New PKMN 2



  • Purotooga – turtle
  • Yanaggi – Grass-type, yanappu’s evo (Remember I revealed the head like two weeks ago?)
  • Pendoraa – Bug/Poison-type, futsude’s final evolution
  • Shibishirasu – Spermy thing
  • Aaken – Flying/Rock-type, archaeopteryx
  • Tesshido – spiny cocoon
  • Chobomaki – helmet clam
  • Riguree – alien, first stage
  • Hitomoshi – Ghost/Fire-type
  • Gobitto – water man thing (Name is an educated guess since first kana is cut off)
  • Gochimiru – Psychic-type, gochiruzeru’s pre-evolution
  • Muurando – Normal-type, final stage of Yooterii
  • Kenhorou – Normal/Flying-type, final stage of mamepato (evolves lv32).  Also pictured in the difference is appearance for each gender, male has pink head feathers coming down
  • Daburan – Psychic-type, rankurusu’s pre-evolution

HOLD. THE.  PHONE.  My post was just made irrelevant by the FULL AND COMPLETE LIST OF POKEMON (with pictures) posted on Pokexperto.  UPD: Serebii has now updated his page with all of the details of Experto’s information so you might as well click here since Experto is having a traffic overload.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’ll try not to mope about the wasted 40 minutes of my life .-.;

  1. Notice the evolutions of the monkey trio. Their hair styles match up with their owners 🙂 Dento and co’

  2. Oh my gosh..these pokemon are so great…they are so fresh. I feel like it should be called Pokemon Febreeze Version.

    1. Well put, well put. XD

      I’d probably be shot for saying this elsewhere, but I’d say this is the best group since Kanto. Very fresh, very original. I approve!

  3. WHOAH lot of news

    -Hihidaruma’s alt-form stats are amazing.
    -The Vulture is weird, but still i like it. Like a cave-woman or something lol
    -The final garbage bag is nice.
    -Meguroko’s final evo is EPIC
    -The Lamprey is broke….Electric, with levitate, with decent stats……
    -Weyard’s frog was exact except for the expression, his looked ….different, hard to describe.

  4. DOOM DRAGON!!!! Kind of interesting, this is the first Pseudo to have a higher Special Attack compared to attack. And, rather balanced stats, nothing falling below 90 *officially Mine!*

    And that Final Legendary. That guy is great!

  5. jist go to serebii he has the list too, thats where i went…. but i am ashamed to call myself a pokemon MASTER…… so very ashamed

  6. the dragon/ice is ugly!! Meguroko 3rd evo is awesome and the fossil turtle is EPIC!! The rejii are all the same….gearl line is just a copy of gear..the same for chillarmy & ice cone, also for second hidra (I like just the last evo of it)…too many pokemon based on objects or humans:
    Fight Trio & duo
    Ice cream
    Legendary flying trio & legendary women
    Power rangers
    Bug warrior

    1. Sadly, I agree. I was thinking about using the Vulture once I heard about it, but yeah, I don’t like it that much, and I’m a Dark Enthusiast.

      But that’s what the Dark/Steel type is for

    2. Actually i think it looks good. Like a cave-woman or something. But its stats are pretty bad compared to Honchkrow, and well, anything else. they are horrible. It had better learn some awesome attacks to make up for it.

    3. Agreed. We wait 15 years for a vulture, and they give us that? It looks like it should be on the Flintstones.

  7. OMG this cant be rea! oh my…this gen has the uglyest poemons i have ever seen in my life!
    i am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally dissapointed 🙁

      1. I’d say it’s a mix. I LOVE probably 65%, Like/Meh 30%, and don’t like 5% And I’m sure those 5% will grow on me. I felt worse about the Shinou dex when it was leaking.

      1. lol. People who have been here since Ruby/Sapphire telling people who have been here since Red/Blue what does and doesnt look like pokemon….RIIIIGGGGHHTTTT….

    1. Why? Officially America only knows of 2 Pokemon (Reshiram & Zekrom) and I doubt the president knows about even those two, unless one of his children plays Pokemon.

  8. All right I’mma go through them all and list my favorites
    -Hiyakki (516), Kenhorou alt form (521), Dageki (539), Holiga (544), Iwaparesu (558), Desumasu (562), Abagoora (565), Morobareru (591), Gigigear (601), Shibirudon (604), Oobemu (606), Ranpuraa (608), FURIJIO (LOVE THIS ONE!!!) (615), Goruggo (623), Urugamosu (637), Randorosu (645)


    And OHMYGOD the final fighting clown is scary

        1. unless they give it a new alt form in a few years i dont see how “gray” or whatever the 3rd version is will sell AT ALL. Unless one of the others ends up being its mascot

          1. Yes, it’s not going to be winning any beauty contests any time soon but I think it looks pretty neat-o. I hope the official artwork releases soon since its hard to judge this Gen based on stationary sprites.

    1. sorry to dissapoint you dude, but the group of hackers that were trying to crack the rom said that it is impossible!

  9. That looks more like a condor in my opinion instead of a vulture, but whatever… I agree, its a mixed bag this time. Some of them are great, some are disappointing, and some are just wierd… And there’s too many fighting types!

      1. True but before this Gen, Fighting-Types weren’t getting much love. I just wish there were more dual-typed Fighting-Types, but mono-typing isn’t bad though.

  10. First of all, the ice dragon looks like Latios with Leprosy. Second….not digging most of the new pokemon. Am I the only one? They are all inspired by inanimate objects and really ugly animals.

      1. You know you’re not the only one. Hop onto GFaqs, heck any Pokemon Forum, and you’ll bound to see a tidal wave of topics complaining about the designs. But, alas, I like this Gen, and I honestly could care less if people hate this Gen because at the end day is just boils down to opinions and fun which are both subjective in natural. /end rant.


  12. spermy thing LMAO it’s so true XD anyway I’m loving the vulture!!! it’s like a cavewoman vulture XD I love it reminds me of an enemy from mario also loving the dark fighting salamanders evo ! skinner octopus is cool, love kurumiru’s evo X3, (it’s second evo scares the shit outta me though) ummm what is THAT PINK MINX pokemon? near the bottom of the list? kinda like that too. cactus rocks as said before. The monkey evo are all awesome I on’t know if I want the water or fire one (still thinking water though luv that hair X3)

    man all the legendaries are just unappealing =/ thought he water pony is soooo cute X3 I WANTS!!

    most of these evo just have slight asthetic modifications like they’re not evolving but ..being customized? or something lol like the GEARS evo and the effing icecream AND CHILLARMY (it’s chillarmy literally wearing the white scarf item) lol they just add more stuff but they themselves don’t really change.

    1. actually, the white thing on Chillarmy is supposed to be hair i think

      and i wouldnt complain about the legendarys this time. Did you miss 4th gen?
      -Dialga, that one looks decent, but what is that pink obscene object standing next to it?
      -Palkia, L O L do you even see what this is shaped like?
      -Regigas, too colorful and just a ripoff of the other Regis
      -Cresselia, a praying moon thing? pointless
      -Giratina, hideous and pointless, alt form still hideous and just alittle more emo-friendly
      -Heatran, fire frog? why
      -Manaphy? Phione? THEY ARE THE SAME EXACT THING
      -Shaymin ? LOL a hamster that evolves into a deer? thats stupid
      -Darkrai? The boobgyman?
      -Arceus, God is a horse? LOL

      1. lol true and to be honest I didn’t like 4th gens legendaries aswell Xp

        and I mean MINK not MINX lol look up what minx is on google images and you’ll see my point XD

        it’s hair?….that makes it creepier actually >>

    2. Yeah I’m not a big fan of the legendaries. Resh/Zek are all right and the Raikin are pretty good too. But the rest are just meh.

  13. Hopefully I don’t sound like an idiot, but are these the actual sprites? They look pretty bad, and some look exactly like the fanarts (the polar bear in particular). Don’t get me wrong, I am lovin’ this generation of Pokemon! I was worried about Meguroko, but he’s now officially one of my favorites!

    1. sprites are of lower quality because they are animated in-game. You wont notice the lack of details when in motion

  14. lol grats to serebii for copying stuff that may include false info.

    I mean, if I can spot 2 errors there with pure common sense and seeing the dex for the first time, what else may be false?
    The croc is Ground/Dark, yet it says Ground only.
    The turtle is supposed to be the 1st of the 2 fossils, yet it’s type is Water/Rock instead of Rock/Water, which is a rule for fossils (main Rock)

    And those stats smell too.
    I find it hard to believe the Dragon/Ice has less total base stats than Reshiram and Zekrom.

    1. oh my god! call the police, president and fire department! Someone got the type of a pokemon wrong !!!!!111111one111

      Who cares if a typing is wrong or a number is off? We get to see them early, thats good enough. Just because your mad about the starters being real doesnt mean you have to nitpick every detail to find definitive proof that its all fake, or someone is spreading false info.

      1. hahaha, I loved the starters the moment I saw them, and even commented on their sugimori-ness if we can call it that.

        All I’m saying is that it’s fishy enough to not take the info (besides the pics) too serious for now.

  15. I am very mixed, to be honest. It’s better than Sinnoh (IMO), so that’s good. Here are some of my opinions…

    -The Yooterri line=LOVE. so wonderul 😀
    -Monkeys don’t disappoint! I approve 🙂
    -The object-bearing fighters are much better than I imagined!
    -Tadpole line is weird, but I still like it.
    -Garbage bag line is hideous! But I suppose that’s what they were aiming for 😉
    -Ice cream 8D 8D
    -I still want that mushroom!
    -Gear’s evolutions SUCK. Come one GF, you could’ve done WAY better than that.
    -WTF is that fire/bug supposed to be..? Blech.
    – I’ve been against stating this for months, but I have to say it now…some of these just don’t look like Pokemon. #619-621, #24-25,
    -LEGENDARIES: Victini, Zekram, Reshiram, Meloia are cool. The rest of them are kind of awful :/ Is that ice thing really gonna be on the cover of the third installment?? *That’ll* sell well…

    I guess I like it, for the most part. Maybe some of them will grow on me when I see the official artwork.
    My overall rating for this generation: B. (I’d give 4th Gen. a C+, and 3rd Gen. a B+)

    1. I would give
      1st gen A (ONLY because its the original. If it were new i would give it a C)
      2nd gen B
      3rd Gen B
      4th gen D
      and 5th A. I really dont have any complaints whatsoever. I like them all. People who say they dont look like pokemon are just too narrow-minded or something. The only ones that are even questionable are the genie things, they look more like monsters from Dragon Quest imo, but i like them anyway :p

        1. @Ben The Fire/Bug SHOULD be based roughly off the badass insect- the Bombardier Beetle. I’m getting that vibe, kinda. I love the preevo but the evo is ambiguous, but he’s STILL gonna be an option in my team regardless.
          So the fire types this gen I’m using are-
          Darumakka – Hihidaruma (Red OR Blue)
          Hitomoshi line (Hello ghostly chandelier!!!)
          and Meraruba (Mera means burning in japanese (THANK YOU DIGIMON!!)- Urugamosu. (I like the colors used)

          The only pokemon type that I feel was very let down on was Electric. Shimama and Zeburaika are cool but they’re the only ones I feel were close to an Electric type I’d use in battle.
          Like Pachirisu, Emonga is very under powered.
          Unfortunately so is Denchura.
          We finally get an eel pokemon but Shibirudon is not appealing to be honest, decent stats though.
          Maggyo, WTH. HP is its highest stat and boy is it ugly. It is one of the ugliest pokemon I’ve ever seen.
          Yes design of the Electric types was few and far between this gen. Electric is almost the Fire type of this gen compared to Sinnoh. Sinnoh’s Rotom kicks most of these new electric types’ asses in terms of appeal.

    2. I like Gears evos though. Compared to the more boring evolutions in generation I, like Magnemite->Magneton, it actually gets parts that are something new.

      1. The Gears evolution is simple yet trippy…Wait, does that even make any sense? Oh well, I like.

    1. so does the Vulture.They are also version exclusives also. Im calling it.
      Although that should have been mentioned when Wargle was revealed earlier.

    1. i know i saw that earlier. Look at his stats too. BROKE. He must have like the smallest movepool EVER.

  16. Doesn’t the first Psychic alien’s head and symbol kind of look like that chip or whatever from Star Wars II? Lolz.

      1. I don’t know, it was the thing Obi Won gave to that mustached alien who owned the restauraunt. It was a small plot point of the movie.

          1. I used to watch the movie all the time when I was a kid, and I never understood the purpose of the chip, so the detail sort of stuck with me. Plus, I’m weird like that 🙂

          2. i really dont remember lol. Maybe it was like a credit system or something. I think im going to have to go watch it again just to find out now lol

  17. Ahaha! One of my favourite Gen’s ever! I love, or like, nearly every single one of the Pokemon. I even like Mijumaru’s final stage, Daikenki, now that I’ve seen it in sprite form, and to tell you the truth, I absoloutly hated it at first. Cannot wait to see the Sugimori art! Some of my favorites are Leperasudu, Zeburaika, Kokoromori, Erufuun, Gochi’s Pre-evo’s, Tsunbeaa and Kojondo! Love that Swanna starts out as an ‘ugly duckling’ also! Very excited!!

    And LOL at Mamanbou’s insaaaane HP stat! xD The physical Blissey, perhaps?

    Apart from when it isn’t. But that’s not happening often. It’s weird, I love most of them but there’s hardly any “mediocre” ones, so the ones I don’t like, I really find awful. But the sprites have changed my mind on the starter evolutions.

  19. I’m happy to see the new pokemon shown in the pokédex but my favorites are Dalkenki, Gigaiasu, Kokoromori, Hahakurimo, Hihidaruma, Shinpora, Desukan, Abagoora, Aakeosu, Shubarugo, Nattorel, Shibirudon, Kirikizan, Kerudio, and Genosekuto. Can’t wait to get the english version ^_^

  20. I enjoy pretty much every one of them. I have some reservations on the fighting-types with the objects, though.

    I think my favorite is the fire/ghost-types. I am partial to ghosts, so they are great. Also, the anteater!!

  21. Wait, if they’re secretly 170 Pokemon. We’ll be getting 14 new evos… @Cause of the whole 17 designers 10 Pokemon thing.

  22. can’t wait for sugimori art!! i won’t pass judgement until then, coz it’s not really fair when all we can see is a handful of pixels xD
    on another note, people have noticed that a lot of the new pokemon are pretty chubby (meguroko final evo, miju final evo, vultures, yooterii final evo, hell even that centipede needs to cut down on the burgers…..) could this be another reference to America? No offense intended but the country has one of the highest obesity prevalence rates in the world.
    but like i said…..sugimori art cannot come quick enough!!! but i acknowledge it will be ages before it does…..meh

    1. hahahaha that’s great! I noticed they’re chubby but didn’t make that connection xD the fat ass dog is definitely the worst

      1. yeh i know right….it actually looks like it ate giratina (another forme, to be precise 😉 )

  23. Anyone notice the Dark/Fighting yellow frog thing based on gangsters. Like it looks like it has baggy, sagging pants xD

    And the the “Dark” typing, hmmm. And “Fighting”? Stereotype! But I like it! 🙂 Hate the sprite/art though.

    I can see the NPC using it, and gangsters in the Anime and real life even! xD

    1. My first thought when going down the pictured list in consecutive order was that Shubargo was a more appropriate evolution for Chobomaki.

      Overall, I’m somewhat disappointed. I guess I’ve been spoiled by great Fakemon designs I’ve been looking over the past few weeks. It’s like I’m comparing the real pokemon based on animals or objects that have been done by fan artists, and they aren’t on par.

      I’m a big fan of Gear’s final form for some odd reason.

  24. Awww, don’t worry pokejungle 🙂 I wasted half of my school-time by busting into the school library at lunchtime to go on here and realize that ALL DA POKEMON HAVE BEEN REVEALED 😀 OMG, I LURV THIS GENERATION, COOL POKEMON, COOL FEATURES, COOL EVERYTHING! Geez, now to wait for Spring 2011…

    BTW, dosen’t Mijumaru’s final evo look kinda…big? xD

      1. to the far right? that’s Furiijio it’s an ice pokemon shaped like a snow flake
        to the left of it is the pokemon Abagoora, this is the pokemon your wondering about, and the reason it is un recogniseable is because it’s covered in stuff from the Fashion case, infact the only thing that gives it away is it’s left side fin with blue color

    1. At least their design is cooler than Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf who were all the same and all sucked. In my opinion.

      1. I agree. I mean, I didn’t HATE the mesprit/uxie/azelf trio, but it was lame and unecessary. The genies look cool, I just wish they didn’t look so similar.

  25. Poor Hiyappu. It was definitely the best of the monkey trio… until I saw it’s evo. Dear God, that thing is awful. I was totally gonna use one of those until I saw that. Now I’m diggin’ the fire monkey.

    1. Yeah, I loved the water monkey, and the majority ppl did as the poll on the monkey trio put up by PJ indicated but it’s evolutions completely ruined it for me.

      1. i disagree the evo is the coolest of the three
        but alas im a stat whore and this guy doesnt live up to the hype as far as that

  26. So I’m not sure how I feel about the water/fighting legendary. Just looking at it and its ability I’d say it’s supposed to be the embodiment of the American flag… and yet it is also a unicorn. Color me confused.

    1. Well if the other three are based on Athos/Porthos/Aramis, one can reasonably conclude the fourth is d’Artagnan…

  27. Is there a way to check if a rom is safe? I know you guys say you don’t support them, but I was just curious to know. Thanks`

  28. Does anywhere have the version exclusive pokemon yet?
    So far i know
    Sheep/plant thing
    leaf bug/awesome millipede thing.

    I like all fo those! (except the goth…)

  29. Rotom’s formes are all different types now!


    1. Which means in Isshu, the Formes are susceptible to physical moves.
      But would make sense considering Pluto/Charon’s journal.

  30. I just noticed that all the version exclusive evolution families start with the black. The gochi line is before the Rankurusu line, and the Kurumiru family is before the centipede. So this means that Wargle and Washibon are in Black

      1. think about it….it makes sense seeing as the wargle line and vulture line are version exclusives. Plus Gamefreak likes repetion *cough* fire fighting starter *cough*

    1. I saw it coming actually. When I heard that there was a rival getting the starter weak to yours I could tell that she would have better pokemon than Cheren. Not too surprising actually ^^

    2. seems as though all female champions are blonde hmmmm……..

      any way horray for belle 😀 ut what of cheren D:

        1. Someone suggested Cheren as the champion if you play as female, but it’s just a rumour. Also there are E4 pics, they look awesome.

          1. Dark type E4 is going to get the attraction of gay men everywhere… and straight men…

            Don’t judge me…

  31. Man, why does ice type only have 7 pokemon while grass has 20. (yes I counted)
    It seems like the designers cant think of anything and was so desperate they created a ice cream pokemon :/
    Ice type needs more love lol

  32. SEREBII: “After the elite four, you have to find seven sages throughout Isshu”

    Zelda + Pokemon = YES. I knew Ganondorf would be back bwaha XD

  33. all the evolutions and the creativity of Game Freak killed my hype about this game. im guessing that the only good thing about is the graphics…(-_-)

    1. lol, i’m sorry but the new generation is leaking and you’re worrying about the LIVE ACTION!?!?! we’ve only heard about it a trillion times haha. hopefully fake.

  34. i shall dub this the generation of hideous pokemon
    ive already chosen my team and i felt forced into most choices (im not looking for the real names too much work0
    Tsutajaa full evo
    yooteri full evo
    shimama full evo
    Ice creamz full evo (i actually love this pokemon sorry BOUT it)

  35. I actually really like a lot of these designs. No doubt there are some real stinkers in there (I really don’t like most of the non-dragon legendaries) but overall it could have been much worse.

    What worries me is that I look through the stats and see so many Pokemon with ~140 attack and 60 defense. Going to be a very fast-paced generation I suspect.


    *sobs to self and gives Futachimaru an Everstone*


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