Zygarde Complete Forme Appears in Pokémon Tretta

Usually I don’t touch on Tretta news (owing to the fact that it’s a child’s arcade game exclusively in Japan), but the latest trailer features a 3D model of Zygarde’s new Complete Forme in battle and gives better insight into the design of the legendary’s new look! Watch it above! The action starts at 0:38 for those with short attention spans.

What do you think?

<3 PJ

  1. That’s neat. I didn’t think the tentacle-like things were similar to a mouth. That’s seriously an awesome design! GameFreak keeps it up!

  2. Well that’s cool. After watching this I feel like Tretta is the type system GF is gong to end up with. It seems almost exactly the same as the main series games only with better graphics and u battle 3 at a time. Either way it showed Complete Zygarde and that’s…..that’s pretty darn cool lol

    1. Tretta is just a battle simulator. It’s not even close to “exactly the same as the main series games”.

  3. I just noticed that Zygarde Core are red and blue like Zygarde Perfect “hands”, and Yveltal and Xerneas also are red/blue – ish …
    Then that make me think… if it’s the “Order” pokemon, it would be logical that will contain some Yveltal/Xerneas related traits or powers.

  4. So.. “Big” news are coming in the next issue of Corocoro regarding some 2016 stuff. Could it be? The one we’ve all been waiting for? Pokemon Shuffle 2? ?

  5. “In this month’s issue of CoroCoro, it has a page detailing what will be in the next issue. In this, it has a note stating that big Pokémon news for 2016 will be revealed in the issue. Typically, in the issues released in December, the first details of the next movie are revealed, but the issue doesn’t clarify if this is what it is referring to. The magazine is due for release on December 15th and we’ll cover the news as and when it comes so keep checking back”
    Hmmm what could it be? CoroCoro has never revealed a new main story game, so i have a doubt for that, but i think it could be a spin off or just showing off a new form of a pokemon

    1. Honestly I’m done getting hype over crap like this anymore. Easier not to be disappointing when its not a new game, since thats all I really care about at this point anyway. (inb4 I get hype anyway)

    2. I just don’t have enough willpower to care about this any longer. I’ll be there if they reveal it, but I’m done hyping up what turns out to be inconsequential information.

      1. Aw poor you and brad
        Your hype has died out
        But you should go by ‘Expect the worst, hope for best’

      2. December is usually when they reveal the title to the next movie (Movie 19, in this case), I’m guessing that’s it. Although off the top of my head, I can’t remember when Corocoro has said they have big news in the next issue and it hasn’t turned out to be either new pokemon/forms or a main series game revealed before the next issue.

  6. Well. The next CoroCoro said it’s going to have big news on a Pokemon Game in December. I don’t know if I should overhype or underhype myself. Still, I’m betting that this is a new mainline Pokemon Game. A new game is (should be) coming in 2016. The hope must stay alive. I’m seriously don’t want it to be the freaking Pikachu Detective Game or another spin-off! :/

      1. They could do it B2/W2 and OR/AS style. Announce the game before the CoroCoro, then the CoroCoro gives more details about the game.

  7. *people complain that Pokemon has become a sellout by turning into an almost-annual franchise*

    *haven’t had any main-series game news in over a year, people complain that we’re overdue and they’re getting mad at Pokemon/GF/Nintendo*

    Pokemon fans in a nutshell.

    I’m just trying to get through this semester so I can have 6 weeks of winter break to myself so I can play Rise of the Tomb Raider and GTA5.

    We’ll get Pokemon news soon, just relax.

    1. This is what I tell a lot of my friends It gets annoying after awhile, first they complain that B2W2 was to close to XY and the same thing with ORAS and you have them bitching they need their fix. I need my fix too but whatever GF decide I just hope it’s with more new pokemon.

    2. I know what you mean. I could remember people bitching about how X/Y and OR/AS released to closely. Now, were all freaking out over not getting a new game this year. GameFreak is just following the criticism that we put out. Honestly, I’m fine with the next game coming out in 2016. That is about to be the year of gaming. Bravely Second, SMT IV: Final, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Fire Emblem: Fates, Star Fox: Zero, Zelda Wii U and so many more games (including Sony) will be on my plate. So, a new Pokemon title would easily fit into the bunch!

    1. Apparently according to the summary we got last week, he came to talk about composing music (He composes music for the games as well as directing them). I’m assuming that he didn’t talk about anything noteworthy in regards to Z, else I’m sure there’d be an article on it here.

      Can anyone who actually watched the show confirm this?

        1. That’s what I expected 🙁 The generic sunday variety show hasn’t revealed anything significant since Junichi Masuda appeared on Smash to reveal Black 2 and White 2.

          And from what I understand, the variety show always has a preview for the next week’s episode, so no surprises there either.

  8. Do you guys think I should get a PS4, or a New 3DS XL (and then wait for a more powerful/slimmer PS4 model that may or may not come out in the future)?

    1. I don’t feel like the New 3DS offers that much. Extra nub is nice, but not that many games actually use it and only a small amount of games take advantage of the new hardware.

  9. So corocoro will reveal big pokemon news next month.
    Serebii says they usually reveal info about the next pokemon movie,so I’m not going to get my hopes up for a new game

  10. “I don’t know what you were expecting but…” These words from Bill in the direct just make me think that literally everyone at Nintendo, not just Gamefreak, knows EXACTLY what we were expecting.

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