Crazy Theory Thursday: Zygarde a Starter in Pokémon Z?!

It may be Friday, but Crazy Theory Thursday sounds a lot better so just consider this article late 😉 

zygarde-coreThere’s more to Zygarde than meets the eye

I’m going to propose something a little bit unorthodox, so bear with me: could the legendary Pokémon Zygarde be your starting partner in the next Pokémon game? There’s certainly no precedent for starting with a legendary, but there was one previous game that forewent the usual starter selection in favor of the series mascot Pikachu back in Pokémon Yellow. And if it isn’t a starter, perhaps it is an early gift from Professor Sycamore?

There are two main reasons why I have hope we may get to see Zygarde in the early game:

#1: The unique Formes

It is very common for legendary Pokémon to receive new Formes, but this time we have two weaker ones in addition to one stronger one. This is highly unusual and no doubt plays a large role in the upcoming installment finishing Generation VI on the Nintendo 3DS. The ‘Core’ form is very basic in appearance and not unlike something you’d expect to see from a Pokémon at about level 5 (normal starter level). Next we have a dog-like Forme (10%) which is an intermediary between Core and the normal Zygarde we were introduced to in X&Y (50%). Hypothetically it could be reached at level 25-35 and be useful through mid-game. Finally, before the Elite 4 we could reach 50% Forme and post-game would take us to that new and ultra-powerful looking Complete Forme.

The Formes for Zygarde seem to follow the normal flow of the main plotline perfectly, giving trainers an ally that is not overtly powerful when it starts out, but ends up being a juggernaut.

zygarde-cell#2: Cell collection

A unique aspect of Zygarde’s Forme changes are their dependence on Zygarde “cells”. These non-Pokémon would make a great collection mechanic throughout the game as you begin your journey with the Core and gradually accumulate enough cells to reach the next stage. Instead of leveling Zygarde, like a normal Pokémon, you might have to explore Kalos more thoroughly to find hidden cells and potentially unlock its power earlier. It would make sense that there would be limited numbers of these cells accessible before meeting certain requirements, such as locations which could only be reached using HMs or areas that are opened after a badge is obtained.

It would certainly be a great way to shake up the traditional flow of the game we’ve been playing for 20 years now!

What do you think?


This is totally speculation on my part, so I’m very curious for your thoughts and opinions about this! What do you think? Will GameFreak be throwing us a curve ball? Did I just ruin all their secrets?!

<3 PJ

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  1. “It would certainly be a great way to shake up the traditional flow of the game we’ve been playing for 20 years now!” And that’s the problem. Game Freak would never take such a risk. Maybe in a spin-off, but not in a main series title.

    1. Pre-B2W2 I might have believed this, but what they revealed in the interview was telling about how much they needed to introduce novelty to keep the series fresh. Last generation it was a direct sequel and I think for Z it will be cell collection. Even if it isn’t a starter, it seems pretty clear we’re going to have to hunt for cells throughout the region to obtain the Complete Forme. I don’t know how else that would be possible based on what has been revealed.

    2. It doesn’t seem like THAT big of a risk. It’s not like they’re getting rid of gym leaders or something.

  2. It’s definitely a possibility. I think it will be a much simpler situation than that, though. Perhaps we’ll be given Zygarde Core(s) by certain important trainers in the game, then fight Team Flare to earn custody of every Zygarde Cell. That, along with the expanded AZ/Floette story arc, would make for a rather interesting Pokemon game! Also, we’re SO overdue for a game announcement. October Nintendo Direct will have it…I still believe.

  3. My question is; if we’re given Zygarde and it’s important to the story does that mean we’re forced to give it a spot on our team? Because if so, do not want.

  4. I have a gut feeling that Pokemon Village would be inhabited by Zygarde Cells and we’d have to go on a ZyCell catching spree

  5. I like this idea, I know Gamefreak will interpret this in the most basic and boring way, like having three locations where a cutscene plays and Zygarde absorbs the cells and just changes forme

    But if they actually did it where you have to actually find the cells around Kalos it’d be pretty awesome. I hope there are more than the three forms we’ve seen (maybe more animal types, the dog form seems dumb compared to dragon and mech, but maybe a bird or wyvern would kinda space the odd progression of shapes out)

  6. It’s interesting because Cell and Core aren’t listed with types, height, and weight as of yet. And you do have to remember, having multiple Legendary Pokemon in the anime isn’t all that uncommon. The games and anime do differ by a bit, even at the times that they try to get close to each other. While your idea is interesting, I just can’t see it happening. But then again, I am in denial after we’ve been playing a game with pretty much the same formula for nearly 20 years. But ever since Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, nothing has been the same anymore. Game Freak loves throwing curveballs as of recently.

  7. You know what I’m curious to know? Why is Zygarde in Terminus cave? I feel like there are some secrets there they should explore. It’s just an old abandoned mining facility that doesn’t seem to hold much significance. I’m kinda tired of the “they were digging and uncovered something…” trope so I hope if they elaborate on it, it’s something cool and unique.

  8. I really like the idea of collecting cells throughout Kalos,but what about the stats?

    I can see perfect forme having a base stat near the same level as Kyurem-B/W.

    Zygarde 50% has a BST of Only 600,even though Zygarde 10% should logically have a lower BST, I can’t see it being lower than 600,so both 10% and 50% will have 600..

    As for core, I expect something around 480.

  9. I kind of hope this is the case so I’ll feel less bad about boxing my starter. If it was the original three again I’d feel compelled to give Greninja a team slot (went with Delphox in X), when I’d rather use Barbaracle.

    I hope they don’t force us to put Zygarde on our team….

  10. I don’t feel comfortable having the 10% as my starter, it may be Ground Type but i don’t want a Legendary as a starter (also everyone will have it and its kinda ehhhhh its unique but then everyone has one)
    I rather we find the core right around say the 4th badge or 6th the latest

  11. Hmmmm I’m not so sure I c it as the main starter. As others have said I will agree that I could definitely c it as a secondary starter by way of the Kanto starters in XY, but they’re not just gonna push Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin aside like that. With the exception of it being the main starter I think this theory is actually pretty good. I really like the idea of searching for the Zygarde Cells and Zygarde becoming stronger at certain plot points throughout the game until the climax where u fight the bad guys or whatever. I would just hope that if that’s a thing they leave some cells up to the player to find rather than it just being given to u at every point.

  12. I really hope Nintendo releases some more New 3DS (not XL) bundles, I really want one. If they don’t do that, I just hope they restock their Animal Crossing bundles into the holidays.

  13. it would make sense for them to do this they practical catering to Gen 1 in Kalos. It would be wonderful if they did this. Yellow was the only good thing about Kanto.

  14. Very interesting theory, I would like it, and how it switches up things, but two things: will we be FORCEd to use it and The cells cant fight in battles, how would that work? but I think it would be pretty cool as a side quest is to collect all the cells

  15. At this point the probability of a Battle Frontier type feature coming is highly likely, right? I mean, Ash is closing in to the 7th gym in the anime and there hasn’t been an announcement for the 3rd 6th Gen game yet, the only way they could extend the Anime to coincide with the games is to pull off a Battle Frontier season, or if Z’s events occur in a different region and they make Ash and co’s journey extend to said region. Either way, I’m good. Haha

    1. That’s what I’ve been saying!
      We have about a yer left of kalos and no way its just 2 gyms and a league unless they wanna have a lot of filler. a battle frontier like season wouldnt be weird

      1. But to go to the battle frontier they have to have one first …but I don’t see any around too bad

  16. Ughhhhhhhh i just want Super Mystery Dungeon now!
    I’ve been going to great lengths not to read spoilers
    I painfully learned that a great series of Pokemon apparently do not evolve in the game and this includes Drilbur WHAT FREAKING BS
    and a ton of other Ground types like Phanpy Hippopotas and even Gabite
    I really hope this isn’t true, you can’t just not let this kinda injustice befoul the game

  17. I like the idea of thoroughly investigating Kalos for cells but think of it more as a post-game thingy. I mostly hope that the post-elite4 part of Pokemon Z opens up some new areas to explore besides the pokemon village (AND RHYHORN RACING YESSSS)

    1. I hated how in Kalos they mentioned Rhyhorn racing/ bike racing but they never let you do those things, is basically was teasing you

  18. Hmmm so this weekend is the last one with Get TV right? Then we get that house show next weekend. I wonder if there will b any teasing or something

    1. Apparently the show will have some kind of “special content”, according to the teaser posted on YouTube. I doubt it means anything, but I’ll be watching just in case. Looks like we have less than 4 hours to go…

      1. I could c them teasing a tease for their last show and then next week they maybe tease the game? Lol

      1. I haven’t hunted in a while. I got the shiny charm then got shiny kyurem then got busy with school, personal projects and other games. I think I’m going to get back to catching nearly every legendary in ORAS’s shiny form (That isn’t locked of course)

    1. Congrats. Although may I ask why you really want him? He’s actually a rather boring shiny to me, the only notable thing that changes about him is the thing on his face 😛

        1. Entei was the only shiny legendary dog I got when they came to gamestop a few years ago. I thought you could only get one 🙁

  19. It’s a great idea and hadn’t occurred to me. I think if it turns out this way I could definitely see myself enjoying Z.

  20. Also I would like this idea because unlike other starters which I grew to like
    These starters are annoying and I am growing to dislike them

  21. That’s a neat idea, but I doubt it would happened. Were going to likely pick from the Kalos Starters again. I could see GameFreak making us collect the various Zygarde Cells in order to get Zygarde Complete. Still, your idea would be something new! Maybe, they could give us Zygarde Core early and then have us complete him as we go!

  22. So.. I totally just stalled this guy out on Battle Spot using Whimsicott. I am the type of person who gets stabbed in a dark alley and wonders why.

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