New PKMN 2

[spoiler] [/spoiler] Purotooga – turtle Yanaggi – Grass-type, yanappu’s evo (Remember I revealed the head like two weeks ago?) Pendoraa – Bug/Poison-type, futsude’s final evolution Shibishirasu – Spermy thing Aaken – Flying/Rock-type, archaeopteryx Tesshido – spiny cocoon Chobomaki – helmet clam Riguree – alien, first stage Hitomoshi – Ghost/Fire-type Gobitto – water man thing (Name … Read more

BW News Break

httpv:// Amusing video :3  I know that the original theme for the anime brings back some memories :p  I used to watch it when it first premiered… I think I was in 5th grade.  Ahhh.  Good times.  Plus we had like neighborhood TCG trades and stuff.  Let me have a few moments to reminisce. So… … Read more

New Pokemon Revealed! (Pics+Vid)

httpv:// Alright updated all I’m gonna do on these.  It’s old news by now anyhow.  Since I found SPP’s translations to be a bit confusing as to which pokemon was which I just put the names right next to them in the screenshots for your viewing pleasure.  And exclusively I have revealed the 3 unnamed … Read more


My boyfriend helped me with this little part at the bottom which most sites ignored.  But I try to cover everything as best I can 🙂 Green Box: Shops are now inside the Pokemon Centers (previously revealed) Vending machines which were found in previous games are now able to be found on the roads Weather … Read more