Pokénchi Trailer Teases Pokémon Sun & Moon Reveal

A new trailer for the weekly Pokémon variety show Pokénchi has revealed that the show will be going to Game Freak’s HQ and revealing something new about Pokémon Sun and Moon, due this November for the Nintendo 3DS!

Certainly fun to see the modeling software they use to create the games 🙂

<3 PJ

  1. Hey guys, I’m a lurker here, almost never commented, but I had an idea for a Pokémon and I just thought I should share it with you and see if it would be accepted xD This Pokémon would be a Fire/Grass (I know, fan service > . >) Big and fat, tribal-like koala which would -strangely- be a mix between Papu-Papu from Crash Bandicoot and that tribal skin from Overwatch’s Roadhog, and I also took Nekkoala’s design as a basis for a would-be first stage (assuming it were a grass type); as it evolved, it would grow just a tad bit bigger, it would get some red markings on it’s body – like tribal body paint, it’s little log would turn into a little drum which it would often play with, it would have a leaf skirt around it’s waist and a wooden mask that would cover it’s eyes, giving it kind of a serious expression (oh, and it’s belly starts to grow xD). Using some kind of fire item (like a Fire Stone or a Mask of Fire or whatever), it would grow more than double the size, it’s mask would now take the shape of a serious koala-like figure all over it’s face with colored feathers at the top, it’s red markings would now be bigger around his now big, gray belly, just like his skirt, and it’s drum would now have a hole underneat which he would lift over his shoulder and use to throw fireballs at it’s enemies! So, what do you guys think? Does this have the potential to be a Pokémon or a horrible, horrible fever dream? Thanks y’all 😀

  2. For the 3rd? Obviously because we got real news on the 1st. They will just repeat it. I just hope the news on the 1st isn’t the same as Corocoro.

  3. I think the reveal on July 1st will be the official announcement for Iwanko and Nekkoala. There may be a few other things along with that too but I’m hoping for gameplay of Nekkoala and Iwanko. Plus any new gameplay at all (to me at least) is enough to keep me satisfied for a while. I do find it strange though… I wonder why even though Corocoro released Nekkoala and Iwanko almost two weeks ago they haven’t been officially announced through official Sun and Moon websites or by Pokémon in genral. I find it odd but intriguing at the same time. Well anyways… I’m hyped for July 1st and can’t wait to see what’s revealed!!

  4. alright guys since more Pokemon sun and moon news is in next month we need to figure out what will be next.the first gym,a new Pikachu related Pokemon,cool new Legendary Trio.alright people tell me what you can think of what we’ll see next in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

    1. Probably some new Pokemon, some characters and evil team reveal is my guess.

          1. Yup My wish is for Popplio to be the best starter because in my opinion he has a simple, adorable, and unique design that makes me love him!

          2. Agreed 100%. I hope Poppilo’s final evolution is the best out of three Alola starters, so that us Poppilo fans can gloat about it lol.

          3. Yeah and people saying it should be feminine no make that Litten I mean it’s a Kitten a kitten

          4. I know right? It’s cus of the fake final evolutions that was posted here on this site not too long ago.

    2. Can’t really figure out what the first gym will be. I mean sure we can eliminate some typings but that’s it, haha
      All the information we already know in trailers and such has been analysed to death.

        1. Well they haven’t done a first gym thats a starter type apart from BW where that was purposely done. And the bug doesnt always dictate what will help on the first gym.
          I mean it’ll be a type with a quite a few weaknesses however with them simplifying battles (super effect/not v effective) on moves, it could be a challenge for all types of players with the first gym?

          1. You mean the first gym might be dragon? So evil! 😀

            There’s a lot of first times for stuff. Don’t count out Water first gym yet. Heh heh heh.

            I thought of Ground first too, but it kills the Fire starter really hard with no compensation. <3

        2. or it could be bug/ground at the end …would be nice for a split evolution though like they did with wumple

      1. Inb4 Game Freak be all “lol there are no gyms in Sun and Moon”

        Though that would never happen

    3. A new Electric Rodent based off a Chipmunk I mean it’s one of the few that aren’t used yet!

  5. 3 more days till Kalos League starts. Although most of the outcome has already been spoilt!

        1. I know I’m just setting myself up for disappointment, but if they use Ash again in the new season as a protagonist, I’m going to get really angry. 😀

          1. Why would we get a new protagonist? Ash is based off Red. We’re never getting a new protagonist lol. Not sure why some people even have this idea.

            Ash wont disappear, and Pikachu will never evolve. The only two certainties in the anime.

          2. Not true since XY started they have new writers that might change things the second Kalos league episode is called Mega Sceptile v.s. Raichu I Recieved some EXP! which means possible speculation on evolution and i’m hoping for it this
            He loses League, Team Flare arch, Serena expresses feelings, Sun & Moon is Ash, Serena, and a male new trainer that catches Popplio.

          3. That’s good I was not looking forward to pikachu being gone and off my predictions why I want a Male trainor to join him its always been a new female trainer joining him mix it up a little!

          4. What?! Think after Misty it goes May (New on journey), Dawn (New on her Journey), Iris (Primarily new on journey), Serena (New on Journey) Spice it up with a new male trainer and not a Female!

    1. Meh i dont care for the anime that much and the leagues are boring they are just montages of ash and other random trainers fighting until the semifinals/finals where ash loses to a trainer with a trump card and from what ive seen so far ash will probably lose because he will faint while being synchronized with greninja

        1. i’m still hoping he loses because then they might make him to cocky and then if that happens I hope he gets knocked down a peg in the arch by Team Flare

          1. Yet actually i’m just hoping this season ends soon and for Sun and Moon I hope he is back and he will bring Serena and get a new male trainer to join him!

  6. Is this the news that’s gonna be revealed on June 1st? Or is this something else?

  7. I feel I should express my feelings towards the anime by saying i like the old ones better because with the new writers then have put Ash’s team as the first team to fully evolve focusing more on physical strangth than mental as before because have you ever seen a Totodile or a Buizle do things like Ash’s Pokemon its because Pokemon isn’t teaching you how to lose it’s teaching you to be mentally strong and to unlock your true potential in your on special way yet now he is showing how he has matured and gotten physically and mentally strong so i think he should still lose the Kalos league to still show the mental strength!

    1. I’m thinking for them to satisfy us 2 3 or 4 new Pokemon a gym some town and city names and possibly starter evolutions and Iwanko and Nekkoala names!

  8. Pikipek is the best early flying type since Starly. I just felt the need to throw it out there.

    1. I feel like it really depends on the evolutions. They could either do really well or screw it up horribly.

        1. I liked the designs of the Pidove line, they just had the shittiest stats of all bird Pokemon. I also like Swanna better so I ran it on my original Black run through

  9. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since the XY days, it’s to not put too much weight onto the Pokemon Sunday shows, regardless of names.
    Might be what we get at July 1st but shot at a different way, maybe not. Maybe new stuff, maybe not.
    Team Neutral :3

  10. This is coming from Pokenchi. We’re going to see the new Pokemon or whatever on July 1st. There would virtually be no new information coming from them. It’s not Pokemon Sunday!

    1. I mean, we did get to see a early screenshot of the festival fight there, so I would expect something, just something small, like a screenshot or something.


    (everyone collectively goes OOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!)


        1. Do you not see buzzfeed article titles they’re literally what you commented

          1. They are ususally super clickbait-ey like,


            or something like that

          2. Oooooooooh ok now I get it
            Sorry I’m kinda a thick today

            But nonetheless it felt good beating that obnoxious jerkbag


    1. Lol nice.
      What an arrogant pair him and his friend are.As
      soon as you knew Chaney couldn’t touch Chandeleur, it was just a case of stalling out the staller.

      1. I don’t see it happening soon, but maybe if the anime ever ends the last episode will have pikachu evolve. If it did happen though, it’d be huge news.

    1. Sun and moon is still months away and ash and greninja only just perfected their bond.
      I smell another season of XYZ.
      Meaning Ash can catch another pokemon and it not be a waste.
      Plus Noivern hasn’t even been in a gym battle, meaning it needs more screen time than just league

  12. Well, guys. With the end of Gravity Falls in February and Wander Over Yonder coming to an end tonight, there’s just one more Disney XD show left (Star) before Disney XD plunges into another pre-Gravity Falls era.

      1. By pre-GF I mean that before GF, there weren’t any good cartoons on Disney XD until GF started. Then Star and Wander came along during GF time. Now they’re gonna end and we won’t have cartoons. That’s what I mean by Pre-GF.

    1. huh i thought GF was the competition for adventure time. i didnt expect it to end

          1. Wait, do you mean the one in the clip in the finale? Do people actually think that is real? If so, I’d be interested to hear if they ever find it.

    2. At least we still have Steven Universe on CN. If you haven’t seen it before though, Over The Garden Wall is a fantastic mini series

      1. Yeah. I still love the shows in Cartoon Network. Steven Universe is my 3rd favorite Cartoon ever.

        1. For me its
          3. Over The Garden Wall
          2.Gravity Falls
          1. Steven Universe

          Its too bad that we are kinda running out of cartoons trying to be more than “stupid kid shows”

          1. Yeah. I takes away the magic of the original. No narrator, no only music intro, no ‘and once again the day is saved’.

        1. I think it is the perfect length. It knew what it wanted to do, did it perfectly and didn’t overstay its welcome. But I wouldn’t mind something like comics to spend more time with certain characters

          1. Yeah I suppose you’re right but something more from those creators would be cool. Like how Hirsch is doing something with Fox… eventually.

      1. uh… really?

        It isn’t propaganda at all. They throw that stuff in for fun and to add a bit of mystery

          1. That changes. . . Nothing.
            That’s like putting a penis in the show and the artist saying it was on purpose.. and everyone going … Oh.. ok.
            So once again.. if it’s propaganda or not was the topic at hand.. I say it is.. you say not..

          2. … But its for fun. It is telling kids to join the illuminati or something like that. The show is well made and cleverly written. But whatever.

          3. It’s not for fun to me and many others who don’t approve. If it’s just for fun or not varies based on perspective. Also I thought it over all sucked from point a to b when I gave it a chance around the start.. so it all depends on who you ask.. not what you think.

          4. But you can also admit when something is well-made and a good show even if you don’t like it/care for it.
            I don’t care for GoT or TWD but people like it, it looks like a cool show that’s well-made. It’s just not for me.
            I’ve never been interested in Gravity either, but from what I can see, it looks like a good show that likes to create puzzles for their viewers.
            Point is, you can agree on it being a ‘good’ show without actually liking it. :3

          5. Point is. .. I can… But I’ve already admitting to watching a few episodes and Hating it.. from the art.. to the voices.. to the characters to the plot.. it all left me physically ill after an hour or two of watching it. It’s a mix of everything I personally don’t like in a show.
            It feels so try hard to me.
            I also feel over the garden wall or whatever is full of esoteric meanings but I can’t deny I like it.. Kind of want to watch it again.. though again.. it’s over all meaning is really iffy to me

          6. True, but also realizing that a good amount of people liking it means it does do something right. If it didn’t, no one would be watching it :3
            But I know how you feel. Dexter was like that to me. I liked the first season, but the couple of episodes in the second one just didn’t have that same feeling so I stopped watching it. But it has its fans so I can’t diss it too hard. 🙂

          7. I guess I can understand if it isn’t for you. You get used to the voices though and the first season is kind of just to set up the characters and town and stuff like that. The second season is when it gets really good. But to each their own

          8. And yes I can accept that.
            It’s been on for years now, I’m sure it’s gotten better.
            It’s just the first season and my own personal beliefs stop me from further watching.
            That and I no longer have cable.. lol

      2. Hated Gravity Falls. *keeps insults to himself*

        Lol, but all jokes aside that’s just your opinion 😀

        1. Yeah. . . If you read all the other comments in this long discussion, you would see that’s the conclusion we all arrived to.

          We all only have opinions 😀


      It’s the only good disney show in my opinion. It’s the only good CARTOON (besides rick and morty) of this generation of cartoons.

  13. alright guys so far we got some cool information on Pokemon Sun and Moon,now we need to figure out what new electrical rodent is going to be in this 7th generation of Pokemon,for starters StarStorm came up with a cool idea for an electric chipmunk,so if anybody has any other ideas lay them on me! 😀

    1. My idea is simply a Computer Mouse
      Hyjak Electric/Steel
      A small white and light grey computer mouse shaped rodent with long square ears, big inscisors and yellow cheeks and a long coiled tail with a puffball at the end

      They nibble and chew through thick wires to feed on electricity, they have eaten so much copper wiring in their lifetime their skeletal structure is now metallic

      1. a computer mouse now that’s what I call a cool idea,a really interesting idea at that! 😀

        1. I should draw it later
          But my issue is the body itself it might have to be like fat oval shaped
          But then the tiny paws, the teeth and all making it look realistic

        1. Sample moves
          Thunder Wave
          Thunder Fang
          Parabolic Charge
          Iron Tail

    2. I’m back with it his tail represents pine trees in a way and in his ears are little nuts where he stores his extra food because the cheeks can’t hold too much

        1. It probably wouldn’t look exactly like it knowing for starters it’d be animated

    3. Always wanted them to do a capybara one :3 but that’s just me.
      I did some quick research, and apparently there’s a good amount of rat species in Hawaii, so maybe something to keep in mind too.

        1. That was what actually happened in real life so possibly. 😉
          I know we are definitely getting a rat Pokemon, but I think it would be awesome if the rat Pokemon was the ‘electric rodent’ of the region.
          Probably not, but a cool idea nonetheless

          1. That’s actually my reasoning behind the idea I mean Yungoos is an eliminater of them mabey some exstinct rodents of ones it eliminated!

      1. well I was also doing some research and I found these as some choices:Black Rat, Ship Rat, Roof Rat,House Mouse,Norway Rat,Polynesian Rat and Pacific Rat.

      2. I was going to mention that as well, but I feel that they will stick to small rodents.

  14. I have actually finally gotten a break from Stardew Valley today. I bought it a couple days ago and haven’t been able to stop since. I love it. It makes me wish that the towns in pokemon felt more like communities like they do in SV. Having NPCs that actually have realistic dialogue (instead of saying how awesome ice heals are or something) and maybe even have schedules would be really cool

  15. Predictions of the information on July 1st and a minor nitpick about S/M:
    – The First Gym Leader will be revealed.
    – Iwanko and Nekkoala will be official revealed by the Pokemon Company.
    – 3 to 5 new Pokemon will be shown.
    – A few new areas of Alola will be showcased.
    – The Grunts of the Evil Organization will be officially revealed as well.

    Lastly, my minor nitpick of S/M is the walking animation of the male trainer. I found a hilarious comment on Youtube which said that “he walks like he has no elbows”. Obviously, the game is still in development, but I hope GameFreak fixes it. His walk cycle is rather unnatural, but they got the running animation down.

    1. I really think these hopes are unrealistic, but this would be great. I think there will be:
      – Iwanko and Nekkoala
      – 1 new Pokemon
      – Evil team

    2. Lol.. I don’t know why the walking and running bothers people so much.. I probably wouldn’t of ever thought twice about it.. well until it came out.
      It will improve in later games..
      But his legs aren’t pokemon I don’t think.. so I don’t care! Lol

    3. I’m loving the variety in the plant life. It’s not just one type of tree over and over again with a few bushes in between. It truly looks like a lush green paradise.

    1. Looks real. . But doesn’t look anything like a pokemon to me.
      Something else important.. and very blue!

        1. Oh ok. . But I can’t make a shape out of that .. unless it’s based on an object again

    2. Looks like the machine that heals up your Pokemon in PokeCenters to me. Maybe a new Pokemon that will heal the rest of your party? :p

      1. I can’t be sure about anything …..but we need some one translate wat they saying in this trailer to figure out wat is this thing.

        1. People like rumors and such that may or may not be actual stuff and I should allow people to enjoy it even if I don’t. Everybody doesn’t have to be like me. In fact being different is what makes things interesting.

  16. Why I’m most happy about these games. .?
    Is because even if they realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, they still have to work with and improve off of their last project.
    Meaning the next games to come out Must look better than sun and moon and in no way downgrade.. . Hopefully even on a new handheld system.
    Can you imagine the Unova region with Sun and move graphics?
    And eventually Kanto I’m sure.. but delayed due to the 2D remakes..
    Can’t wait! ?

  17. Am I the only one who wishes they would do away with the recurring electric rodents? I hate them all, even if they’re cute. I have an emolga right now in B/W and it is such a useless waste of space.

    1. Lol.. no.. they always have a regional bird.. electric rodent.. early bug.. and of course starters and legends and a semi legend.
      Do I wish they would make all of these better.. yes

        1. Hey my Dedenne is offended by that! Do a Pokemon off a Dolphin for a good other water ?

    2. I like the concept, but I believe they could change things up a bit. Maybe keep the resemblance to Pikachu, but don’t limit it just to rodents, and change up the type?

    3. I just wish they were stronger and could evolve like Pikachu can, but no, I don’t mind them. They all have cute designs :3

    4. Personally I think they should do away with the early route bird, rodent, bug and the pikachu clone as they all end up useless anyway.

    5. if all pokemon were these crazy strong beings then the games would be pretty boring imo, I never understood why people dismissed pokemon with lower stats and similar designs to other pokemon, when they are so necessary for the world building in pokemon. Just like in the real world they kind of represent sub species in a way of the same pokemon. its not like you have to use them after all so there is no harm in them being there.

      1. I like the designs but they’re all one note. They’re only kept at this point for tradition..at least let them evolve if we have to keep doing them.

  18. Sun and moon is still months away and ash and greninja only just perfected their bond.
    I smell another season of XYZ.
    Meaning Ash can catch another pokemon and it not be a waste.
    Plus Noivern hasn’t even been in a gym battle, meaning it needs more screen time than just league .

    1. The league will take around 2 months, taking us up to September, that leaves them them a couple of months to do a Team Flare Arc right before Sun and Moon are released, followed by the new anime saga in Alola.

  19. I hate to say that as big a Pokemon fan as I am, I’ve never actually sat down and watched any of the anime, save for a few of the movies. But I decided to change that and so far I’m 27 episodes into the Indigo League, and so far I’m loving it. Only about 900 episodes to go if my calculations are correct! 😉

    1. I might sit down in watch it if I can ever finish Homestuck. I’ve seen a few episodes passively but Ash is such a frustrating character that I’m not sure if I should or not

      1. I agree, Ash is really irritating. But for Season 1 at least, Brock and Misty distract a bit from that and provide a nice balance.

        1. Ash is a class A tool in the earlier seasons. However, he has become a very good trainer in the Kalos seasons and imho XYZ is by far the best season of all.

    2. I stopped watching when I was young, around Hoenn I believe. It was never my cup of tea.
      However, the early movies are pretty great, so I don’t mind watching them every now and again.
      I’m content with being a Pokemon fan that doesn’t enjoy the anime apart from the early movies.

        1. More of the Entei- Spell of the Unown type of gal, but Power of One is awesome too. As well as the Mewtwo Strikes Back movie :3

      1. I understand that, but I had just never given it a shot. I might end up stopping somewhere along the line, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

    3. Well that should be like….. 330+ hours
      Which should systematically dissolve your mind into a molten pile of slag

      1. If I watch them at 2x speed though (which is what I’m doing) that’s 165 hours. Still not great, but it’s more doable.

    4. I don’t want to sound nostalgia blind here, but I think the only anime worth watching is the first few seasons. Call me a genwunner, but it really just gets repetitive after that.

      1. Johto and Kanto, in my opinion are garbage. Brock and Misty are terrible compared to other companions, they’re really just bystanders. Ash releasing Pokemon is annoying and the worst part is the battles. Go back and watch all of Kanto’s gym battles. Blaine is the only one that was an actual battle..

      2. July 3rd and July 1st more news is coming as we all know. Here are my REASONABLE thoughts.

        At the least:
        2 new Pokemon
        A bit more of alola shown
        Possibly Starter evolutions
        Official reveal of iwanko and nekkoala

        At the most:
        3-4 new Pokemon
        A bit more of alola shown
        First gym leader maybe second ,too
        The evil team(s)
        Official reveal of iwanko and nekkoala and their American names
        Stater evolutions
        A bit more on Pikipek, grubbin, and yungoos
        Maybe some more gameplay

        Although I would trade all of this in for just new Pokemon and starter evos, that’s not gonna happen.

        Do you think I’m right?

    5. It’s better to just Watch Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos.
      Kanto is really bad, Johto is 90℅ filler, while Unova is utter crap

      1. Definitely not Kanto. Johto is not important, Unova sucks, but Kanto is awesome (despite all the terrible errors XD)!

    6. Watch the Pokemon Origins Anime, its fantastic and very true to the first games

  20. I would love it if there was a way to upload an MP3 file to play as your battle theme when other people battle you. This post may or may not be an excuse to post Last Battle from Cave Story but this would be the one I would choose

    1. Well while I’d love this feature, I remember what people tended to do with Chatot’s recorded cry… 🙁

  21. 2 1/2 hours into the OOT water temple and I just found out that I’m missing ONE SMALL KEY. I have the compass, yet the whole water level mechanic confuses me. I remember it being so much easier than it is for me this time.

    1. I recommend using Zelda Dungeon. I used their video guide to play through the entire OoT3D! There videos are very informative and rather helpful in annoying dungeons such as the Water Temple!

      1. The worst part about it though is that I’ve used a video guide for the whole water temple because of all of its infamy, but I clearly missed something. I think I’ll try to find a video of the part of the temple with the missing key to find it. Thanks for the advice!

      1. Honestly it’s the whole franchise in general. The water temples in every game tend to be difficult.

    2. did you get the one in the central room? Which is apparently the hardest one.

    3. Well I will not offer any hints, words of encouragement or good vibes
      Have fun in madness

      1. Yeah. XD It was easier for me the first time. After around an hour of searching I finally found the key.

          1. Grub’s live underground and based on the type of grub Grubbin is based on, it’s a masked chafer, which burrows underground.

          2. I mean some types would work but a large majority don’t fit Grubin only ones that really fit are Bug only, Ground, Electric

      1. Probably to show not every bug type of the beginning needs to be a butterfly or flying insect

    1. My suggestion is maybe not make the hard hat bulb too obvious
      Maybe a fleshy gland that glows with the stored electricity it finds when tunneling under the crust

      1. Yeah. I thought about that too, but then thought, eh they can put it in the Pokedex entry that it’s a gland.

    2. hahahahaaa…..ur really funny green nice job though ,but I think Grubbin will be more like rhino beetle.

      1. Well, yeah. Grubbin could end up as any beetle, actually, but I thought this one would fit.

  22. Wait in the video they show a Glalie mega Evolving which means it most likely coming back Horray!!!

      1. Eh I just think why fix it if it isn’t broken I mean that would take a long time if even a few could Fuse with their trainers!

          1. I don’t want them to so I think keep Mega’s or ditch it altogether give it back its roots!

    1. oh wow, i never saw his face i always taught he was a white 11 yrs old kid bye! (or maybe im confusing with munchingorange)

        1. the only poketuber i watch now is haydunn i havent seen munching in years

          1. More of he’s just stating facts that they presented on the site and writing them off as “hidden facts”

    2. Ugh, that title alone bugs me, it’s a tautology and a tautology that isn’t even true.

        1. Repeating something in a different way in the means of making it sound like two different things when they’re actually the same thing

          Something like that

    3. I’m legitamenty tired of PokeTubers. Majority are interested in making money through click-bait, horrib theories, and boring Let’s Plays. TyranitarTube has fallen deep into the Distortion World.

    4. I watched that video & immediately recognised that he was looking at Pokejungle
      Seriously tho…hidden? Hardly hidden when it was wrote out by Moving. (I think) I dislike him very much, always have & his voice annoys me

    1. I wish he would be elaborated what he meant my a reboot. If he means that old Pokemon will no longer be in new games, I very much am against this possibility.

      1. Yeah I think this video is cool because of the connections he presents rather than the conclusion he makes with them honestly :/

        1. See. I think they are overthinking way too much. Pokemon has always taken inspiration from tons of sources but never too much inspiration. If yveltal, Xerneas, and zygarde are indeed based on Norse mythology. Their duties (in relation to the gods they represent) and their appearance are about all that they took inspiration from. gamefreak wants their games to have their own lore that is honestly pretty uncomplicated. There’s some major ideas like time, space, a godlike creature, etc. but they don’t run too deep in their wells of inspiration. These games are for kids after all. Not saying they are half assing anything or that there can’t be a deeper intended meaning to their lore, but honestly, why put that much thought into these games when you never elaborate and divulge that info. And I mean a lot of thought. Of course there should be some lore, but to go all the way back to that snorlax guy, to have very philosophical thoughts on battling because of a tome, tying in Hindu (or Hebrew? Can’t remember what he said) and Norse beyond the basic connections, etc. that’s quite a bit of real world stuff to complicate their fictional lore, and of course that’s a long time planning these revive like stones.

    2. I honestly think that he is overthinking a lot of it. I mean, a lot of it will tie in and stuff but I don’t think this is the end… But the alchemy stuff really gets me intrigued…

    3. This was very cringey to watch, like I get its tryna be fun but urgh, haha
      A lot of stuff discussed was in the Gamexplain videos

      They also mentioned Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, Hinduism, Buddhism & Hawaiian context. A lot of things for one game, so idk how much they’re stretching. I mean you can look at so many cultures & religions and see that there’s a lot of common things between them, doesn’t mean they’re connected however

      The whole reboot tho…how would that do anything tbh? Just start afresh with gen 8? People complain about too many Pokemon…but that’s what a reboot would add, no? I’d like to see it more as an arc, as in some games are connected, but not all. Then starting with Gen 8, there’ll be a new arc.

      It was a good theory video, don’t get me wrong (the overacting didn’t help the validity of it & neither did the whole conversation aspect of it imo) but at times, it did seem like they were stretching (I mean revives aren’t blue & also would they have a even legendary so essential to a plot ? – That’s my qualm with Magearna in theory videos)

  23. Earthen bored, so anybody else buy the Mystery Dungeon Virtual Consoles yet
    So far I got Sky I’m a Chimchar 32 and Phanpy 33 and we just got back from the future

    It’s giving me Mystery Dungeon fever and may end up buying Blue Rescue

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