BW Information 2 (UPD8)



Elite 4 Info:

  • E4 Shikimi [Ghost-type]: Desukan (lv48), Burungu (lv48), Goruugu (lv48), and Shandera (lv50)
  • E4 Giima [Dark-type]: Zuruzukin (lv48), Warubiaru (lv48), Rebarudasu (lv48), and Kirikizan (lv50)
  • E4 Katorea [Psychic-type]: Rankurusu (lv48), Mushaana (lv48), Shinboraa (lv48), and Gochiruzeru (lv50)
  • E4 Renbu [Fighting-type]: Nageki (lv48), Degeki (lv48), Roobushin (lv48), and Kojondo (lv50)
  • Champion Bell: Muurando (lv66), Yanakki (lv66), Mushaana (lv66), *Starter evolution (lv70)
  • *Apparently some things in Isshu will change once you have beaten the Champion

Pokemon Info:

  • Zekrom and Reshiram essentially both have the same ability (albeit different names) and it is simply that their attacks remain unaffected by their opponents abilities.
  • Pokemon found in White Forest (all lv5): Pidgey, Wumrple, Rhyhorn, Gastly, Starly, and Shinx
  • The two fossils will be found in Rizoodo Desert which you have access to after getting 3 badges.  These can be restored in Shippou City
  • Someone in the game will trade your Churine/Monmen for their Monmen/Churine (based on your version)

Attack Info: (Added a TM/HM page!  First in our upcoming information pages for GenV)

  • Hyper Beam and Giga Impact are purchasable attacks for $90,000.  This exorbitant price is probably due to the reusability of TMs now
  • TM72: Volt Change (electric): special, switches out your pokemon after attacking
  • After obtaining the Jet Badge you will receive TM62 Acrobat
  • TM79 Ice Breath (ice): will always land a critical hit.  Base Power: 40
  • TM82 Dragon Tail (dragon): Base Power of 60 / Accuracy: 90%, will always strike last
  • Coil Up (poison): Raises attack, defense, and accuracy
  • Venom Shock (poison): Base Power: 65 / Accuracy 100% / Special / Base power doubles if you hit a poisoned opponent
  • Enemy Bind: Makes your accuracy 100% against an opponent for 4 turns
  • Evil Eye (ghost): Base Power: 50 / Accuracy 100% / Special / If opponent has status condition base power is raised
  • Wide Guard (rock): Protects your team from attacks that would hit all of your pokemon, will fail if used in succession
  • Fast Guard (fighting): Protects your team from priority moves (ie: quick attack), will fail if used in succession
  • You may buy attacks in Raimon City.  These are $10,000: Frustration, Return, Thunder Wave, and Gyro Ball.  These are $30,000: Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard

Item Info:

  • New item: Pumice Stone (halves pokemon’s body weight)
  • Master Ball is given to you by Professor Araragi
  • Prevolution Stone (raises Def and Sp Def for unevolved pkmn only)
  • Aiming Mark (lets you hit opponents that are normally immune ie: poison vs steel)
  • Bicycle is obtainable in Raimon City (didn’t they say the bike WOULDN’T be making a return?!)
  • Confusion Mushroom: Held item that has a chance of confusing the opponent when Pokemon is attacked
  • Suimin Goggles: Raises speed and accuracy if held by a water pokemon, but all other times will be put to sleep
  • Flower Cologne: Held item that will attract opponent if Pokemon is attacked by opposite gender

Character Info:

  • New trainer types: Office Lady, Business Man
  • Cynthia asks you for a battle after you beat the E4
  • You have your own “Nature” which appears on your Trainer Card
  • Certain NPCs will heal you while you are in the field

Location Info:

  • There are ruins at the bottom of the ocean that you can visit with the HM Dive (pictured)

<3 pokejungle

ps- I am freakin tiiiiiired man.  Was up until 6am to bring you the latest news last night then woke up at 11:30 so I could catch up on stuff then went to get some Japanese food at a restaurant I had just found out about.

      1. but would that actually be coping they copy and paste off each other cause they affiliated with one another

  1. I want these games >.<
    mine should be here any day nowwwwww
    i think all the new pokemon are hawt

  2. What I really want to know is how do people get through these games so quickly? Elite 4 and it’s barely been out for a day! haha

  3. They’re all on there. What’s with there only being 4 pokemon on each team? And they’re all Level 48 (50 for the mains?).

  4. Isn’t “Katorea” supposed to be “”Cattleya” (Caitlin) from the battle frontier?

    She really looks like her.

    1. IT IS HER

      why does no one ever notice this!?

      IT’S CAITLIN! my fave frontier brain!

      what the hell is she doing in the lowly elite four!?

  5. I’m imagining a non heteronormative word within the B/W just to make things much more interesting for myself lol,

    Belle is a bi transgirl, Cheren is a trans boy, main boy character is gay and main girl character is a lesbian too, prof Araragi and her “friend” are married XD

    I’m having so much fun making this all up it will make for a much more fun experience XD

    N is a deranged closetcase like most endup being in real life, lol.

    Aloe is Rupaul’s estranged sister’s friend’s cousin’s daughter she’s a dragqueen to be sure (reference to the character played by Andy Dick in MadTV for Christina Aguiler’s “cousin” lol)

    Kamitsure (electric gym leader) is a girl who likes to keep ppl guessing like one of my fave singers La Roux)

    Iris’ parents are a gay couple

    One of the three 1st gym leaders is gay (b/c w twins in real life there is a 50% one is gay and a 75% chance both are, who knows about triplets) so for PJ’s sake that will be Dento lol

    Oh and I don’t want to forget the groud type gym leader Yakon she’s a butch lesbian 🙂

    And Aati the bug gym leader is gay and somewhat effeminate 🙂

    There I feel like things are normal now 😀

    Man this game is gonna be so cool now, gotta figure out religions and races for all of them later 😀

    1. Retract that about Aloe, I like her as she is, first black woman as a pokemon gym leader basically as a pokemon anything 😀

      Now I gotta find the dragqueen and dragking in the game 🙂

        1. Lol, no he’s straight in my mind, just happens to be naturally effeminate and an entertainer of sorts 🙂

          In my mind he’s married to an Officer Jenny :3

          Just to keep things interesting XD

      1. I could so see N as a drag queen. XD “You beat me, so I had to redicover myself… What do you think?” *twirls* LOL

    1. Reshiram & Zerkom: Shedinja…
      Reshiram: *grawr* Would you like to be broiled…?!
      Zekrom: *roar* …Or fried?!
      Shedinja: *cries* . . . *splodes*

      Turbo Blaze & TeraVoltage – Anti-Wonder Guard abilities.
      Making Shedinja everywhere suicidal since 2010.

        1. Hey, if that made you sad, then imagine the thought of Pokemon eating each other.
          Would be a gruesome world. A gruesome world, indeed.

          1. I would be so unfomfortable eating bacon, ham or sausage links for breakfast if I had a Spoink or Pokabu.

            And I love all three pork products 🙁

  6. Hmmmm…nice to see Cynthia.

    While I am totally excited for the game, and might get an import copy (it will be my first!!), I am kind of blah about the high level evolutions of some of the Pokemon. I mean, with some of them, unless you meet the base forms at a pretty high level, they’ll be in their first stage forever!

        1. You do battle him at the beginning, and IIRC you double/triple battle with him as an ally a couple of times.

      1. im not hateing but only 4 pokemon would make her easier to beat since she now has less pokemon to battle with then the other champions in the games

      2. She originally had two Bibarel with her, but sacrificed them both after she found out she could quickly become the Champion for doing so.

  7. Im shocked Cherin isnt the champion?
    He did say he wanted to become champion back in corocoro scans…..?

    And when are they gonna reveal cherins team, and N’s team…..?

    Btw the pokemon this gen are AWESOME and im sooooo excited for it to come to america! 🙂

  8. woooo I totally picked the elite 4 yesterday in the “gym leader” post

    “Shamose says:
    September 15, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Overall the gyms of Isshu are a good mix I think, I wish bug was higher though…but I suppose we can rematch the leaders… I know we have known for a while about the first gym but I love love love the idea of type being dictated by your starter… im hoping the rematch is a 3v3 battle

    I am going to avoid the elite four type just so I can be suprised when I finally play it. But my guess for the e4 and champ

    1: Fighting
    2. Ghost
    3. Psychic
    4. Dark”


  9. im currently at work and cant really do an in depth analysis of all the types.

    has anyone counted how many of each type in this gen? also a list of all brand new type combos?

    a link or a list would be greatly appreciated

    1. New type combos-

      Ground/Dark (Meguroko and it’s two evolutions)
      Dark/Fighting (Zuruggu and it’s evolution)
      Normal/Grass (Shikijika and it’s evolution)
      Water/Ghost (Pururiru and it’s evolution)
      Bug/Electric (Denchura and it’s pre-evolution)
      Grass/Steel (Desshiido and it’s evolution)
      Ghost/Fire (Hitomoshi and it’s two evolutions)
      Electric/Ground (Maggyo)
      Ground/Ghost (Gobitto and it’s evolution)
      Dark/Steel (Komatana and it’s evolution)
      Dark/Dragon (Monozu and it’s two evolutions)
      Bug/Fire (Meraruba and it’s evolution)
      Rock/Fighting (Terakion)
      Flying–pure (Torunerosu)
      Dragon/Fire (Reshiram)
      Dragon/Electric (Zekrom)
      Dragon/Ice (Kyuremu)

      I included all of them, even the known ones, so there is a nice list compiled.

      1. thanks dude 🙂

        do you also happen to have a score/breakdown of how many pokemon of each type are in this new gen?

        thanks again

  10. I feel i got to say this. Half of the pokemon look like the usual style pokemon…and the other half looks like someone was designing a cartoon show!

    I hope B/W doesnt ruin pokemon for me…

  11. Any Mother/Earthbound fans on here? Sooo many of the new Pokemon look like they could have been enemies in a Mother game… I mean seriously, a walking garbage bag? I think it’s awesome… but then I loved all the Mother games.

    1. You’re gonna have to continue waiting.
      There won’t be a working Rom out for at least a week, I would think.
      It takes time to crack recently released Roms so that they can work for Emulators and Flash Carts without problems such as freezing.

      1. But clean ROMs leak early. It shouldnt be long until the clean ones come out; maybe you’ll have to wait a bit more for the patched ones.

  12. Cynthia is back!!! I love her, Gamefreak knows I can´t live without her!
    I would like to fight Steven too…

    1. For Sure!!!!!!!!!!!
      Jusy like u loooooooooooove Cynthia(I do 2) I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove

  13. im waiting to see if this fly to the “Hii Region” Real or not must not be if nobody posted bout it yet………

    1. i also see that gamefreak went back on its word of that the isshu pokemon wont be in the national dex and that the bike wont be returning and that no old characters wont be returning *tragic* -_-

      1. Maybe that means some old Pokemon WILL get evolutions. XD They lied about a lot of other stuff….

  14. For the first time i went on this sites chat and stayed there and talked to people xDD
    ANYWAAY im so happy with these games
    gawwdd, no wonder it got a 10/10

  15. Didn’t bother to read through all the comments here to see if this was mentioned; but what’s up with the lack of N information?

    1. There is also a lack of Cheren, Araragi, … Pretty much anything that doesn’t involve a Pokemon.

      People are currently only playing to get the new Pokemon.

      1. I see. That’s still a little disappointing. I’m sure I’m not the only one dying for more leaks on the characters backgrounds.

  16. I’m confused weren’t there gonna be two more stats, I was hoping as some other commenter posted not sure if here or elsewhere that they could be Accuracy and Evasiveness, that would be awesome, could have to deal w all new calculations since those are hidden game mechanics in past games.

    1. That was misinterpreted, IIRC. What it said was “There are now 8 levels of stats.” Not 8 different stats, but each stat apparently now only has 8 levels instead of 32.

  17. Also was hoping they’d introduce a whole new type, yeah I know that’s a little too out there to sak for, but I’m just uneasy about having 17 types b/c it’s an uneven number XD

    NOT Light though 😛

    Man I can’t wait to see the sprites moving and the sugimori art, that will be epic!

  18. Um why not be able to battle the gym leaders again and again and again after having beat the elite four and the champ I think that would be a great improvement to the games, but obviously w higher leveled pokemon, and w old and new ones on their roster and for them to have dif rosters to make thing exciting :O)

  19. Why is Evil Eye Ghost-type instead of Dark? There’s nothing spiritual about it and Dark in Japan is known as “Evil/Aku”, which is why Dark Pulse’s Japanese name is “Evil/Aku Pulse”, isn’t it?

  20. So Caitlin’s in the Elite Four now? I knew she looked familiar when I first saw her. I’m glad it was her and not just a rip-off.

  21. why do the elite four members only have 4 pokemon? Why are they all level 48, except for their strongest which is level 50? Shouldnt there be diffrernces in levels? Like, increasing levels? Why does the champion have only four pokmon? This will be to easy in my opinion….. :/

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