Jungleween: Pokémon Horror Story

Lighting raced across the sky, momentarily giving the young trainer a glimpse of his surroundings. Darkness quickly swallowed everything around him again as thunder crashed above, drowning out the sound of the pouring rain soaking his clothes. He had seen a building ahead and his careful steps gave way to a brisk stride. A Joltik clung to his shoulder, its eyes furrowed in concentration. Electricity made the furry bug glow, giving its trainer a faint light to see with.

It was a shed. He didn’t think, he just opened the door and darted in to escape from the pounding rain. His breath came in short gasps, but as it normalized he looked around in the light from his Joltik. Suddenly, he realized something was terribly wrong. He had to go; now. A dark shape rose up in the corner and he knew it was too late to do anything…

What happens next?

<3 PJ