Last Chance to Grab Genesect Download

Pokémon fans who weren’t able to get a Genesect for their copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire now have a second chance. This is especially important now that you can bring it to Alola through the use of Pokémon Bank. There are two different codes based on region: North America: GENESECT20 Europe & Australia: GENESECT2016 This … Read more

Genesect Distribution Announced

In celebration of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, a special Genesect code distribution will be held across the world beginning on November 1st and ending on the 24th. This is the second to last legendary event distribution and is available to gamers with a copy of Pokémon X & Y or Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This … Read more

Last Chance to get Hoopa!

For those in North America who missed the McDonald Event, you have a second chance to add Hoopa to your collection! Simply input the code 2016HOOPA into any XY or ORAS game via the Serial Code option and voilà! But be quick, because this event ends on October 9th! This Level 50 Hoopa, holds a Smoke Ball … Read more

Watch the Pokémon World Championships Opening Ceremony

It’s an important time for Pokémon trainers, especially those who have battled hard enough to make it to the World Championships this year. Follow along from home as the celebrations begin! Below I’ve embedded the official Twitch stream: <3 PJ FEATURED DISCUSSION: What do you do Post Elite 4?

Unova Competition to Reward Players with N’s Darmanitan

A new Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire battle competition, the Unova Classic, has been announced on the official Pokémon Global Link website. This is a rather unique tournament because it will be held in the triple battle format and reward “N’s Darmanitan” to all competitors. The special Darmanitan is level 35 and has the ability Zen … Read more

A View on Simisear (Japan’s Least Popular Pokémon)

Anyone who follows PokéJungle and other Pokémon based sources via Twitter or Facebook will know that the results of the Pokémon Election in Japan have been announced. Fans around the world have been voicing their opinions about Japan’s least popular Pokémon. Who else, but poor, old Simisear. Here’s the thing about the Ember Pokémon; I’m on … Read more