CoroCoro Announcing Something BIG Next Month

2015-12_03There’s been some discussion about this and I’m here to tell you it’s all true. CoroCoro, the Japanese comic magazine famous in the Pokémon fandom for having great scoops on upcoming games, has advertised that they’ll have something big to reveal about Pokémon in their January issue (which will be released on December 15th). Serebii has speculated that this could be in relation to next year’s Pokémon movie, but even anime news could end up giving us a better understanding of where the series is headed with it’s next release.

This month we already got a look a mysterious blue-tummied (not a word) Zygarde Core which has yet to be explained. What other mysteries could this legendary Pokémon be hiding? Do you remember my theory about Pokémon Z?

<3 PJ

ps- we also have something big and mysterious to reveal. tomorrow.

  1. I’d love an official announcement for Z and some info on it

    But more realistically it’s probably just going to be information on XY + Z anime. Which I’m also happy with 🙂 That or a little more information on the new “bond” feature introduced that’s currently taking place once more this time between ash + greninja. 😀

  2. i think that the blue tummied (XD) zygarde core forms part of the right side of his wing like cape or so, and the red ones do the same red for yveltal and blue for xerneas as zygarde complete form has them.

  3. I’m not convinced……I just can’t c them announcing and advertising Z in December when they could b using their time to advertise the games they’re trying to sell for the holidays. At this point I don’t c the announcement coming until after Xmas at the very least..most likely 2016 tho. As for what the announcement could b I really have no idea. I’m not sure if theirs anything in the current market that really warrants a “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” but I suppose that’s y people are jumping on the Z train once again. lol I guess we’ll just have to wait and c.

  4. I think its anime news like the new movie or maybe spin off but most definitely not a new main series game.
    And new info coming tomorrow, new theme? Pjt15?

  5. Hey PJ, is it true that this picture says something about how the information is “likely to leak early”? If so, that’s a very interesting tidbit.

    1. What do u mean leak early? Like CoroCoro is referencing that there would b an info update b4 the actually magazine releases and the issue will cover what was updated?

  6. Meh. At this point it could be anything. I could be the next Pokemon movie, the Pikachu Detective game, a new spin-off, or just Pokemon Z. I’m going to keep myself underhyped for now. Just in-case it’s nothing major!

  7. I honestly don’t even care at this point. I’m just holed up waiting for Super Mystery Dungeon and can’t focus on anything else in the franchise. But I’m guessing it’s only a small reveal and they’re hyping it up way too much.

  8. “Something big” usually means jack shit. Everyone here would do best not to get their hopes up.

  9. The fact that we barely have any info on Z, or whatever both excites and worries me. On one hand, it could mean Game Freak is actually polishing it instead of crapping out a clearly unfinished game. On the other hand, it could mean ‘Z’ has only recently gone into development. Either way, as long as the finished product is better than the previous Gen 6 games we’re gonna be in for a decently fun time.

    1. Well seeing how GF develop games over years (contrary to popular belief of GF making a game in one year) I think they are polishing and adding some stuff. They usually start developing a game a generation or two before the game is announced.

  10. I’m still freaking out about the direct.

    Maybe they can use the Virtual Console Red, Blue, and Yellow’s wireless feature to connect with next year’s games? That would be interesting.

    Or maybe even use them to send Pokémon to Pokémon Bank or Pokémon Go using the wireless communication!

  11. Meh. I’m actually enjoying Yokai Watch 500082729191016151151882351619-91&51191918525 times more than Pokemon. There’s so much shit to do and I still haven’t seen half the Yokai. Yokai Jungle here I come.

    1. Really? I’ve played the demo and such, but I don’t think it’s all that good. As a matter of fact, I really don’t think that it offers much competition to Pokemon. I just think it’s been cleverly timed to take advantage of this very slow time in Pokemon news.
      I’m willing to bet the Yo-Kai fever will die down when a new Pokemon game is out. Just like most other Pokemon-esque games.

      1. Actually it’s nothing like Pokemon. It has certain bits that are pulled, but it’s completely different which is the opposite of what I was expecting. I wasn’t sure about the demo either but my friend got the full game and talked me into getting it. Glad I did.

        1. Yea. It basically shares more with Shin Megami Tensei than Pokemon. In SMT you have to negotiate with demons, in Yo-Kai Watch you have to negotiate with ghosts. The only similarity is with the bike. I think the Japanese will soon tire of the series. There on game number three now! It’s going to quickly die out in the west. I seriously agree with Chico!

    2. I’m glad to hear it’s good. From playing the demo I found myself wanting to play, but not entirely sure I wanted to pay for it. It’ll likely b an X-mas gift.It’s just good to kno that it won’t b a waste of time and money.

    3. I was dissapointed.
      I didn’t expect much because of the demo,but I still bought the game.
      The combat is extremely boring,All i got to do was spin a wheel.
      The monster designs are hideous,part of the appeal in games like this are the monsters,and almost all of them are poorly designed and unmemorable.
      The way to befriend them was also boring,a random yokai would just come up to me and ask me to be it’s friend,that’s it.
      Fix the crap combat and way to befriend the yokai,and I might actually give the game another chance.

      1. You’re not playing it right then. The combat gets more intense as you go along. Stats control the pace of Battle. As for the befriending process, I find it annoying, but you’re doing that wrong too. You give them food. Different Yokai like different things. If you give them something they love the chance to befriend them goes waaaay up. The designs and names are what got me interested. They so ridiculous they’re funny.

        1. I know about the befriending thing,but it’s just that it felt random most of the time.
          There is some strategy in the combat, but the only thing i actually had control over were purifying the yokai and performing the soultimate moves.
          The game,in my opinion wouldn’t have been a lot better if we had more control over the battle and they fixed the befriending system..
          Don’t see how I’m playing it wrong

  12. At this point I won´t be anymore hype for I got so mad at GF on the direct for just showing the spin-off games, so I don´t care, for this was NOT a good year for Pokemon I am even ready to try out Yo-kai Watch at least I get to befriends some monsters!

  13. I’m still surprised that we’ve gone over an entire year without even a mention of a main series game.

  14. I’m hoping that Pokemon Z is set back during the Kalos Wars or somehow engages with alternate realities. It seems natural since hoopa can create portals that bend time and space. Also, I would like to see a “second half” (if you will) of the Kalos region pokemon.

    1. This is exactly what I theorized as well before the whole Zygarde core thing became a thing, then I came up with other possible theories. Though I think the idea of a prequel would be very cool+other batch of Kalos pokemon(this part I can only hope for, though unlikely).

    2. Meh. I rather see a game that completely takes AZ’s perspective or another older trainer’s. Creating a game like that would cause numerous breaks and confusion if it’s not done correctly. Plus, I feel like Zygarde would be the complete star of the next game, then there might be some side plot involving Volcanion and potentially another section of Kalos!

  15. so Super Mystery Dungeon is this friday…
    nobody anywhere hasn’t made a video as Chespin as the main character

  16. It’s actually been nice. The year-long hiatus of a main series Pokemon game. It was starting to feel a bit saturated with the yearly new-game announcement cycle since 2012. I mean the hype was there, in the past 3 years, definitely, but I would imagine that it would get stale after a couple more years of the same thing. It’s also a smart move in their part, the fans would be yearning for a new game by the time they release upcoming game(s) and it also gives them time to work on the game(s).

    1. GameFreak has a rather large team now. They could finish games quickly. Anyways, I do kind of like this break. Everyone was complaining that the games were releasing too fast; now GameFreak is taking this into account. The next game will likely release in 2016: no matter what!

  17. So, Japan’s getting a Shiny Diancie event. Just add that to the list of things we’ll never get.

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