pokeball

    1. Hmmmmmm. And what does that say about the closed beta they said would b talked about in the coming months? Also why would they show it off next month if it’ll just b out already?

      1. I said it was a rumor. Not it was going to happen. Good God. Don’t attack me for trying to start a conversation.

        1. Omg I wasn’t attacking u. hahaha I was just posing questions. For all we kno it IS gonna b released on the 27th………anyway……sorry if I made u feel attacked……..unintended……lol

  37. There’s something inside Magiana’s body, right? What if inside that pokeball body is hidden Az’s Floette? We still need its official reveal and we know for sure about its existence. It’s the last of 6th gen pokemon that we are still waiting for.
    By the way, being Zygarde 100%, Volcanion (& Az’s Floette) clearly part of the movie I don’t think Magiana is a 7th gen pokemon. I mean, they distribute Volcanion and Zygarde in xy/oras and then Magiana in next pokemon game? Correct me if I’m wrong but when Lucario, Zoroark and MMewtwo Y where revealed they where the mascots of the movies. Magiana is not like Munchlax or Blaziken, but at the same time is just another important member of the crew, with Volcanion and Zygarde that still have to shine in their gen, not just like cross-generations pokemon. I’m pointing to last 6th gen game/movie or for a 6.5 at best,

  38. I think the official release of Magiana will be very interesting. This weekend will b pretty exciting to say the least. Things to look for that may give hints(at least) about what gen this Pokemon is in is going to b all in the words they use to show it off. I do wonder if they’ll announce a game this month now……I honestly don’t think they’ll do what they use to do for the old games where they reveal the next gen Pokemon years in advance. If this really is a gen 7 Pokemon I wouldn’t b surprised if we c Gen 7 sometime this year. I would b surprised in general that Gen 7 is coming in such a way as they’d b skipping over Zygarde however.Either way I really can’t c them keeping quiet about the next game(s) anymore. The reason I think the game this Pokemon is in is coming this year is bc it doesn’t make sense for them to do multiple years of promotion of the next gen in the movies as the release dates for the games aren’t spread out like they use to b. Y unveil a Pokemon for a game that isn’t even coming out this year? Also the other times they’ve had Pokemon revealed for movies that far in advance was when there was already a game releasing due to that staggered release schedule they use to do. Anyway I think whatever game this Pokemon is gonna b in is definitely coming this year and it doesn’t matter whether its gen 6.5 or gen 7. Sorry for the long paragraph lol

    1. Wow I really had a hard time getting my thoughts written down here…….not a hard concept to expliain out loud to myself, but when typing it out I found myself rambling hahaha

  39. So… I was thinking that the next game will be Gen 7.
    This is because, first of all, there was a quote by some Nintendo/pokemon person that said something along the lines of “we want to mix it up and surprise fans with the games we release. So, we made alpha sapphire and omega ruby and incorporated Kalos into them.” This makes it sound like instead of making a third game, oras was the third game for this generation.
    Secondly, it would be kind of weird if Gamefreak spent two years just to make pokemon z, and will only spend one year to make the gen 7 game in the future. (obviously, gamefreak plans ahead, so they may not have spent so much time on pokemon z, but whatever.)
    One reason that there could be another gen 6 game is that they keep releasing new pokemon like the Zygarde forms, volcanion, and Magiana that are “gen 7 pokemon”, so this clashes with my gen 7 theory.
    Anyways, food for thought. Thanks for reading my chunk of words.

    1. I’m sure they’ve been working on gen 7 for longer than you or any of us might think, just saying.

      1. Good point. I’m saying (just to clarify myself) it would be pretty anticlimactic if after a 2 year wait, during the 20th anniversary celebrations, we got a platinum or emerald or yellow-esque reboot of gen 6.

  40. I think the azoth kingdom will be like the distortion world in how it will be a short poly important world to show the special effects of the 3ds.

    I think you’ll be able to access it from the power plant.

    Also notice how azoth starts with AZ?

  41. Anyone know what that outlined crest inside the grey pokeball circle is? Looks like a team plasma patch could fit in there

        1. Yeah, it sure is. It kind of makes me think of the legends of an advanced race of humans (or aliens) living on Earth long before us.

    1. I think its the button that activates the pokeball since my theory is that magiana works similarly to a bakugan with its body actually being its own pokeball

    2. Come to think of it, team plasma did create Genesect, so that’s not unlikely. Other than the fact that team plasma wasn’t in the BW anime.

  42. I’ve read all of the fantastic long paragraphs on this article and I’ve come to my own conclusion. Think of it this way: Gen 7 will be to Gen 6 as Gen 2 is to Gen 1. What I mean by that is, Kalos could still be accessible in the aftergame, as well as all of its gym leaders. The big difference would be that the game starts in a new region, connected to Kalos with the train station or some other means after 8 new badges are collected. Magiana could be one of the mythical Pokemon from this new region. There are more connections to Gold/Silver too: you know how around 200 Pokemon were originally planned for Gen 1 but they saved about 50 for Gen 2? This could be a similar situation. 72 Pokemon were chosen to be in Kalos, while another 60-80 or so will be part of “Gen 7”. TL;DR…Pokemon Z = Gen 7?

    1. I don’t mind the idea of something similar to gen 2 happening, but I do have some reservations as to how they do it. In gen 2 Johto was pretty good, but once u got to Kanto it felt like an abandoned theme park. It was just as empty as it was in the original games if not more empty. If they make Kalos accessible after the gen 7 region they really need to beef it up a bit. Make some side quests so there’s something to do. Add a whole other story on (not as big as the main game, but u get what I mean) to make it worth while.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Even if Kalos is the main region, then I think there’d have to at least be a huge Southern region(or maybe eastern region, too, who knows). Whatever gamefreak releases it’s going to be crazy. Kanto reboot? Crazy. Gen 7? Crazy. Gen 6.5 with some new regions? Pretty crazy. Pokemon Z with a slightly revamped Kalos region? Almost everyone has abandoned that idea by now. It would definitely surprise me.

    3. I really like this idea as I feel like have a new generation this year would be great for the 20th anniversary.

    4. DUDE. This is what I’ve been thinking about the past few months and I’m glad I’ve seen someone bring it up. The longer this Pokemon Z thing has dragged on, the longer I was beginning to think, man could we actually just be getting gen 7? Then I started thinking what If this is a similar situation to gen 1 and 2 and here I am seeing someone mention it here. Man would it be cool if something like this did happen.

    5. I thought similar but not Gen 7 but rather Gen 6.5. I’m saying this because the designs of Jotho and Kanto was really different but let’s say Magiana is part of Gen7 it doesn’t look that much different than Gen 6 Pokemons. I thought about Magiana being part of “Southern Kalos” with new Pokemons and the rest would be like your theory. If you look at all Generations of Pokemon you actually see that each Gen has their own kind of Artstyle that’s where my doubt came from Magiana being part of Gen7.

  43. Project Azoth, the creator of the Parfum Palace, and the creator of Magiana might all be the same person. There’s just not much info on the Palace.

  44. Like lots of you, I want to see how they announce this globally. But when do you think they will?

    The 11th, 18th. 20th, 27th or when ever corocoro comes oficially out? I’m just wondering because I don’t know when corocoros official release date was this month.

  45. My Theory:

    – Magiana was built to capture a raging Volcanion by the people of the Azoth kingdom and thus, became the very first capturing device. However, Magiana and Volcanion fall in love or something and Magiana, knowing its true purpose decides to leave Volcanion. Hundreds of years later, Volcanion continues in search of Magiana and finally, sniffs out some clues. All this time, he thought that the humans who created Magiana took her away from him and thusm he has resented humans ever since. When Volcanion and Magiana finally meet again, Volcanion notices that Magiana is no longer the same Magiana that he had loved several hundred years ago. Magiana had been hard at work all these years trying to extend her life force and came upon Project Azoth which can distinguish the life of Pokemon to give life to another. This project involves infinity energy, Ultimate Weapon, and Eternal Flower Floette. Volcanion then decides to stop Magiana even though he loves her and with the help of Ash, they try and stop Magiana before everything is too late. They also discover that the reason the kingdom has become this machine-like is due to Magiana using Pokemon and people from the kingdom for her experiments. Before Magiana can turn on the Ultimate Weapon after having collected all her ingredients using her helpers, Volcanion uses his last offense mechanism and unleashes his true power along with Perfect Zygarde. Magiana talks to Volcanion one last time before she dies and tells him that she loved him and that she is sorry for everything, she had gone mad in search of eternal life and beauty because she knew her time was coming to an end and couldn’t bear dying without meeting him again. She also tells him her true purpose and cries, knowing how much sin she has committed. Volcanion pushes the Pokeball button on a shocked Magiana and he is captured in a burst of energy saying he will always be with her no matter what and they both vanish. The Azoth kingdom falls apart that Magiana is no longer there and Eternal Floette returns to AZ and Ash and co. continue their journey.

    Joking, that’s just my imagination. Anyway, I hope Magiana is the very first Pokeball and that her and Volcanion merging is the “secret power” they both have because that would be hella awesome!

  46. I enjoy when we get new information like this so I know who the lurkers are around here. I knew y’all were here.

  47. Whelp that sketch from earlier certainly does seem to b very close to what they’re leading people to believe lol It’s not exact, but the way they’re positioning them is very similar hahaha

    Edit: Pic form Serebii

  48. Okay am I the only one that notices the plus signs in its eyes? What about the colors of red and blue is that regarding the zgarde forms or volcanion? I believe the ball connecting it head and arms will slide down the little path underneath it and then turn into a pokeball made to capture either the cores, Volcanion, or Xerneas and Yveltal to awaken Zgarde to his True form. Oh and hi guys and gals I’ve been gone for a while with school and such

  49. i hate to say this but Magiana’s design is really lazy
    i mean it just looks like a mechanical Diancie or Mega Gardevoir
    the same body structure, the ballroom gown and just all the same features is just the same thing honestly

    1. You don’t like any design unless it’s covered in dirt or mud though to be honest. Give that hoe Magiana a mud-slap and BOOM. Plus she thick af, that’s how you like it right? You’re welcome.

      1. It is literally Mega Gardevoir re-skinned
        Petite body, thin arms (even with a thicker section with dainty fingers) round head with details and even the thin pointy legs are the same
        It is just very lazy and repetitive body scheme it’s just so obvious

    2. Maybe it was inspired from other Pokemon? It was man made after all, maybe it was the Mewtwo approach to recreating a mythical Pokemon, but inorganic.

  50. All Pokémon stuff at Toys R Us is going to be 20% OFF 14th through the 20th. Includes games, cards, figures, plushes, etc. There’s also going to be a Pikachu and Magikarp card you can get there.

  51. Maybe Magiana fused two pokemon to make Volcanion. That’s my theory, sorry it’s not a paragraph long or an essay.

    1. I guess you didn’t read the terms and conditions of using PJN. It CLEARLY states that any user that publicly proposes a theory must support their claim with both factual and made-up evidence in the form of at LEAST a well thought out paragraph, and can include but is not limited to the use of copyrighted images, video links, website links etc. Alternatively instead of writing a paragraph, it is also acceptable to simply just comment “Verlisify is the worst PokeTuber”, “Chico is a blessing to us all”, “Mega Milotic”, “KpopStars stole my SSN”, or other approved statements specified in the Terms and Conditions.

      That’s strike one against you buddy.

    2. I am still fond of the theory of it being a doomsday device
      I am sick of all these generic cliched Artificial good guy Pokemon Mythos where’d there all pure and yadda yadda good for the sake of humanity so bored and obvious
      This is my theory Magiana WAS designed with said sacred technology of Azoth but they feared that their secrets of creating life from machine could upset THE BALANCE OF NATURE so they issued one of their earlier creation AKA Volcanion as more of a guard dog to make sure this princess stays in her castle tomb so the people of the future don’t learn about the technology
      Now here’s where things get dicey. with all that in play they still feared that Magiana could be found and the real city of Azoth (because there’s bound to be a new aged one open to the future public and the hidden one below only known to some ancestors or orginators) ergo they did what they thought was right, a protocol could be issued to destroy every scrap of their technology so that their secrets will always stay secrets and that includes Magiana because if people could create Pokemon from machines is would threaten the populace ergo what sets in motion the need of Perfect Zygarde

  52. I’m going to try breeding a Diancie and Klink. I believe that should give me a Magiana. lol. Anyways, I’m surprised that the hackers did not find this Pokemon. You’d think that we would have known about it a long time ago. This is slightly why I think it might be a seventh generation Pokemon. Still, Kalos 6.5 could still be a possibility. Plus, Diancie’s Mega Evolution wasn’t leaked by hackers, so GameFreak could have hidden this Pokemon. I seriously just can’t wait for more details! (Does anyone know how to properly pronounce Magiana’s name? I’m saying it as Mag-i-ana. idk if it’s right ;~;)

    1. It’s a hard ‘g’, like in the word ‘golf’ if that’s what you mean. The final English name may differ slightly of course, or *possibly* even take on a whole new name. The ‘gia’ part of the name is likely playing on the word ‘gear’ as in ‘cog’, given that it is a mechanical Pokemon with a gear for a head who is in a clockwork kingdom lol. So ‘Magearna’ is one possibility for a localization name, but it really is up to the judgement of the localization team, then if they get permission from Gamefreak to proceed with their localized name idea. There’s often a lot of back and forth there I’m told. It’s too soon to tell for Magiana though.

    2. The g is hard like great. But the name breaks up like this (As i learned froma fluent japanese speaker)
      Gia= Gear
      Na= japanese feminine suffix
      This further proves fairy steel.

  53. I still haven’t wrapped my head around Magiana. We actually have 722 Pokemon now. SEVEN HUNDRED TWENTY TWO! What a time to be alive, especially after such a long drought. The future still looks bright, even thought we still have no clue what’s going to happen. I know a lot of people, including some on this website, have thought that Zygarde’s new forms were not indicative of a new game. It’s simply impossible to deny a future game now with an entirely new Pokemon. The most exciting part of it, for me, is that regardless of whether Magiana exists in Kalos or the Gen 7, it is HIGHLY likely that a new wave of Pokemon will join it. February 27th could hold all the answers…

  54. Magiana’s body holds a mechanic that serves a function and only Volcanion who is chasing Magiana knows the mystery behind it.

    That center part of Magiana (just below its head) looks very similar to some ancient pokeball… maybe that’s the secret behind Magiana.

  55. everyone: Magiana is a steel type just look at her
    Florges: Dont judge a book by its cover boo

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