Are you collecting all the Pokémon badges?

Nintendo’s new free-to-pay title Nintendo Badge Arcade for the 3DS has Pokémon collectibles, for the moment. Don’t miss out if you haven’t already started trying to catch ’em all. If you have, how is your collection progressing? Is it enough to get you to spend real money? Serebii has a great page with the content that has been released, both in North America and Japan. The latter has seen many more Pokémon sets and most will probably make their way overseas at some point. I’m most looking forward to the bug and grass releases!

The initial set of Pokémon badges are only available until November 23rd, so don’t wait around!

Let’s get this discussion rolling!

<3 PJ

  1. I’m ashamed to say I’ve already spent some money on the app…….it’s not fair!!!! They’re abusing our need to catch them all!!!

  2. Lol instead of these little worthless ‘apps’ they do, why not make a pokemon battle simulator for wii u. The graphics would look amaaaaazing.
    Oh well i can dream

      1. Just got it, haven’t started it up, though so I don’t have a say in the quality of the gameplay ot the story. But the game seems promising (from what I’ve seen of it) hahaha 🙂

  3. Okay. The difficulty curve of PSMD is insane. How insane? Well, I’m level 13 and I’ve defeated a level 50 Salamence, “connected” with a level 28 Chansey and “connected” with Victini. It makes no sense at all. I’m enjoying it though.

    1. I don’t know why, but I’m starting to have this feeling that there’s another 50% form, one that looks different from the one we know now..

      1. could be 5 of them on zy final form there 5 colors. the pokedex has three colors blue red white so far there red and blue core. the kalos map has 5 points 1 core for each point when you search for them before team flare does

  4. I downloaded the app for the sole purpose of getting that Charmander badge but I can’t seem to get it. Does anyone know how to?

    1. Pretty sure u gotta knock the box into the drop…..not sure how hard that is to do tho

    1. I hope that was an intentional move. Get the scraps out in 2015 to make room for an awesome 2016. We’ll get first-generation rereleases on the eShop (never thought I would say that), an awesome new fighting game with Pokken Tournament, and certainly a new main series game in October or November. I feel as though they crammed Picross into December so it wouldn’t be undermined by said new game’s reveal in December or January. I think I’ve finally cracked Game Freak’s code.

  5. what happened with smd. i didn’t have much interest but the game itself looks nice. why hasn’t it gotten any advertising? also I’m excited for RBY

    1. Apparently people are loving it, but so far the reviewers and everything are very quiet. I’ll definitely be picking it up soon.

      1. ayy long time no speak xatu. and thats good. I’m really only hyped for rby. honestly zygardoge is just ehh for me rn

        1. I’m pissed that we haven’t had a reveal yet, I miss everyone discussing here. I’m glad to see you! What do you think about the blue Zygarde Core? I think it’s concrete evidence that we’re getting two sequel games for Z, one with the blue core and one with the red core.

          1. thank you! you too! and yeah I’m surprised tbh. following the mega evolution act i thought it would be announced asap. and is the blue one new? didn’t that get revealed with the original stuff? and also idk. isn’t zygarde 100% (honestly don’t know names yet) red and blue? maybe you need both cores to “awaken” it?

          2. Yeah, that’s very possible. Considering how Zygarde lays dormant at 50% form in X and Y, I feel like that’s the highest it can go…until it meets a second Zygarde. Either that, or a second core meets Zygarde and the transformation occurs. As for the reveal, what’s your opinion on the big CoroCoro news next month? I see no reason to believe that it’s movie information, besides what happened in past December issues.

          3. Z without a doubt. unless “big news” means “lets regurgitate direct and talk about rby and picross” also looking at zygardoge he has a red diamond or jewel whatever. so 50%= one of the two cores (red) and 100% means both cores (red and blue aura on 100%. what do you think? ill be completely honest i want gen 7. not exactly interested in Z

          4. I really hope you’re right. We have to consider that the 2016 Pokemon movie was teased back in July, and nothing has been revealed since. The anime just started, though, and it apparently features Complete Zygarde as well, so I feel like there would be a weird overlap there. The “big news in 2016” teaser is also very vague, and it says something about the news being “leaked” beforehand (implying a game reveal between now and CoroCoro). Movie information wouldn’t be leaked in any way, period. (I need verification on whether that “leak” part is actually on there…I should get in touch with PJ).

          5. i don’t recall a leak part but yeah all we can do is wait but man its almost thanksgiving it will come by fast and it pains me to say but last smash direct ;_;

          6. Yeah, unfortunately 🙁 We’ll probably get three or four new characters announced, some new stages, and end the game (and possibly the franchise) with a bang.

          7. im gonna get hate for this but…i don’t want wolf but i do want pichu. going off with a bang i think would be announcing that they got ice climbers to work. and also the polls to be announced. cloud has a great moveset imo. ill be back a little later. it was great talking to you xatu. maybe if you are still up we can continue this conversation.

  6. I just noticed something interesting. In the opening of XY&Z, there’s a second Zygarde along with the red Zygarde Core. This pretty much confirms that there will be at least two Zygardes, or something to that effect. Seems like we’re getting a little bit more information about the next games each month through the anime.

    1. Maybe there is only one 100% Zygarde, but maybe there can be two 50% Zygarde, 4 25% Zygarde,10 %10 Zygarde,25 4% Zygarde and 50 2% Zygarde. Or one 50%,one 10% and one 25% Zygarde at the same time.

    2. Corocoro recently revealed a blue zygarde core,so there are two zygarde’s
      And in the anime there are two cores,the red on is Z1 and is with Ash,the second one, Z2 is in terminus cave.
      Zygarde perfect forme has red and blue markings on it’s body,so that probably means Zygarde Perfect forme is created when both of the zygarde’s and all the cells combine together.

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