New PKMN 2



  • Purotooga – turtle
  • Yanaggi – Grass-type, yanappu’s evo (Remember I revealed the head like two weeks ago?)
  • Pendoraa – Bug/Poison-type, futsude’s final evolution
  • Shibishirasu – Spermy thing
  • Aaken – Flying/Rock-type, archaeopteryx
  • Tesshido – spiny cocoon
  • Chobomaki – helmet clam
  • Riguree – alien, first stage
  • Hitomoshi – Ghost/Fire-type
  • Gobitto – water man thing (Name is an educated guess since first kana is cut off)
  • Gochimiru – Psychic-type, gochiruzeru’s pre-evolution
  • Muurando – Normal-type, final stage of Yooterii
  • Kenhorou – Normal/Flying-type, final stage of mamepato (evolves lv32).  Also pictured in the difference is appearance for each gender, male has pink head feathers coming down
  • Daburan – Psychic-type, rankurusu’s pre-evolution

HOLD. THE.  PHONE.  My post was just made irrelevant by the FULL AND COMPLETE LIST OF POKEMON (with pictures) posted on Pokexperto.  UPD: Serebii has now updated his page with all of the details of Experto’s information so you might as well click here since Experto is having a traffic overload.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’ll try not to mope about the wasted 40 minutes of my life .-.;