Jungleween: Battle & Trade Day

Halloween, erm, Jungleween is approaching soon and there’s never been a better time to boot up Pokémon ORAS or XY to get online with friends! Let’s make an effort today to trade or battle someone in the comments below! Bonus points for well bred SPOOKY Pokémon given away in trades 🙂

What are the scariest Pokémon you like using competitively? Mega Gengar? Dusknoir?

<3 PJ

  1. Chandelure and Golurk always found a way onto my team in Black and White, as well as X and Y. They have cool designs and interesting typing.

  2. Trade Offer:
    Dear “Jungleween” users,
    I am looking for a shiny Steelix, and plan to offer a Shiny Metagross From the Steven Stone event, i’ll even add the Metagrossite Mega Stone as a bonus.
    If you can, no nicknames, and below Level 100, any country is fine, any IV or Nature is fine, no need for hidden ability, no mega stone required.

    Warm fuzzies all around,

    PS, I got this graph…

    1. Well, that’s gonna be a problem because everyone and their mothers have the shiny metagross, so it’s virtually worthless.

      1. Your mom plays pokemon? Good for her~
        I wish i could get my mom to play, trading would be so much easier.

  3. Hey PJ (and Moving bae) you guys should do a Milotic theme during my birthmonth, that would be fuckin’ awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love Milotic am I right? People that don’t like Milotic are the same people that punch baby kittens in the face. Don’t be a kitten puncher.

    1. But what if you’re a Milotic puncher? Then aren’t you punching both a Milotic and a Kitten?
      You’re kinda mean…

    2. There’s maybe one person who doesn’t like Milotic that I know of. And I secretly think they’re lying to themselves because who can you resist the awesomeness of a beautiful oarfish? Communists, probably.

    3. Why not Rhydon
      a commemoration for the first Pokemon that graced the world
      that big powerful Rhinoceros dinosaurian creature with a literal drill protruding out of its face, birther of the famous meme “Aim for the Horn” and just a Pokemon symbolizing raw power

  4. Nintendo Directs are going to get a “new format” by 2016. I’m interested to see it! Also, Nintendo is having a investor meeting today about their DeNA Mobile Games (and more). 🙂

    1. At this point I’m willing to bet we get nothing out of this week. I wish I’m wrong, but it just doesn’t’ feel right anymore. i was expecting something today closer to noon and we got nothing. I’d b very surprised if they decided to announce something at night for most of the world.

  5. The scariest Pokemon I’m using now or like to use most? I like Cofagrigus alot but Servine is my scariest because no one thinks anything of it.

    1. I always feel that the middle stage of all the starter Pokémon is always forgotten.

  6. I know it’s cliche for a halloween pokemon, but gourgeist has been one of my favorite ghost type since it was introduced! It has everything that makes up a great spooky pokemon: A chilling dex entry, scary stats, a freaky design, and it as a bonus it get’s used by Diantha! Gengar is an all time favorite of course. I fear dusknoir solely due to the mystery dungeon games and the dex entry.

  7. I can’t play till the weekend, so I don’t really know what I can offer in trade. I’ll see what I have. (This is Green BTW. I just changed my name for the rest of the Gravity Falls Season)

    1. Woah they just went full on anime mode on this one. It’s so not cartoon-like unlike the past intros xD

        1. Then i just have worst luck and timing
          it says “Thus video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.. It is not avaliable in your country”

    2. Amazing opening, i loved the animation it looks great, especially the fight between Greninja and Mega-Sceptile.

    1. Omg hyyype!!!
      Fire, water (yes plz) and flying it looks like. I can´t wait any longer for an announcement!
      I really hope we will see those new gyms in the next games!
      I do hope though that the gym leaders will have a bit more character and maybe be a part of the games plot. (And don´t take away Olympia from me)

    2. What’s the source for this? And I hope we get a hot gym leader this time around…

    3. I’m not going to get my hopes up. Pokemon Anime has had different badges before. It’s really nothing new! It just shows that there are more leaders than the ones Ash faces. Here’s some examples:

      1. I membered those too but then I thought about when remakes come out maybe just maybe they’ll have new gyms for gens 4 and 5 or at least those are my hopes. lol

    4. While I’d like to believe that these new badges mean something I also have some doubt as well. In the past Ash’s rivals have been known to have badges that are different from Ash himself. I will say that these badges do look pretty cool and if are in fact real, imply fire, water, and flying(?) gyms which might be a good addition to the current Kalos league

    5. before y’all get too excited please keep in mind the anime always does this
      they always give the rivals inconsistent badges

          1. Thank you for showing this now I want Pokemon to clarify this, I mean I know the anime doesn’t always follow the main game so I wouldn’t know either to ask gamefreak or anime creators????

  8. Theory: Ash-Greninja is Mega Greninja X, similar to Mega Charizard X, these special types of Mega Evolved forms are created due to extremely strong bonds between trainer and Pokemon. This would also be the reason as to why Mega Charizard X looks similar to Alain. I mean they haven’t explained the reasoning behind “X” Megas, and 6th gen is ending, so it’s about time they would.
    Again, it’s just a theory. A MEGA (anagram game on point) THEORY.

    1. Uh you do realize Alan’s outfit is modeled after Charizard X
      and the Ashinja is because of a crazy phenomenon that said to occurs every 100 years with Greninja withb their trainers with maximum bonds

    2. Well we do know some information about XY Megas
      • Extremely unique and only occurs with the utmost popularity
      • X is physical while Y is special
      • in regards of anime it is still unknown that Y exists
      • one side will include a type change (Most likely the X)

  9. HOLY BALLS, I love what they did to Needle Arm, like energy maces
    also that Rollout, i really can’t wait for the next installment

        1. He’s saying he wants to share the video in different places and give…. You… Credit… I guess?

          1. actually I was mean I want to share this video here before he did and present it to Earthen cuz I know he loves Quilladin…i don’t y he don’t understand is it english problem or cultural one?

          2. Yeah actually. It’s a slight English problem. You used the right words, just in a weird order and not enough detail. Not trying to be rude.

          3. At least you’re trying to be correct with it unlike some people. It’s a learning process. It’s nothing to worry about.

  10. US Hoopa is to be distributed through… McDonalds. WTF. Is Nintendo is trying to make me obese? Literally anywhere else would’ve been better than that disgusting hive of villainly and scum.

    1. I’m incredibly surprised they chose McDonald’s of all places for the distribution. Have they ever released event Mon from a fast food place? It’s really dumb…….lol

        1. To b honest tho this was a long time coming. Nintendo and McDonald’s have been in bed together for a long enough time that they could have done this at any point. It’s just bc it’s out of no where and out of the ordinary that people r confused lol

      1. Think about it. Almost EVERY town has at least one McDonald’s. Gamestop isn’t in every town. Launching it at a fast food place means more people can easily get it.

        1. The more I thought about it the more it made sense. It’s just a weird place in general I guess lol

    2. I’m surprised they’re going through McDonald’s for that. Better load up on food while I’m there.

    3. I could use a quarter pounder, with bacon and pickles, medium-large fries, and a medium fountain bev

  11. I’m seriously pissed now! this week ate up the last bit of my patience. Thankfully I’m in my end semester break and I haven’t torn up any books in rage. I’ll just be resuming with dignity now, and not live in any expectation of any announcements whatsoever.

  12. Out in the black forest, the night air grows cold, the hollow stumps shriek as a baleful gale whisks forth, a haggard trainer wanders this moonless hallow

  13. I know its been discussed but I haven’t had a chance to comment,

    But how UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING does the new Pokemon anime XY & Z look ? My God I’m really looking forward to it.

    The two clips show a good bit? But more than anything I’m dying to see how Ash and Greninjas bond occurs. It looks beautiful ??

    Also in the opening the final scene with Team Flare and Alan staring Ash & Co down literally was giving me chills.

    If the opening is that good the anime is going to seriously be the best yet.

    X&Y so far have been really redeeming the personal disappointment I felt after the strong start of the black + White anime took a sharp decline. Let’s not mention the league even.
    That being said the final season of that arc wasn’t too bad.

    XY&Z please keep this unbelievable hype up and stay as strong as X+Y have been so far 🙂

      1. I’m guessing the transformation will look something like that in-game. That will be amazing.

  14. Hmmmmm
    The three main rivals of Pokemon anime
    Ash- Greninja
    Alan- Charizard (X)
    Shota- Sceptile
    Greninja and Charizard (X) are in smash…. there are a decent amount of hopes for Sceptile in smash…. HMMMMMM
    Also that new anime opening looks really good Kalos is doing a great job on getting the anime on track after *gag* Unova anime.

      1. Wow that comment was as spicy as a delectable curry.
        And that’s the shite we had to listen to haha.

        At least the league will be good…. Aaaaannnddd no its over and was awful. Not even a 6v6 with trip. A 6v5 with Cameron … Shudders. Make me forget

          1. Cameron was the rival they rushed into the story at the last second a few episodes before the league. He then thought that a full battle was 5 pokemon not 6… And still beat ash. Lord it was awful haha.

          2. I know. I was kidding 😛 He wasn’t memorable at all and bored me :/ I like to pretend that BestWishes never happened. I didn’t like any character from that series 🙁 (except for Georgia and Burgundy) (they should’ve replaced iris/cilan with them lmao)

    1. I wouldn’t b surprised if this Mewtwo was just a costume swap/color swap. Maybe in Pokken they have something like Evil Ryu only it’s Mewtwo. Either way I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about new evolutions or anything. With that all said I think this is pretty awesome!! Looks like they’re adding Mewtwo in the game at least to some degree. I’m really looking forward to playing Pokken Tournament lol

      1. In Tekken, the main character (Jin) and his family have a thing called the “Devil Gene” which lets them use the power of a demon. And one of the characters in Tekken 5 is Jin consumed by the demon and is called “Devil Jin”. Really hope Dark Mewtwo isn’t a boss only character.

        1. I’d b willing to bet Dark Mewtwo is an unlockable character. Maybe it’s the final boss to the game lol

    2. Right around 00:38 or 00:39 you can see the mega symbol flash!!! It’s unmistakable, just thought that’d be worth pointing out

  15. My favorite scary pokemon to use… I so many competitive pokemon… hm it would be nice for someone to battle me in game (hint hint) but my have probably is eviolite dusclops

  16. It’s time for a oldie but a classic
    Earthen Answer’s Halloween edition!
    If Pokemon existed and you and your Pokemon could enjoy the festivities who would would bring and what would you and your Pokemon dress as?
    I’d bring Excadrill, Seismitoad and Golurk
    Excadrill as either a Toxicroak or Weavile
    Seimitoad as a Poliwrath
    Golurk as…..Bronzong? how do you cosplay a 9ft Goliath

    1. What ! When did you start saying earthen answers…. Lol

      Using a different name might be best..

      Golurk as bronzing might actually work tho as the costume can drape down like a bell.

      1. I’ve always done these segments, Earthen Answers is supposed to be a personal question revolving around you and your pokemon (if they were real)

  17. Just finished Trick or Treating. We played a game of truth or dare after and I had to chew on an *ugh* Almond Joy, then spit that Almond Joy out, the lick it twice, then eat it again. I feel sick ?. (Good thig we ordered pizza. I can change the taste of that horrible thing in my mouth.

    1. Woah woah woah…… You haven’t been here for a LONG time. Where have you been? (I went to your school in Chennai. You know who I am)

      1. i don’t mind if it exist but this would teasing many people u know we r in the age of ASSPHILIA.

    1. I always like seeing concept art and character sheets. Gives you a good idea of what the character is like.

      1. i’m still trying to grasp the concept of the twin sheathed water blades
        maybe some kind of external port that secretes water?

        1. I think GF would replace the bubbles with these water sword from the beginning (I mean the evolution line).

      2. Oh I always thought the yellow belly/flipper is a bit off for Greninja. I wish it had white belly instead of yellow. And yellow went for eyes like the rest of evolution line.

    1. Well…..Who wants a Mareep Mareep Mareep? I do! I do! So get up and greet your mammy mammy mammy! Hi there! Hi there! March march march around the daisies and don’t don’t don’t you forget about the Stunky!! (Sorry I just had to…..) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IM06kGtF_QM

    1. That is quite interesting. It’s not often that they show the globe having actual continents. Usually they’re nondescript blobs that barely match the maps from the games let alone the actual earth. With that said I highly doubt this will have an effect on the games or the rest of the anime.

      1. I think it’s a hint to Pokémon GO, and maybe they’re confirming that Pokémon does actually happens on the real world, with a few invented regions. This expands the Pokémon world a lot.

    2. This isn’t anything new, really. If I’m not mistaken, it’s always been known that the Pokemon world and our world are the same since way back from the begining. Probably promotional for Go!.

      1. Maybe on season 01, then they made it pretty clear that they weren’t the same world. That’s why real animals like fishes stopped appering on the anime, maybe i’m wrong.

      2. lol. Fuck reality. I would love to live in the Pokemon World at anytime. Basically, get smart as hell and go on an adventure! 😉

    3. In a promotional booklet that I’ve seen going around tumblr, the pokemon company specifically says that the pokemon world should have absolutely no references to the real world; whether it be real world animals, or real places. Though, this was after the first gen or 2. So sing our world there is really weird

    4. We’ve seen the earth many times in the anime, it’s not stated to be the same world as ours it just looks like it..

      1. We’ve seen it but the continents were never like the real world, like in the movies openings, it’s never clear that’s our world.

  18. Tis now November, man the time is just flying,
    sadly no turkey or Autumn themed Pokemon….i guess Deerling and Sawsbuck count…and maybe just maybe Shiny Trevenant
    but no Bloated Turkey for the pickins

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