New Pokemon UPD17

This post will be updating constantly with only new Pokemon, but our previous post is specifically for BW game information. So check both of these posts often!



  • Dokkoraa: Fighting-type
  • Otamaro: Water-type [Attacks: Growl, Supersonic, Impression, Bubblebeam / Ability: Swift Swim / Dex: Tadpole Pokemon – It releases high pitched alert sounds to warn its friends of danger by vibrating its cheeks.]
  • Haaderia: Normal-type Yooterii evo
  • Yooterii’s Dex: He bravely stands against even the strongest of opponents, but has the intelligence to not partake in a battle that he know is unwinnable
  • Fushide: Bug/Poison-type
  • Degeki: Fighting-type [Attacks: Rock Smash, Leer, Bide, Focus Energy / Ability: Sturdy / Dex: Karate Pokemon -The sound of Dageki smashing boulders and large trees can be heard from the mountains where it trains]
  • Jarorda: Grass-type, tsutaaja’s final evolution.  [Dex: Royal Pokemon – It overpowers it’s opponents as it holds it’s head high.  It will only unleash it’s full power when fighting a worthy opponent]
  • Enbuoo: Fire/Fighting-type, pokabu’s final evolution. [Dex: Large Fire Pig Pokemon – It can grow a beard of fire.  The fighting attacks it learns combine speed and power]
  • Denkenki: Water-type, mijumaru’s final evolution. [Dex: Dignity Pokemon – The armor on its front leg also serves as a sword.  It intimidates opponents by simply roaring]
  • Hiyakkii: Water-type, hiyappu’s evolution
  • Yabukuron- Poison type
  • Zuruggu: Dark/Fighting-type
  • Darumakka- pre-evo of Hihidaruma
  •  Hoiiga- Fushide’s evo, Bug/Poison type
  • Reparudasu- Dark-type Pokemon, Choroneko’s evo
  • Hahakomori- Kurumiru evo, Bug/Grass
  • Ishizumai- Bug/Rock
  • Shinporah Psychic/Flying-type
  • Baokki- Fire type, Baoppu’s evo
  • Zebraika- Electric type Pokemon, Shimama’s evo
  • Kokoromori- Koromori’s evo
  • Desumasu- Ghost type, Desukaan’s pre evo
  • Yuniran- Rankurusu’s pre evo 
  • GochimuGochiruzeru’s pre evo 
  • Hatooboo- Normal/Flying type, Mamepoto’s evo
  • Gamagaru- Water/Ground type, Otamaro’s evo
  • Koaruhii- Suwana’s pre evo
  • Warubiru- Mehuroko’s evo
  • Erefuun- Monmen’s evo (Evolves with a Sun Stone)
  • Banipucchi- Ice type
  • Kaburumo
  • Bachuru- Electric/Bug type, Denchura’s pre evo
  • Doredia- Grass type, Churine’s evo [Dex: Growing this Pokemon’s gorgeous flowers is even challenging for veteran trainers. It’s very popular among celebrities]
  • Gantoru- Dangoru’s evo
  • Marukachi- Grass type, the Cactus Pokemon. It’s ability is Water Absorb. [Dex: Using up tempo dances and sounds he scares away his natural predators, birds. The bird’s want it’s flower’s seeds.]
  • Pururiru
  • Dotetsukotsu- Fighting Type, Dokkorar’s evo (It still evolves one last time)

 (Updates 10 and over are ozy takeovers)

ps- Serebii has now leaked the starter’s third evolution names and dex info.  I don’t know if you have heard of his site… if you haven’t it is located right over there —–>

P.S. (ozy talking) OHMYGOD. O_O they’re all so cool…I want them all *_*