Now serving more than just Pokémon news

Welcome to… PokéJungle+! We’re still going to be delivering the same amount of Pokémon news with our usual saucy style, but now Nintendo news will also be popping up for you throughout the week. We’re not going to be bothering with every little detail, but big news about Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Mario and more will now be popping up. We’ve been wondering how to overcome news droughts for a few years now and this seems like a great way to bridge the gap and also appeal to the people who regularly visit. Expect at least one article a day, probably Nintendo-centric unless there’s something newsworthy happening in the Pokémon world.

Of course, Sewaddle had to get a makeover for the new site. What do you think?!

Looking forward to reading all your comments on more than just Pokémon news now 🙂

<3 PJ