Crazy Theory Thursday: Main Series on iOS/Android?


Pokémon has always had a tight relationship with Nintendo and it would have been previously unthinkable to consider a game from the main series appearing in iTunes or Google Play. With the recent release of Pokémon Shuffle on smartphones and tablets and the upcoming release of Pokémon GO exclusively for iOS/Android, it may be time to question what the future holds for the series, however.

Benefits of a smart-device release

  • Wider audience: Almost everyone has a smartphone these days which makes the market huge
  • More capable hardware: Nintendo’s handhelds have always been good, but the raw power that most iOS and Android devices have nowadays leaves Nintendo in a tough spot to compete
  • Fully online capable: Connecting for online battles with a 3DS is not the fastest experience and requires a nearby compatible WiFi hotspot, but with smartphones and tablets that are almost always online it brings new possibilities for connectivity between players


  • Bug(-types) galore: Developing for Android and iOS will mean more devices to worry about compatibility for and may mean many bugs
  • Less support from Nintendo: If Pokémon did break away from Nintendo’s handheld’s it wouldn’t go unnoticed. They may offer less support for the franchise in other ways because of the snub
  • Lack of physical buttons: This one is a big one; with no d-pad or buttons the Pokémon experience may feel less responsive as you fiddle with an on-screen control system or clumsily try to tap menu items

The best is yet to come

Next year we’ll get a taste of battling on smartphones with Pokémon GO, which may also be testing the water for more serious future Pokémon releases. Are you excited for what may come? Or do you hope they stay with dedicated gaming handhelds as they always have?

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  1. We also have to consider another problem: the game size and the available free storage in the smartphone, which is one of the main problems that the users have.

  2. I’m not sure I ever c the main series going to mobile. Not that it’s a bad thought or anything, but I’m sure Nintendo would want to keep a firm stranglehold on that part of the series. I am glad that they’re branching out tho for other games. Silly puzzle games or full fledged games, it doesn’t matter. I’m excited for Pokemon GO and I really hope it works at least some what the way they say it will.

  3. Buck no just no if this happen i will be done with the series because Pokemon belong on Nintendo handheld not on smartphone or android or ios iOS devices.
    Also to add to my feeling with this Theory if it actually happen.

  4. why cant we talk about something cool! like Man-Made mega pokemon! i mean Lysandre in the anime is collecting date on ever mega pokemon Alian fights! and lets go a step further and say this will give birth the Z mega stones! think about it! mega mewtwo X, Y and Z, mega charizard Z, born from all the date collected, to make charizard the strongest mega, and also tempting Alian to join the darkside for good! and dont even get me started about how the Z in pokemon xy&Z looks like a 7! for 7th gen! Z7Z7Z7Z7Z7! think about it!

    1. I don’t care for mobile games. They just feel right. I prefer true game systems. Otherwise I never finish games.

  5. I think Pokemon GO will be dissappointment for those who wait so much from it. It’s a mobile application afterall. It can be the best of all mobile applications, but even the best of them could not top any handheld game.

  6. Calling it now. Mobile gaming will have a market crash like it did in the early days of home gaming. Do you know how many Flappy Birds, Clash of Clans and general infinite runners there are? Miyamoto was hired partly because he didn’t pitch a better version of break out! I hope Nintendo doesn’t end up relying too much on it

    1. Mobile gaming and Home Console gaming aren’t really compareable.
      Do you seriusly think that people care about the quality and creativity of mobile games.
      Smartphones have become a necessity nowadays and everyone has them,and everyone can easily download any game they want with a touch of a button.

      People who primarily game on mobile dont’t give a shit about the game as long as it helps them pass the time

  7. No. I would seriously dislike the main series titles being on mobile devices. Pokemon games feel amazing on handhelds. Plus, they help Nintendo really move units. I just hope this never occurs. However, I’m fine with GameFreak or Pokemon Company publishing their older titles on the 3DS, iOS, and Android. That would seriously bring more people into their franchises. This is a theory that I hope never sees the light of day.

    1. I agree. Main series games being on Mobile devices would be the end of the world in my book. Any true Pokémon fan has grown up with Pokémon on handheld consoles and I would hate it if the Pokémon franchise switched completely to mobile. Also, I agree that older games can be sold on Mobile devices. I would get Pokémon Yellow.

  8. I don’t mind a little spin off on mobile devices but for main series I prefer on the handheld. As new handheld come out the graphics and features get better I mean from black and white to x and y the evolution lol was amazing and with mobile devices I feel it will be sort of the same features and grafics would be the same for awhile. And off subject I NEED MY NEWS FIX for the month I need it!!!!!!!! ???

  9. Here you remind you about this month’s Corocoro. After last month’s, who knows what we’ll get?!

    1. Oh yeah, that’s happening next week. I completely forgot CoroCoro was a thing after obsessing over it last month. I still think we’re getting a game announcement this month.

      1. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. I’ve been thinking we’d get some Hugh Jackman dick pics by now but that hasn’t happened either.

    2. Did CoroCoro even hint at this month other than saying that XYZ is starting the 29th? The more time passes the lass hyped I’m getting. That’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to the next game, but all the energy I had for being super duper excited is reaching it’s end and I’m not sure I can hold out positivity until some solid news get released lol

      1. I don’t think it did. But if we got something good last month, we might get something else this month just as big if not bigger.

        1. Fair enough. I’m just sick of all the waiting……’s gone past them just teasing us……now it just seemed like they went and jumped the gun when they weren’t actually ready to start revealing stuff……..or maybe at this point we expect too much from them hahaha

    1. Is this an online threat? If so, I will take the initiative of contacting your local authorities to insure that you don’t hurt anybody.

      1. I’d like to see you try, Corocoro has been extremely crappy revealing things everyone wants, I just want something I could enjoy

  10. Oh by the way
    Not only is next Monday Pokemon X&Y’s Third Anniversary
    It is also my Birthday
    Oct 12th

  11. I wouldn’t be opposed to having some sort of companion app to a main-series game, but definitely not have a full-fledged title on iOS or Android. A Pokedex app or an app with similar functionalities to the PokeNav would be okay in some sense.

  12. “Fantasy Life 2” going to mobile, never forget the betrayal. 😀

    Honestly, I would prefer Go to be a marketing tool for 3DS/main series. Have the Pokemon transferrable to Bank then finally to ORASXY. I would totally not be opposed to that.

    But main series games to mobile? As long as it’s a port and there’s a main game on a Nintendo system, I would be totally fine with it.

  13. I’m wondering if they could release a game, the same game in the main series – simultaneously on mobile and Nintendo’s handhelds. It would be more difficult to maintain two different versions, for sure, but they could potentially reap the benefits of having a wider audience, testing the waters on a new platform, and still keep what they have going now.

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