Jungle Asks: What are your Halloween Plans?

erika-gym-leaderLooking forward to hearing all about your Halloween plans down in the comments! Do you have your costume picked out? Major bonus points if it involves Pokémon! Sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever done a costume related to the series. If I were to do so, I’d probably go as the amazing Grass-type Gym Leader ERIKA!

Halloween is probably the best holiday out there, so don’t waste your chance to do something fun 😉

<3 PJ

  1. My plans are getting my Captain Phasma costume on and ready, and then going to my friends party and putting all those basic bitches to shame with their vampire and cat costumes.

  2. my plans are to hang out with one of my friends since she’s having a Halloween party on the night of Halloween

    1. Awww, I think you would make a good Byron, but first you need to De-Archie yourself a bit… Ya know what I mean, deer?

  3. Homework, eating a bunch of candy and watching the scariest movies and YouTube videos I can find! Also, at that point we’ll be really close to the possible reveal of the next Pokemon games, so I’ll probably be playing Pokemon Yellow or something. Don’t fail us, Masuda!

  4. Every year my brother and sister in law have a themed party. This year’s theme is Star wars so I’m going as a tusken raider. I will say tho that a couple of years ago the theme was Nintendo and I went as Red lol

    1. In other news, I did just catch a Shiny Tangela (now a Shiny Tangrowth) and a Male Shiny Ralts (Now a Shiny Gallade) The latter I am very proud of~

      1. When ever I catch a shiny I always have a tough time deciding whether I should evolve them or not. Some Pokemon I feel like I shouldn’t evolve.lol

        1. I am the same way, some i feel i have to evolve just to get the best, it all counts in the dex anyways, but if i want to save for the next dex, well, i leave them unevolved, just in case.

  5. I’m probably going to my friends house Saturday night and possibly going to his church for something called trunk or treating on Friday. I’m going as Bill Cipher.

    1. Trunk or treating is nice. Small space, and they usually don’t care how many times you come by so you can get loaded up on candy

      1. Does your church do trunk or treating. I don’t go to church (cuz I’m Hindu), but my friend said I could go with him this year. Apparently people set up pranks in their cars.

    2. Trunk or Treating is fun since you’ll usually know people. And you know the candy is safe. Probably.

  6. Having a little party with coworkers and friends the night before, only night we could find a babysitter. As for thebday, work all day, sleep all night lol

    1. Never accept Candy from strangers, but if you scare some kids and they drop it….. Well….. Pick it up and eat it lol.

          1. well i’ve been having a whole “Chespin kick” for a while mostly just eager to play as a Chespin in SMD but yeah i was one of the first guys here to actually like Quilladin when it first leaked

          2. I like him too being fat guy that not mean he is not characteristic, or maybe I understood the concept of his evolution before it release.

    1. So is my best friend!!! We’re gonna do a bunch of pictures of Bill terrorizing Dipper. (Bill is Me)

  7. I’ve been meaning to ask someone this. Do any of you have shiny clauncher/clawitzer if you do tell me and we can make a deal.

        1. Ooooh, I do remember that. PokeJungle will rise again. Hopefully Master Masuda opens the floodgates next month.

          1. I simply don’t care that much at this point. I imagine that the situation revolves a lot around the Pokemon 20th Anniversary next year…a sort of scheduled internal delay. I hope that with all this extra development time they’ll prioritize better framerates, 3D outside of battles and other necessary changes.

          2. Those times were fun. Everyone was here, we constantly had something to talk about, dae used to post more often and I was a worker at the pokejungle cafe.

  8. Next week we get to see Zygarde in Action on
    Mega Evolution Act IV: The Explosive Birth of Z! That Which Lies Hidden in Kalos!

    1. Next week is when the special is?!? Hmmmm I hope maybe we get something next week. Even if it’s just a hint at the 15th anything solid would b nice at this point lol

    1. I’m actually kind of happy Ash got the ORAS Pokedex. I always find it cool when new gadgets are introduced lol I really hope that next week we get something interesting coming our way!

      1. what the Ash having this pokedex by the way?! ..I don’t understand what was happen in the last ..did prepare to visit Hoenn region ?

        1. I don’t think they’re going to Hoenn. Ash always gets the most recent Pokedex. It doesn’t matter where he’s going. I was just saying that I like that he gets an upgrade very once and a while lol

    1. So 2 things can happen
      Next year be the last year of gen 6
      Or another year with season of filler/ Ash going to Kalos frontier

  9. I’m totally stoked for Mega Evolution Act IV. But Ash’s Frogadier has yet to evolve, right?

  10. So for any of you Mystery Dungeon fans, Nintendo’s Youtube channel posted the complete episodes of the Mystery Dungeon specials
    watching back on those, it really made me feel like a old man…. i just wanted to bust in there myself and whoop all of them

    Hopefully in the Super Mystery Dungeon i’ll finally be able to recruit a Rhyhorn and finally play as a Rhyperior

  11. I said this on the last article, but I’m going to a small Halloween party with a few friends and I’m going as Nico di Angelo. I planned to be a Team Aqua grunt but decided against it due to the temperature. Maybe next year…

  12. Good news, I found my pokemon pearl version after all these years which means I have Jirachi now! No more waiting around for game freak to be “kind” enough to give us another one.

    1. Paralysis. Speed lowered to 25% + 25% chance not to attack = death. Losing HP is bad, but at least lowering attack is only effective if they’re a physical attacker.

    2. Paralysis (Just like I told you in chat)
      Way more pokemon are affected by paralysis than burn

      1. and i’m telling you, if you’re not a special attacker you’re completely screwed
        everyone just assumes speed reduction is worse but i say it doesn’t matter as long as you still can attack at full power

  13. If Gamefreak decided that there would only be ONE Mega introduced in the next games, and whichever Pokemon that was is completely up to you, what ability would Mega Milotic have?

      1. Truuuue that thing needs a Mega. I would also love a Mega Haxorus, Dragon/Steel, but I’m afraid any stat boosts to that thing would just break it

        1. I hoped for Mega Druddigon to be Dragon Steel with Tough Claws as that would be soooo cool
          Hmmmmm breaking haxorus would be pretty fun though, and who doesn’t love seeing smogon people mad!

    1. If milotic were to get a mega evolution, it should be turned into a Water and Fairy type and should probably get….. I don’t know…. Maybe they’ll make a new ability like they did for mega kangaskahn.

          1. Please that was a fucking mistake
            all it has going is fucking play rough, LITERALLY PLAY ROUGH (and charm but that barely counts) and its secondary egg group Fairy and that’s it

            But the moment that prick got fairy everyone is bending over backwards as the greatest thing in the world, same goes for Gardevoir and Mawile they were barely anything then they get Megas and a type change now they’re the fucking talk of the meta

          2. Calm down man I’m only a 12 year old…. I don’t really want a mega milotic either and I admit mega rhyperior would be pretty awesome.

    2. I’m not saying they should do this, but what if GameFreak made Megas for all of the Eeveelutions. That would be weird and cool at the same time.

    3. None
      Mega Rhyperior would bust through with Solid Rock or Sand Stream with a massive sp defense and tear that overhyped fish a new cloaca

    4. Mega Volcarona
      “Sun’s Wrath”: fire moves get 50% boost and opposing Pokemon have 20% chance to miss when attacking (because of blinding light)

      Mega miltoic would have
      “Twin powers”: dragon and fairy moves get STAB bonus

    5. It would be Mega Cofagrigus or Mega Gothitelle. After using Milotic for about a month, it doesn’t need a mega.

      1. I can see Mega Cofa oddly turning into a Iron Maiden for some reason
        And Goth having energy stars revolving around it

        1. I was disappointed we didn’t get those two in ORAS. If we get at least one of those or Mega Jynx, I don’t care what the other megas are or look like. I’d love for Cofa to be Ghost/Steel. Unlikely though.

      2. Mega Cofagrigus would be the bane of my existence (As much as I love Cofag, it’s just too hard to take down). Mega Gothitelle, though, I’m all for that ?

      3. A lot of Pokemon that have megas didn’t need them. The Pseudos and legendaries for example…

        1. Yeah but when do you ever see them actually used? Milotic is fine the way it is. I very rarely see mega pseudos. If I see any of them on a team, it’s usually just there to hide a Mega Charizard Y.

  14. My plans, are either going to this Party, or going out and getting some candy with some friends, I have a baby face so I most definitely can go trick or treating without anyone noticing.Hmmmmm decision decisions.
    If I were to dress like any Pokemon I would go as Shelgon!
    And If I were to dress like any Trainer, I’d definitely go as May Tate, with my friend who would go as Liza! and we would chant something in sync at every door xD!

    1. Take advantage of the baby face!!!! 🙂

      Menacing Cascoon used Baby Doll Eyes. It’s Super Effective!

  15. At my age its crazy but Hocus Pocus is my tradition to watch on Halloween ! Your never too old for a classic film In My Opinion 😀 !!

    I’m having my friends over and we watch that, then watch horror movies or have a video game session with a few drinks !

    Thats my favorite thing to do on Halloween and is the same thing I’ve done the last few years.

    1. I played the demo and honestly It’s not all that bad actually lol. Its a good change of pace from what I’ve been playing lately (which is a lot of Destiny lol). It’s simple enough that it’s enjoyable, but engaging enough that I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. I’m not sure if it’s a game that I’d buy myself, but if I got it for Christmas or a birthday I wouldn’t disappointed at all. As for it being the new Pokemon I’m not so sure. Yes they have very similar themes mechanically and what not, but I’m not so sure I c it lasting as long as Pokemon in the long run. Pokemon has become one of the few Nintendo dynasties that have lived for a long time and still continue to prosper. I’m not sure I c Yokai Watch spending 20+ years on the market like Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda have done or in Pokemon’s case will do come this next year.All in all I do c Yokai Watch as a neat game and look forward to playing more of it at some point.

      1. Yokai Watch definitely won’t become as big of an icon (of course Pokemon didn’t seem like it would either), but it is pretty fun. The final map is HUGE and we just got a reasonably sized portion of it for the demo. The Yokai list is very big too. I’ll probably use my Christmas money on it. It’s something to pass the time. Much better than Animal Crossing. It’s like PokemonXDigimon with. Hint of AC Bug catching and fishing features. It has a nice feel as well. I’m excited about what it has in store for us.

        1. Yeah there were a lot of things that I noticed in the demo that I immediately wished Pokemon at in it. The art style is good, the map and over world feel really fleshed out, and the characters seem pretty likable too.

      2. There’s a Yo-kai Watch 2DS bundle releasing alongside the game, and I’m pretty interested in that. I sure as hell don’t need a new 3DS-family handheld, but I might as well cough up an extra $60 to expand my console collection.

          1. Oh. 🙁
            There’s only one other person I know who plays on the Xbox one………. My brother (and we obviously share the same console, so I can’t play WITH him)

        1. I’m sure it’s not for everybody. To me it felt like a very relaxed game that I could pick up and put down with no problem.

  16. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but has anyone noticed that Mewtwo and Shia LeBouf are doing the same pose (kinda)

  17. Hey everyone who here has Xbox Live or PSN ? Want to exchange gamertags ? Add me if you want to play or something – simkenno ?

    1. I don’t have Xbox live at the current moment, but my gametag is Ultron Symbiote. I think it has a space but it may not

    1. 1. Soul Silver
      2. Black 2
      3. X
      4. Diamond
      5. Emerald

      Honorable mention: Alpha Sapphire(only because of the Delta Episode lol, apart from that I hated ORAS) and Pokemon Black(actually I enjoyed Black a lot and it just barely missed the cut)

    2. Mine are Pretty much the same.
      1. Black 1/2
      2. Alpha Sapphire
      3. Crystal
      5. X

    3. 1. Omega Ruby
      2. Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
      3. XD Gale of Darkness
      4. X
      5. Black 2, Platinum or Soul Silver (undecided)

  18. Just to keep you grunts posted, TOMY Toys just revealed, yes, revealed, a “Pokédex Z” logo officially. Let’s see where that takes us. Image is attached.

    1. OH MY GOD!!!! Y CAN’T THEY JUST COME OUT WITH IT ALREADY?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean come on man………..ugh……hahaha

      1. Same reason we will never get textured Byron and Archie body pillows. They don’t want to.

      1. I know it’s a toy. Thus specifying TOMY Toys. It’s the Z Emblem I was posting for.

  19. This picture is getting pretty popular around the Pokenet today. There’s a lot going on, so I want to see what you guys think. There’s obviously some censored posters for some reason, but that’s not the most interesting part to me. See the white poster in the middle? It has a Pokemon Tretta logo on the left and some other Z logo on the right that I can’t identify.

    1. This is prolly just merchandise and advertising for Tretta Ultimate Z. There r so many Z’s being slapped onto the series different parts of Pokemon I can’t believe they’re waiting so long to announce the main series game!!

    1. Granted Dragonite are 7ft pudgy dragons
      and Onix aren’t really gigantic (well they are) we really need some kinda Stone density/weight/composition chart to really pound out a equation, or maybe a better realization is if every onix and dragonite weigh the same or is just the average of recorded Pokemon as the time

  20. I’m gonna make a Hallow’s Eve Mega Survey:

    Which of these Pokemon would make the most terrifying, strange, or creepy mega evos?
    (i will attempt to draw the winners)

    Take note: You have to pick 3, one that’s the most terrifying, one that’s the most strange, and one that’s the most creepy.

    Your choices are as follows:
    1- Dusknoir
    2- Gorgeist
    3- Trevenant
    4- Beheeyem
    5- Cofagrigus
    6- Hypno
    7- Mismagius
    8- Magnezone
    9- Darkrai
    10- Probopass
    11- Rotom
    12- Machamp
    13- Jynx
    14- Crobat
    15- Skuntank
    16- Lickilicky
    17- Jellicent
    18- Tentacruel
    19- Arbok
    20- Honchkrow

    Have fun with this~

    1. Hmmmmm well one Pokemon i’ve developed a newfound likeness towards would have to be Hypno (used it in a Pokemon Red Rom with Casc and Daf and it was the best) which is weird since i rarely use/like Psychic types
      But i feel that it would make a prime candidate for a Mega
      but it wouldn’t be some malevolent dream sucker
      it would be taller and lankier with a long white beard-like collar and its ears would triple in length and i can’t decide if its nose should revert to a trunk or just get slender and longer now i either gets a bigger more relic styled pendulum or it becomes embedded into its forehead as a psychic organ
      now here’s the big kick; behind its body is a swirling dream vortex manifesting around it symbolizing the power of dreams it consumed in its lifetime granting it great power
      now you might make it a Psychic/Dark type or even a Psychic/Ghost and the answer is no. Hypno are not evil Pokemon (yes there was one incident but i repeat not every Hypno are not evil, it would remain pure Psychic but its ability would be evil No Guard Hypnosis

    2. Eh. Hypno and Dusknoir would definitely have some weird megas. I would love Mega Cofagrigus to be eerie as well.

      1. just a quick reminder Dusknoir will never get a Mega since it got 3 evos while Banette got zilch in gen 4

        1. There are lots of megas with three stages though? Gallade, all the starter megas, Garchomp… If you want to get into Gen four, once again there’s Gallade, which pretty much broke any theory that states stone evolution mons and Evolutions given in gen 4 will NEVER get a mega. Every final stage pokemon has a possibility for a mega, except forme changing pokemon like Rotom, which is still up in the air.

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