November CoroCoro Leaking

It seems November’s issue of Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro is leaking and a special event has been revealed. Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal, the main Pokémon from X&Y, will be given away as downloads.

We’ll bring you more as it comes.

<3 PJ

  1. Wow. So, those Shiny Colours were actually real. I kind of wish GameFreak just allowed you to encounter these shinies during the Main Game. Still, their colours are great and I’m surely going to get one! :3

  2. Can’t say I’m surprised this CoroCoro’s only gonna reveal trivial info. It is cool tho that they made art for them tho

  3. It’s very exciting to note that the Zygarde doesn’t come with the moves Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves, eliminating the possibility and fear of just an event distribution and no game. But it should of been obvious enough that Zygarde was going to get a game with the formes revealed last month. Take that non-believers!

    1. Yup. I think it was obvious that there was going to be another Pokemon Game soon. We already got hints to 2016 and the moves Thousand Waves and Arrows. Let’s just keep clinging to hope!

  4. The theory that “Pokemon Z” will be announced on X/Y’s 2-year anniversary could be plausible. Two more days until we find out. I hope there is more than this in the CoroCoro, however…

    1. It is a bit early that this CoroCoro. Could get more tomorrow night. That was when we got last month’s CoroCoro on the 12th. And October’s CoroCoro for last year came in two parts as well, strangely enough. Oh wait, that was during the month of September. Keep forgetting the month of magazine is ahead of the actual month it’s in. Lol.

    2. That would be neat. We’re still getting a main Pokemon game in 2016; no matter what. I would love to see the game announced around that time.

  5. we usually get the important pictures first, which makes me think there is no new game announcement this month :'( i really hope i’m wrong, we’ve been waiting too long now.

  6. Wow, Game Freak. Event distributions to coincide with XY&Z. I never thought it could come to this. I am beginning to think that we won’t get a Z after all, and those forms are specifically for the anime. If they do still end up revealing Z, the latest possible time would be next month, around the November 12th release of that event Zygarde. I just don’t know anymore.

      1. The latest possible *logical* time. After that, I’m officially delegating Game Freak to an insane asylum.

    1. That’s not how the anime works.
      The anime is nothing more than a marketing tool for the games.
      We’re getting a new game for the zygarde forms soon..

  7. I just want to see a new game already rather Z or XY 2 i just want to see a new game already.

  8. True story, in the depths of my sleeping subconscious something mentioned Corocoro and awakened at 5:30 AM to find it was true
    The power of dreams

    1. talking about dream i was dreaming there is another stage between Zygarde Core and Zygarde 10% Forme ….. it’s owl shape .

  9. This is cool and i can’t see it being that much longer until there is an announcement about the next game..whatever form it is taking. Too much has already been revealed in other platforms like the anime and corocoro for a title to house all of the new stuff to not be announced very soon.

  10. Nice shinys I really want them, but its probably jap only, oh well.
    Also I’d like to state CoroCoro never announces new games

  11. As I mentioned before, it’s interesting how they build up to Zygarde, which happens to release around the time of CoroCoro leaks next month. The most interesting thing of all is that this Zygarde isn’t shiny like the other two legendaries, and doesn’t have either Thousand Waves or Arrows.

    SPECULATION: Perhaps they’ve been planning on revealing the new game (a single game is seeming more likely now) in early November on YouTube/the official website, then revealing more information in CoroCoro regarding a separate Zygarde event. This one would be shiny and have the ability to change into the different Zygarde forms through Thousand Waves and Arrows. This event would be much like Victini for Black and White, in which the Victory Ticket could be received from Day 1 of the game’s release. It’s VERY obvious that something like this will happen, based on the timing of these events. If that Zygarde were shiny, it would be an entirely different story.

  12. Where are people getting that Zygarde is coming too? The article above only says Yveltal and Xerneas.

    1. This article doesn’t mention it probably bc it’s not as interesting, but Zygarde was on another scan that came out. It’s only the normal Zygarde tho so……yeah lol

  13. Well tomorrow’s my Birthday…
    i kinda wished a few more games were coming out
    Like Super Mystery Dungeon, Triforce Heroes “cough” Yooka-Laylee “cough” and i guess Triforce Heroes

    1. I’m getting Supa Mystery Dungeon for Christmas so that I dont have to pay for it myself… Also… FINALLY!!!! MEGA CHARIZARD Y IS GETTING SOME GLORY!!!!! I PERSONALLY LOVE MEGA CHARIZARD!!!!

          1. I mean Drought already boosts its insanely high damaging Fire Moves and weakens water and gives it free solarbeams
            sure you lot always chime in Stealth Rock but you always lead with it
            Mega Camerupt should’ve gotten drought it needs it way more

  14. On the bright side, my Toysrus got restocks for Fox, Captain Falcon, and Little Mac, while my Best Buy got restocks for Shulk and Marth… and I got them all.

    1. Feh mine did that last week and it also had Lucario, Greninja and Olimar
      And my ToysRus had Charizard and Bowser Jr
      GameStop has the ROB DHD and Mr. G&W 3 pack
      And Target Dr. Mario and the 8Bit Mario (I wanted to buy it as a figurine but I’m strapped for cash)

      Yet not a single GODDAMN WARIO OR KING DEDEDE

  15. Ash’s Grininja and Noivern should appeare in next SME Act so they should evolve in same episode wat the hell ?

    1. Ash with a Noivern….man his team is pretty Flying dominate this season, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Noivern
      I’m still hoping for a Bergmite

    1. Prolly not…..we would most likely have gotten it already if there was one coming…….so we continue to wait! lol

  16. Everyone’s tryna predict when the next game announcement will be, but you’re all forgetting some key information. I was the one that predicted the announcement of Hoenn remakes the NIGHT BEFORE (within 12 hours of official confirmation). So a new game won’t be announced until I say anything about it

  17. Anyone else getting tired of the mega challenges on shuffle? You basically have to spend coins now to get the mega stone. It’s so annoying.

  18. These past few months have been the absolute least exciting when it comes to gaming, especially for Nintendo. We need a Nintendo Direct so badly. I don’t know if you guys have been following the Smash Bros. rumors, but a new Smash Bros. character is supposedly going to be revealed by the end of this month. I’m assuming that this will be in a Nintendo Direct, as they always have in the past. Perhaps we’ll finally get one in the week of October 26-30? That would be an absolute perfect time to reveal the next Pokemon game(s) as well, for many reasons.

  19. Fun fact: we’re already about 1/3 of the way through the wait for E3 2016. Boy, how time flies. NX HYPE!

  20. *Sigh* At this point, I’m already starting to lose excitement. I wish they would just announce the dang game already. I don’t care when it is released. I could be released in 2017 for all I care, I just need something man. They’re literally not throwing us anything lol.

    1. This off-time is when I would traditionally buy lots of older games to play, but I’m completely broke. I’m trying so hard to get to my backlog but it’s harder than it should be. So right now, I’m a bit depressed as a gamer.

    2. Come now, its just a year off
      GF has done it numerous times, and we, the fanbase, kept asking for it, but now you guys wanna get all thirsty and complain, its what we deserve. Apparently the fanbase wasn’t ready for a year off, after being spoiled for 5 years.

  21. Come on GF for the love and sake of God. stop teasing us and just reveal Pokemon Z Already because the wait is killing everyone. -_-

    1. they call this Pokémon Tretta Ultimate Z ….i seem to be Zygarde forms r available Pokémon Tretta game .

  22. I wonder if these coroco codes work for US copies for SMD
    I would fucking love to learn Power-Up Punch ASAP
    Also I wish more Pokemon naturally learnt it other than Lucario

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