So, while we’re waiting for more news to break, anyone want to share how they felt when they saw some of the new pokemon and the new triple battle feature?  I know it wasn’t a pleasant surprise for me.

btw- feel free to share your favorite 5th gen pokemon that have been revealed so far =]

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  1. My favorite is Doryuuzu , I like all of pokes revealed Except Ononokuso
    I Think It’s a Matter of Taste 😀

  2. To be honest, they’ve all grown on me a colossal amount since saw them Monday morning. At first, I was disappointed, and a little put off. And yet, having seen some fanart of the stranger ones, such as Green Blob of Doom, their designs have grown on me a lot, and, honestly, I don’t think you can properly judge a pokemon design without the Suigimori art. That said, the main one I don’t like much, to go against the tide, is Ononokusu. Its design is -very- Drapion, a design style that I could never get used to and appreciate in 4th generation. So, if anything in revealed so far has jarred with me, it’s MrPointyDragonMantisAxeThing.

    As for gameplay, I have no clue what people are so distraught about when it comes to Triple Battles. Their complaints about the workings of it just seem to strike me as whining that they’re actually going to have to use their brains, and come up with new tactics and strategies for this new battle system. As for the other popular ‘cluttered/cramped/crowded’ excuse… So? Will it really tarnish your enjoyment of what otherwise looks to be a brilliant game, just because some sprites overlap, and you see less of a bland, generic background? Because if it does, I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long with the franchise.

    Anyway, now that rant’s out the way, roll on July 15th! XD# I’d like to hope we’ll have the Suigimori art for the new pokemon by the Pokemon Sunday of the 10th at the latest, since they’ll likely draw out the news with silhouettes this weekend. But who knows? They may leave some of these pokemon a mystery until the games release.

  3. The grass starter looks the most decent to me. All the other Pokemon look like utter garbage, almost like the Pokemon creators ran out of ideas and went to random 6 year olds to draw pictures of random creatures. I have friends that can draw more awesome Pokemon then what they have.

  4. Triple battles. Ugh. No, thank you. >_>

    A few of them look okay, I guess. I dunno their names, so I’ll go by generic descriptions: the moles are okay, giant rock think is okay, sarcophagus is iffy, green glob is iffy, golden dragon is okay. Those are the only ones I can remember/see right now. :/


  5. hmm, well i really am loving the black-dress-girly-thingy and ononokuso! …. doryuuzu and its pre-evo, and the rock-spider-dragon are okay …and the uh green-germ-blob, denchura and desukan seem okay (but something to get used to) even though we can barely see them…

    …okay well let’s see, there hasn’t been a mummy-tomb-coffin based object yet, uh there hasn’t been a tarantula-like pokemon (not sure what ariados is based on) and no germ-blob-things until now… i am pretty sure that ononokuso is the same species as scyther and scizor (if its not an evolution in the first place) and we have never really had a mole pokemon (diglett and dugtrio don’t count because they are based on the game “whack a mole” and are in no way based on actual moles)…. the black-dress-girly-thingy reminds me of mawile (not sure what its based on) though…

    …overall i have no problems besides the fact of not knowing what some pokemon look like on the front, but eventually the sugimori-art will be released and we’ll all see what its like from then…

  6. Name/affiliation correction time~ ^^

    Like: Moguryu, Doryuuzo, Ononokusu, [de Blob], Desukan, Denchura
    Iffy: [Goth lolita], [rock thing]

    Well, it looks like they’ve grown on me, too. XD


  7. Personally, they’ve grow on me and I love ’em all except the freaky goth girl. I guess they made it so goths would play Pokemon more…

    My favorites are a green cell bear, Deskuan, and that freakin awesome mantis.

  8. i think like all pokemon when first revealed, i’ll think they’re ugly now, but they’ll grow on me evebtually. 😛

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