Which do you prefer in Pokémon games: 2D Sprites or 3D Models?

Generation VI brought something to the main Pokémon series that fans had never had before: fully 3D graphics. Pokémon battles were suddenly much more detailed than in previous games and the monsters looked more alive than ever with stunning cel-shaded models.

That being said however, 2D sprites have been a staple of the series and some may prefer the older style to today’s new look on the Nintendo 3DS. So now it’s time to share: do you think the 3D models are superior to the previous 2D art, or do you hope that the series might one day return to its roots?!

<3 PJ

ps- I love the 3D models!

    1. Wouldn’t that be awesome to see a pokemon age as it goes along in your journey?

      1. I’ve pondered the idea
        Also the idea of visible held items (especially Mega Stones)
        also Scars, markings, and whatever else exists

  1. I love the 3D models because now it actually looks like they’re attacking. I don’t miss flamethrower coming out of Charizard’s neck.

  2. Although I like both, I actually love the even smaller 32×32 dot art in the party screen.

  3. Oh most definitely the 3D models r the best. 2D sprites can b good, but GF never really did them very well to begin with. The models r a much welcomed step forward lol

  4. Very hard to decide
    2D pre-gen 5 where static and only had a entry animation and staring at a motionless image with no changes until evolution and then you’ll get tired of staring at that
    But then it made it a hella lot better with animated sprites which kept the viewers attention
    but then finally with the 3D models it was a great step up from the pixel age
    I saw keep the 2D with the old and the 3D with the new

      1. Well you try to make a logical Ground/Fighting Type
        Mud Wrestling Pig just screams Ground/Fighting

  5. I like the 3d models but certain pokemon don’t look right in them…. i think a lot of the colours are lighter (charmander being the one that pops to mind). I liked 2d models up to gen 4 which i thought had very nice sprite designs however gen 5 tried to do something but i hate looking at the edgy pixels that move.

    So i am for 3D models but would like the colours used to be more crisp and detailed in the next generation.

    1. then in about 10 years, Humans will have abused Pokemon to the point of no return
      and i mean abuse them in every way conceivable, soldiers, slavery gambling, hell i bet even prostitution (you know it’ll happen)

      but that still doesn’t mean that the majority won’t treat them like family

    2. Ever since I was 8, I’ve been thinking of how cool and helpful it would be to have Pokémon in real life, but after 5 years of thinking, I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be so cool. There are more than 4 Pokémon that steal your soul, there are at least 2 Pokémon that eat your dreams, there are at least 3 Pokémon that kidnap children and some Pokémon are just downright CREEPY. I would like Pokémon in real life, but it would still be kinda….. Idk… If Pokemon was real.

  6. I love the models, but something about the coloring makes me prefer the sprites better. It’s like they’re too bright or something. They’re also what I grew up with so I’m kinda attached to them…

  7. 3D models, especially when it comes to movement.

    I’m not sure what it was but when Black and White first came out I really didn’t like the pixelated movements of the Pokemon. I preferred the cleaner looking non moving (apart from the beginning) sprites from Platinum. That being said though, I really liked how the whole back of the Pokemon was visible as opposed to the “standing on its back” view. I don’t really hate dislike it nearly as much as I did back then however. But when it comes to 2D sprites I’d prefer non moving with the entire back of the Pokemon visible probably.

  8. I prefer the 3D, cause they are more realistic and accurate, but there is something weird regarding some Pokemon like Mega Heracross and Scizor … they seem to be made of plastic. I hope that they will be improved in next games.

      1. It might be because they’re trying to make HD models for a sub HD device. If the 3DS had a higher resolution screen (mainly the New 3DS because of the processor that could help), they would have room for more details. But until then, balloon mon is what we’ll get.

  9. Sometimes I like the sprites better because some 3D models SUCK . I made an article on Mount Moon about some of these 3D models (like torkal and charizard X) because the smoke/fire or whatever looked like it had an outline.

  10. The Newtype magazine has revealed another new episode title for the second episode of Pokémon XY & Z. In this episode, Ash & Co. continue to travel to Snowbelle City, with their new friend Squishy (Zygarde Core), when a wild Quilladin appears. It is due to air on November 5th 2015
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  11. I like the 3D more, it makes the pokemon look much more realistic
    But some pokemon kinda look weird in 3D, but that’s fine

  12. 3D Models are better. It gave Pokemon more style and personality. I would love to see more animations added to the Pokemon tho. Yet, B/W (B2/W2) had my favorite sprites. I got pumped when I saw Zorua and Zoroark moving for the first time! :3

  13. 5 days til my birthday
    will corocoro leak within that time frame?
    i wish this weekend was Fallout 4 or Super Mystery Dungeon….

  14. 3D models, definitely. There’s only so much you can do with 2D sprites, not only did the 3D models give a better representation of what the Pokemons look like, it also gave them life and personalities (Sableye and Porygon-Z are great examples) but I do see them leaning towards a flatter, cell-shaded art style ala Wind Waker.

  15. I thought this was funny. The title of the second episode of XY&Z is “Hot-blooded Quilladin! Squishy is being targeted!” First it’s Larry, then Zygarde Core, and now Squishy.

  16. I love the 3d models,but they still have a lot of room for improvement.
    Salamance and Charizard X Look really bad in battle,you can only see their backs and their wings.
    Blastoise shoots it’s hydropump From it’s mouth instead of it’s canons, The 3d Models look wierd in front of some of the backgrounds, when you’re having a battle on the bridge in XY, The pokemon look really small..
    Something they should add in the future games is if the pokemon has it’s HP in the red zone, then they should move slower or lean down to reflect the damage taken

    1. well you do realize it would take a ton of needless effort for specific animations to suit Pokemon specifications

  17. Speaking on the subject of 3D Models
    hopefully in the next installation we’ll get mega holsters for Pokemon that can Mega Evolve
    but this means maybe only 1 type per, so no gigantic selection of Mega Accessories since that means rewriting the entire model and syncing the animations
    like a Metal Plate for Charizard, Garchomp, gyarados and Aerodactly (and pretty much all draconic Pokemon)
    Some kinda Wrestler belt for Mega Heracross and Pinsir
    Charms/Necklaces for Garde, Gallade, Medicham, Banette, Mawile, Absol
    Gangar is tough since its intangible maybe a headband
    and with the more bulky body types more headbands for, Blastoise, Venusaur, Sharpedo’s really tough with that streamline head of its,
    Not everyone of them is perfect, but even i don’t think it would be a good idea, it pretty much lasts as long as you don’t mega evolve, and that also means its a dead giveaway in battle
    besides i only use like 4 Megas anyway Garchomp, Heracross, Aerodactyl and Lucario (but i am starting to like Mega Abomasnow)

  18. I prefer 3D models because it feels more realistic. It gave Pokemon personality and life! Sableye is a good example. I like sprites as well, but not as much as 3D models.

  19. Speaking of 3D models, in X and Y (maybe in ORAS as well but idk), Cresselia’s idle animation has this random twitch, like it’s head bobs ever so slightly sideways, the thing that makes it look unnatural is that it’s neck is stiff as it happens. I’m not sure if the devs purposely animated those frames in, but it’s certainly odd. Haha

  20. Why is there no crazy theory thursday?! :/ I really enjoyed the first two!! And i still think there’s a lot of speculative material out there, and pokejungle is my go-to speculation site! 😀

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