BW Information 3 (UPD4)

IMPORTANT: For those of you who pre-ordered the game in Japanese and are planning to play it on an American DSi or DSi XL, you’re out of luck. It has now been confirmed that it is region locked and can only be played on Japanese DSi’s and DSi LL’s. ALLTHOUGH, you can still play them on your regular first gen DS or DS lite, so no worries.



Pokemon Info:

  • If you buy the Pokemon TCG “Starter Set” and register the code that is included you will be able to receive one of the Sinnoh starters!  Just like the Kanto starters they have new abilities as well!
  • The Victini Wifi event has officially started and will go until October 18th

Ability Info:

  • ‘Lightning Rod’ ability now has the added effect of raising special attack after being hit by an electric attack

Attack Info: (Remember to check out our TM/HM Page!)

  • TM47 – Ankle Sweep [Fighting, Physical / Power: 60 / Accuracy: 100% / PP20 / Lowers opponent’s speed]
  • TM67 – Get Even [Normal, Physical / Power: 70 / Accuracy: 100% / PP5 / If your ally was just knocked out last turn the base power increases]
  • TM76 – Bug Resistance [Bug, Special / Power: 30 / Accuracy: 100% / PP20 / Hits two opponents in double and triple battles and lowers special attack]
  • * TM page has been updated with Solar Beam, Rock Slide, and Poison Jab.  The last two may have changed slightly from GenIV but I have no specifics

Item Info:

  • Prof Araragi gives you a Lucky Egg

Character Info:

  • Detective Looker returns, codenamed ‘Handsome’.
  • When you go back to the Elite Four for a rematch, the Chapion is not Bell anymore it is now a guy called Adeku. His team is as Follows: Agirudaa, Buffalon, Kurimugan, Baibanira, Shubarugo, and Urugamosu. All his Pokemon are level 75 except for his Urugamosu
  • UPD3: Picture of trainer sprites added.

Misc Details:

  • You unlock the rest of the PC boxes after being upgraded to the National Dex, total of 24

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P.S. (ozy takeover) Today’s the day guys!! It is now the official release date for Pokemon: Black and White! It’s been years in the making and months in waiting, but we all made it through! So give youselves a pat on the back! It’s been an honor giving you all this info over the past few months! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play pokemon Black. 😀