CoroCoro Announcing Something BIG Next Month

2015-12_03There’s been some discussion about this and I’m here to tell you it’s all true. CoroCoro, the Japanese comic magazine famous in the Pokémon fandom for having great scoops on upcoming games, has advertised that they’ll have something big to reveal about Pokémon in their January issue (which will be released on December 15th). Serebii has speculated that this could be in relation to next year’s Pokémon movie, but even anime news could end up giving us a better understanding of where the series is headed with it’s next release.

This month we already got a look a mysterious blue-tummied (not a word) Zygarde Core which has yet to be explained. What other mysteries could this legendary Pokémon be hiding? Do you remember my theory about Pokémon Z?

<3 PJ

ps- we also have something big and mysterious to reveal. tomorrow.