Pokémon Red & Blue Released 17 Years Ago

Today marks the 17th anniversary of Pokémon Red & Blue’s Western debut! The games started a series which would go on to become one of the most popular in the world and also spawn numerous other games, merchandise and memorabilia.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the roots of our favorite monster catching franchise and pay our respects. I didn’t have a Gameboy, so I lived vicariously through my luckier friends and played on their devices or simply watched. I wonder if Freud would say my envy spawned caused some sort of psycho-sexual trauma which resulted in me making a website dedicated to Pokémon. Hmm.

Anyways, happy anniversary! High resolution of the original artwork done by Reddit user

<3 PJ

ps- Next year they’ll be 18 and officially legal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  1. Aww they can now officially buy an M-rated video game. Perhaps a M-rated pokemon game will be announced today!?

    I still have my sister’s Red version from way back when! Still works and everything. Great memories. I remember coming across Articuno and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. And then my sister named it “Lil’ Bitch” and I was mad haha.

    1. If you trade it to Gen VI, it will just go back to Articuno. Some of the sware word correcting name things make sense, but I named my Snorlax Poopy and traded it to my Pokémon Y and it got changed to Snorlax.

  2. Freud is a fraud. Undeniable, it is. Crazy to think everything can be analized. Kapooya! Pokemon is love, pokemon is life on the other hand. Undeniable, it is. Seventeenth anniversary makes me feel nostalgic. Seventeen years full of memories. Yep.

  3. Surprised we didn’t get an announcement for the anniversary. I thought pokemon was 20 years old though? Did the cards come out first or something?

    1. It’s the 17th anniversary in the west for the games. This year was the 19th anniversary for Japan and next year will b the 20th for Japan making the it also the 18th for the west next year too.

  4. Wow, Pokemon is only a few months older than I am, here in USA. I grew up with Pokemon as we all did, and it has helped steer me away from negative influences as I went through my early life. No matter how far I go in life as I continue to grow, I will never forget how much it means to me. In other words, “You’re my best friend in a world we must defend, POKEMON!”

  5. since i’ve noticed a lack of Poison type Megas (that are Primary Poison typed)
    top 5 Poison type Megas
    5: Muk becomes a horrible encroaching blob of filth with glowing mouth and eyes
    4: Crobat either regains legs and takes on more of a golbat aspect with huge fangs and a much broader wingspan
    3: Drapion Big. Ass, Scorpion Stinger
    2: Vileplume with bigger petals and grows more roots
    1: Nidoking: Bonier plates and spines looks like it will kill on sight

    1. You know what’d be really cool? A poison/fairy type. Trying to come up with a design in my head.

      1. Hmmm a noxious sprite?
        A garbage fairy?
        These types cannot be more different from each other
        But nonetheless I enjoy racking my brain on concepts

      2. There were fan ideas that Spritzee could evolve into a Fairy/Poison plague doctor. That would be good.

      1. well i’m not just going to give all the populars all the attention
        everyone just wants the Popular Pokemon to get Megas

  6. Around the time the first movie came out in the UK, I started to bug my Dad (who travels overseas) about Red Version with strong hints. Bless him, he sent me a gameboy and Red Version for Christmas. Bless him slightly less – it was in French, which I do not speak. Of course there was no Google in those days, so I had to keep running to my mother (who speaks pidgeon French) to translate for me every five minutes. When she was at work, I struggled by alone, just me and my Charmander. No internet walkthroughs, no friends to share tips with, and in a completely different language. It was also only the 3rd video game I had played in my life, the 2 previous being on Playstation. Which goes far to explaining why, when I reached Vermilion City and the SS Anne departed, I freaked out and figured I should have been on board it for the journey or something, and so reset my game believing there was nothing else to be done. Then I kid you not; the same thing happened again.

    Eleven year old me was apparently REALLY dumb.

    My third playthrough I made it up to Erika and then kinda lost interest, because Mum bought me Yellow Version in English (huzzah!). My French Red lay dormant for over a decade…until I picked it up 3 years ago, dusted it off and, with a little help from Google Translate, finally finished it. Good memories never die 🙂

  7. My first Pokemon Game was Diamond. Back then, in india, it was kinda hard to get your hands on Nintendo consoles (still is). My dad was leaving for the US and i remember thinking that the gameboy was the latest console and pokemon emerald the latest game. I’d been watching the anime for a while then and i was hooked! So i told my dad to bring back a gameboy advance and emerald and imagine my surprise when i find in my hands three weeks later a DS and a copy of Diamond. Using primitive internet, i had already found out all there was to know about emerald and had already memorised all the third gen pokemon from watching the anime. Diamond however, came to mean adventure exploration and excitement to me. It meant being able to discover a new pokemon in the next patch of grass while adventuring across unknown territory and facing off against team galactic (second best villainous team after team plasma!). I don’t know where these games stand objectively, but i know that they’ll remain the best generation just cause of all the memories!

  8. My first Pokemon Game was Sapphire, but I played it on an emulator. Still, it was a fresh new experience, and I totally didn’t know about the Physical-Special split until much later, though the release of Pearl means I didn’t need to know that anymore. I actually bought a DS with my own money for Pearl, making it my first legit Pokemon game.

    Mudkip is still the best starter of all time, because of this. Alpha Sapphire, I would say, is just a “memory upgrade” for me, it gave me an incentive to go back to the region that started it all with a fresh new coat of paint.

    The only time I cried in a Pokemon game, and it wasn’t because of sadness: “Wait, am I really going to space? On Rayquaza? With this space suit? Is this really happening!? WHOAAAAAAAAA!”

  9. My first was Sapphire and Mudkip looked cool. The Elite 4 in Hoenn was so new to me and I loved raging everytime Steven 6-0’d me. I also remember getting Emerald and going to the BF for the first time.

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