New Pokemon Revealed! (Pics+Vid)


Alright updated all I’m gonna do on these.  It’s old news by now anyhow.  Since I found SPP’s translations to be a bit confusing as to which pokemon was which I just put the names right next to them in the screenshots for your viewing pleasure.  And exclusively I have revealed the 3 unnamed ones… and in English no less!  Also the screencap where the “Grass Mixer” move was revealed I translated all those moves for you.  Just… if anyone was curious 😀

Update: Sorry, I forgot to mention about the new move “Drill Liner” that Doryuuzu uses.  “Liner” (ライナー) in Japanese and English can be short for a “line drive”, type of hit in baseball.  Frankly I’d assume it’s playing off that (like a drill “hit”) and not some sort of… liner as in “baby bottle liner” or “septic tank liner”.

Update2: btw anyone catch that Grass Mixer was one of the “rumors” from the other day?  I wonder if “Team Plasma” will end up actually being the evil organization we’ll inevitably have to crush.

Update3: I’m going to bed soon and I’m gonna be pissssssssed if more news leaks out while I’m sleeping 😡

<3 pokejungle

ps- feel free to cheer me up.  =[