BW Information 1 (UPD15)



Random Mode:

  • Pokemon will battle at lv50 (those above will be scaled down, however pokemon below lv50 will remain at their current level)
  • Each turn has a time limit and if it expires an attack is chosen at random
  • Each match also has a time limit and if a winner is not found one will be decided

Ranking Match

  • Must register with Global Link website beforehand
  • Designed for dedicated battlers
  • New players will start out with a ranking score of 1500 which will fluctuate up and down with wins and losses
  • If a player connects with a different DS than the one originally registered their ranking will be lost
  • If there is a connection error the player’s ranking will go down

PokeCenter PC Options

  • Deposit Pokemon
  • Withdraw Pokemon
  • Move Pokemon
  • Battle Box [This is a new feature allowing you to create teams of pokemon that are kept together for battling purposes]
  • Move Items
  • * The PC only has 8 boxes to store Pokemon in [SEE VIDEO]

Gym Leaders: [New information that was originally missed]

  • First gym with Dento ‘n Co will award you the Tri Badge
  • Second gym with Aloe will award you the Basic Badge. Her team is a level 20 Miruhoggu and a level 18 Haderia. When you defeat her, you get TM
  • (UPD12)Third gym leader’s name is Arti he uses a Hoiiga (Lv.21), Ishizumai (Lv.21), and a Hahakomori (Lv.23). For defeating him, you get TM76, which is a new move called Bug Rebellion
  • (UPD13)After defeating Kamitsure( the 4th, Electric specialist), You get a new TM72 called Volt Charge. (A special attack, base power: 70, accuracy: 100, and 20PP. It apparently replaces Avalanche) She has a level 27 Zeburaika and two level 25 Emongas
  • * The 8th Gym Leader will depend on your version! You will face either Iris or Shaga.  They both are in Souryuu City and winning will award you the Legend Badge regardless of version.
  • UPD8: After facing Dento ‘n Co you will receive TM83: Cheer Up
  • UPD10: After facing Aloe you will receive TM67: Get Even [This attack is stronger if your partner in battle was attacked last turn.  Physical attack, Base Damage: 70 / Accuracy: 100% / PP:5 / Type: Normal]

Misc Game Features:

  • UPD1: Save file now lists what city you are currently in along with game time and pokedex count. (pictured)
  • UPD1: It seems Kurumiru’s line is a Black exclusive, while the Bug/Poison (and yet to be named) line is a White exclusive.
  • UPD3: HMs are as follows – Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Dive
  • UPD4: Badge Case revealed (pictured)
  • UPD5: New picture added of your mother talking to you via in-game Live Caster (Does the mic symbol… mean there might be voice acting?!)
  • UPD6: Tsutaaja’s stats can now be seen at lv16.  Remember it goes HP, Attack, Defense, Sp Attack, Sp Defense, Speed.  It knows the attacks tackle, grass mixer (learns at lv16), vine whip, and growth (pictured)
  • Tsutaaja evolves at level 17 into Janoobi
  • UPD7: New attack called ‘Burn Up’, Fire type, physical… Base Power: 50 / Accuracy: 90 / 20PP
  • UPD7: Tsutaaja evolves into Janobii at level 17 (pictured)
  • UPD8: It appears you will be able to capture or receive Baoppu/Yanappu/Hiyappu at the Abandoned Lot of Dreams after an event
  • UPD9:  Added pics of Koromori [Confusion, Odor Sleuth, Gust] Shimama [Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Charge], and Hiyappu [Scratch, Leer, Lick, Water Gun] so that you statwhores can JUDGE THEM MERCILESSLY.  I’m happy with the speed stats of both koromori and shimama though


  • UPD11: Older man named Asura who will probably be a re-occurring character
  • (UPD9)  Bell will battle you when entering Sanyou City. First Battle: She has a level 6 Yooterii and a level 7 of her starter choice. Third Battle: a level 18 Hahderia, a level 18 Yanappu, a level 18 Munna, and her starter choice at level 20.
  • (UPD12)  N is in cohorts with Team Plasma, he works for Gatis and pretends to be your friend at first on the Ferris Wheel, but then tries to set your Pokemon “free”


  • Mega Drain now has a base power of 75, instead of it’s previous 40
  • (UPD14) Event Zorua details: level 10, knows the moves Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, and Fake Tears

Anime News (from Poke Sun. Cred to Kriff and NL)

  • Dento and co. are triplets
  • Tabunne plays the “CHansey role” in Isshu Region Pokemon Centers
  • Tabunne is the “Healing Pokemon NOT the “Hearing” Pokemon.
  • Eleci Ball: The difference between you and your opponent’s speed stat determines bonus damage. ( Like a speed version of Gyro ball , I am looking at a certain eeveelution right now).  These details were already in the last CoroCoro however.
  • Wood Horn (from famitsu yesterday and today’s special): Recovers half of the damage given

Rumors: [RUMORS….]

  • UPD2: Elite 4 are as follows: Shiden [Electric/Dark Pokemon – Ninja], Reonaldo [Grass/Poison – Narcissist], Friishia [Dragon/Fighting – Young lady], Rupinasu [Ghost/Psychic Pokemon – Psychic]

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