Jungle Asks: What did you think of Black & White?

Pokémon Black & White were released five years ago today in Japan (September 18, 2010) and served as an almost reboot of the series in a sense. The games only featured newly introduced Pokémon until the player defeated the Elite 4 and also introduced 2D sprites which were constantly in motion during battle.


What were your favorite memories from the games? Anything you think should have been done differently looking back?

<3 PJ

  1. I really liked the first play through with all new pokemon, I made sure to avoid spoilers before I played. However pretty soon I realised that they had essentially copied the format from Gen 1 and the new pokemon just had older counterparts i.e. Patrat/ Rattata.

    1. Most gens have their own version of the rodent (pokemon is just repetitive that way.) Yeah some of the designs were clear redesigns (alomomola), but i think everything else makes up for it. 🙂

  2. I thought they were great. I loved the abundance of new pokemon. The region was also very diverse and it was easy to be immersed in. It also introduced my favorite pokemon, Volcarona! The story was very strong and I loved how B2W2 were sequels to B/W rather than just remakes. I do however, think there were too many legendaries and some of the new pokemon were straight up ugly (Tympole & Palpitoad, Sawk Throh). But overall one of the best main games no doubt.

  3. Best generation ever. It actually moved Gen 3 to my second favorite position. The music, the story, the characters and the designs were awesome. Just wish Unova was bigger. Didn’t care for Keldeo or the Legendary Trio this time around, but loved it. I would’ve loved for this to be this first 3DS games.

  4. According to me, Black and White are the only games with a proper storyline in the entire series. I know these games are made for a much younger audience, but Zelda always manages to craft a deceivingly simple story with surprising depth. BW had a refreshing depth to its story, and actually made me question my ethics. I loved the fact there were only new pokemon till the elite four, and while some of the designs weren’t exactly great, every generation has had its own share of those. Most of the pokemon had great concepts behind them. Hidden abilities helped retcon older pokemon into viability in the sphere of the meta game. My favorite parts were the team plasma encounters (in my opinion the best villain team across all games) and the conversations with N. the final battle against N and the conversation leading up to it really tied up the whole game together amazingly, both gameplay and storyline wise. I also love ALL the characters, right from Cheren and Bianca to Ghetsis. All of them are very well written with fleshed out personalities. One problem may be that the game is a bit restricting due to its linearity and the experience gain model. The music was amazing and really gave the games a fresh tone. Some might say that it lost the pokemon feel, but I think that the feeling was only reinvented.

    1. I agree. BW were the only games with a story written correctly. Wish they would make the other (future) games unique too.

  5. Undoubtedly one of my favorites
    -they made us all use new Pokemon (which stops people from reusing the same stuff from previous gens)
    -it gave use Phenomenons (shaking spots) which not only gave us a chance from rare Pokemon, it also supplied us with Audinos to countless slaughter for EXP
    -Animated Sprites baby!!!
    -The Inferred system and C-Gear made linking up with others a snap and a breeze
    -giving us a array of new and incredibly annoying items (Air Balloon, Rocky Helmet, Evolite)
    -Seasons from pleasant springtime and bitter winters
    -the GTS

  6. Gen V had a real old-school RPG exploration type feeling to it. I can’t explain it… maybe it was the music, or the visuals, but the atmosphere was really cool. Plus all the fun stuff they did with camera angles.

    The first Gym Leader I battled, when they were down to their last Pokemon and the music changed… it actually made me giddy. Man, I wish they’d kept that in Gen VI.

  7. Gen V was the very best generation to date. The environment, the pokemon, the sense of novety, the story, eve-ry-thing.

  8. My second-favorite generation behind Diamond and Pearl. I loved the music, most of the new Pokemon and the beautiful story.

  9. Not to mention the vast uniqueness of the Villainous Team
    Team Plasma sought to change the world by liberating Pokemon from humans, that just so different from the average steal Pokemon or try to take over the world cliche
    I just can’t get over how good this generation was but it still gets badmouthed because of a few less then favorable Pokemon (usually using Trubbish or Vanilish as a hate scapegoat)

      1. I know, we all know excessive pollution can cause undesirable lifeforms but i found Trubbish very adorable, and i really don’t see Vanillite as a ice cream, more of living Snow and ice

        1. Exactly, Vanilluxe isn’t even supposed to be an ice cream pokemon. according to vanillite’s pokedex entry: “This Pokémon formed from icicles bathed in energy from the morning sun. It sleeps buried in snow.”
          so yeah.

          Trubbish/ garbador are a great example of the cute into menacing evolution lines (axew and haxorus), and the concept of a life form born out of garbage and pollution has so many notions. What makes it ironic is that i see garbador in a narrative sense as the unwanted or ostracised part of society (hence garbage) and funnily, it ends up being one of the least liked pokemon. I see it as the underdog that lives by its name.

  10. I’m genuinely surprised by the positivity people are expressing about gen 5, as it was widely considered as the “worst generation” not too long ago, whether it be because of the new Pokemon, pushing DS capabilities to their limit, or whatever else. Interesting.

    1. I love gen 5. Hard to believe a generation where we got fresh, new pokemon could be a generation people dislike.

    2. Was it? I do remember people hating on it, but I honestly don’t know why. The feel is definitely different from the rest of the pokemon games, but that’s not a bad thing

    3. It’s funny how people’s opinions change. I remember Hoenn being the ‘hated’ region and then after HGSS suddenly the entire freaking fandom wanted Hoenn remakes because it was so beloved and nostalgic. Including people who had been badmouthing Hoenn the week before, lol. Fandoms are fickle! 😛

  11. I wonder if someone at GF or TPC found this and is sharing it around. That’d really let them know what fans expect
    Actually i wonder if they’re reading the comment section on this site all the time. Like our reactions to zygarde forms. :3

  12. I liked everything about Gen 5 except the Unova Region.

    Gen 5 introduced some of my favourite Pokemon including Scrafty, Excadrill, Volcarona to name a just a few off the top of my head.

    The concept of Team Plasma, N and Ghetsis was really cool.

    Zekrom is one of my favourite box legends (after all Gen 3 ones obviously :p)

    I liked how B2W2 were like sequels to BW.

    Th Unova region however I found quite boring. I can’t explain why but I was never fond of Unova.

    1. Unova is my biggest reason for liking Gen 5! No offence, but I find it so strange when people say they can’t explain why they like or don’t like something – I mean like are there no real reasons … or reasons you just aren’t aware of? I mean I like Unova because the sprite-work is the best I’ve ever seen in an RPG and the attention to detail is amazing. Like they have moss on the sides of the building, the rust on the bridges, the rattling of passing trains, the loud chaotic voices of pedestrians in Castelia – It perfectly captures New York. Im actually very curious to know if you have reasons cause my friend also “can’t explain” why she doesn’t like Unova, but she’s never been to NYC.

  13. literally everyone on Showdown never expects Aerial Ace on Excadrill and makes a scene about it

      1. Fighting types
        really a Heracross and Breloom counter or if i need to guarantee a hit, most don’t agree but it helped

  14. I really, really love the plot of BW. Really loved how the story wasn’t “done” after we beat the Elite 4, and boy was Ghetsis’ hydreigon annoying. I also remember thinking Castelia city was like the greatest thing ever, and then came Lumiose…

  15. Also, loved Team Plasma. I think BW2 also did a great job following up on what happened in BW, and created this Neo Team Plasma. The memory link thing was really cool as well; really helped explain a lot of things. Back to BW tho. Loved the music, and the fact that they created fresh new pokemon. I also remember the experiences I had when the games were first released in Japan and my first reactions to a lot of pokemon. Like I remember having great reactions to mons like Bisharp, Stoutland, Samurott, Scrafty, Vanilluxe, Seismitoad, Conkeldurr and Volcarona. Also, one look at Hydreigon and I could tell it was the pseudo legendary for this generation. (Also had suspicions about Volcarona initially too)

  16. Honestly I would put Gen 5 as a whole as the best gen to date. It had a compelling story, good post game, and decent characters. It really felt like an adventure and that the world was lively. If X&Y had the story of Black and White then it would have probably been the best, but alas it didn’t and it was really as looks and no substance. Maybe whatever we get next will b as great as BW story-wise and obviously have the graphics of ORAS…..wow that would b a pretty awesome game! lol

  17. Black and White are my second favorite games in the series.

    The direction they took these games was amazing, as it was overwhelmingly dark for a Pokémon game. The story was just perfect, and the Pokémon were so memorable.

    Now I know what you haters are thinking, “But Trubbish is a pile of garbage and Vanillite is a freaking ice cream cone!”

    Yes, that’s true. But why are you hating on them? Because they’re inanimate objects? If we rewind to Gen 1… I recall that we have a Pokémon based on a pile of goo and a magnet. So there you go.

    I love everything about Gen 5 and Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. They are the most important games to me in the whole series, and the ones I love the most. Well, besides Black and White 2. Which did everything good a lot better!!

    1. Trubbish and Vanillite are good in my opinion, they’re designed very well. But I can’t say the same thing about Garbodor and Vanilluxe. I think they’re not designed well.

      1. Vanilluxe is simply a double scoop of ice cream, and Garbodor is a bigger pile of garbage. Like how Grimer evolves into a bigger pile of goo.

  18. Well me this Dae Ask game out of the blue for a random question
    But me personally
    I HATE Black and White
    LEt me give you some reasons
    -They changed the age of the starting trainer to like 16?? Seriously GF, why is that a good idea, I like 10 year olds saving the world, not a near adult!!
    -The starter choices were are just plain weak! None of them even stood out in the slightest, the only cool one was samurott and that’s HORRIBLE in competitive!!!
    -ANOTHER FIRE FIGHTING TYPE!!! and this time it’s absolute trash!!
    – SOOOOO many of the pokemon are homages off of Gen 1 pokemon!!! (I already made a list of it before so just check my previous comments!!
    -The anime was a turn off to nearly everyone, it was absolute elite trash
    – The movies are easily the worst in the whole franchise!
    – It had too many pokemon!! Seriously 156 pokemon, is just too much so they don’t spend time on making each pokemon unique!!
    – with 156 pokemon they were a LOT of forgotten ones, I would list them, but they are forgotten!!
    – What in the world is trash and ice cream doing as pokemon?
    – Post game? What post game?
    – the whole competitive was just weather, WEATHER, and DRAGONS!!
    – OMG the PC boxes are super cramped! like each pokemon looks squished!
    – The animated sprites look awful! you can SEE the pixels!
    – Dream World was absolutely awful!
    – I want some old pokemon because I don’t want these trashy pokemon (literally)!!!
    – Team Plasma was all just Hypocrites, ALL OF THE STORY WAS HYPOCRITICAL!! (and their outfits are awful)
    – Um why are the first gym leaders not Triple/Rotation Battles??
    – This was the first game to start the Gym leaders only use 2-3 pokemon evil trend!
    – N was pathetic, all of his character was just pathetic! “Plz don’t hurt pokemon or use them” “omg I can talk to pokemon!”
    – Unlike the gym leaders, the E4 had no role!
    – Alder had the WORST champion theme!
    – Floating gears?
    – Battle Subway Get out Battle Tower Rip Off
    There are a million MORE reasons to add on to this, but This is all I can think of, of why Gen 5 needs to disappear! (lul jk i luv gen 5)

  19. Black and White were sort of like the bridge between the classic series (Gen 1-4) and the modern series (B/W2 and gen 6). I think this because Black and White introduced less natural looking Pokemon and more controversial topics (i.e. “Is Pokemon battling really moral?”)

    All in all, I prefer the Classic series for its more light hearted take on the world. I also am not really the biggest fan of post Gen 4 designs. Not because they’re bad, mind you, but because they’re totally out of place compared to older Pokemon.

    1. What do you mean out of place?

      We have our regional dog, rodent, bird, and even a goat now.
      In all honesty they just continued the trend making Pokémon more close to the original 151.

      The only over-designed ones that could be argued are the Kyurems. But even so, we have had pretty complicated designs of Pokémon in the past. ex: Claydol

  20. Just one more thing i’d figure i’d just toss out there
    The original dragon will never be unless convoluted time travel mechanics
    and besides if the Dragon doesn’t split apart the whole lore of the Unova Region falls to pieces

      1. No i do know, because the twin brothers used the Original Dragon to create the Unova region but they sought different goals and had their own perspective Truth and Ideals
        unable to side with the brothers the Dragon split apart and battled the other but were evenly matched until they just declared that a just solution could be settled
        but the sons of the hero restarted the fight and fire and lightning ravished the region
        So after such a long and violent battle the dragons will never reunite
        Also fusing back together might be difficult since Kyurem is a factor of the balance of the power being the leftover energy
        and there’s the possibility of the “Re-Fusing Immunity Phenomenon” that being apart too long will reject the other half

        But like i said unless we get some kinda crazy lore changing time travel i don’t think we’ll ever see the Original Dragon for a long time

    1. If I’ve learned anything by playing Pokémon, it’s that GameFreak likes to bend their own rules and ideas.

  21. One of the best generations for me.

    Interesting types for Elite 4, love their designs (Grimsly… <3 ) and concepts( apart from Marshall…)

    Legendaries' designs were perfect, absolutely how they should have been. Reshiram is such an angelic beast, I'll love it forever.

    Some shallow criticisms which would have improved the legendaries for me.

    I felt the fire and lightening aspects were distracting. I understood the point, old vs new energy idea, but the red and blue colours in their design was unless scary for me. Would have preferred if they were both dragon, or dragon psychic(Resh) and dragon steel. (Zek)

    I was also surprised how small they were, I felt they'd be bigger. The story line is good, but I wish R+Z had more purpose than helping an ambitious hero out once in a while, feel their special abilities could have been developed a bit more, eg they're existence gives things in the world contrast, both are needed for the world to function, so things have their opposites, matter antimatter, dark light

    On the other hand, the kyurems didn't do Reshiram or Zekrom justice in terms of design, but the concept was okay(ish).

    Starters first forms are the best for me, I loved all 3 for tangible and intangible reasons. Snivy's sass, te pigs cuteness, it's orb tail and black marks, and owhawotts oddness and snow cone head( so weird, so authentic, but it just worked).

    But then came their evos…. Emboar was a little too manly( fire beard, really?!) again a bipedal fire starter, again fire fighting, plus it looses the cool orb on its tail to a hairy blob. Otherwise design is fine( apart from weird teeth rather than tusks. Samurott was too different to oshawott for me, I wanted it to keep its colour scheme and rounded head. Also annoyed they changed its species. Pokemon try too hard to surprise. Serperior was fine, but lacked anything too interesting for me. Feel it's design could have been darker and more feminine. Also don't like how snivy looses its legs( as I said, shallow shallow shallow).

    Bianca was a wonderful character, as was eberyone. But team plasma in particular were highlights, as well as the interesting structure of elite 4 and Ns palacw.

    Love castellia! Otherwise region was boring.

    Non box set legends were ugly, apart from Virizion etc.

    All new Pokemon good, favourites include Zebstrika, Zoroark, Vaniluxxe, Bisharp, gothitelle, sawsbuck.

  22. It was quite unique, most of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Pretty good storyline, a lot of new Pokémon, and you had two rivals. The music was pretty amazing. N (to an extent) and Ghetsis were great antagonists. Most of the Gym Leaders were memorable. The variety of places were great and the way they looked, too. Wild Double Battles by yourself were also a great, new feature. Battling Nurses and Doctors were also a good thing because after they could heal your Pokémon. I had mixed feelings about the way Strength worked. I appreciated that after you used it and got the boulder in the proper hole that it would stay there, but I had some nostalgia from the boulders going back to their original place and having to move them again, and in the strangest way, I missed that. I didn’t like some of the new Pokémon because of what they were based on and not really natural looking. While the Elite Four were esthetically pleasing and good characters, I didn’t like that they only had four Pokémon as opposed to five and were’t in the traditional format (each getting increasingly difficult). Same with the rivals, as they didn’t have five or six Pokémon when you battle them on the way to/within/immediately after Victory Road. Also, you didn’t get to battle the Champion until the post-game. And for whatever reason, I really didn’t like Pinwheel Forest or the route leading up to it.

    My favorite things from BW were Mistralton City, Village Bridge, Drayden, Skyla, Shauntal, Caitlin, Black City, the introduction of the Rocky Helmet, and the evolution lines of Deino, Snivy, Larvesta, and Panpour.

    Edit: Oh, and Professor Juniper and Reshiram

    1. I liked Marlon’s, Roxie’s, and Skyla’s the most.

      But Cheren has to trump them because it was just a battle ground

  23. I actually ended up liking it a bit more than B2/W2 even though they are the superior games. All the pokemon were really neat and I thought having 150+ completely new pokemon and only those pokemon made me want to try out the newer guys. I think that was something I didn’t like about X and Y. Half of my pokemon were from other regions. I also really like Team Plasma. They brought up the ethics of these games and I never really thought about it before. Great games!

      1. when you remove everything from a cell all you have is Plasma
        ergo they wanted to remove Pokemon from Humans

  24. The Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot ends on the very specific date of October 3rd 2015. I think we’ll be getting a Nintendo Direct on that Monday, October 5th. I even think it will include the reveal of Pokemon Z. What do you guys think?

    1. Hmmmm
      I think if they do announce a new pokemon game, it would be in a pokemon direct, not in a nintendo direct, but I do think a smash direct will be after that, and will show the winner(s) of the ballot

      1. They did reveal Fairy type at E3 2013. That was a huge piece of information too. The only reason why I think that this scenario will happen is because Pokemon has been hyping up an announcement for a long time now. It just so happens that this coincides with the timing of the Smash Ballot. It would make lots of sense to put both of these into one Direct.

        1. Yea on second thought you could be right
          No need to make a whole smash direct just for a fighter or two so an announcement could be coming in october

          1. I know one thing, if a game announces I hope it comes out Early year (before school next year starts)

          2. If they revealed these Zygarde forms and still leave the announcement for early-mid next year, they’ve officially gone insane.

    2. I feel like a new game will be announced in October. Based on the NX rumor I posted a while back; it said Directs will resume in October. So, I’m guessing that the next game will be announced then. Plus, Nintendo has a new president; so they have someone to present the information. Anyways, I can’t wait to see the next game! (Also, Masuda debunked the name Pokemon Z).

  25. Generation V was the best gen in my opinion.
    I didn’t like much of the pokemon,but their designs were distinctive and sorta different fron the previous gens which I liked,I loved the story,team plasma and all the different characters.
    Black and White was a step in the right direction for pokemon,they felt like a new beginning and then gen 6 came and dropped everything that made gen 5 good

    1. Agree. Gen 5 did have a lovely deep complexity to it that was missing in Gen 6. I suspect this was because all the time and effort went into making XY ‘pretty’ in 3D. This probably accounts for the lack of new Pokemon too.

      I’m hoping in the next game or Gen 7 (whichever comes first) GF will be more comfortable in the new territory and can focus on giving us a really superb multi-layered game again. ORAS was already a step up from XY in terms of content, and in such a short window too. I’m hopeful that with a marriage of looks and gameplay, the next games will be the best Pokemon games ever!

  26. Gen V? Well, I liked it, then got bored of it, felt that Pokemon got a bit stale at that point, then disliked it, now I think it’s meh.

  27. Also, now thinking about it, didn’t Gen V introduce Triple Battles? What if the way to fuse Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem into the Original Dragon is to have the three of them in a triple battle? Would be interesting to see them take advantage of a mechanic they introduced that very gen into the future remake’s storyline.

  28. I thought BW was okay, but I thought BW2 was amazing! I love unova link, the flashbacks, and just seeing how every thing changes over 2 years. I just loved how for one time since gen 2 the games are connected.

    1. I love how everyone is talking about “old you” like a legend, how everyone is wondering where “old you” is gone and they tell “new you” remind them “old you”.

    1. (I got 130/151 and forgot Rattata, raticate, jigglypuff, wigglytuff, slowpoke, slowbro, grimer, muk, shellder, cloyster, drowzee, hypno, cubone, marowak, chansey, kangaskhan, goldeen, seaking, pinsir, lapras, porygon)

  29. IMHO they are THE PERFECT Pokemon games – yes I know thats quite a statement but even if you discount personal preferences it logically makes sense. They were the culmination of 15 years of Pokemon games. The developers had so much experience at that point that BW was a combination of everything good from previous games and the removal of anything unsavoury. By this logic you would think that XY are the best then, but XY have changed the face so radically that in many ways its like the devs are starting from scratch. For example Mega-evolution has thrown the metagame into the worst imbalance its been in since Garchomp was unchecked in DPP. Similarly, you can tell they’re still uncomfortable with 3d, the colour palette is overly intense and the world still exists in 90 degree angles. This is in steep contrast to the excruciating detail and visual spectacle of Unova. That being said, there are some people who only care about whats new fresh in the generation and for them BW didn’t have THAT much new (seasons and Dreamworld are about it) – it even had to share the DS with DPP – so they are the main detractors. Still its the ultimate perfection in Pokemon so far, if you were to look at all the games “in a vacuum”.

    1. I disagree, I think the meta is currently in its most balanced state yet. Fairies may be a tad bit overpowered currently but give it time and it’ll be fine. Megas, I think, actually helped balance the meta, although I was one that initially feared it’d be stupidly broken.

        1. Yeah, I’m aware. That’s just more of a lack of creativity rather than Pokemon being broken to be honest. There’s many many more competitively viable Pokemon, people just don’t want to take the chance and go with the “proven” Pokemon, it’s not a matter of being overpowered.

          1. Its not a matter of creativity – somebody won the world championships with a Pachirisu of all things last year. Thats not even UU or RU, that thing is NU. The top players out there are incredibly skilled and have to be creative but they just don’t have a choice in this metagame anymore (this year they opened up to non-kalos pokemon as opposed to 2014 worlds).

          2. I never said Smogon should be used for VGC … and honestly thats all just empty words – Its easier said than done. Its like me saying “oh pigs can fly – they’re just not trying hard enough”.

          3. They do have a choice but why try harder make a more “unique” team when you can do just as good/ or even better with other pokemon?
            The pokemon are by no means OP, but instead just a better choice than a lot of other pokemon

          4. So your saying Mega Kang isn’t Broken?
            or the annoying powerhouse that is Therian Landorus
            Or the ever common Heatran

          5. Lol. Landorus isn’t that bad. A Mega Camerupt’s Fire Blast OHKO’s it. Same with almost any ice beam. The only issue is Mega Kangaskhan.

  30. Unova is home to my favorite Ghost, Dragon, and Psychic types. I still think the designs are Serperior to the other gens.

    1. So many awesome Ground Types
      I cannot express this enough, Unova gave me my soulmate and his Name is Excadrill
      Excadrill was the very first major capture in my Pokemon Career that i could remember, because growing up i never raised many Pokemon outside Starters and my Lopunny; always just catching higher level Pokemon instead of raising, but Drilbur was my first i truly cared for, I spent a whole hour in Wellspring cave looking for one and then i caught a lone male Drilbur and made it a permanent Pokemon on my Unova Team and he was by far my strongest
      Words cannot express the sheer love i possess for this Pokemon
      Rhyperior is also very close in my heart (coincidentally they both are based on Drills) but Excadrill has won me so many battles with his massive power and lightning speed
      It brings tears to my eyes…..

      1. I gotta admit Excadrill is pretty awesome. It’s prolly one of my favorite Pokemon all around

      2. I love Excadrill. I don’t care for Drilbur but Excadrill is one of the best Ground type designs imo. It’s great in battle too.

  31. Black and White is #2 for me but nothing will beat DPP on my end. My first game, my first shiny, and my fav pokemon (Infernape and Giratina)

    1. Since the NX seems more than likely to be an ecosystem, Pokémon will surely come to the NX. Maybe this will be the first time we’ll get a shared handheld/console game?

    2. I have a feeling the NX will be a home console/handheld integrated hybrid. Kinda like the PS4 and Vita. Only with good games. You would be able to stream and play the handheld games on the home console and vice versa. The home NX would be the “cloud” for your home console’s games.

    3. Ah. This is really going with the rumor I posted a while back. We know that GameFreak is against making console titles, so it really does seem like the NX will be a handheld and a console. As @daedardus:disqus said; it’s going to be a connective ecosystem among devices. I seriously can’t wait for 2016. It seems like the NX will share the relationship of the PS4 and Vita as @defensivebastiodon:disqus said but better.

      1. Exciting times are ahead. I say that the latter half of this year is the calm before the storm. The storm being the resurgence of Nintendo as a whole. Perhaps it will take a while to get used to the changes, but I’m more than willing to see what happens.

    4. I don’t like the thought of nx 🙁
      Only because i just got a wiiu and can’t buy a new home system next year 🙁

      1. From the rumor I posted awhile back… It said the handheld NX would release in late 2016 and the console might release in late 2017. So far the rumor has been right. So, this might be true.

        1. I better get a New 3DS sooner rather than later then. The 3DS was a special system that I will never forget. There are so many games that I missed that I’ll have to get in the future.

          1. With that NX rumor… I might hold on getting it. Still, I love the form factor and better 3D of the system. It actually might be my Christmas Gift of this year!

  32. So….. If you like Gravity Falls, then you’re probably interested in this comment.
    So I’m doing a Gravity Falls party for Omega Ruby. I have (Spoiler alert of you haven’t been watching season 2.) Floette for Mabel, Ludicolo for Soos, Ninjask for Stan, Shedinja for Ford(I did that because they are the same, but I dont want to do that for Dipper and Mabel) and Siglyph for Bill. I need Dipper. Pls help and tell me if you have any suggestions to make the others better.

    1. Hmmmmmm
      i see
      Treecko or Grovyl as Dipper
      Skitty as Mable
      Either Ludicolo or Grumpig for Soos
      Dusclops for Grunkle Stan with Dusknoir for Ford
      Bill is tricky maybe *Shudder* Sableye
      and lastly I guess Medicham or Zangoose for Wendy

    2. Well, You could do Dustox and Beautifly for Dipper and Mabel respectively but Floette works better for Mabel. Maybe the Abra line for Dipper? And technically Stan and Ford aren’t the same. Different people, but both brothers. Sigilyph for Bill is great. XD

      1. I decided to do toxicroak for Dipper, but thanks anyway. Oh yeah. You know what move I’m giving Bill immediately without even thinking about it…….. Wait for it…………………………..GRAVITY! Ha get it because Gravity Falls.

      2. Did u watch the new episode of Gravity Falls, I guess you could say its pretty handy DANDY. (Ship name for Dipper and Candy and also a very clever pun.) (I’m not a shipper tho)

  33. https://mobile.twitter.com/Shigeru_Ohmori/status/644450662529368064

    Interesting comment from Ohmori on Twitter confirming that we will get a main game release in 2016. He does point out that next year is Pokemon Red and Green’s 20th anniversary, but I’m not sure if it’s alluding to remakes. There’s a slim chance that the new Zygarde forms WILL be anime-only, and therefore leave next year for Gen 7 or Kanto remakes. This would explain that slide shown during the Pokemon GO reveal, and also why it’s taking them so long to reveal the next games. I say that if nothing is revealed in October, we can start looking towards Gen 7 or something else.

    1. Which part of this tweet confirms we will get a main game release in 2016, please? I only see him talking about PSMD, GO, and the anniversary, and asking us to stay tuned (although I’m using Google Translate which is crap, lol)

      1. He says to expect big things for 2016 while addressing the anniversary of Red and Green. This is separate from Pokemon GO in the tweet.

    2. I only want kanto remakes if we also get a different game in the same year. We’ve been to that region too many damn times. I’ll gladly take a sequel set after the events of HG/SS though.

    3. This is what I expected. Gen six is being left in the dust since it was so bad. I suspected the Zygarde forms would be only in the anime, but “before anywhere else” makes it sound like we’ll get them at some point…

      1. That’s the only thing that throws my theory off. It clearly makes it seem as though the formes will appear in a game.

    4. Hmm… Maybe a new game where you can travel to Hoenn & Kalos? Honestly, anything could happened at this point. I still think were going to get a game with Zygarde. The Pokedex of X/Y & OR/AS eludes to it. Still, it’s Trollfreak. We will never know!

    5. Would be cool if they made a Zygarde focused game where we could go to Kanto as part of the after game. (I know, I’m getting tired of Kanto too, but it would appeal to some people and would fit the 20th anniversary thing)

    6. U kno what? I think I’ve come to terms that we may not get a “normal” final game in Gen 6. It saddens me that the Kalos region got such a crappy reception and was basically used to cater to Kanto, but I suppose I can get over that if the next games r good in their right.. *sigh*…..poor Kalos………..

  34. I haven’t played Pokémon in the longest time…

    I just have no idea what to do in it.

    Thankfully I can play Happy Home Designer all weekend!

    1. I’m taking a break from Pokemon. The last time I played Pokemon was during the summer (I played Omega Ruby for the second time #Torchic). Currently, I’m playing Bravely Default. After that, I’m planning on playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. When I return to Pokemon, I plan to play Pokemon White ironically.

    2. Funny. I’ve been playing New Leaf instead of Pokemon. I don’t understand the point of the damn game. There’s nothing to do.

      1. There’s always something to do in Animal Crossing.

        It just seems that you’re a bit impatient, that’s all.

        You’re not going to do everything you want to in one day. I’ve been playing in my town for over a year and I’m still improving on it.

          1. Which you could then use those bells to perfect your town with public works projects and any furniture available to you.


          3. Is there a reason that you bought a game where your creativity is key yet you’re impatient af?

      1. I always play the first games more(no matter how worse they are compared to fututre games) only because its a whole new generation. Like for example, BW I spent so much time trying to find an catch all the unova mons and explore everything in the game. In BW2 though, I would say had much more fun playing than BW, however, not trying to catch every single mon. I spent most of my time in the PWT and Black CIty.

  35. I really hope we don’t go back to Kanto again, unless it’s a Post-Game thing. GameFreak can be VERY creative at times, but it seems after Gen 5 they’ve been relying on nostalgia a lot. I get that Red and Green were the games that started it all, but c’mon.

    1. Yeah, I would be totally fine with post game. Or who knows, maybe Kanto being involved in the plot somehow in the next game. But I want the next game to be about Zygarde. They can’t leave us with just the anime.

  36. I’ll just say B&W had its pros and cons.
    Personally, I disliked them due to the restrictions in Pokemon during the initial run. With so many Pokemon up to that point, it was disappointing that they didn’t mix in as much older ones like in previous generations. It also didn’t help that, personally, I thought the diversity of the new Pokemon of 5th gen wasn’t that great or you had to wait for a while before you found one to your liking.
    Besides that, the story, music, features, etc. are great. I think these really shine in B&W2 for me, but the restriction of choice in the initial run left a bitter taste in my mouth.
    I would rank it towards the bottom two of my list of the 6 generations.

    1. But… Don’t you have to wait to find the other ones later in the game since they tend to live in different areas of the region anyway?

      1. True. I expanded on my view in my reply to Earthen. I just felt that in R/S/E they mixed some of the older gen Pokemon into the start of the game, along with having a diverse type of Pokemon in the beginning locations, that set you up no matter what you liked.
        I got tired of seeing Lillipup and Pidove over and over and over again.
        Like I said in my reply to Earthen, this is just my opinion, so take it as you will.

    2. But that’s the whole damned point of a New Region and Pokemon
      making you use the new Pokemon was the best decision ever, you don’t play the newer games just to use the same old Scyther or Pikachu
      This way you actually have to use new Pokemon the initial run

      1. I never said that I wanted to play the game with the older gen Pokemon. I just said I was disappointed they didn’t mix in some more older gen Pokemon into the mix earlier on in the initial run (like R/S/E). I also was saying how this didn’t help that I found the 5th gen Pokemon to not be very diversified and you were sorta stuck in terms of setting up your team at the beginning, much like in the original games in Kanto.
        This is just my opinion though, so take it as you will.

        1. I still feel making the player adapt to the newer Pokemon on force is a good idea
          It just doesn’t feel right, I always and I mean always stick to making a team consisting of ONLY the regions native Pokemon

  37. I just thought of something.. What if you’re a non-steel type Pokemon, who gets poisoned, then proceeds to gain the steel typing upon Mega Evolution. Does the poison just disappear? ._.

    1. Well there are no Pokemon like that so its all good, nothing to worry about, haha
      I think if it were to happen, the poison would still stay
      I guess if a person was poisoned then put on armour, they’d still be poisoned

    2. I guess it would still be poisoned. When steel type is changed via Soak, it can get poisoned. If that Pokemon is drawn back and sent again, it still keeps its poisoned status even if it is Steel type.

      And poisoned Pineco evolved into Forretress keeps its poisoned status even if it gains Steel type.

    3. I think if that were to happen the poison would already have run it’s course in the Pokemon’s body so the damage would still effect the Pokemon either way.

  38. Speaking of black and white, today I started a nuzlocke of black and I will continue the nuzlocke with hatched eggs of the surviving Pokemon in black2.

    And while I was playing I was wondering: did any one else really, really, love the entralink in BW?

  39. I swear nobody picks Chespin for Super Mystery Dungeon (who records and streams it) everyone is a danged Riolu, I just want to see its walking animation since I won’t be able to play until it hits the US

    1. I don’t think many people like Chespin. I don’t, but I love Chesnaught. I’d like to see what it looks like.

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