Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Coming to Virtual Console

The original Pokémon games Red, Blue and Yellow will finally be coming to the 3DS eShop on February 27, 2016. The games will be the same as their original launch, besides the ability to use the 3DS’s wireless abilities in lieu of the link cables for trading and battling.

Sounds like nostolgia overload! What do you think?!

<3 PJ

  1. I hope we get a “transporter” app or whatever so we can transfer them to Pokemon Bank.
    I also hope that Mew is catchable <3

  2. Kind of sad Japan gets that physical package with the cartridge and map and whatnot, but I can fully understand as it’s more of an important date for them than it is for the rest of the world.

  3. Hey guys, you know Pokémon Picross? That is a game that was announced 16 years ago and never released. Are they celebrating the anniversary of the game’s cancelation?

    1. Well it was really only a part of a game. It was Volume 1 in a series of Nintendo Picross titles including the usual like Mario and Yoshi 🙂

      1. I know they won’t do it. So I’ll just crawl back under my rock for now until there’s another chance to bitch about the stunning lack of actually needed wifi events… ;-;

        1. my guess they will give it to Japan and not anyone else, so in that respect I hope they don’t do it at all.

  4. Great Direct.

    I’d say we will get a Poke Transporter of sorts but it will have to be a direct link bypassing the current Pokémon bank due to certain limits.

    Due to the games being downloads my guess is that it will work similar to how you would transport Pokémon from FR LG RSE to DPP. I imagine once you have XY or ORAS in the 3ds it will trigger in game and let you send it from RBY that way.

    Nice update will have to happen for XY and ORAS tho in order for it to happen.

    …. Also the train in XY will link up with the train in Saffron in Kanto and this is a way to do have a nice 2way region again. ( Jokes obviously haha as Kanto ain’t nowhere near Kalos unless that trains going underwater )

  5. I’ve actually wanted to replay these games so much but just can’t be bothered to bust out the ole Gameboy Colour (cause effort bringing it up to uni and replacing batteries etc. Also since gba4ios stopped working, it’s made me want to play it even more.
    Ngl, I’ll end up getting all 3 for the hell of it. 3 starters, 2 games…looks like someone’s gonna get left out (but I always use Pikachu + 3 starters in Yellow)
    Gonna be odd getting use to not running everywhere and also the types/stats being the old way but definitely looking forward to this after wanting it to happen for years

  6. “I doubt this will be what you’re expecting…”

    Great Direct, though. There was a lot of content there that I’m still processing. I pre-ordered Twilight Princess HD instantly, just in case it sells out. I’m feeling pretty convinced to get a New 3DS XL now to play all those great 3DS games!

      1. I’m so glad I got that bundle pre-ordered, because that and the Fire Emblem bundle are now completely sold out on Amazon. Good thing I wanted to play Awakening first anyway.

    1. I bought the cartridges of R/B/Y/G/S/C for a large sum of cash a few months ago, so I’m feeling quite peeved.

  7. Holy balls…
    I’ve been so ungodly consumed with Fallout 4 (Which is freaking awesome btw) I missed out on all the fun
    As for the RBY I want to get both I figure Red the main journey and Blue for Ground Mono
    Yellow I rather pass up this one
    But there’s too many pokemon I want to use Charizard, Nidoking, Golem, Poliwrath, Vileplume/Victreebel, Aerodactyl, Hypno, Snorlax, Sandslash, Slowbro, Rhydon of course and many many more
    As for the TPHD I don’t know if I’ll get it, I literally just finished the original not a week ago and I think it would be a very low payout unless the Amiibo support is beyond outstanding towards Zelda Wii U

  8. Do you know why the pokemon haters hate pokemon? Because of the anime. They feel it does not make any sense, and their great intellect figures, the game is basically the same. This prejudice has been carried out since Pokemon anime was born.

  9. My wallet and I will not be on the best of terms in 2016. It will go hungry for a LONG time XD

  10. Overall Average direct imo
    No new game was announced for 3ds,I’m hyped for Fates and PMD though
    The future DLC and websites for splatoon and mario maker seem like a great addition
    TPHD looks Dissapointing,it looks almot exactly like the Wii and GC version and their shoehorning amiibo in.
    They should have shown a zelda U trailer,we wait so long and we get a picture of link riding epona that’s it.
    Cloud was extremely random.why is he even in?
    Pokemon games on VC are LONG overdue,but I’m not going to buy them. Why would i go back to colourless,8 bit kanto when FRLG exist
    Starfox zero actually looks decent now

    Overall a lot of good stuff,but it was missing some major annoucements to push it over the edge.

      1. I just can not c that happening……then again I couldn’t c Cloud in Smash happening in the first place, but either way I’d b incredibly surprised if the remake of VII or the original made it’s way to a Nintendo console. VII was where square and Nintendo broke from each other and ever since then the main games haven’t been anywhere near a Nintendo console. While I will say it’s odd they’d choose Cloud out of all the FF characters to put in Smash I will also say it’s prolly a no brainer too. He’s easily the most recognizable FF character out of all the games so I guess maybe they just decided he would b the best person to represent the series? In any case I can’t c Sony letting FF VII go to a Nintendo console after such a long time of being separated. FF VII is a major staple in Sony’s repertoire so it makes little sense to all of a sudden give Nintendo it in any way.

  11. I was hoping for a 3ds version of the original games… Releasing it to virtual console on their 20 years anniversary sounds just a bit… lazy? I’m still deciding if I will buy it though…

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