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Welcome to… PokéJungle+! We’re still going to be delivering the same amount of Pokémon news with our usual saucy style, but now Nintendo news will also be popping up for you throughout the week. We’re not going to be bothering with every little detail, but big news about Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Mario and more will now be popping up. We’ve been wondering how to overcome news droughts for a few years now and this seems like a great way to bridge the gap and also appeal to the people who regularly visit. Expect at least one article a day, probably Nintendo-centric unless there’s something newsworthy happening in the Pokémon world.

Of course, Sewaddle had to get a makeover for the new site. What do you think?!

Looking forward to reading all your comments on more than just Pokémon news now 🙂

<3 PJ

  1. This’ll attract more people certainly, but i guess i will really miss the pokemon news mainly since i only play pokemon, so i will just only be at the pokemon articles only.
    Oh well i still think its a good step up!
    Heres to good outcome!

  2. Honestly this is probably a good move on ur part. While the high times of the Pokemon seasons can b really fun and busy the low times make this site suffer……..With extra articles about other non-Pokemon topics the site will stay relatively active anytime whether there’s Pokemon news or not. As long as the Pokemon content of the site doesn’t get over shadowed there’s always room for other types of new!!

  3. This would help with me waiting for the release date of Cloud in Smash
    On a side note, the only Pokemon Amiibo I now need is Lucario (it’s like I’m being tested because it’s my favourite ‘mon)

  4. Good choice! Pokemon news comes along quite slowly between games, it’ll be nice to see more articles here in that time 🙂

  5. WHOOOOOOO! Thank Arceus! Now that I can’t use Disqus on IGN anymore, I’ve been unable to talk about other games!

    Let me start by saying that I just beat Shovel Knight a few minutes ago. I bought the physical version two days ago for the soundtrack, as well as to support the developers. Damn, it’s a good game. I’ll probably play through Plague of Shadows in a month or two when I’m bored of all my games again.

  6. Ok I’ll just be completely honest, I am against this idea. I know Pokemon news gets rough in the middle of main story games, but that shouldn’t stop you from changing the site. You shouldn’t expect this place to be packed everyday, some times there will be a drought, but that’s all apart of a website. You might have to stretch your ideas a little when coming up with article ideas. Main games aren’t the only thing in pokemon. For example, why hasn’t there been a SPMD article yet? I think that is pretty important pokemon news. We can have more theory articles or anime articles. Maybe we can start having weekly things, Like maybe an article a week or so on a poll on a pokemon/ feature. You gotta find things or make up things to interest people and stick with it. I, and I am sure many others, came to site for the sole purpose of pokemon news, and this site was made for the sole purpose of pokemon news as well, but what makes PJ different than serebii is this place posts fun articles with theories and rumors and we have fun pokemon discussions. We can keep doing that between main story games. Serebii doesn’t show any signs of changing to all nintendo. And I think we shouldn’t either. Just gotta put a little more effort into it.

    1. I kinda agree. I get all of my general Nintendo news from reddit and NintendoLife anyway. At the very lease I’ll probably be more active here I guess.

    2. What’s also important to remember is that some of the staff (me, for example) have little to no interest in Nintendo. So while I’m super busy at the moment, my focus on the site is still going to be Pokémon. I have very little knowledge on anything Nintendo other than Pokémon.

      It is true what you say about Serebii, but remember that Joe is also a resource site. It can feel difficult or a little daunting when there’s little news here as we feel like we’re regurgitating the same old content.

      I think I’m rambling as I’ve just woke up, but yeah. Don’t worry. That stuff is still going to be on the site. We’re essentially a two man team at the moment, and the awesome duo are busy, busy, busy!

  7. Hmmmmm i have mixed feelings
    i mean yes we are in a crazy news drought and yet anything that breathes life into this site is welcomed

  8. So Pokemon Picross apparently releases next Thursday (December 3) in both US and Europe. That still leaves the rest of December open for that exciting CoroCoro Pokemon announcement.

    1. Also, the two sets of Hidden Ability starter trios (from Johto and Unova) are curiously ending on the same day, Monday. I don’t think it means anything, but it’s something to think about.

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