New Pokémon Sun & Moon Info Coming July 1st

The official Japanese Pokémon account on Twitter has announced that new information about the hotly anticipated Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun and Pokémon will be coming on July 1st at 10PM JST! That is July 1st at 9:00am in New York and 2:00pm in London.

Wonder what they’ll reveal!

<3 PJ

  1. I like this way of revealing information a lot more than the usually CoroCoro. Now we really have a date to look forward to! They stepped up their game imo.

    1. They gotta get as much as possible in my own opinion that the worlds for VCG will have even more info!

    1. oh man I can’t wait to hear the English names of the two new Pokemon we heard about many days ago. 🙂

  2. Finally Pubble and Koalumber
    This also potentially means Koalumber’s Favor text,

    Iwanko looks cute, but is really gutsy: No matter how much it gets beaten it’ll keep standing up to its enemies until it beats them. It greets people by pressing the rocks attached to its neck against them, which is kind of painful for the recipient. Its body is small, but it hides a secret.

    They say nothing about the Half Awake Pokemon

    1. Well just to be safe it is not 100% positive those are the names they normally have some strange names that small pieces of the names are just there but the names look good so I don’t care.

  3. Maybe they’ll reveal the secret of the four Pokemon which I already figured out they are the four Guardians of the islands!

    1. Don’t think so. The three starter Pokemon are an one island alone (Melemele) and will be taken on a journey by you and your rival. How are they going to protect an island that way? I guess there will be four new Pokemon as the guardians, or Solgaleo and Lunala will be two out of four.

  4. Huzzah pokemon news. These monthly video things really does make it go by faster imo. So what are some predictions? I predict:
    1-5 new pokemon
    A gym leader
    Doggy and Koala footage
    Some more areas
    New mechanic
    P.S last day to get your manaphys so get your tail glow sweeper fast

  5. Im so torn about whether or not to look at this info. When X and Y first came out, I never thought I would be able to afford (with good enough reason for my parents to support my decision) a 2DS/3DS so I looked at the entire pokedex and such when it came out. A year later I got the system and the game and while the story wasn’t spoiled, there were no new pokemon/ evolutions for me to see. I kind of wanted this play through of sun and moon to be like my play through of diamond. My only info going in was the three starter’s evolutions and legendaries because of a poster I received (possibly with the game). But Im torn now. I want to know new info. I want to know which version I should buy due to version exclusives and such. And I want to know the starter evolutions so I know which one I want to pick. I think Im okay with knowing pikipek and the like because I dont know their evolutions. But AGH. What to do?

    1. Well i can tell you one thing. If you want to not look at info you better decide soon and have strong feelings as to why. Because its not as simple closing your eyes to block the info, you know you will be dying inside knowing we have info and you dont have anything. But if you really want to go nobody is stopping you. But how much will it be better?
      Whats the difference between being shown the pokemon before it comes out in games, and seeing it in game? I mean youre still gonna see it anyway, so why does it matter?
      Also my biggest of doing this (and this maybe just be paranoia) is GF is getting more “creative” with evolution methods. Example, how is an 8 year old supposed to know how to evolve inkay. People dont just randomly flip their 3ds at level 30. And if an npc says it, its like one out of hundreds. So i am scared im gonna go the whole game not knowing how to evolve a teammate. Heck, you cant even tell which pokemon are stone evos or not.
      But hey those are just my 2 cents you gotta decide for yourself

      1. You have a good point about inkay and I’ve thought about that before. My point to combat that is that I always have the ability to look it up when it’s not evolving. But i think I can keep looking at news as long as every single Pokemon isn’t spoiled and as few evolutions as possible are shown. Agh. I know I won’t be able to stop myself til November. Regardless though I will have a good time.

    2. That’s how I was with Diamond and Sapphire. I just picked the one I wanted based on box art. I didn’t want anything spoiled. It truly was an adventure. And then I discovered the Internet and Gen 5 and 6 were pretty much spoiled.

        1. The only exception is with sun and Moon. I wanted Moon but my sister recently got into Pokémon and she also wanted Moon. So I’m going with Sun, just because there’s no reason to have the same game

  6. So glad to hear that this is continuing 🙂 really needed to hear this after the sleepless night I just had
    Oh well, you win some, you lose some

    1. As for what might be talked about, I’m definitely leaning towards Iwanko and Nekkoala finally being talked about. Maybe evil team or gym leaders. Some new Pokemon potentially.

  7. The thing I like about this new kinda reveal they’re doing, is that the reveal of stuff has been coming at a steady pace.
    I mean now that I think about, if they had revealed all officially about Iwanko & Nekkoala, we would have been totally starved of info for hypothetically another month until Corocoro
    Hopefully they will reveal them now & maybe a lil bit more story info in general (as in maybe one or two new characters and possibly the evil team – but I would prefer if we knew little about them until the actual game)

  8. I like receiving info little by little like this. It’s enough to keep fans interested and not ruin the whole games before we buy them. I mean we only have about five months left, so they should continue to keep info to a minimum. I wouldn’t mind getting the new teams name and silhouettes of them (just an example.) MORE TEASES PLEASE.

  9. Okay so it’s just a week away! Awesome i love this method it really hypes up more than corocoro! Now im off to find something to do so that this week goesby faster lel

    1. Still a week is pretty long
      Luckily I got Exploers of Sky and the new Season of Race to the Edge

      1. Right now im thinking of replaying platinum or black or heartgold or simply watching netflix, although im waiting for fallout 4 mods to be released on ps4 too

        1. You should look for a cheap copy of Fallout 3,
          Those special editions are like 25 bucks and have all DLCs in them already

  10. okay guys I got the Time for the world hobby Fair:25 June, 2016 – 26 June, 2016
    9:00am-16:00pm,Best part for japan gamers: Admission is free!

  11. I’ve been liking this way of announcing news! I like knowing exactly when to obsessively refresh serebii lol.

  12. $10 that the first gym is grass. It hasn’t been done before and 2 of the starters are strong to it. Grass also has a lot of weaknesses so I think it’d be a good first gym, moreso than rock. Wouldn’t mind normal again I guess though.

      1. Hm..that could work too. I just think grass would be the best because bug and flying are also available early on in every region.

        1. My rebuttal
          Ground is fine since all three types can damage it
          It is decent for regional bugs and flying types to resist
          Only one fear and it is Fire

          Perfect for young players

          1. Yeah that’d be cool. I hope we get another ground gym though, whether it’s first or last in sequence.

        1. oh boy, 2 op 4 me pls ban
          ‘Hey welcome to your first gym! You just started your journey and you think everything’s so fun and happy! Well, guess what, the first gym is Dragon and Dragon Rage is 2 OP….so have fun! You can do it!’

          1. Disarming Voice most likely wouldn’t OHKO or even 2 hit KO since it’s a low power non-STAB move, while Dragon Rage deals more than half damage. SO you still would struggle a bit

          2. Considering it’s the first gym, wouldn’t the pokemon be low level anyways? Moves take more damage at lower levels

    1. If you chose oshawott in bw it has been done before lel but having a full grass type gym as the first would be awesome, but i think it will be normal because we have yungoos pikipek confirmed as early pokemon and nekkoala probably is one aswell so i can see a gym where trainers have teams revolving on those three pokemon but to be honest normal type gyms are boring

      1. the dog pokemon also looks like a first route pokemon and the koala looks like route 4-5 pokemon

        1. Yeah i can also see the koala being found in the early forest that seems to be behind the platform where you choose your starter

      2. Yeah but I consider the Striaton gym to be more miscellaneous than anything. The trainers have normal types and the only other types are the monkeys and a purloin.

    2. First gym should be semi challenging. I would love to see fairy or steel be the first gym for a change but I doubt it will happen

  13. Wow. Is GameFreak & Nintendo just ignoring CoroCoro? There giving us gameplay dates and I don’t think my heart could take much more. I’m expecting to see a few more new Pokemon, one Gym Leader, a few new areas, and maybe information on the bracelet. GameFreak is killing it with the news!

  14. I really like how they keep telling us when we will get news. It keeps my hype up, knowing that I’ll get news soon. Plus, we get to know when we’ll get news fairly soon after the last announcement.

    As for what I think it could be, I think it might be time that we get the evil team, and maybe another prominent character. Other than that, I think that we will get Iwanko and Nekkoala in the new trailers.

    1. I actually dislike it because you know exactly how long to wait. Back when we got surprise updates I could push it to the back of my mind, but now the anticipation kills me.

      1. I like it because I know when to get my hype up, rather than lose hope that we will get any soon.

    1. GameFreak/The Pokemon Company promised that Junichi Masuda will be playing through a part of Pokemon Sun & Moon. I’m assuming that it might be the Treehouse Demo again or they will be playing through an entirely new part of the game. Yet, it’s going to be another case of live gameplay, so there is opportunities for us to get new news!

      1. If they do the same thing, the only way we will get new news is if they pick a different starter to see if Hau has something good against you.

        1. And with that we might also see Litten’s/Rowlet’s level up move that corresponds to Popplio’s Disarming Voice.

          1. Based on other cat Pokemon, I’m going to bet that it’ll learn either Fury Swipes, Fake Out, or Pursuit.

  15. I really hope we can get a Gold/Silver Pokemon Origins. That would makes me insanely happy. Especially if we can get a half-episode long battle against Red

      1. Just imagine Red flying on Charizard as Gold attacks on top of Lugia. Aeroblast hits and sends Charizard falling towards the ground.

        I love it

    1. Pokemon origins was the best pokemon anime they have ever created, did you watch the english version? I always wondered if they censored out the use of the word bastard but keep forgetting to check

        1. if I remember correctly it was an exchange between a protagonist character and team rocket in lavender town

    2. Because of this comment I finally got around to watching Origins, and it was so much better than I expected. I need a Gold/Silver series now.

  16. They just released the recap trailer we got at E3 before the demo on YouTube. I freaked out when I got a new trailer in my subscriber feed, but it was nothing. xD

  17. Brexit won’t be released in the UK, due to no werk permits for the Hawaiian Pokémon.

  18. I hope they won’t be revealing Iwanko and Nekkoala, since we already know about them. Perhaps that’s what’s intended to be featured at the Hobby Fair.

  19. alright guys since this is going to be the last day until the world hobby Fair starts,we need to figure out the English names for Iwanko and Nekkoala,Lets get Naming Guys!

      1. I dont see why Nekkoala should get a new name? Its perfectly fine in English as well.

    1. though i highly doubt news will be there i have a name for iwanko
      Iwanko- Poihaku (Poi is a hawaiian dog and Pohaku is hawaiian for rock)
      Dont have one for nekkoala. Sorry.

      1. The sad part is I’m so used to Pubble but what if the new one doesn’t roll off the tongue

        1. Honestly most names just take a while to get used to. Like talonflame. Granted talonflame still is pretty bad its just two words not even cleverly mashed together. As long as it isnt something Dogrocks (or Dogrox) it will be fine

          1. I almost nicknamed my talonflame that.its such an amazing name. But Oh well

    2. Narcoala or Somnoala are my personal favorites.
      And I don’t have anything for the dog. :p

        1. Thanks! I will say though that Narcoala was not my idea; I saw it on Serebii forums. But the Somnoala is mine.

  20. Let’s take a moment and commemorate how amazing this upcoming Link figure is. I think his design in Breath of the Wild is my favorite so far.

  21. Another little thought passed through my skull
    I don’t think any of us has pitched potential Dark Types we might encounter in Alola
    My only desire in a Dark Type is my Bug/Dark Mosquito, Since we have never had either

    And it would be the definition of HP Sucking Pokemon

      1. Or just an Ice/Dark wolf with fur coat. Bulk it up a little but keep it offensive

  22. Pokemon that we need:
    -dolphin pokemon
    -more dog pokemon (we got iwanko so i guess this one is ok)
    -more horse/equine pokemon
    -better whale pokemon
    -mosasaur or elasmosaur fossil pokemon
    -mosquitoes, cockroaches and other common insects
    Comment other animals/objects you would like to see as pokemon!

    1. Honestly we have plenty of dog Pokemon, but the I like the others on this list. This isn’t really an animal, but I want more evolutions of old Pokemon like in gen 4.

      1. Why can’t we have more dog Pokemon? Have plenty of Dog species in real life thus more to draw inspiration for Pokemon.

        1. We already have so many, so I don’t really want to overdo it. Rather than making more dogs, how about making Pokemon of the many animals we haven’t used yet?

        2. We have plenty of dog breeds. In terms of Canidae there’s only around 40 species. In comparison to other animals that’s not really much. Domestic dogs all count as one species. Labradors and bulldogs are essentially the same.

        1. And the hand that rocks the mouse is riddled with clenching of the knuckles

        1. I doubt they’d do an elasmosaur or plesiosaur purely because Lapras has that design and it’s not a fossil so it’d be weird

          1. Yeah your right.
            I wouldn’t mind seeing a Triceratops or a Stegosaurus though. 🙂

          2. yessss triceratops and stegosaurs are 2 basic dinosaurs that dont even have poke-versions yet. What’s up with that??

          3. LOL No idea.
            Hey maybe we will finally get one of them this gen. 😀
            Or we’ll get a fossil Pokemon based on some extincted Parrot instead. 🙂

          4. Well we have blastoise and then they still made a a water/rock turtle fossil Pokemon so what what’s your point? I don’t know why everyone is under this impression that the creators never use the same creatures for inspiration when creating new pokes

          5. No real point its jut hard to think of another Design, that wouldn’t have people thinking that they were trying to replace Lapras. (Like they did when they reviled Fennekin. Everyone was complaining that it was to close to Vulpix, and blah blah blah.) Even I have trouble coming up with a cool design for that type of dinosaur. And he didn’t say that they wouldn’t, he said that he doubted that they would. 🙂

    2. Ive said it before and Ill say it again: peacock, manatee, flamingo, hummingbird, humpback whale, armadillo, arctic wolf, and red panda (someone just beat me to it). I want evolutions for Carnivine, Heliolisk, Sudowoodo, Quilfish, Basculin, Cacturne, Accelgor, Escavalier, Donphan, and Gourgeist.

      1. Carnivine ehhh
        Heliolisk is fine how it is
        Sudowoodo isn’t changing soon
        Qwilfish is never going to be good enough
        Why Basculin they’re bad too
        Accelgor and Escavilier are at their final stage
        Donphan is perfect how it is
        And letting Gourgiest having an evo will be nightmarish if you could stick an Evolite on it, it’ll be as annoying as a Dusclops

        1. I like how you actually disagreed with every single one. Like odds are one of them would land with you and we’d agree. XD

          1. I think heliolisk desperately needs an evolution and I have always wanted an evo for Qwilfish and Basculin myself as well

          2. I calls em how I see them
            Carnivine is one of those Pokemon who just don’t need an evo
            Sudowoodo is also at the end of its Rocky roots
            Like I said Qwilfish is borderline useless and very little to improve
            Basculin just like Qwilfish just don’t validate an evolution
            Escavilier and Accelgor like I said are at their final form nothing more for them except a possible Mega
            Donphan is perfect
            And Gourgiest is too powerful and if it gets one Trevenant gets one

          3. ok lets wait a week maybe you’ll change your mind like you did for sudowoodo, considering you wanted one like last week that was like a golem of sorts.

            Also thats like, your opinion man


        1. kinda, its more based on a plague doctor I’m pretty sure and then aromatisse is a dancer of sorts

    3. Lol could you imagine a Helicoprion fossil pokemon, like water/steel and all kinds of terrifying.
      That being said I would really like to see the following things as pokemon
      -Flower Based pokemon (Bleeding hearts (grass/fairy) and Rhodiola Rosea) (grass/rock)
      – Narwhal
      -Pink Fairy Armadillo
      and a Bongo (the animal not the drum)

        1. T_T as much as I agree Narwhals are nothing less than a miracle

          1. Stop Earthens Fairy Hate 2K16

            but seriously thought, there is no reason a narwhal can’t be water/fairy, it could also be water/ice, water/ steel, anything even just water, but water/fairy isn’t an invalid type choice….

    4. On the object idea, I want a pokemon based on a mirror, bomb, some musical instrument- ideally drums, paper fan, and umbrella.

        1. Someone on deviantart had a cool one, so I cant take credit it for it. But I want a ghost/ flying line that starts out as a haunted paper fan and then turns into either a ghost/flying or ghost/water haunted parasol.

      1. Bronzor is kind of a mirror. Graveler always explodes, and… you want an umbrella pokemon?? dafuq is wrong with you

          1. Well another bomb pokemon wouldn’t be the first time Gamefreak has introduced two different pokemon lines based on the same thing *cough* stantler and sawbuck *cough* (just to name one of many examples…we have three turtle pokemon lines, two of which are water types, and two of which are starters) But anyways, a bomb pokemon with a fuse or something would be cool (I cant remember the deviantart account or I would link it)

          2. Don’t try to one up me
            Electrode, Pineco, and Golem Explode and are all different
            And yeah we have a few turtles
            And Stanter is FUCKING USELESS

          3. Sure, a few happen to explode, but yet not one pokemon is based on an actual bomb. We have (in order of how you listed them), an upside down pokeball, a pinecone, and a rock monster? but nothing specifically resembling a bomb. Drifloon, stunky, the regis, trubbish etc all learn explosion. Munchlax, sudowoodo, gengar, mew, wailord, etc. all learn self destruct in some way. And if you told me even one of those was the pokemon Gamefreak designed after a bomb, I would seriously think you were smoking something.

          4. Not a bomb ehh
            Then how come nearly every one of Electrode’s dex entries says it explodes
            Sounds like a bomb to me

          5. Its an upside down pokeball. Called the ball pokemon. Its the closest thing we have to a bomb, thus making me go back to my original point that there are multiple pokemon that resemble the same thing. Id like one closer in design to the inspiration. Do we need to go back to the turtles to further clarify? XD

          6. Turtle shmertles
            If they don’t do the same thing then they ain’t the same regardless of design origin

          7. Only if they do the same thing? Like exploding? That makes them all bombs? Not following here… So every Pokemon that surfs is what? A surfboard Pokemon? Im seriously not following and you are failing to admit that I have a point with the reusable inspirations.

          8. You’re using a tactic that can’t possibly be wrong
            They all explode for different reasons but out of all of them Electrode is officially known as Pokemon’s Bomb Pokemon
            As everyone knows Gyarados’ destruction
            And Charizard’s firepower
            But not gonna happen

          9. So while inanimate object inspired Pokemon are few compared to the vast amounts of animal inspirations, a bomb is probably unlikely given another bomb inspired (loosley inspired nonetheless) Pokemon exists. But maybe when there’s 1500 Pokemon, we might have one.

          10. You clearly don’t understand English. Also, as iterated in the above comments, just because something explodes doesn’t make it a bomb. Just like everything that floats is not a boat

          11. Also, Stantler being useless is not an argument against the fact that there are two deer. His usefulness doesn’t make him exist any less.

          12. lol, its funny that when you said bomb pokemon this fakemon popped into my head right away, its a great design

        1. He’s a mirror but is he really a mirror 😉 ??? And yeah, I want a haunted parasol and haunted fan (I said it below). We have swords, keys, and garbage and in my opinion they all work well. A fan and and a parasol also fit with Japanese culture sooooooo….

    5. If we don’t get a dolphin Pokemon in this game I’ll be very upset. And I’ve been wanting a mosquito Pokemon for a very long time. I’m thinking Bug/Dark type for it’s type combo since it would fit and on the plus it’s a type combo that has never been done before. I would also like a proper chicken/rooster Pokemon. I know we have Torchic’s family and everything but I think it would be really neat to see especially considering that both chickens and roosters are feral (wild) in Hawaii and I spotted a farm-like town on the Alola map (island with the volcano). I can see them having overworld models in the overworld for the farm-like town.

  23. I don’t understand Japanese but I got a rough idea of what Junichi Masuda is saying through (the ever so reliable) google translate. His last tweets have been about finishing rehearsal for the World Hobby Fair. Since it will be open to the public soon… what do you think will be revealed and when do you think gameplay/info will be revealed??

    1. I don’t think too much will be revealed. Maybe we’ll get coverage on Iwanko and Nekkoala, but who knows.
      As for the gameplay, I don’t think it will be new gameplay, but there’s always a chance that it might cover a different part of the game, so I’m hoping for that.

      1. The Japanese trademark bot registered their names the other day. Likely to get ready for the reveal. They did the same thing with both the Starters and Legendaries as well as the mysterious Marshadow, which I feel somehow is the 3rd Legendary. I think they’ll cover both Iwanko and Nekkola and maybe show new gameplay with villainous team and a couple of Gym Leaders if we’re lucky. As July CoroCoro back in the X and Y days introduced Team Flare, Professor Sycamore, Clemont, and Grant, and a few new Pokemon (I think it was Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, Swirlix, and Spritzee). As for the “secret”, technically only CoroCoro subscribers know about it, so I think they’ll re-tell us and continue to tease that for another month. Mega Evolutions were revealed in August in the X and Y days, so I suspect we’ll see the long speculated new Synchro Evolution mechanic everyone is talking about then.

  24. So pokemon is revealing info on Canada day we must be special to them, (I wish).

  25. I have a gut feeling that they are probably going to reveal not much. Iwanko and Nekkola were trademarked by that Japanese trademark bot the other day. As for the “secret”, technically speaking only CoroCoro subscribers know about it. So I think that the whole widely speculated Synchro Evolution mechanic will be teased for another month or so, probably revealed in August, like Mega Evolutions were. And if we get lucky, maybe we’ll see the new villainous team and/or a couple Gym Leaders, which is what the July issue of CoroCoro revealed in the X and Y days.

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