When are we getting Pokémon Dash 2?

pokemon-dash-scrnThe Nintendo DS was host to many Pokémon games in both the main series and spin-off titles. The first however was the oft-overlooked racer Pokémon Dash. It wasn’t a launch title for the console, but was released within six months of the DS’s debut. Players raced through courses as Pikachu, furiously swiping the stylus in the direction they wanted to. The game failed to impress gamers or the press (it holds a 46/100 on MetaCritic), but it is memorable for its release when the game selection on the Nintendo DS was still very limited.

So why do we need a sequel? Well, why not?! Another DS-era spin-off, Trozei, got a sequel on the 3DS and it would be a great chance for a game that could redeem the Dash brand. Racing is also a genre that Pokémon rarely dabbles in. The series has quite a few RPG, strategy and puzzle titles, but there have been no notable racing games. There are probably a lot of fans that want a Mario Kart-esque game that really shows the speed that some Pokémon possess.

Who would make good racers? There are a few Pokémon that instantly come to mind: Arcanine, Greninja, Pidgeot, Crobat, Electrode (roll your way to victory) and more. With over 700 Pokémon there’s so much variety and potential. Maybe not for Muk and Snorlax, but there are still a ton of speedy monsters in there.

Anyone else behind me on this?!

<3 PJ

  1. still gonna ask y we are not talking about main series possibilities like Z versions of mega stones, heck maybe even man made megastone, what lysandre might do in the next game with all the data he has on mega pokemon and stuff like that

      1. Milotic will get a mega eventually. Unless they literally put a cap on megas and say “we are done with them after this game” all fully evolved pokemon will likely end up getting one at some point in the distant future. Popular pokemon like Flygon and Milotic will get them even sooner. Gamefreak dug themselves quite a hole (good or bad) when they should’ve just made real evolutions instead.

        1. ughhh i’m sick of all people getting what they want
          they get virtually every Hoenn Popular Pokemon get a mega and a few other good ones, i only got 3 new ones i liked and 2 of them are virtually useless

          1. My favorites still haven’t gotten them 😛

          2. I still have some from other gens that I’d like to see get megas, but yeah my favorites are generally from those two regions

            Probably others I’m forgetting

          3. Well chico didn’t get what he wanted that’s why he is asking for mega milotic
            And I didn’t get what I want either
            But we don’t matter really, its GFs game and they do whatever THEY want

      1. Not a fairy nor it should go all dragon
        I mean come on at this rate every serpentine or reptilian Pokemon will be a dragon mega (before you say Mega Ampharos it’s Japanese name is literally electric dragon)
        Not a fairy or Mega they had the opportunity and they blew it and there not gonna just announce it right here and now Hoenn as way too many Megas with freaking 20

  2. Wellllllllllllllllll actually there are alot of mobile games like Temple Run. Sonic Dash and that Mario Pipe Run or whatever the fuck that was. I could see a “Pikachu Dash” or something similar.

  3. Never hopefully.

    Pokemon Dash is easily the worst Pokemon spinoff I could imagine coming back. I’d rather see Pokemon Channel get a HD remake.

  4. But id rather see pokemon XD colloseum/ Stadium 3
    I don’t think remaking these would be ideal
    Id like to see battle frontier remade

  5. the real question, what will the Z megas be? and will lysandre’s mega research make man made megas?

    1. I would like to man made megas. I feel like that would be a Porygon-Z thing though…

  6. So today I got a hoops from maxsoft, and it’s actually legal to use online, which is awesome 🙂 anybody else have one from them?

  7. Why in the hell would anyone want a Pokemon Dash 2? The game wasn’t fun and it got repetitive fast. I rather see another Pokemon Ranger [4] or Conquest 2. Plus, the Pokeathlon basically covers all we need in that category.

  8. On the topic of the article, I could see a dash like game being a possibility in the next few years. With pokemon getting into the mobile arena, they might release some little side games like dash 2, just to get a little more playership (or money)

  9. Never in my life have I felt an urge to pick up Pokemon Dash.

    Here’s the real purpose of this comment. According to Joe Merrick, the Serebii guy, they’re releasing a “Pokemon Tretta Ultimate Z” that includes Complete Form Zygarde. Remember that image I posted many weeks back which showed “Pokemon Ultimate Z”? It’s obvious now that we’re getting Z in some form, but will it be Pokemon Ultimate Z? Tune in next week to find out!

      1. This image wouldn’t be so ridiculous if there was a main game to go with it. Zygarde LITERALLY everywhere.

  10. Quick Question! When did you all join PokeJungle, during what Generation was it, and who was the first person you ever chatted with?

    I joined PokeJungle in 2013, during the 6th Generation, and the first person I ever chatted with was ShinyXatu!

    1. Oh wow let me think…….it was around when Diamond and Pearl came out in Japan that I first started coming to this site……so 2006? I can honestly say I have no idea who the first person I chatted with or what it was about hahaha

        1. I kind of miss being able to make a character and pair them with a Pokemon. That feature was pretty fun back in the day lol

    2. I joined during the 5th Generation. I originally shared an account with my brother and then made my own account. I used it for a while. Then stopped posting for like 3 months and forgot the password of my old account. And made this one. With this account, the first person who chatted with me was Shiny Noivern. With my previous one, I think it was Jordan, but most of the people already knew that I had just gotten my own account and wasn’t sharing an account with my bro anymore.

    3. I made an account back in early 2013, using Xatu as my alias because everyone else seemed to have one. The first thing I asked was for one of the avatars that Jordin created. I surely wasn’t expecting to get so deep into the Jungle…

      1. I had asked Jordan for an avatar once. I never got it and a few articles later, I asked him again and I got like 6 downvotes and 3 hate comments yelling at me for posting ‘the same comment’ even though I rephrased it and mentioned that I had already asked before.

    4. Back in 2013 RIGHT after X and Y were announced. Don’t remember who I charged with first but Wes was the first person to Reply on my comment. It wasn’t but about a year later Moving messaged me on Twitter, confessed his love for me, and we started dating ~<3 ;;;;;;)))))))))))

    5. I found out about PJN back during the reveals of Black and White, truly a long time ago lol.
      I can’t remember the first person that I ever talked to but my main group of friends back from that site were Jandro, Jenny and KingAnteros. (I miss them ily).

    6. I joined in 2009, when HG/SS were first revealed. Serebii brought me here. Can’t say the first person I talked to though.

      1. Wait that sounded wrong, but everyone would always bully him lol. So I just talked to him.

    7. i joined in 2013 during the 6th generation as well (X and Y pre release hype), and I believed the first person I talked to may have been you Afarr haha.

    8. I’ve been lurking on here since the days of Platinum and HGSS, but I don’t think I officially joined until around the time BW was announced. As for the first person I chatted with, your guess is as good as mine. I can’t even remember the last person because I’m so rarely active on here.

    9. I joined in 2013 (6th gen) as well, and the first person I chatted with was Noivs.

      (May he be remembered solemnly.)

    10. In 2013, when X and Y were announced. I think I talked to Slippery first, maybe there was someone before then.

  11. We’ll most likely get a pokemon dash style game on mobile.
    Besides, we need Ranger 4 and colesseum 3

  12. “A new Battle Competition has been announced. This is the Alternation Battle competition. This competition is another Double Battle competition and runs rules similar to the VGC rules but with the following exceptions. The top used Pokémon in recent Double Battle Battle Competitions cannot be used so the following Pokémon are not eligible: Venusaur, Charizard, Pikachu, Gengar, Kangaskhan, Jolteon, Lanturn, Ampharos, Suicune, Tyranitar, Ludicolo, Gardevoir, Mawile, Manectric, Salamence, Luxray, Garchomp, Electivire, Rotom, Heatran, Cresselia, Emolga, Amoonguss, Galvantula, Eelektross, Stunfisk, Bisharp, Hydreigon, Terrakion, Thundurus, Landorus, Greninja, Talonflame, Aegislash, Heliolisk and Sylveon. Registration runs from November 5th to November 12th while battles run from November 13th to November 15”

    Ayyy you guys better join!!!

    1. With the obvious exception of Garchomp
      That is literally everything I hate fighting
      I may actually join this

    2. It’s really weird because I haven’t been on Battle Spot in about two months until two days ago. Everytime was different but they were made up of all those pokemon. Unfortunately during those two months I was building a team based on the same popular VGC team everyone was using.

  13. Man! It seems like the NX is going to be something great. The Wall Street Journal just posted some articles about it. Dev Kits of the NX has started to go out to other third-party companies. They said the NX will be using “industry-leading chips”. Also, they said it is two systems: a console and handheld.

    It seems like Nintendo is really pushing that connected gaming ecosystem with powerful and modern hardware. I like the direct Nintendo is heading. I hope I don’t have to pick up a Sony platform to play third-party titles. I would love to see Mass Effect Armada, Final Fantasy 15, and Kingdom Hearts 3 on a Nintendo platform!

    1. Well after the Wii U being disappointing compared to the PS4 and Xbox One I hope that this system is good. The last amazing system Nintendo put out was basically the Gamecube lol

  14. So. Halloween is right around the corner. I wanted to ask, Whats your costume gonna be?

    I’m going to be Bill Cipher. Here’s what I’ll look like. (Refresh)

    1. My brother and his friend are going as Rick and Morty and help him get into character he’s going to drink…a lot

      1. My friend and I were gonna be team aqua and magma grunts. I was gonna be team aqua. We ditched it though because he couldn’t find a red half-vest and those weird red boots…

        1. *urp* Empoleonn I-I get what you’re trying to say, E-Empoleonn Listen, I’m not your— you don’t gotta worry about me, we’re- we’re just gon*urp*na have just a few drinks to get RICKITY RICKITY RECKED!!!!

    2. My brother has a Halloween party every year and this years theme is star wars. I’m going as Tusken Raider. Should b a lot of fun! lol

    3. I’m going to a Halloween party as Nico di Angelo (from the Percy Jackson series). I was originally going to be a Team Aqua grunt, but I thought it would probably be too cold where I live by the time Halloween rolls around.

      1. I was gonna be a team aqua grunt too! (If you saw my reply to Earthen Warrior)
        Nico is cool. Are you going as Nico after he ran away and became emo?

        1. Yeah, I’m going as he is throughout the second series. All black, skull ring, Stygian (foam) sword, etc.

    1. Awww… ya got me excited. A new Direct would be amazing though. New Smash Character, Twilight Princess HD, Persona x Maid Cafe, and possibly an announcement of Pokemon Ultimate Z Turbo HD Remix Kai Tournament Edition.

      1. I predicted that we’ll get some news between October 26-30, whether it be the new Pokemon game or a Nintendo Direct. This week could happen as well. We can’t forget about that talk at the beginning of the month regarding a Smash character being revealed before October ends. Along with the buildup to a Pokemon announcement and Pokemon Z merchandising, I simply cannot fathom how they could skip news for a 4th consecutive month.

          1. I think we can both agree that Nintendo-related leaks are picking up speed as this month progresses. They’re hiding all of this material, probably to release it all within a single day or two.

  15. I think the real question is when are we getting a Pokemon Snap sequel or Colosseum/XD Gale of Darkness Sequel? As for Pokemon dash idk how you guys felt but I think the score written above says it for me. I honestly didn’t like it very much. I also think we need another Conquest

  16. So i had a realization
    If Walley in ORAS has a Mega Evolving Gallade maybe there’s hope for Giovanni having a Rhyperior since they never seen to question the existence of it having a branched evolution discovered in a different region (ironically they’re both found in Sinnoh)
    But i don’t expect it being in the initial quest most likely a post game kinda thing, but not really much a Delta Episode more of “You meet Giovanni and he wishes to show off his new found strength in the form of a battle with a updated team with a Mega Evolving Rhyperior” and after you beat him he gives you the mega stone
    Or if that doesn’t work we could always do a rehashed Sevii Island adventure

    my biggest fear is that they give him a Mega Kangaskhan or one of the Nidos since they appear more then his signature Rhydon
    (and one last note i’ve noticed his Pokemon share a lot of physical characteristics such as bulky bipedal mammalians with reptilian features)

    1. I said that months ago. Rhyperior is his signature pokemon, or at the time it was Rhydon. And it appears in the Kalos War image, which contains a lot of Pokemon that have received megas. It also means Cyrus has a chance to get Mega Weavile and Ghetsis to get Mega Hydreigon if we got remakes of both of those games.

      1. When I saw the idea of Mega Rhyperior and Mega Gallade, my first thought was a Mega Magmortar to finish the trio of Pokemon controlled by Ice, Lavana, and Heath from Shadows of Almia. I’d love to see a Ranger game that combines all the previous regions like they’re doing with Mystery Dungeon (Or at least bring back old characters like the trio).

      2. These are actually some really good points Defensive. Tbh I didn’t realize that Rhydon was Giovanni’s signature Pokemon, I thought it was Nidoking and Persian, lol jk. But he did have one. I’m still hoping for Drapion Togekiss Cincinno to get megas. Many more as well. Tbch tho, Wallace’s signature was Milotic and in Emerald he becomes the champion and he was important in Ruby/sapphire, yet he never got a mega for Milotic. Also Alraune (I think his name is) was a new character introduced in ORAS and has only a flygon which was a great opportunity to give flygon a mega, yet he didn’t get one either. So idk about Giovanni but imo I think every gym leader and elite four leader should have a mega sorta like they did for E4 in ORAS. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they only did this post game. So maybe in the future they introduce something like rematches in HGSS at that dojo in Saffron where you find the character and can battle them, maybe they will have a mega of their signature Pokemon.

        1. They said that they experienced writer’s block with Mega Flygon and my theory is that Milotic got pushed out of the way for Altaria as the contest Mega poster child (But still they make it a damn fairy….)
          but this timeline is not emerald, but this one is where Mega Evolution exists

      1. Sorry can’t listen to the bottom one
        I refuse to listen to oras chantelune theme, so I wont listen to it or its remix, but I like the top one a lot but I still prefer mine no offense.

        1. The second one he pretty much remixed the one from Emerald, it’s actually good.

  17. For people who are waiting for the next Pokemon and have a computer that isn’t a toaster; May I recommend Pokemon Super Eevee Edition? It’s a Pokemon game that mixes Pokemon gameplay with Final Fantasy and it’s really good.

    1. Lol this sounds awesome. I’ve never played an FF game tho I want to but I would love a fire emblem style game lol cuz I love FE. I mean conquest is similar but at the same time it’s really not. Oh and FE gba games, gc game, or wifi game, not ds/3ds please, obviously the game would be like 3ds but I prefer older FE games. And who wouldn’t want to go back to sprites?

  18. I’m pretty sure that’s never gonna happen lol, Dash was pretty bad and it didn’t sell too well.

  19. God I see people coming to Pokejungle in 2013… ive been here since 2010/11 😛 I think im apart of the furniture at this point haha.

    Ps hope everyone is well I havent commented in a while but I do see all the comments #creepin 😛 🙂

  20. Masuda is apparently making an appearance on some Japanese children’s show on November 15th. He’s sometimes revealed things on this show. It’s happening…next month!

    1. I was just about to say something about this. lol It could mean nothing, but u have to assume that with all the merchandise for XY&Z and then Tretta Ultimate Z there’s’ something big coming right? I saw someone somewhere theorize that next week b4 XY&Z they announce the games and then in CoroCoro they show screen shots and then finally Masuda will show an official trailer on that show. I for one wouldn’t b oppose to that timeline. I just need something……..all this teasing and they’ve shown us nothing concrete……I’m getting tired hahaha

      1. It’s going to mean something. I promise you. Whether or not he announces the game himself or simply talks about it, it’s going to happen before November 15th. GET HYPED!

      2. Same dude. I’m kinda getting impatient. Its to the point now where I could care less when the game is released, I just want an announcement; something to get my mind of ORAS and unto the next game. Thought I knew what their game release pattern was, but I don’t even know anymore after what has transpired these last few months haha.

      1. There’s no way of telling at this point. Nintendo hasn’t given a solid answer as to when they’re gonna start doing them again as I recall.

          1. Hasn’t been released in English yet so for me no. It just came out in Japan in July so the DVD wouldn’t b out yet to watch it in Japanese online either


  21. Pokken Tournament has been pulled from a major arcade in japan.

    I hope the console version does better

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