Crazy Theory Thursday: Zygarde a Starter in Pokémon Z?!

It may be Friday, but Crazy Theory Thursday sounds a lot better so just consider this article late 😉 

zygarde-coreThere’s more to Zygarde than meets the eye

I’m going to propose something a little bit unorthodox, so bear with me: could the legendary Pokémon Zygarde be your starting partner in the next Pokémon game? There’s certainly no precedent for starting with a legendary, but there was one previous game that forewent the usual starter selection in favor of the series mascot Pikachu back in Pokémon Yellow. And if it isn’t a starter, perhaps it is an early gift from Professor Sycamore?

There are two main reasons why I have hope we may get to see Zygarde in the early game:

#1: The unique Formes

It is very common for legendary Pokémon to receive new Formes, but this time we have two weaker ones in addition to one stronger one. This is highly unusual and no doubt plays a large role in the upcoming installment finishing Generation VI on the Nintendo 3DS. The ‘Core’ form is very basic in appearance and not unlike something you’d expect to see from a Pokémon at about level 5 (normal starter level). Next we have a dog-like Forme (10%) which is an intermediary between Core and the normal Zygarde we were introduced to in X&Y (50%). Hypothetically it could be reached at level 25-35 and be useful through mid-game. Finally, before the Elite 4 we could reach 50% Forme and post-game would take us to that new and ultra-powerful looking Complete Forme.

The Formes for Zygarde seem to follow the normal flow of the main plotline perfectly, giving trainers an ally that is not overtly powerful when it starts out, but ends up being a juggernaut.

zygarde-cell#2: Cell collection

A unique aspect of Zygarde’s Forme changes are their dependence on Zygarde “cells”. These non-Pokémon would make a great collection mechanic throughout the game as you begin your journey with the Core and gradually accumulate enough cells to reach the next stage. Instead of leveling Zygarde, like a normal Pokémon, you might have to explore Kalos more thoroughly to find hidden cells and potentially unlock its power earlier. It would make sense that there would be limited numbers of these cells accessible before meeting certain requirements, such as locations which could only be reached using HMs or areas that are opened after a badge is obtained.

It would certainly be a great way to shake up the traditional flow of the game we’ve been playing for 20 years now!

What do you think?


This is totally speculation on my part, so I’m very curious for your thoughts and opinions about this! What do you think? Will GameFreak be throwing us a curve ball? Did I just ruin all their secrets?!

<3 PJ

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