How to battle in Pokkén Tournament

The official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel has posted a short tutorial about how to battle in the upcoming Wii U title Pokkén Tournament. While the video is not in English, the graphics and gameplay footage are pretty easy to understand. For those who haven’t gotten a chance to play the game it’s a great first look. Below you can also watch the first footage of one of the newly announced fighters, Chandelure!

How excited are you to play (on a scale from 1-10) and what fighter do you think you’ll main?! Pokkén Tournament will be released worldwide in March!

<3 PJ

  1. I really hope there’s more characters
    I only got Machamp and Garchomp, we still need a few heavyweights
    Like I said Rhyperior, Golem, Hariyama, Snorlax, Aggron, Golurk
    All could have a defensive playstyle with a strong abet slow forward force

      1. ehhh Tyranitar just doesn’t feel too mobile
        but i really feel we lack some severe heavyweights
        i mean technically Suicune is the heaviest weighing a alarming 412 pounds but it’s bipedal and legendary

  2. I have a feeling were going to see Vigoroth as a main battler, he’d make a nice addition powerful and fast sort of like weavile but a bit slower. With a tantrum and vicious wild attack as its finisher.
    I also see Tyranitar making an appearance as a main but as a slow defensive Pokémon rather than an all out attacker also with his Mega form
    If I was to guess another actual fighting type Pokémon my guess is heracross. Also With his Mega form.

    I doubt we would get both but I’d also love for Magmortar + Electivire both to be in the game. So they can duel to the death some more haha. My guess is we will only get one however.

    1. they’re bound to squeeze in Swampert
      but i really hope the next slew of combatants are ground shaking heavy hitters

    2. I recently thought that Ursaring would be a cool addition. It would probably be slow but attack like Vigoroth. Most importantly, we need some more Johto representation!

  3. Kinda unrelated but..I follow the Pokemon Facebook page, and they keep hyping up and continuously posting about this commercial on Superbowl night…which makes me wonder. Why would they keep telling us to come watch a commercial we’ve already seen? There has to be something more. But no, they’re probably just trolling us again for all I know.

    1. It does seem unusual for them to be hyping up a 30 second TV spot. The Super Bowl is a huge event, though, so there’s likely no underlying messages here. It should be considered that the new anime, XYZ, doesn’t begin for another two weeks in America, and the anniversary is a week later. For those reasons, I’m not going to become (annoyingly) impatient until March begins.

  4. Can you believe that we haven’t had ANY main-series game related news since OCTOBER of 2014. We’re in 2016 now. Damn.

    1. I’m also currently procrastinating my studying for an exam that I have tomorrow because I’m scared of math.

        1. At least they’re giving us the event legendaries this year. Thinking about Mew makes me happy 😉 That was also not intended to be a pokemon-pun but you can take it that way if you so choose

  5. I got my shiny charm today! My first ever! 😀 I worked super hard to get it, not allowing myself to just transfer legendaries from past games to ORAS. I completed both games and caught the legendaries available in both even though I already had them all. Technically there are still 5 pokemon I need (Mew, Darkrai, Shaymin, Manaphy, Volcanion) so I’m not truly a pokemon master just yet but this is the year I conquer that blasted thing after being a fan for almost my whole life. Oak would be proud. 🙂

  6. I’m fairly excited for this game! Definitely Maining Sceptile!
    Oh btw Who got the Mews? I got four cards, and Im SRing for my last Mew

  7. Did you guys see the recent post on the Pokemon website about Pokemon Day? At the end, it says “Many more details about Pokemon Day on February 27 are on the way”. But they already covered so much! New 3DS bundle, Nintendo NY celebration, Toys-R-Us and GameStop deals, R/B/Y re-releases…what more do they have planned? Do you think we’ll actually get a Pokemon Direct on Pokemon Day that all Nintendo NY attendees will get to watch and enjoy? I can’t imagine that “activities” would be the only driving reason to send people into the new store.

      1. Oh sweet, have fun! Tell us how it is. I hope they do end up showing a Pokemon Direct or something, that would be awesome to watch with hundreds of Pokemon fans.

        1. Very odd that he would do that for a figure like this. That is assuming he hasn’t done it before.

      1. No, it isn’t. From what I’ve heard in other parts of the fandom, it’s by another artist called Hitoshi Ariga, who was the artist who designed Mega Beedrill, Pangoro, and the Inkay, Honedge, Tyrunt and Amaura lines

    1. I really love this art. I hope this figure comes to the west as well. I’d b pretty down to buy it for the right price! lol

  8. Who’s ready to see why this super bowl commercial is being hyped up? Tbh I didn’t realize the SB was tomorrow until one of my students told me on the way home tonight.

          1. Nice! I think my favorite would be Ēriks Ešenvalds. I had the opportunity to perform “The Long Road” in my high school choir and it made us all cry it’s so beautiful.

          2. I didn’t get into concert choir until last year, so I’m still new to some of it. I only had show choir in high school and a lot of piano soooooo.

    1. The Superbowl has different reasons to watch. There’s the football (which I can see you don’t care much for), the halftime show, the commercials and most importantly, the food. So I guess you’re watching for the commercials, right?

  9. Kimishima has stated that there are some “large-scale” 3DS games to be released over the next period. I think it’s safe to say that one of these will be Pokemon Z. Those games sell unbelievably well and, honestly, I can’t think of anything else that would fit the bill.

    1. Well Fire Emblem should b good as well and that comes out in the next few weeks. U are right tho, there aren’t really a lot of games that are worth hyping up to any extent. That can b said about both the 3DS and the Wii U as well. There certainly are some worthy games coming out, but if really feels like they’re just biding their time until they can release info about the NX. They keep saying the 3DS will still continue to b relevant, but if any of the rumors are true it seems like it’s only a matter of time b4 they move on. The Wii U is just about dead as a product as well…..if not more so. It did well last year with Splatoon and Mario Maker, but it really didn’t make the sales I’m sure Nintendo wanted. Whether they choose to say that out loud or not. Right now Nintendo need to get away from the “Wii” products and do something completely different. Either way I’m sure ur right that Pokemon is one of the reasons they’re keeping the 3DS in the loop for a while longer. They can squeeze the last drop of money out of this past gen of consoles buy ending it with another Pokemon game! I just hope GF choose to reveal the new games soon!!! lol

      1. I’m really excited to see what CoroCoro will reveal next week. That could give us some definitive answers as to what we can expect from Pokemon this year. World-changing is a pretty heave statement, if I do say so myself. I honestly believe we could get our big game announcement any day now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they focused on the 20th anniversary until February 27th. At this point, I think it’s more likely that we’ll be waiting until March or April. Once again, I heavily expect that this CoroCoro will be key to the situation, and I want to reserve my assumptions until after it leaks.

        1. I also think that this CoroCoro will have something that will further hint to what we should expect. The only thing that gets me is how it’s “World changing” for the MOVIE. The only thing at this point that I can definitively say would directly point to a game is if it were to b a brand new Pokemon. Otherwise I feel like we could b stuck in another Zygarde Complete situation where it could very well b in the next game, but also could very well just be something they’re using for the movie and show…….I doubt they’ll continue trolling us like that, but who knows at this point? lol I suspect we’ll know by the end of this week with CoroCoro leaking b4 it’s release next Monday. I’m just really itchy for another pre-release period. I always love the months b4 a big game release! hahaha

          1. I hope it’s a Gen 7 Pokemon and not something predictable like Eternal Floette. Perhaps it could be a Gen 6.5 Pokemon existing in southern Kalos. It’s possible that Pokemon Z could have 50+ new Pokemon to round off the generation. I feel like the Zygarde forms are hinting at this already. Never before have we seen a legendary with what appears to be an entire four-stage evolutionary process. It would be silly to include these in Pokemon Z as the only new addition, in my opinion. The most exciting part about all of this is that no one knows what to expect! This week could be wild.

          2. I agree with u that lately GF have done some very off the beaten path ways of doing things. For the first time ever I have no idea what they have planned. Usually they, as well as Nintendo in general, are really pretty predictable or end up doing boring things, but this time it’s very different. I just hope they stop stringing us along and we can get to the good stuff. At the very least I hope that all this trolling ends up paying off. If we get the next game and it’s a let down then they might have well just saved us the trouble and told us lol

    2. Neat. A few large-scale 3DS games that I know are releasing soon are Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final, Bravely Second, and Fire Emblem: Fates. I believe this is the last year of the 3DS I think the NX is both a console and handheld). Let’s hope Nintendo includes on last Pokemon Game!

      1. I’m not exactly sure what a “period” means in the context of what Kimishima is saying, but I’m guessing he’s talking about Fall-Winter 2016 and Spring 2017. Large-scale releases need a lot of time between announcement and release, so anything before Fall is likely out of the cards. I expect that E3 will be jam-packed with a few key 3DS and Wii U games, plus some concepts for NX games releasing in 2017, 2018 and beyond. We know The Pokemon Company follows the structure of announcing a game before E3 to be released by the end of the year, so unless that rule is broken, we can expect a reveal within a few months at the most.

  10. Did anyone watch the Superbowl ad? I’m curious to know which parts made the final cut.

      1. Yeah, I just saw it on pokemon’s youtube channel. They’ve shortened each scene, and they might have taken out the volcano badge bit, but it’s pretty much the same.

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