When are we getting Pokémon Dash 2?

pokemon-dash-scrnThe Nintendo DS was host to many Pokémon games in both the main series and spin-off titles. The first however was the oft-overlooked racer Pokémon Dash. It wasn’t a launch title for the console, but was released within six months of the DS’s debut. Players raced through courses as Pikachu, furiously swiping the stylus in the direction they wanted to. The game failed to impress gamers or the press (it holds a 46/100 on MetaCritic), but it is memorable for its release when the game selection on the Nintendo DS was still very limited.

So why do we need a sequel? Well, why not?! Another DS-era spin-off, Trozei, got a sequel on the 3DS and it would be a great chance for a game that could redeem the Dash brand. Racing is also a genre that Pokémon rarely dabbles in. The series has quite a few RPG, strategy and puzzle titles, but there have been no notable racing games. There are probably a lot of fans that want a Mario Kart-esque game that really shows the speed that some Pokémon possess.

Who would make good racers? There are a few Pokémon that instantly come to mind: Arcanine, Greninja, Pidgeot, Crobat, Electrode (roll your way to victory) and more. With over 700 Pokémon there’s so much variety and potential. Maybe not for Muk and Snorlax, but there are still a ton of speedy monsters in there.

Anyone else behind me on this?!

<3 PJ