Jungle Asks: Special Pokémon Forms

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As most of our readers have probably seen, Pokkén Tournament has had a new addition to its Pokémon roster: Dark Mewtwo. It isn’t yet clear whether or not the special Mewtwo form is exclusive to the arcade fighting game, but it looks pretty awesome!

So, our question to you is: do you like exclusive, special Pokémon forms? We’re talking Pokémon like Primal Dialga, Dark Pokémon such as Dark Charizard in the TCG or perhaps even Dark Mewtwo from Pokkén? They’re definitely quite unique, but do you feel like you’re missing out with them not being accessible in other games?

  1. I love exclusive forms! But only in certain places. Like Primal Dialga or this new Dark Mewtwo, I think finding a crazy alternative form(e?) of a Pokémon in a spin-off game can be really thrilling!
    But overloading the main game with alternate forms would be irritating, in my opinion.

  2. Crystal Onix is kinda neat looking, it may be thought of as adapted in OR/AS as Mega Steelix.

  3. Even though i dont like spin offs, i think exclusive forms are a good way to make the spin offs more pleasing, and help differentiation between spinoffs and main story!

  4. When the transformation into Dark Mewtwo begins, you can clearly see a Mega Evolution symbol. Some people think that this indicated a brand new Mega Evolution, but I disagree. It looks a lot like Mega Mewtwo X, so I think that “Dark Mewtwo” is actually “Dark Mega Mewtwo X”. I’m sure this isn’t anywhere near a new idea, but I just wanted to share.

    1. How many times must i say
      Ash greninja is a strange phenomenon that rarely occurs in the Kalos region every 100 years only when a trainer pushes the maximum limit of their bond with their greninja
      Greninja is not fusing per say, more of uniting their bonds and transforming into a form that reflects it

      1. Ash-Greninja
        Plus, Ash’s Greninja takes on a mysterious new appearance in the latest season! Ash-Greninja is the form that Greninja takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised to the limit. The strength of their bond changes Greninja’s appearance, and it takes on the characteristic look of Ash’s attire. This phenomenon is also said to have happened just once several hundred years ago in the Kalos region, but it remains shrouded in mystery.

      2. How many times must you post this, YOU are only reading what has been said. WE ALL KNOW THIS.

        and it doesnt take a genius to realise that they are going into a full story with this now.

        Id but money that somehow AZ with his floette will fit into this or Lysandre.

        Either way it happened 100 years ago but it doesnt mean it only happened once then it could have happened many times before this. IT WAS ONLY THE LAST 100 YEARS IT HAS NOT HAPPENED !

        1. No. Intelligent and added to the conversation, unlike some of the bile you post…

          Now run along if you have nothing nice to say thanks

      3. I never said it was a fusion.
        What I’m saying is, is Ash-Greninja something anime only.
        Or will see something similar in the next kalos games as well.
        The anime is used as a marketing tool for the games,so it’ll be extremely strange if something as significant as ash greninja turns out be anime only..it could however just be used as an excuse to not give Ash a mega

  5. I think they should have events for ar leat some of the exclusive Pokémon. Like they can have a Dark Mewtwo Wi-fi or GameStop event.

  6. In my opinion it just adds more inconsistency in the Pokemon world of the main series: Primal Dialga in MD, BREAK Evolutions in TCG, Crystal Onyx in the anime … and the mentioned in the article … just to give you some examples.

  7. I don’t think we’ve seen enough for me to decide either way, I’d love if Shadow Pokemon and Shadow Lugia were a real contiguous thing since Colosseum and XD (but that actually goes alongside the fact I don’t think each game has enough legendary storylines, each generation should have full stories for each legend, spread amongst the at least five games each gen)

    But I would love it if the real games weren’t lazily slopped together and had things like Dark Mewtwo, hell I’ve seen a fan-art of an Egyptian Styled Lucario and as much as I hate that Pokemon, I’d love to see a god-like Anubis dressed Lucario boss in the games, even if you coudn’t catch it

  8. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m not a genwunner, however;

    Gen 1: Mewtwo
    Gen 6: Dark Mega Mewtwo X

    … You gotta admit it’s kinda redic.
    Especially for a HUMAN MADE Pokemon, like did you scientists not play with the genetics of this Pokemon and you’re telling me it has not one but TWO mega forms AND a dark form? Wth…

    Leave mewtwo aloneeeeee.

    1. Dark Mega Mewtwo X is most likely just a pokken exclusive.
      Did a everyone suddenly forget Shadow Lugia

  9. I really hope we don’t start shelling out Dark forms and unique forms all willy nilly otherwise it would just get very tedious and repetitive
    But still i don’t mind this form with Mewtwo
    Honestly Mewtwo is a huge wild card in the Pokemon franchise meaning it could virtually be anything the public wants it to be and still back it up with the trump card of the most genetically modified Pokemon ever, with countless gene splicing, Mew DNA Merging and so on

  10. I do like special forms mostly 🙂 Some have definately been forgettable such as notch ear Pichu but others have been very good. Such as Lugia XD or Primal Dialga !

    Also as an fyi its called Shadow Mewtwo 🙂 Not dark. 😛

    Ps dont forget to go to your local Game, or Gamestop to get Hoopa this week 😀 !
    Ive got a little army of them already haha.

    Speaking of special forms this mystery bond between trainer and Kalos thats occured between Ash and Greninja that hasnt happened in 100 years is something that I really like. I love the design of Ash Greninja so far 😀

  11. Registrations for Scrappy Skirmish are November 5-12
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    This is all your hopes, a tourney with no ‘unoriginal common’ pokemon allowed to enter. So some of you better join up! I certainly am joining and so is Earthen!
    Join up Please!!!!

  12. Shadow Mewtwo will likely not be in the next main games. Similar to Primal Dialga and Ash-Greninja; it’s more of the publicity. I’m fine with it staying in Pokken Tournament. It wouldn’t make sense of it to be in the mainline games (unless were talking about Shadow Pokemon…).

  13. Okay either:
    1) There is a glitch in my pokemon shuffle
    2) The pokemon/luck gods hate me

    I have been trying to catch Qwilfish all damn day. I have beaten it over 15 times today at 20-30% each time and STILL have not caught it.

  14. Tbh I have no clue. It’s meh but I think it’ll be something just for Pokkén Meh because they don’t want a wide variety of fighters. If it does appear in a main series game, which is highly unlikely, it’d have to be Z. Why? I have a feeling man made Megas will be a thing. Forced Megas. Like Forced Fusions in Steven Universe. Similar idea but completely different approach and result.

    I don’t even care what happens next. I’m tired of Gamefreak fucking around.

    1. Why can we member what gamefreak and pokemon have done for us like brought us happiness and together as pokefans

    2. I know right. At this point, I couldn’t care less when the games released. I just want announcement

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