Pokémon Mystery Dungeon coming to the Virtual Console

Europeans are in luck; Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red (GBA) & Blue (DS) will be available to purchase for Wii U owners from this Thursday. The titles will be available for €6.99/£6.29 and €9.9/£8.99, respectively. Fans who didn’t get a chance to pick up the first two games in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon franchise have a new way to play. Although Blue was released for the Nintendo DS, both play very similarly with no real graphical differences between the two.


Is Mystery Dungeon your type of thing? Interested in (re-)buying it for the Wii U?

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  1. Europe now has Animal Crossing Wild World, Drill Dozer and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. We have none of these. Curse you Nintendo of America and your selective incompetence.

  2. But why for Wii U? I’m really starting to hate the Wii U VC selection. I like to take my games with me… I won’t be able to play the Mother series unless it’s on the N3DS or if the NX is a hybrid console.

  3. Meh. I don’t really like the Mystery Dungeon series at all. I don’t know why we haven’t gotten a new Ranger game. I could only image how great it would have look on the 3DS. Hell, a new Ranger game on the Wii U would be absolutely stunning! Plus, it would use the GamePad to the best of it’s abilities.

  4. No one cares about this! We all are just waiting for new main game info at this point! Uggggh #firstworldproblems

    1. Well, we’re getting “world-changing” movie news from Corocoro leaks later this week, that might be good. IMO, the worst case scenario is it’s AZ’s floette/Eternal flower floette.

      If Ash-Greninja and Eternal Flower Floette have the same form changing method, I could see the method being revealed then, along with Eternal Flower Floette.

      If not, we’re either going to get a new volcanion form, a new zygarde form or a new pokemon entirely (in order of decreasing likelihood).

      1. Your optimism is admirable but every time we’ve gotten “big news” in the last year it’s always been sort of a bust! Oh well the next game is impending and pretty much a guarantee… but I still want it now!!!

        1. All I have to say is if its not one of those two things that guy mentioned, or a new pokemom reveal or something, then I’m done caring about this franchise for a while. Just wake me up when there’s a new game lol

  5. I have a new theory about why theres no new game…they had something ready, but part of the plot was the prism tower being attacked by team flare, and after the attacks in Paris a few months ago. They had to rework the game. Hence why there’s been such a wait

  6. What if the release dates of everything planned for this year comes out on the release dates of ALL the regions? RB are being released on the day they came out in Japan but they weren’t released in US or any where else for another few years and 7-8 months. Even then they haven’t been anywhere else for twenty years except for Japan so it’s not very likely.

  7. I think the game will be called Pokemon AZ because the premiere episode of the anime called ” from A to Z”. This would explain xy and z, just like in the alphabet song.

    Realistically, I think the corocoro reveal will be eternal floette. She could be the Mascot of AZ, or it could be split with zygarde and eternal Floette.

    And what if (this is just a crazy thought) it gets announced on February 20th and gets real eased in the 27th. That would totally catch us by surprise , and could explain the absence in news. It could also give us room for a second main game this year, which would be a great aniversary for Pokemon.

    How would you feel if you had 2 main Pokemon games in one year?

    1. I’d feel absolutely jubilant. Not so sure if an announcement-to-release timeframe of one week is very realistic, though.

    2. You could very well b right about the announcement coming during the week of the anniversary, but I highly doubt they’d drop the games with no notice b4 hand. GF and Nintendo aren’t those kind of companies that do such things lol

  8. Could someone tell me whether the Mew event cards can be entered into the games after February 24, and if so, until when?

    1. Pretty sure they can b used really whenever you want. They might stop working after a certain point, but it would take many months I believe if that’s even a thing. The end date of the 24th is just when the cards stop being given out at their respective stores. If you get one I wouldn’t worry about not using it right away.

      1. I was told that the codes can be entered until May 31st, which is plenty of time for anyone. The difficult part will be getting to GameStop and claiming 4 codes before February 24th.

        1. Yeah I’ve been kind of biding my time because I really hate going into GameStop…….The employees are always so pushy and I hate having to talk to them……I try to avoid going in there whenever possible lol

          1. Last time I went in for the Diancie code, the guy at the register allowed me to take as many as I liked. I only needed one, but I’ll be taking four this time. I’m going to call ahead to make sure I’m not wasting my time.

  9. So I’m working on my region again and how do these sound
    Stoofy and Mashmellow
    Fairy then Fairy/Fighting
    Stoofy resembles a small light pink sack with large sequins for eyes and with long ears tied in a knot, with stitching like patterns on the body
    “They are drawn to shiny objects, their bodies are coated with a fine fur that is irresistible to the touch”
    Mashmellow is immensely larger standing roughly 7 feet tall, they have a massively big pink plushy bodies with long thick tubular arms, they are missing their left eyes and are replaced with a big X pattern, they have a large white patch for their stomach and their ears one is torn slightly and with stuffing showing
    “These timid giants use their immense bodies to defend their young from all forms of danger, surprisingly strong one swing of their arms can snap a tree”

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