New Pokemon Revealed! (Pics+Vid)


Alright updated all I’m gonna do on these.  It’s old news by now anyhow.  Since I found SPP’s translations to be a bit confusing as to which pokemon was which I just put the names right next to them in the screenshots for your viewing pleasure.  And exclusively I have revealed the 3 unnamed ones… and in English no less!  Also the screencap where the “Grass Mixer” move was revealed I translated all those moves for you.  Just… if anyone was curious 😀

Update: Sorry, I forgot to mention about the new move “Drill Liner” that Doryuuzu uses.  “Liner” (ライナー) in Japanese and English can be short for a “line drive”, type of hit in baseball.  Frankly I’d assume it’s playing off that (like a drill “hit”) and not some sort of… liner as in “baby bottle liner” or “septic tank liner”.

Update2: btw anyone catch that Grass Mixer was one of the “rumors” from the other day?  I wonder if “Team Plasma” will end up actually being the evil organization we’ll inevitably have to crush.

Update3: I’m going to bed soon and I’m gonna be pissssssssed if more news leaks out while I’m sleeping 😡

<3 pokejungle

ps- feel free to cheer me up.  =[

  1. Did someone start selling crack to them during production? Did they run out of ideas, so they got some kids to draw the name the Pokemon? 3 on 3? Pokemon that looked drugged up?
    The game looks great, but when the main part, the battles and the Pokemon, are messed with… I don’t know. I’m in shock. I don’t know if I want these games or not.

  2. I know right? >_>;

    I think the mole line looks aight and I’m still a fan of hihidaruma… but some of these are icky. I like simple designs (Munna <3) over these overly complicated beasts. Like Ononokusu 'n co.

  3. Thanks a lot for the info. Really appreciate the effort. I’m also glad to see the site is back. I was disappointed when you stopped updating it as this was one of my favorite sites to visit. Here’s hoping you put a smile of your face. 🙂

  4. No problem. Also I love Mint Ghost Nosepass Cousin, and Goth Girl. Gamefreak did a great job with the names. Lol

  5. Sorry to convert your smile into a frown but this site sucks, You just get all the pictures from Serebii or Bulbapedia.
    No original content whatsoever.

    1. Hahaha. Luckily I don’t 😀 I don’t think Serebii even used the screenshots I did (besides the ones w/ new pokemon) and mine are higher resolution. So whateva mate :p But you can have whatever opinion you want <3

  6. i think i’m just about done with serebii now that i’ve found this blog, personally.

    first post guy is gonna be eating his words when everyone who plays the game gets to use the motherfucking plane to fly to other regions. i’m glad they’re changing up their designs and using new type combos; perhaps Mint Ghost is ghost/grass type and Sarcophadude is ghost/rock? i’ve got high high hopes for these games.

    team plasma seems viable, considering our two legendaries. dragons with fire and electric subtypes, and what are flame and lightning but plasma 🙂

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