BW Information 2 (UPD8)



Elite 4 Info:

  • E4 Shikimi [Ghost-type]: Desukan (lv48), Burungu (lv48), Goruugu (lv48), and Shandera (lv50)
  • E4 Giima [Dark-type]: Zuruzukin (lv48), Warubiaru (lv48), Rebarudasu (lv48), and Kirikizan (lv50)
  • E4 Katorea [Psychic-type]: Rankurusu (lv48), Mushaana (lv48), Shinboraa (lv48), and Gochiruzeru (lv50)
  • E4 Renbu [Fighting-type]: Nageki (lv48), Degeki (lv48), Roobushin (lv48), and Kojondo (lv50)
  • Champion Bell: Muurando (lv66), Yanakki (lv66), Mushaana (lv66), *Starter evolution (lv70)
  • *Apparently some things in Isshu will change once you have beaten the Champion

Pokemon Info:

  • Zekrom and Reshiram essentially both have the same ability (albeit different names) and it is simply that their attacks remain unaffected by their opponents abilities.
  • Pokemon found in White Forest (all lv5): Pidgey, Wumrple, Rhyhorn, Gastly, Starly, and Shinx
  • The two fossils will be found in Rizoodo Desert which you have access to after getting 3 badges.  These can be restored in Shippou City
  • Someone in the game will trade your Churine/Monmen for their Monmen/Churine (based on your version)

Attack Info: (Added a TM/HM page!  First in our upcoming information pages for GenV)

  • Hyper Beam and Giga Impact are purchasable attacks for $90,000.  This exorbitant price is probably due to the reusability of TMs now
  • TM72: Volt Change (electric): special, switches out your pokemon after attacking
  • After obtaining the Jet Badge you will receive TM62 Acrobat
  • TM79 Ice Breath (ice): will always land a critical hit.  Base Power: 40
  • TM82 Dragon Tail (dragon): Base Power of 60 / Accuracy: 90%, will always strike last
  • Coil Up (poison): Raises attack, defense, and accuracy
  • Venom Shock (poison): Base Power: 65 / Accuracy 100% / Special / Base power doubles if you hit a poisoned opponent
  • Enemy Bind: Makes your accuracy 100% against an opponent for 4 turns
  • Evil Eye (ghost): Base Power: 50 / Accuracy 100% / Special / If opponent has status condition base power is raised
  • Wide Guard (rock): Protects your team from attacks that would hit all of your pokemon, will fail if used in succession
  • Fast Guard (fighting): Protects your team from priority moves (ie: quick attack), will fail if used in succession
  • You may buy attacks in Raimon City.  These are $10,000: Frustration, Return, Thunder Wave, and Gyro Ball.  These are $30,000: Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard

Item Info:

  • New item: Pumice Stone (halves pokemon’s body weight)
  • Master Ball is given to you by Professor Araragi
  • Prevolution Stone (raises Def and Sp Def for unevolved pkmn only)
  • Aiming Mark (lets you hit opponents that are normally immune ie: poison vs steel)
  • Bicycle is obtainable in Raimon City (didn’t they say the bike WOULDN’T be making a return?!)
  • Confusion Mushroom: Held item that has a chance of confusing the opponent when Pokemon is attacked
  • Suimin Goggles: Raises speed and accuracy if held by a water pokemon, but all other times will be put to sleep
  • Flower Cologne: Held item that will attract opponent if Pokemon is attacked by opposite gender

Character Info:

  • New trainer types: Office Lady, Business Man
  • Cynthia asks you for a battle after you beat the E4
  • You have your own “Nature” which appears on your Trainer Card
  • Certain NPCs will heal you while you are in the field

Location Info:

  • There are ruins at the bottom of the ocean that you can visit with the HM Dive (pictured)

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