Are You Playing Pokémon Shuffle on 3DS or Mobile?

There isn’t a whole lot of new Pokémon news, so let’s talk about the title’s first real foray into mobile gaming on non-Nintendo devices. Android and iOS owners have had the chance to try out Pokémon Shuffle for awhile now, so even those without 3DS’s are now able to enjoy the matching action.

Questions: What version do you predominantly play? Do you play on multiple devices? Any differences between playing on the 3DS and a phone/tablet (responsiveness, load, etc)?

Curious to hear your answers! I’m still a 3DS fan myself 🙂 Still hate the timer though and would have gladly paid for a game that did away with it. Personal opinion here; I think that they should have had a F2P version with a timer and micro-transactions, but had a $20 cap or an outright purchase option which would then remove the heart system and allow for unlimited play! Just me though, I’m sure the company is enjoying all the cash…

<3 PJ