Jungleween: Pokémon Horror Story

Lighting raced across the sky, momentarily giving the young trainer a glimpse of his surroundings. Darkness quickly swallowed everything around him again as thunder crashed above, drowning out the sound of the pouring rain soaking his clothes. He had seen a building ahead and his careful steps gave way to a brisk stride. A Joltik clung to his shoulder, its eyes furrowed in concentration. Electricity made the furry bug glow, giving its trainer a faint light to see with.

It was a shed. He didn’t think, he just opened the door and darted in to escape from the pounding rain. His breath came in short gasps, but as it normalized he looked around in the light from his Joltik. Suddenly, he realized something was terribly wrong. He had to go; now. A dark shape rose up in the corner and he knew it was too late to do anything…

What happens next?

<3 PJ

  1. Something ran past him, leaving the trainer startled. The shadow stood against the door and sighed. The trainer, as terrified as one can be, tried to talk. ‘Who are you?’ he asked, almost whispering. He did not get a response and tried to raise his voice. ‘Who are you?’ he asked again, with a cracked voice. The Joltik on his shoulder crawled frightened under his collar, making the room almost pitch black. The trainer couldn’t see anything anymore. ‘So you do not recognize me,’ the shadow said. ‘Well, that’s a pity.’ The trainer suddenly felt the breath of the shadow in his neck, but he never heard footsteps coming his way. ‘Why are you trembling, young one? Are you afraid I might… attack you?’ He heard the voice was coming from behind him and tried to turn around, but he was too late. A Psybeam hit him in the back and he fell over. Trying to get up, he felt the breath once again. He heard some mumbling, and before he knew it, a Hypnosis made him fall into a deep slumber.

  2. Red just finished Route 4. He entered the Pokemon Center. He approached a suspicious man. The man said he had a secret Pokemon. Red thought it was the fabled Mew. Red purchased the Pokemon from the shady man. The man disappeared into thin air. Red opened up the PokeBall… something huge came out… it was a – MAGIKARP!

    This was my childhood horror. I wasted ‎₱500 PokeDollars.

    1. I KNO RITE!!!!!!!!! SO KEWL AND THAT THEME SONG THO!!!!!! btdubbs part two’s coming out on Nov 9th

    2. That was crazy. I loved the New Intro! Bill has really gone crazy now! He #reketed Time Baby in like two seconds. I just can’t wait for Part Two, they need to save Mabel.

      1. That was the most amazing episode ever!!!!!! That intro was super cool, it had a good amount of comedy, Bill finally became really mean and those Bubbles of absolute Madness tho! I’m being Bill for Halloween and I’m trying to quote Bill as mush as I can. Math Teacher: oh wait. I messed up.
        Me: It’s funny how dumb you are!

      2. I haven’t been able to watch the last few episodes. I’m behind on two of the three shows I watch…

  3. The trainer darted towards an upwards staircase making sure not to look back. As he raced up the stairs, he noticed that it was getting colder as he rose. The stairs seemed to go on forever, but they soon came to an end. Literally. The staircase stopped at a break in the wall. The trainer was being warmed up by joltik’s soft electricity, but joltik was growing colder and colder, trying to keep its trainer warm. Though the trainer was being warmed up by joltik, he was still cold with fear….. Because he was afraid of heights. Joltik finally tired out and dropped unconscious into the trainer’s hand. There was no more light but the moon’s shining lightly though the break in the wall. The trainer saw the shady figure coming up the stairs. He had no choice but to jump. He gripped tightly to Joltik and, gathering all his courage, jumped. Joltik opened its eyes lightly to see its trainer crying. Joltik scuttled up to his shoulder and was enveloped by a blue light. It was evolving. The trainer watched in awe as Galvantula surrounded him in web and then shot to the wall, saving the trainer from falling to his demise. Everything was great until the shady figure entered the room that Galvantula and the trainer had landed in. They were both terrified, but the shady figure spoke and said, “Don’t be afraid. I just want to PLAY!” The trainer was trembling, but Galvantula stepped in front of the shady figure, that now had the form of a child. Galvantula hissed and used Electroweb. The shadow child let out a high pitched screech as it got electrocuted, but soon took the form of something….. Much bigger. The shadowy child now towered over Galvantula and its trainer, in the form of an 8 foot tall humanoid monster that had long dark hair and a black and purple aura surrounding it. Was it a Pokémon? The trainer’s hand trembled as he lifted up his Pokedex. The Pokedex spoke, “This creature is not in the Pokedex Data. There are some Pokem……………” It paused and glitched “GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!!!!!” it screamed. The trainer and Galvantula attempted to jump back outside, but it was too late, the creature surrounded the trainer and Galvantula in a void of complete darkness…… And they were gone….. Forever. The front door opened again. It was time to Play. The creature took the form of a child again. And disappeared into the shadows, awaiting the next person to Play with.

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