Hoopa Download Coming Soon

hoopaHoopa is going to be downloadable to Generation VI Pokémon games (XY/ORAS) via a serial code given at participating retailers. Some of the European locations and dates are known, but details for North America have yet to be announced. Most likely this will be available worldwide by the end of the year, with US owners promised Hoopa by the end of the year.

The Pokémon Company International is pleased to announce the upcoming character distribution of Mythical Hoopa. The distribution will allow fans to gain this special Level 50 Pokémon, which cannot be found during normal gameplay. Fans will need to have a copy of Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby orPokémon Alpha Sapphire, and a system from the Nintendo 3DS family. Mythical Hoopa has the Magician Ability and is recognized by its two horns and the golden ring that adorns its body. The ring allows it to bend dimensions and move objects across great distances. Hoopa’s moves include Hyperspace Hole, Psychic, Astonish, and Nasty Plot. 

  • UK: Oct 23 – Nov 5 in GAME stores
  • Germany: Oct 16 – Nov 7


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