A View on Simisear (Japan’s Least Popular Pokémon)

Anyone who follows PokéJungle and other Pokémon based sources via Twitter or Facebook will know that the results of the Pokémon Election in Japan have been announced.

Fans around the world have been voicing their opinions about Japan’s least popular Pokémon. Who else, but poor, old Simisear. Here’s the thing about the Ember Pokémon; I’m on the fence whether I like or dislike him. I do find Simisear strangely cute in a bizarre way, but he won’t be making my Top Ten favourite Pokémon list anytime soon.

However if you do like Simisear, I can respect that!

Now before we get onto the subject of why I (and many others) believe Simisear got the least amount of votes; let me just say that I will be looking at the Pokémon from two viewpoints: design and battle potential. After all, it’s sort of important for a Pokémon to have potential in competitive battle. Let’s get started!

Origins & Design

imageFirst thing’s first, let’s take a look at Simisear’s origins. According to Bulbapedia, Simisear, Simisage and Simipour are inspired by the ‘Elemental Monkeys’ (or ‘Three Wise Monkeys’). The trio made their first appearance in the Unova Region in Pokémon Black and White. Now while their pre-evolutions are adorable, Simisear and his brothers are a different story. Now I’m not saying that they are ugly, (I can think of other Pokemon that can take that title), but they could be better. Afterall, you can’t expect every Pokémon to be perfect. However, for the sake of argument, let’s compare the trio to Sinnoh’s very own Fire Monkey, Infernape. For one thing, Infernape’s design is majestic; something that I believe the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ are severely lacking design-wise. I’m sure many agree that the trio’s designs are rather underwhelming compared to their Sinnoh cousin. A missed opportunity methinks.

It’s worth mentioning that Simisear has only had a few appearances in the Pokemon Black and White anime. In fact from doing my research, Simisear only featured in five episodes overall, with only one major appearance. Yes, you read that correctly; only one. The poor guy hasn’t even had enough exposure in the anime to build up some popularity.

Competitive Pokémon Battle

Now to look at an important factor of any Pokémon; competitive battle. Luckily for Simisear, it does have a small saving grace in Smogon’s PU Tier. With a reputation as a threatening special attacking sweeper and wallbreaker due to its high-speed, good attack and decent coverage in the PU Tier, you’d think that’s great. But that’s where Simisear’s potential falls short. Sadly, this Pokémon is outclassed by the likes of Ninetales and Rapidash, and to make matters worse, it can easily be revenge killed by Zebstrika and Floatzel. It makes me sad. I always like to route for the underdog in battles.

For more info on Simisear’s movesets, please check out Smogon’s page on Simisear!

Following his loss at the Pokémon Election, Pokémon Centres across Japan will be releasing Simisear as an event, along with (and I’m not kidding when I say this) Simisear PR Business Cards, offering encouraging words about the Ember Pokémon. Although this is an admirable attempt by The Pokémon Company, not everyone is feeling the love for Simisear.  Although, I’m willing to give poor Simisear the benefit of the doubt; so long as its event has some decent moves that could give it some usefulness. However, that remains to be seen.

With that said PokéJungle readers, I would like to know your thoughts on Simisear!

  • Do you think the Ember Pokémon deserves the title of ‘Japan’s Least Popular Pokémon’?
  • Which Pokémon do you think deserves distribution at Pokémon Centers in the near future?
  • Where did your favourite Pokemon end up in the Pokémon Election?

Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to rate using those adorable Sewaddles!

– Lowri

PJ’s Note: Lowri is one of our new contributors, please give her a great Jungle welcome!

  1. Simisear doesn’t deserve it that belongs to the disgusting Binacle and Barbarbacle. Also literal trash Garbador and Trubbish.

  2. I don’t believe Simisear deserves that title. Drowzee, Hypno, Qwilfish, Tympole, Palpitoad, Stunfisk, Binacle…all way less likable. I don’t really like its hand positions in the official art though, they should be in fists or something. It seems confused.

    Also, welcome, Lowri.

    1. Hi Ultron,

      Thank you for the welcome 🙂 Yes, I can certainly agree that Stunfisk and Binacle needed to be lower on the list. There’s just something about them that puts me off.

  3. TheOracleXatu? Have I been dethroned? ;(
    In all seriousness, welcome. There’s room for more than one clairvoyant in our family. It should be said that I don’t hate Simisear at all! My vote for least favorite would probably go to Sunkern, since its existence rarely phases me.

    1. Hello ShinyXatu!

      Thank you for the welcome! There’s no need to worry 🙂 You are the original Xatu around these parts 😉

    2. You won’t be dethroned and I don’t see how Simisear was last my least favorite probably would be Maractus because it’s annoying in the wild and too rare to find unless you look its anime appearance was awful and it is terrible in competitive!

  4. 1.No i dont think it deserves the title, there are way worst and sort of useless pokemon like unown
    2.i dont get this question very well but i guess that the pokemon that got 700th-721st place in the poll should be distributed so that they gain a little popularity
    3.Serperior, my favorite pokemon got 136th which is pretty good comsidering he is more popular than 585 other pokemon (or more popular than 80% of the pokemons if u wanna get all technical) so yeah im pretty happy with that ;p

    1. How is Volcarona less liked than unown, tepig and fricken STUNFISK?! Japan has no taste. NO. TASTE.

  5. While I thinking it is nothing special, it doesn’t deserve all the hate. Some Pokemon deserve it much more than Simisear.

  6. -I can’t really say if it deserves the title as Japan’s Least Popular because I’m not Japanese, but I can definitely say I was surprised.
    -I don’t really know about distributions, but I like what the last poster said about a mix of the least popular.
    -As for my favorite, Banette? 152? Not too shabby. 🙂

    Also, I really enjoyed the way this article was written. I hope Lowri stays to write some more!

    1. Hi Wes,

      Thank you for your kind words! I’ll be sure to stick around for as long as I can with PokeJungle!

  7. Yes it deserves it. I mean look at it. Not to mention it’s useless. It’s also the most forgettable.

    1. Simisear might make a comeback if they do my idea of giving them corresponding mega’s for triple battle

  8. Great Article, and I don’t think its deserves the hate, I don’t think any pokemon deserves hate other than mr. mime, but I personally really like Simisear 🙂

    1. Thank you, The Lavender Swirlix 🙂 Glad you like the article. While I’m still on the fence about Simisear, I personally think that the likes of Garbador, Stunfisk etc. should have been much lower down on the list. Especially Stunfisk.

      But it’s the Japanese public’s choice at the end of the day of course 🙂

  9. Bleh. I dislike the elemental monkeys. I kinda enjoy Simisage’s design. Anyways, my body is reggie for this World Hobby Fair gameplay.

  10. I can’t quite make out the number on mobile, but my favorite Pokemon, Togepi, is on the first page, so that’s a good sign.

  11. I often hear people praising the story of the first gen 5 games, but why? Is it because of the whole “should Pokemon be in pokeballs” thing? Any insight into why the story was progressive over other Pokemon games would be appreciated.

    1. I think it deserves praise because it balances a lot of characters and makes the gym leaders meaningful for once, carries the evil team right up to the elite four, doesn’t lose momentum at any point, and brings up some interesting points about pokemon and enslavement.

    1. Hi StarStorm,

      I’m still on the fence about Simisear but I find him strangely cute.

    1. Though maybe it should’ve been better off last place instead, so it becomes a meme like Simisear is now…

  12. well guys the date is today the day of the world hobby Fair!,I can’t wait to see some new information on Pokemon Sun and Pokemon moon,this is going to be so cool let’s get that hype train ready because there’s going to be a Great Gaming party today! 😀

    1. Thats like, your opinion man.

      I really don’t think you can ever call a pokemon poorly designed, GF goes through a lot of design choices for pokemon before they choose the right one, and the monkeys are not poorly designed just because you don’t like them.

  13. Welcome Lowri! I’m actually quite fond of Simisear and it’s hooligan-like design.

    1. Hello Kriffix!

      As I mentioned in the article, I find Simisear cute in a bizarre way, but I wish he had more viability in battles. Here’s hoping the event redeems him 🙂

    1. which time or how much our left ? ……if u know it was beginning or this is another show ?

        1. You realise it’s in Japan right? As in it’s already started/the first day is nearly over?

  14. Yes! Vaporeon my all time favourite is the 109th most popular in Japan. Not too bad.

  15. Hey Lowri! Nice article 🙂
    My favorite Pokemon are actually pretty high on the list!
    Haxorus: 137
    Empoleon: 121
    Samurott: 123
    Arcanine: 126
    Dragalge (not so much: 440

    1. Thank you for the welcome Haxford!

      Although I can’t make it out on my phone, Skarmory & Houndoom are fairly high up on the list, which makes me happy!

  16. “In one shot at 1:10, you can see that Magearna’s old red and white form is “peeling” off its body. This seems to mean the 500 year old “Poke Ball” coloring is just a paint job rather than some kind of special form. It seems the old man who created Magearna gave her the paint job and taught her how to walk, and then over the 500 years the paint wore off.”
    -pokebeach http://www.pokebeach.com/2016/06/video-new-movie-19-trailer-magearnas-old-form-just-a-paint-jobo
    So i guess this means no shiny meagearna? Oh and apparently this was everything shown on the hobby fair thing

  17. So it would appear that Mr Smarty Dark Evolution guy from the movie want Magearna’s Soul Heart to turn the Azoth kingdom into some Neo Bowser Castle complete with Corruptedn Fluer Cannon attachment


        1. Idk its just that these movie seemed to be the one that would bring back the pokemon movies to the top but the more trailers i see the more cliche and boring it seems to be…

          1. What possible reason would you ever think the movies are going to be better
            They have been sinking slow and hard and you know it

  18. Just because it got last place doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most *disliked*, it’s just the one which the least amount of people consider their favorite. For all we know it could be half the voters’ second most fave, it just wouldn’t show on the poll. In order to find the truly most disliked Pokémon they’d have to either do a separate poll just for that, or do a poll where people had to rank every single one.

  19. I used a simisear on one of my first runs of black and it was somewhat handy. But looking at it again i dont know why i did, it doesnt please me design wise. It just looks so weird to me.
    Does it surprise me its least popular? Nurp. Do i think it deserves least popular. Yeup. Who do i think deserves least popular? At least in Unova dex.
    Where did my favorite pokemon go? Teehee, thats for me to know and you to find out 🙂
    There i am, 709th place huzzah. First, i would like to thank God and my parents!

    1. Oh, forgot this in my post, but welcome! 😀 I really liked your article, can’t wait to see more :3

      1. Thank you for the welcome! 🙂 Well I do have more articles in the works, so stay tuned 😉

  20. Yo anybody a math head?
    Anyone know how much would Sun cost with tax
    Kuz I hit 40 bucks in tips and I just need to know if it’ll cost like 45

    1. I live in North Carolina and tax on majority of goods is 0.07. So, I multiplied 40 by 0.07, which equals 2.8. After that, you add 40 to 2.8, which equals 42.80. With that, depending on where you live, Sun or Moon should cost around 42 to 43 dollars.

      1. …..math…..brain….hurt………RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        So that aside I guess I’ll make 50 my goal

        I mean I pre-purchased Moon on Amazon for a steal at 6 bucks out of my gift card I never used

        And I’ll be paying solely with tips earned at my job so barely any dough spent

        1. Nice! I’m planning on buying Pokemon Moon, simply based on Lunala’s design. Also, it fits my vibe of Y, Omega Ruby, and Moon! It just feels right!

  21. I think it and the other monkeys aren’t as bad as some of the other pokemon out there, if they weren’t stone evos they would be slightly better.

  22. My Top 6 favourites (favourite roster) ended up:
    10. Meloetta (My #3).
    15. Lucario (#1).
    38. Gardevoir (#2).
    56. Zoroark (#5).
    162. Lopunny (#4).
    565. Leavanny (#6).

    Not bad results in the results…!

    As far as I’m concerned I think Lucario, Zoroark and Gardevoir should get distributed… 🙂 But I guess some of them (if not all of them) have already had gotten a distribution some time in the past?

    A new Meloetta Event comes out in December, right?

  23. The Pokemon show thing on Sunday on the 3rd of July will have a video about Sun and Moon, however it could be the same as the reveal on the 1st, so take it with a pinch of salt

    1. Yeah, they practically never have actual news, just recaps for the kids who don’t get the news from the internet. Getting excited about this will only end in disappointment, as usual.

  24. I guess Masuda played the E3 Demo of Pokemon Sun & Moon. It seems like they encountered Grubbin in the grass. Also, someone needs to steal those copies of Pokemon Sun & Moon and grind the hell out of the starters! rf.

    1. Like I said before, I would totally just go encounter crazy to see what else is in the grass. Even if there isn’t anything else, I would at least know it instead of wondering if there was a rare encounter that no one’s seen.

      1. I imagine that for the demo those three are the only new Pokemon available. It’s not that I think they are hiding anything or whatever I just think having anymore before another reveal would be a waste of time coding them into the demo.

        1. Yeah true, but at least I would know definitely. Plus, there could have been more old Pokemon there.

          1. What I meant was they may not have put anymore new Pokemon in the demo as they wouldn’t necessarily needed them since they weren’t going to be revealed.

    2. I would slam my way through any crowd and break display cases and take them both and flee the scene (Not before having decoys in my bag to throw them off)
      Call the police, national guard

    3. What if they’ve only programmed in the base stage and only moves up to a certain level. They didn’t intend normal play with these. Also I knew that would be all that this was which sucks and is pointless. Besides where even is the dog and koala. I don’t want them to be the July 1st reveals. That would be stupid.

  25. I don’t think Simisear should have been last, but that’s just me. (tbh, Simisage should have been last, I think it’s the worst of the three monkeys but whatever)
    But I am a little biased since it’s putting in work on my Y wedlocke (about to face Olympia and he’s still there. Sadly, his partner died recently, and has been replaced by a Medicham)
    I don’t know where my favs ranked but I do know some of them were near the top, so I can’t be too mad.
    By the way, has Masuda presented in the World Hobby Fair yet? I’m not expecting too much, but I just wanted to know what happened there.

    1. Really? I like simisage the most of the monkeys xD it’s poof is a bit large though. I just like its face though

      1. It’s my least fav of the monkeys and it’s one I wouldn’t mind being last :3
        Then again, I don’t hate it, I just don’t care for it.

      1. is hard cause both of them are so ugly like today simisear is the ugliest but tomorrow? the water one is probably the ugliest. i just hate them lol

  26. Where’s the top 100? Or is literally the same as the halfway voting graphic?

    (That is sitll on the Pokejungle forums, BTW.)

  27. I personally like Simisear. Idk why anyone wouldn’t like ti. It’s got such a laid back look that it seems cool. I almost used it in Black, but ended up using Darmanitan. Even with that in mind I still really like Simisear.

  28. Well the problem with that poll is that the prize would be the most popular pokemon is distributed. This seriously skewed the votes, the legendaries topping the polls is proof of this. For example, my favorite pokemon is Houndoom, but would I want to have it distributed? No because it’s not all that rare. If pokemon really wanted a legit election that would make sure pokemon fans vote, they would offer a rare item just for voting or something. That way there’s an incentive to vote and no pokemon is favored over others.

    1. And honestly it seems like that backfired with the least voted actually being the one getting distributed and focused on. Still is curious that Simisear is the least voted/liked when there are others that are so much worse.

    1. A spy who has infiltrated our ranks!

  29. I just remembered something!
    We got a demo for ORAS, so maybe they’ll do one for SM?
    I mean, it did get hacked and it wasn’t too extensive, so maybe they won’t do it, but I think it would be pretty cool if they did.

    1. Percyyyyy today and tomorrow Masuda is at the World Hobby Fair and he may do a playthrough of sun and moon!!

      1. He already did, last I heard, but I meant a public demo, like the one for ORAS :3

          1. It was the same demo from E3, but nothing much.
            I mean, they did encounter a Grubbin and Yungoos has 1 evo, while Grubbin has 2, but that’s it.

          2. Could also be a 2 stage with two alternate evolutions. I mean probably not, but could be.

          3. naw, they would have said it had 4 evolutions if that were the case, but they said it had 2 like pikipek and we saw that at E3 as being 3 pokemon line.

            That being said, I really do hope for some alt lines this gen I love when they do it

          4. No I mean, it could evolve just once, but into one of two different ones, thus making it a 3 Pokémon line in total.

    2. I enjoyed the OR/AS public demo. I do hope they have one for Sun & Moon so I could get ajusted to the new areas and controls!

    1. Day one is over, it won’t open again for like another 4 hours. If there was stuff during today, it would be on Serebii/here etc

  30. So, this list isn’t very trustworthy since its voting for the most popular pokemon to be distributed. So people wouldn’t be honest if they want a good pokemon, right?

    1. I mean, it is true, that does affect it somewhat, but I’m sure there was some people who voted for their actual fav, so it has some trustworthiness.
      I mean, that’s how I look at it.

    2. But Japan literally already gets EVERYTHING. Most probably have no reason to vote for an event pokemon.

  31. Personally, I love Simisear. But I love all fiery primate Pokémon. Infernape’s line, Simisear’s, and even Darmanitan’s. So I’m really disappointed, not to mention surprised, that Simisear was at the very bottom. I mean seariously, the very bottom?! There are a lot of Pokémon nowhere nearly as awesome as Simisear, and I’d say that even if I wasn’t a fire monkey fan. Nevertheless, Fire Monkeys FTW!

    1. That pic is from a new trailer of the Volcanion movie that aired at the world hobby fair this weekend.

  32. I think Elemental Monkeys have very good designs and they are not basically based on one thing. I like the inspiration coming from culinary, cooking, using them to prepare a dish (or tea). On the other hand subtle “hear, see, speak no evil” reference is very good. There was also an idea about Simisage being based on Elvis, Simipour being based on Bob Marley and Simisear being based on Bob Dylan. I don’t know it might seem like reaching.

  33. I have a legit not necessarily Pokemon related question. Why do publishers give out review copies? People largely don’t give a shit about reviews anymore because we know reviews are bullshit. For reviewers they get an early free copy of the game plus ad revenue for their article or video, and sometimes publisher even stupidly buy reviews. But what is in it for the publishers? In the past it might have been awareness but with how the internet works the fans spread awareness better than a review does. So I have to know what is in it for publishers to keep reviews alive. This could also be aimed at movies or other forms of media/entertainment where reviews exist if that makes it any easier to grasp and explain for people.

    1. A lot of people still rely on game reviewers on whether or not to get a game. If a reviewer gets a game and it’s a broken piece of shit (Sonic Boom) then it’s much better to have them warn the Internet than someone buying it, and getting a broken product. On the other hand, it can reassure consumers that the product is worth investing money into. Honestly, video games are pretty expensive. Usually ranging from 45-60$ so getting as many fans confident in the game is important

      1. A lot of people don’t care about reviews though anymore because they are so stupid and bullshit, but I suppose there might still be a significant amount of people there that do somehow care what others think. And I mean sure there are certain cases where it is useful for the end consumer though that’s not all that often. And that’s still not a benefit for the publisher which was my real question more than why they still exist. Like what is the reason a publisher allows this, like what do they get from it.

    2. Publishers put up their reviews day 1 so when people want to know how the game is that they want to buy, then obviously there is a huge amount of traffic to sites wondering how it plays. Plus no one wants to sift through GameFAQs shitposts to get a decent opinion

      1. Publishers are the people that put out the game Paul. Like Nintendo or Aksys. Not the review site. And I still say that most reviews aren’t “decent” opinions either. But yeah. My question was more about what a publisher gets out of it that they keep doing it when less and less people care about reviews and awareness can easily be spread through fans. Like they are losing a potential sale by offering somebody a free copy of their game.

    3. Publishers still give review copies because good reviews have a high potential of increasing their sales. Many people still trust reviews for their gaming opinion, especially younger children. Also, it gives a general idea of how their game will play for everyone. As PJ said, nobody wants to search for a opinion about their game. Though some people might not like reviews, they are necessary in the gaming industry.

  34. okay guys this might be a little off topic: I was wondering since Alola is based on four Islands,how many Pokemon types will definitely represent on each island?

    1. What? I’m rather confused by your comment. Alola will contain every single type of Pokemon. If your taking about the number of Pokemon, Alola will have about 300 Pokemon.

      1. Let’s just hope Alola give us 300 Pokemon because kalos only give us a small 72 Pokemon.

        1. Alola is not going to give us 300 Pokemon. It’s amount of new Pokemon will be under 175. I’m taking about the PokeDex in general. I expect to see 300 Pokemon or more, which is a combination of new and old Pokemon.

    1. I would actually prefer it’s design stays more skinny and aggressive than bigger built and aggressive. That evolution is too much like Zangoose. Mongooses that are found in Hawaii have the kind of body that Yungoos has, and I want them to stick with that type of design.

  35. We started preorders at work for Sun and Moon and tbh I’ll probably switch my preorder from Gamestop TO Toys R Us. Maybe they’ll let me have my copy early ;;;;;;;;;;)))))))))

  36. HELP i have an issue

    Last year, I had pokebank before and poketransporter – i deleted them both because i didn’t use it. I’m using it now so i redownloaded pokebank. I tried to download poketransporter on the main menu of pokebank but it says i’ve already downloaded it. But of course since i’ve deleted the app it’s not on my ds – and also not on the eshop.


        1. Hmmm. Idk 🙁 try deleting it and trying it again or contacting Nintendo. They might be able to reset it for you

    1. That would be nice. I’m more ready to see what Pokemon get buffed up this Gen though

          1. It’s my favorite type and yet, using a Beartic would still make me nervous competitively. Heck even an avalugg is a risk. Abomasnow is doomed against fire and walrein might be your best bet to hold out multiple turns. Frosslass atleast is a pretty good destiny bond user to be taken down quick and take one with it. Come on game freak, ice needs the help!

      1. I hope it’s dark type. They really have trouble holding their own anymore. Damn Fairies!

        1. Dark types don’t need a buff. Fairies need a nerf. They’re worse than dragons in Gen 5 now

          1. Ice becomes super effective to fairies. Boom. Ice gets a well needed buff and fairies a well needed nerf.

          2. Seriously why isn’t it resistant to grass? Things don’t grow well in winter and frost kills plants all the time. It just doesn’t seem right that it only resists itself.

          3. I agree.
            Ice should resist

            Also make it Supereffective against fairies.

          1. Becoming a pseudo isn’t something that can be promoted, you either always are or never are. A pseudo is a Pokemon that has evolved twice and has a BST of 600, and no detrimental ability. Volcarona has only evolved once, and it’s BST is short of 600.

          2. Well if they gave it a BST of 600 then it would be a pseudo. The evolving twice thing can be broken, the important thing is the stats.

      1. The consumable items that buffed a move of the same type when it was used (rock gem buffing a rock type move)

    1. He played the game yesterday, but like what was shown of the gameplay before, it was only of the first route I think. Nothing exciting, except he encountered a wild Grubbin (which has 2 evos, while Yungoos has one)

        1. No new info was promised as far as I’m aware. Just that Masuda was there doing a playthrough
          Gotta wait until the 1st

  37. All this irrelevant chatting about hobby fairs are bollocks. Kalos League starts in 4 days, all that matters.

  38. I don’t see most of mine on this list knowing my favorites are (excluding Popplio)
    1. Dedenne
    2. Weavile
    3. Ambipom
    4. Porygon 2
    5. Flygon
    6. Goodra
    7. Feraligtr
    8. Umbreon
    9. Heracross
    10. Armaldo
    And only two got on the top fifty some

  39. Anyone notice that Porygon is not shown on these lists which either means it’s in the top 100 Or they forgot one

  40. Wow my friend and I just realized we know of 22 new Pokemon we haven’t seen all but out of evos we know they’re there: starters 9, Pikipek and evos 3, Grubbin and evos 3, Yungoos and evo 2, Iwanko, Nekkoala, Magearna, Solgaleo and Lunala

    1. Make that 26, as we know about tapu koko and the other three guardians of the alola islands

          1. LOLOL I was meaning that they could be people right? Or do we have confirmation that they are pokemon?

          2. Hala stated in the demo that each island has a guardian Pokemon, but it was never specified that Tapu Koko was one (I think).

          3. That’s true but what if they’re like the starters final evos I mean corocoro did state the the starters and Iwanko had something special and its 4 Pokemon by my count

          4. It cant be the starter’s final as when hala introduces you before the battle at the festival he says “the one who has met with tapu koko” while someone in the crowd responds “wow what a curious fella tapu koko is” or something like that

          5. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I was thinking what if you see Solgaleo or Lunala before you encounter them at the end

          6. You mean that a random person would be the guardian deity of an island? Do you expect gf to pull an AZ-esque character on us? I sure hope not

        1. Yes, Hala mentioned it, but what we don’t know is if they are special Legendaries, or others.

          1. I agree, they likely are. I just don’t see them justifying non-legends being guardian deities.

          2. I mean if they aren’t then they are all pseudo-legendaries which at that point I mean… really the only difference is that pseudo can breed usually and are usually more than one per game and aren’t necessarily the last couple Pokemon in the dex. So they kind of have to be legendaries.

  41. So with Alola having battle festivals, theoretically there has to some sort of showmanship involved. That makes it feasible that Pokeball seals could return. That would be neat.

    1. From what i understood there is only one festival, the one that was made so that hau and you can start their journey, but idk maybe i understood wrong lel

      1. I dunno if there are multiple but the one that we participate in with Hau is to honor and please the island’s deity.

  42. I’m honestly amazed that something like Finneon or Heatmore isn’t at the bottom.

    1. Hmmmm the Grass/Flying to Pure Grass to Grass/Dark is causing some mental hemorrhaging
      Duskowl and Shadowl is all I got

    2. Great artwork, but the most intriguing part of this is that the starter evolves at lv 37.

        1. If I remember correctly, most are 36, with a few exceptions evolving at 32 (i.e many grass types such as Venasaur, Meganium, and Torterra.)

          1. Poor writing
            This sin can only be cleansed with righteous hellfire

            I’ll get some kerosene you get some rags,

      1. Well, I was confused on the evolution level thing, and I suppose I could of made the 3rd Stage a Grass/Flying type that can still learn Dark moves.

  43. This is not Pokemon related, but I’ve decided to play through (replay for some) all of the 3D Zelda games. Excluding OOT, which I’m playing right now (having way more trouble with the water temple in his time around), which 3D Zelda is your favorite and you would reccomend playing next? I’m leaning towards TP, because I’ve never played it, but it’s still open.

      1. I have played *part* of all of them, though the only one I’ve ever finished in OOT. Though I enjoy the games, my attention span is awful. This is a problem for me because I like to play the games start to finish if I want to play it the game at all. I’ve played through Snowhead temple 2 times already in MM, and I really don’t want to again. While I love the game, I’ll likely play it near the end of the 3D Zeldas.

    1. My personal favourites are Majoras Mask and Skyward Sword so I would definitely recommend those. If you do happen to play TP I would recommend the HD version, the fog in the original makes it kinda hard to see at times

      1. Yeah, that’s the version that I own. I’ve gotten to the first temple, but really really disliked the graphics and brightness of the game, so eventually stopped playing it, though eventually I will.

    2. Earthen is a firm player of Skyward Sword
      But Twilight Princess is still gangbusters good

      1. I really enjoyed what I’ve played of SS, and it seems many others here have as well. I really don’t understand all the hate it gets, though I haven’t finished the game.

  44. This is totally off-topic but I would like to know your favourite 3DS game soundtrack! My favourite is Shin Megami Tensei IV, I just love the mixed vibes of music that game brings. Some honourable mentions are FE: Fates & Awakening, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, X/Y, and A Link Between Worlds.

    1. I’m with Omega on this one, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. As for non-ported games, I’d say FE Fates.

      1. Nonsense all they would have to do is use a Link between worlds engine and kinda play around with it
        But I do want better Minish areas

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