Pokémon GO – How to Coordinate with Local Trainers!


Greeting Pokéjunglers!

Pokémon GO’s full release is fast approaching. It is currently due sometime before the end of next month. Many new features have been added for BETA players in recent days, such as the ability to use Pokémon candy (formerly evolution shards) to increase the maximum potential of a given Pokémon, or the ability to earn rewards for defending gyms. The general consensus for the game is that as long as you do not go in expecting an identical experience to the main series, chances are you will enjoy the reportedly challenging and addictive experience.

Despite the app still currently only being in BETA, trainers have found a way to coordinate and communicate with each other in order to get the most out of the experience. GO Chat is a unofficial third-party app that allows Pokémon GO users to reach out to other trainers for the purpose of  managing gyms, asking about locations of specific Pokémon, and later down the line trading. The app has an amazing two-thousand active users each day despite Pokémon GO not being widely available to the public yet.

Currently the app is available here for free on the Google Play store and after reaching out to the creator we have been assured that an iOS version is due mid-July. We were also told that precautions are being taken to keep the app safe from being taken down in the long-term, and that more professional graphics are coming soon! The chat app is doing really well and with the impending release of the main app there are no signs of that hype slowing down. What do you guys think? Will you be using this app to coordinate your very own Pokémon adventures in real life? Let us know below!


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  1. I seriously hope there is a good amount of Pokemon for every area. When school begins in August, I doubt I’d encounter many Pokemon. Yet, I’m willing to give Pokemon GO a solid try. Now it’s time to try purchasing that GO Plus device!

    1. Same, I’ll get it a shot as well 🙂 I dunno if I will buy that GO Plus device yet though

  2. If I remember correctly, there are three teams you can join: red, blue, and yellow. What team will you all be joining?

    1. I’ll go with Red, because, as with many people’s reasoning, Red was my copy of the gen 1 games.

  3. So hows this for SM Gym Leaders

    1. I would like for there to be a Dark gym, but other than that, es nice.
      Glad to see there’s not electric on the list.
      Seriously, I think every gen (Excluding Gen 2) had an electric gym, so it’s getting a bit annoying.

      1. Your comment inspired me to create a list of the amount of times each type has been used for a gym/E4. I’ll post it below, but these are the 8 most unused types: Fairy (expected because it’s new), Steel, Ground, Poison, Normal, Flying, Grass, Dark.

        Here’s the full lists: [Note: I counted the 1st gym in B/W as 3 separate ones]

        Water – 5
        Electric – 5
        Rock – 4
        Fighting – 4
        Ice – 4
        Grass – 3
        Psychic – 3
        Fire – 3
        Flying – 3
        Bug – 3
        Normal – 3
        Poison – 2
        Ground – 2
        Ghost – 2
        Steel – 2
        Dragon – 2
        Fairy – 1
        Dark – 0

        Dragon – 3
        Dark – 3
        Ghost – 3
        Psychic – 3
        Fighting – 3
        Ice – 2
        Fire – 2
        Poison – 1
        Ground – 1
        Steel – 1
        Bug – 1
        Water – 1
        Electric – 0
        Rock – 0
        Grass – 0
        Flying – 0
        Normal – 0
        Fairy – 0

        Fighting – 7
        Ice – 6
        Water – 6
        Psychic – 6
        Fire – 5
        Electric – 5
        Ghost – 5
        Dragon – 5
        Rock – 4
        Bug – 4
        Dark – 3
        Grass – 3
        Flying – 3
        Normal – 3
        Poison – 3
        Ground – 3
        Steel – 3
        Fairy – 1

        1. I honestly forgot Water’s been used as much, but yeah, water can go eff off too. Rather get some underused types some love.

          1. Any type below 3 uses should be a gym. Of course, that’s 7 types, so add one that is a 3 and you got what I want.
            Same for E4 and Champion.

      2. Nahhhhhhh Dark Types are so overrated

        And as for E4,
        *Grumble* Fairy

        1. Yet in 20 years the only type to never be a Gym yet to be Elite4 only 3 times is Dark also Poison to be the only one to not be a legendary! (Arceus doesn’t count!)

    2. I’m thinking


      I hate how Ice and Steel Gym are primarily in the latter half, and Rock Gyms early on. I’m hoping they change this around.

      1. Realising how badly this screws over Rowlet. Well you may be able to get Iwanko early game to help out.

        1. Why not? Just because it’s easy to beat doesn’t mean it can’t be a challenge. E4 these days are pretty bad anyway.

          Plus Bug – arguable the weakest type – has been an elite, and Ice – 4 Weaknesses has – been an elite multiple times.

    3. The first gym should be normal and the last gym should be Dark. Or they could do what I’ve been bitching about for years and create gyms based on other things besides Type.

    4. Me I’m thinking this Gym order should be:

  4. One thing that sucks about Hoenn’s E4 and Champion is that you can sweep 3/5 of it with a fighting type.

    1. Hence why Cynthia will always be the best champ. Honestly, champs shouldn’t specialize in only one type. Makes them less of a challenge.

      1. Yesss!!! The Sinnoh E4 was the only one I struggled with, especially Cynthia (cause it wasn’t fun facing off straight away with a Pokemon with no weakness)

          1. Also the levels in DP were higher than Platinum. It was her annoying Spiritomb, super fast Lucario, bulky Milotic and damn powerhouse Garchomp that were annoying. Roserade and Gastrodon were probably two of the easiest pokemon out of the whole Sinnoh E4

          2. Yeah roserade and gastrodon were pushovers. Togekiss was a little trickier, especially in remakes when it’ll be a fairy type..

      1. Nope, I discovered that Showdown runs smoothly on my IPad so I’m just using to test drive future teams

        1. Vice versa showdown is very laggy on computer and all my past teams are gone.

    1. I agree. Well I mean Im gonna get Pokemon Go, just to see how it is and if I like it or not.
      The bit I don’t like is paying the price of a new game just for a fancy Poke watch that flashes when a new Pokemon is nearby, while Im sure I could get a push notification if thats how the app works

      1. Hopefully push notifications are a thing. I can’t just get them on my watch… screw that tacky thing.

    2. Why do you think it’s a cash grab? The mobile app falls within my expectations really, not to mention it’s free too.

    1. I’ll pluck it, gut it, roll it around in oil and flour and off to the fryer

      1. Holy hell man…
        I mean sometimes when my cousins come over they shoot the doves and cook them, but not anything that savage.

    2. I would like to see a picture of Pikachu and Pikapek, so it can be called “Pikapekachu”.

  5. I have a brand-new theory for Pokemon Sun & Moon, which revolves around the Strange Souvenir. I believe that the Strange Souvenir is the Guardian of MeleMele Island or one of the four main islands of Alola. It might serve in summoning a Tiki-like Pokemon, which defends a specific island from danger. I could see GameFreak enforcing a post-game quest to hunt of the Tiki-heads and summon the Pokemon. I’m quite sure that Tapu Koko is going to be a Tiki-like Pokemon.

    1. Personally, I feel like the Strange Souvenir is a trinket that the traveller purchased at a shop on one of the islands. I don’t feel like it has any special qualities to it, but you never know. We are definitely getting a Tiki Pokemon, however, which will hopefully look awesome.

    2. Honestly this theory is nothing new, from what I’ve seen. The only new thing is saying that the strange souvenir is Tapu Koko.

    1. You should’ve done a Pokemorph fusion mix thingy
      It just looked like Susie murdered a petilil and kinda wore its skin like a suit

        1. Well the thought is out there
          Susie killed a petilil and crammed her body into it and wore the head like a mask

  6. I want to discuss something from Zelda: BotW, if there are any fans around here. As a recap, you know that the first area is on a high plateau, and if you jump off, you’ll die. To safely jump off, you have to get the Paraglider, which you receive after doing all four mini-dungeons. It essentially makes sure you have the necessary runes/abilities to start the game.
    Now, the interesting part. There’s like seven areas surrounding the plateau, and with some more areas behind them too. They are all distinctly different (Desert, Hylian Castle, Snow mountains, Forest, Water domain,…). If you jump, you can’t go back until you at least find a shrine that serves as a warp point. And even then, it’s best you just explore the area in full to discover its secrets.
    So, where will you jump off? It essentially determines your adventure and the way you tackle the story. I think I’ll go for the south first and do some forest walk, before going fishing for Zora’s in the Water domain. After that I’ll just ride to the very north and start my way from there.
    The possibilities of the game are endless and it really calls for my sense of adventure and discovery. Easily the game I’m most interested in right now.

    1. Probably the one that has most qualities relating to lava or fire. Tradition states that the fire area goes second in a Zelda game.

    2. I’m going to waste my life in Zora’s Domain, if it still exists in this game. This is almost like a living and breathing Hyrule, which we have all dreamed of.

    3. I would no doubt try to go to a town first i fear missing the story
      But my natural direction leads me to Mountains, Canyons and other rocky arid regions

    1. I’d go with Beartic, since it will be more helpful against Drayden, N and other trainers.

    2. Conkeldurr can be really good but I personally like Beartic more because of my ice type bias

      1. Yeah plus I don’t have to bother with trading for evolving beartic so that’s a plus

          1. I don’t think you understand
            I Darrrrrr Yooo
            I will invoke the Dwarven Doulbe Dare!!!!

            Listen up lad, Ye are being challenged, and if Ye refuse then great dishonor will besmirch you and your kin

          3. Hey, now.
            Zuko would love to have the honor you’re wasting right now, think of him before you do this

  7. So after playing around with my new Fire Mono I think I found my signature with Darmanitan

  8. What if instead of a third master legendary like Rayquaza or Giratina, what if we had two? Pokemon that are actually the sun and moon spirits. Sogalao and Lunala are the emissaries of the sun and moon so it may not be too off.

    1. I second this. Trios are cliche at this point, and honestly this idea sounds great.

  9. okay guys I got a question,same like the last one but a little different: how many cartoon characters that look like Pokemon?

    1. You asked the exact same question last time. Maybe you can go search for yourself, it might be fun.

    2. How can it be both the same but different? Haha
      If ya that bored, do a nuzlocke on an emulator or something?

  10. I’ve been getting really excited about the NX lately. Ubisoft has said that it will recapture a lot of the Wii audience, which would mean a Nintendo renaissance in 2017. Reggie, Iwata, and Kimishima have also said that the system will present a bran new way to play, which I think is extremely important right now. Since I don’t believe we will have to wait until later than October, we’re only a few months away from an entirely new generation being announced!

    Anyway, we can talk about that later. I have a question for you guys. Before the NX releases in 2017, I’m in need of a new monitor for my Nintendo gaming station to replace the old one I’m using for my Wii U. Do you think it would be smart to go with 4K (as I would have to upgrade up to it at some point anyway), or just stick to 1080p? I feel like it may be smart to wait a few more years for 4K to become mainstream, and for higher-quality 4K monitors to become cheaper. I’ve spotted a really nice 1080p monitor that I definitely want, but the whole 4K thing is what’s changing my mind. I need somebody to convince me otherwise.

    1. Didn’t Ubisoft praise the Wii U as well before it was officially revealed? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    2. Better invest in a good 1080p monitor with accurate colors and wide viewing angles. 4K will eventually drop in price and become better when you need it. To be honest, I saw some 4K monitors with 4K content and it isn’t all that special.
      And will it be TV sized or be placed on your desk? Because in case of the latter, a 1440p might serve you if you ever want to build a ‘decent’ PC. I don’t know what your price point is, but the Dell U2515H is a favorite of mine, although it needs external speakers connected to the 3,5mm jack to get some sound. The Dell U2414H is similar, albeit 1080p and 1″ smaller, but offers the same accurate colors, wide viewing angles and small input lag for an IPS display.

      1. It will be 27″ and I already have some good external speakers. It’s not placed on my desk either. Thanks for your suggestion, I decided last night that this is the better option. I’m not going to use this with a computer (since I already have dual monitors prepared and I have no more room), so I don’t think I would invest in 1440p. That’s probably what I will do when upgrading my other monitors in a few years’ time. The model I’m thinking of is the ASUS MX279H 27″, which is also an IPS monitor and looks really nice. I suppose I’ll purchase closer to the holiday season 🙂

    3. I’d say to got with a 4K Monitor if it has good view angles at a low price. Also, CD Project Red said the NX will be amazing at it’s release. Those guys are the last people to kiss up to Nintendo. They are the developers of Witcher 3, which is one, beautiful RPG!

  11. Okay but these stats of Popplio probably debunk the theory of it turning into a Fighting type, right?

    1. They might throw us a curveball and make it a special fighting type? (although I highly doubt that)

    2. There are rare fighting types that have better special attack, that includes Keldeo and Lucario and Virizion. So not totally debunked, but likely based on how most fighting types have more Physical Attack, I guess unlikely.

    3. You do realize that it could shift as it evolves
      Also it could be a Special Fighting type and we definitely need one that isn’t Keldeo

      1. It can? Can you give an example because I can’t find it.
        Sounds cool to have a Special Fighting type, but I feel like that won’t happen.

        1. I said could, But a more believable case is that as it evolves it kinda evens out
          But like I said it could end up as a Special Fighting type which we could need more of, in all the special fighting types we only have Lucario, to an extent Infernape and Keldeo
          And this gives them an opportunity to create some more special fighting attacks which one could be TM

    4. I stated this in the last article about Popplio. There are a few Fighting-Types with a low attack stat. Yet, I do feel that Popplio will become Water/Fairy instead of Water/Fighting. Disarming Voice only adds to the idea of it not becoming a Fighting-Type.

  12. well guys looks like there’s only 5 days left until the world hobby Fair,we’re still on the topic on my little question this is the same one but with a different tune:how many characters that take a similar appearance all the Pokemon?

      1. Me too dood
        I am trying to stay neutral with reveals but I just find myself naturally drawn to Pubble

        Or it’s just the sheer fact I’m just attracted to rock Pokemon

  13. So I’m in a Fakemon mood
    I should work on my Rock/Electric Fossil Pokemon Electroscute and Conductodon
    Heavy stegosaurian Pokemon with massive boney plates that draw in lightning as were a lightning rod
    But this thing is total weakness bait; Ground, Water, Grass, Fightning,

    1. Cool concept. The only thing is the name for the second evolution. It sounds cool but doesn’t quite make sense that it ends in “don” if it’s a stegosaur. Maybe “stegowatt”? (Play on the word megawatt, unit of measurement for electricity)

      1. Holy shit that is brilliant
        But the whole theme is lightning rods, hell its ability is Lightning Rock

        But alas I can’t use others names

      1. Its other half is Anklub and Quakelosaur
        Obviously Ankylosaurs with massive tail clubs that could create Tremors
        Yeah yeah save me the whole weakness speech, I’ve used literally every Rock/Ground type on the planet to know the dangers

  14. So Im not sure if people said this already, but in the sun and moon gameplay we saw at E3, I think its safe to say we already have the pokedex at this point. 😉 So Id just like to point out that the rotom was not an annoying notification spamming system like many people (including myself) feared. Now, this may change later on when your adventure really starts (or maybe they have it toggled off which is still great) but my concern is gone. Hooray!

    1. Didn’t they as there was going to be a Pokedex related overlay on the bottom screen when you advance in your journey?

    2. What? They disabled the PokeDex on the bottom screen to not reveal some of the areas. The Rotom PokeDex will always inhabit the bottom screen of the 3DS once you obtain it.

        1. Not sure how anyone is sure. I was only certain there wasn’t any notifications so I was happy. But if you insist. lol 🙂

          1. I remember hearing them say that they didn’t have the bottom screen ready for the showing (interpret it how you will if it was intentional or not)

  15. GameStop CEO, Paul Raines, has confirmed that the NX will have physical media. There were rumors in the past from Nintendo’s patients, which claimed that the NX or an unspecified console would solely use digital media. The more current rumors are seeing Nintendo drop the disk-based media in favor of cartridge. This could vastly reduce the load time and the storage capacity of games running on the NX. With the recent positive reviews of the NX from CD Project Red, I’m seriously looking forward to the system. My PS4 might have to move over for the system. :]

    1. Didnt reggie himself say something leading people to believe they havent learned from the mistake the wiiu was. That Nintendo will continue to stay behind sony and microsoft.

      1. Reggie stated that Nintendo will focus on content, not only performance. People thought it meant another weak system. Yet, Nintendo cannot make a weak system and expect content. So, the NX has to be acceptable in power.

  16. Just came here to say: Finding Dory was bloody brilliant! It wasn’t as good as Finding Nemo, but far from the “cash grab” film I was expecting. As for Pokemon Go… I don’t expect much but am open for surprises!

    1. I hope to see it on Saturday with my family! I still remember the day I saw Finding Nemo in the theaters when I was 4, and I can’t wait to see this now that I’m 17.

    Time for some Earthen Answers
    “In this wide world of Pokemon we test our mettle by facing the locals and they put us to the test; but now if given the chance how would you test your opponents”
    What kind of Gym would you have
    -Type Proficiency

    1. I would obviously be a Ground Type Gym located either deep underground or a hollowed out a Mountain, and to show I mean business you can’t get to me without solving my trick underground labyrinth any you better pack some gear because you’ll need Strength, Rock Smash and Flash to get through my domain
      My Team would involve my Rhyperior, Sandslash, Graveler, Gabite, Palpitoad, Piloswine
      Those who survive my Earthen Fury are begrudgingly awarded the Terra Badge and the greatest TM to be ever created TM 26 Earthquake

    2. Type: Poison
      Theme and puzzle: I have no idea of what to do without making it look really trashy
      Team: Dragalge, Venomoth, Seviper, Nidoking, and my signature Pokemon Drapion
      TM: Toxic
      Badge: Virus badge, looks like a bacteriophage (maybe the gym is a hospital to go along with that)

      1. Maybe go for the Venom Badge
        All your Pokemon seem to have venom

        But the Hospital could work, you could be based on a jungle or marsh that frequently treats visitors for poisoning

        Swamps, marshes all inside a terrarium
        I see a black blue grass and the field has mud, water and gunk everywhere with shady trees
        You’re Pokemon are kings of using the environment’s unforgivable harshness against opponents
        Dragalge and Serviper diving in and out of the water and Venomoth from the skies
        Nidoking is neutral territory but Drapion can cling from the trees and it can even dive in the water

          1. Mine would be kinda “Bowl Shaped” My Pokemon dive into the ground and attack from underneath
            Graveler uses Rollout a lot and Gabite would use Sandstorm to keep hidden and Dual Chop in the dust and always underground
            Sandslash has Sand Veil as well but kinda is the same with Gabite
            Palpitoad totally converts the field to mud and slides around
            And Piloswine just charges forward

            But Rhyperior is the full package, deep attack and defense, a stabbing Megahorn and plowing through the earth with Drill Run, and obliterating anything with Rock Wrecker

    3. Dark gym (not cuz there isn’t one, but because I want one)
      The theme would be a backwards gum(hear me out) and it would have a bat theme/night. And the trainers would be “vampires.” You have a bat costume to fly from tree to tree and when you get to me my team consists of: Weavile, Houndoom, Cacturne, Pangoro, Mega Gyarados, and Krookodile. The tm is Dark Pulse and the badge is the shadow badge.

        1. Yah I’m just sayin that those are the Pokemon that I can use. My main being Krookodile. I’d probably only use 3-4 of them. Also not all of them would be fully evolved

    4. Dark type (3edgy5me), idk what the theme would be? Maybe some kind of prison, or a dungeon… I remember I had a cool idea before that had to do with turning lights on and off but I can’t remember now 🙁
      Team: Original: Umbreon, Murkrow, Houndoom
      Rematch: Umbreon, Honchkrow , Malamar, Houndoom (M), Bisharp/Drapion
      TM: Knock off?
      Badge: Eclipse Badge

    5. Type – Psychic
      Theme – (You guys make thinking of themes easy, I’m struggling >.< ) You go through various rooms, each with their own clue, and you have to find out the answer to the puzzle that opens the door leading to me. (I suck, just bye, wanted to make something Sherlock related since I love that show)
      Team – Gardevoir, Espeon, Meowstic (F), Reuniclus, Medicham, Malamar (can be various evolutions, like either meditite/inkay/duosion/etc., but due to not knowing what gym order I would be, I just listed their last evolution)
      Badge – Mind's Eye Badge (Only name I can think of, really)
      TM – Psyshock (Wanted to give out an offensive move, since I am an offensive player)
      I know, F-, I tried.

      1. How about a gigantic doorway but you must remember objects in specific locations
        But as for a Badge I think the Wisdom Badge could be good

        But again the teams so far are just loaded to the brim with final stage evos

        1. she said they could be any of their evos depending on what order gym she was in

          1. Es fine, common mistake xD
            I mean, Percy is a male name, I use it as my alias because I always have and I have loads of memories associated with it :3

        2. I guess that works, I just wanted something like a mystery you had to solve.
          And Wisdom Badge works, I could only think Mind’s Eye for some reason.
          And yes, but as I mentioned, they can be changed to any of their evolutionary line because I dunno what order I would be in. Heck you can take away the last three depending on my order. I just listed what would be my team if I was the last Gym Leader

    6. Type – Ghost
      Theme – IDK
      Puzzle – Hidden walls you can walk through, Battling a trainer reveals one but you can make your way through it with out it.
      Froslass (Main Pokemon)

      Badge – The Jinn Badge

      TM – Shadow Claw

          1. The other ghost type gyms are a little more out there with the ghost stuff. There is the Fog badge and Relic badge. I decided I wanna be a bit more out there as well

      1. Ayy Mismagius is one of my favorite Pokemon! 😀
        Froslass is pretty high up there too

        1. I’ve been wanting to use it! I’ll probably use it in the Soul Silver playthrough I’m doing now.

    7. If I had a gym I would probs break the barriers if possible and have a dual Fairy/Ghost type gym, set in an old cathedral thats a little run down yet still brightly lit with sparkling chandeliers and tall stained glass windows. Erie music would be playing faintly from somewhere on an old gramophone. There would be pools of brightly coloured magenta water in the holes in the floor so you would have to go around them to get through the gym and trainers would have either ghost or fairies.

      My team would consist of: Misdreavous, Swirlix, Granbull and Mawile
      (if the last gym mega Banette would be added and swirl would be evolved)

      My badge would be the Erie badge
      TM- Dazzling Gleam

      (If you don’t want the two types thing just remove the ghosts and replace with fairies lol)

          1. A weeabo is a term for non-Japanese people who are overly obsessed with Japan and its culture because of things like manga and anime. They will often argue saying that anime is better than any other form of animation.

          2. oh, I see nothing with loving aspects of another culture, purely for manga and anime alone seems kinda… well hmm… but whatever makes them happy I suppose, I don’t understand why earthen seems to be making fun of them though, unless I’m missing something, 😛 thanks for educating me star storm

          3. You’re welcome! And yeah I didn’t really understand his use of it there either

          4. I say it because stuff like Fusions, all these outrageous abilities or attacks just sound like a overhyped fanboy idea
            And Earthen ain’t having that sh*t

          5. I guess, but I wouldnt use the word weeaboo for it. But whatever, I’m not the word police

          6. Earthen… its fiction… I said I wanted those types because they were my favourite, chill dude, I couldn’t care less if they were in a game or not

          7. oh well, maybe grammar is not their strong suit, or perhaps they really could care less 😛 who knows

          8. Usually, weeaboos also think no other culture is better than Japan and exclude anything that isn’t from that culture. I’m all for loving aspects of different culture, but to exclude other cultures but one is kind of a bit extreme. There’s also terms for people who obsess over American or British culture in the same way, but es not as well-known.
            But basically es used at anyone who shows even a slight interest in another culture other than their own, and that’s not right. I’m all for using it on people who fit the definition, not someone who is interested in other cultures and what they provide.

          9. oh so its probably on the verge of like Cultural appropriation then if I’m reading into this correctly eh?

    8. Type : Grass (Double Battle)
      Theme & Puzzle : Hedge Maze
      Team :
      – Weepinbell
      – Deerling
      – Shiftry
      – Ludicolo
      TM – Synthesis
      Badge – Shrub Badge

  18. FINALLY! Pokemon Mystery Dungeons Red, Blue and Sky are on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America! I’m tempted to get them all, I love this series so much and want to play them on a nice big screen. I also haven’t played Red or Blue yet!

    1. I highly reccomend Red/Blue PMD. While they aren’t as good as PMD 2, they are very good titles in my opinion.

      1. Pretty much this. It doesn’t help that I played Red & Blue Rescue Team before Explorers of Time/Darkness & Sky either 😛

      2. Also PMD Blue is the only game where the story drove me to tears. It isn’t all that insane, but at the age I was when I played it, it was emotional for me.

    2. Hmmmmm I don’t know what to pick
      It’s pretty much Blue or Sky
      In Blue I was a Treecko and Sky I was a Turtwig
      Parts of me want to relive as those two, but who knows I pretty much was coaxing on Absorb and Mega Drain but who cares

    3. Explorers of Sky is one of my favorite games honestly! I wont get it on VC since I still have the cart but cool that its available

  19. I hope that Sun/Moon has really awesome gym leaders with fleshed out personalities and stuff like that similar to gen 5.

  20. Take a game/movie/tv character and give them a pokemon team!

    Quote [Cave Story]


    1. Ouu I like this idea and great team choice.


      -Rapidash [Shadowfax]
      -Talonflame/Pidgeot [The Eagles]
      -Shiftry [The Ents]
      -Mothim [The moth he sends out at the tower for help]
      -Mismagius [Because its a magician type pokemon]
      -Honedge [Glamdring]

    2. I have to go with my boy Jack Skellington sorry not sorry focusing on the Halloween Town elements
      Gourgeist (Pumpkin King 😉 )
      Honchkrow (I know, I know, but I couldn’t find any fitting bat Pokemon that fit really well with Halloween Town…plus crows are better 😛 )
      Dusknoir (Based on all the ghosts plus near-dead corpses there)
      Mismagius (Based on witches and ghosts :3 )
      Mega Banette (Based on the doll they make for their Christmas)
      Trevenant (Based on the Hanging Tree, one of my fav Halloween Town Members)
      This took 3 times to reply since Disqus keeps on ‘Error’ing me D:

    3. The Countess (AHS:Hotel)

      -Gothitelle (Fashion icon as Gaga)
      -Crobat (She is a vampire)
      -Chandelure (Hotel aesthetics)
      -Klefki (Again, hotel Aesthetics)
      -Bisharp (Because she has that nail that can kill people)
      -Mega Shiny Gardevoir ( Her dress resembles one of the dresses Gaga used)

    4. Link (Zelda, but do I really have to explain where he is from?)

      – Aegislash (Master sword)
      – Cofagrigus (Masks in LoZ 6)
      – Delphox (Wand is like the fire rod)
      – Togetic (Hey! Listen!)
      – Electrode (Bombs)
      – Torchic (Cuccoos)

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “LOZ 6″…? 😛 Is that majoras mask?? 😛

        1. Yeah, sorry about that. >.< I've been active in the fire emblem community recently, and the whole fanbase refers to games by their number, so I guess I'm just used to it.

    5. Jon Snow: (Need I say GoT? :D)

      Mightyena (Closest thing to a direwolf)
      Glalie (Song of ICE and fire)
      Staraptor (Brave, powerful, cool hair)
      Beartic (Wun Wun as a pokemon)
      Escavalier (Stick him with the pointy end)
      Absol (same expression…all the time)

      1. I kinda really want to do Margaery from GoT too.

        So here is her team:
        Liligant (For the flower theme)
        Roserade (Same as above, but Roserade is just a little more fierce)
        Sawsbuck (keeps the plant theme alive with the flowers on the antlers but also brings in the Baratheon sigil)
        Swanna (Swans can be awful animals, and Margaery is pretty cunning and ruthless in her own way… also that elegance factor)
        Leafeon (cute, powerful, but doesn’t come across as ruthless)
        Blissey (cares for the community, loving)

    6. Flowey (Undertale)

      -Bullet Seed
      Mow Rotom
      -Leaf Storm
      -King’s Shield
      -Shadow Sneak
      -Shadow Sneak
      -Forest’s Curse
      -Shadow Claw
      -Topsy Turvy
      -Dark Pulse
      -Foul Play
      Zygarde 50 Percent/Complete Form
      -Core Enforcer
      -Dragon Pulse (like his laugh)
      -Camouflage (based on the hearts)
      -Extreme Speed
      (Technological and considerably “ugly” to start life form based on his Omega Flowey form, his one OP “God” Pokemon)

      1. In this world…

        I̡̢̫̰͕̰̺̮̻̱͔̝̲͐̐̔̒̽ͨͣ̔̏ͫ̄̇ͤͧ̏ͪͧ͞ͅT̆ͤ̂̃̑̎̃ͧͭ͌ͫ̈͏̰̯̱͚͘’̴͇͓͖̜͂͛ͮ̆̇ͤͧ̔̍͌̅ͧ͆ͯ̈́̈́̏S̡̧̺̺̪̘̼̬͉̹̓ͨ͋̈́̊̆͋ͯ̏ͭ͊̓̑ͫ͑ͧ͢͠ ̝̹̳̮̖̠̱͍̠̗̮̮̗̓̐̓ͪ͌ͣ͒ͣ̇̇̑̾̆ͪ̄̂̿ͨ̅͘ͅC̢͕͈̞̦̗͈͐̃͂͑̽ͦͮ̊̽ͣ̆̀ͬ̈́͆̽ͪͩ̂́͝Ȃ̴̸̢̺̻̣̻͕̬̲͕̗͉͛͋ͭ̽̿̅̽ͩ͑̈͜͡T̴͋̆ͣ̔̋̑̈̊̽̓̄̈̾̐͋͘҉͉̝̺̯̱C̢̡̜̥̲̪̪̲̗̠͚̰̝̼̖̦ͩ̿ͨͮͭ͋ͬ͐͐̆̎ͅḨ̶̞̗̦̹̳͕̘̖̀͗̆͑̓ͣ̔̂͒ͬ̉̑̾͛̌̈̽ͬ͢ ̓ͭ̿̿͛͑ͬ͆ͮ͒ͬ̆́̆̕͜͏̟̻͕͍̫͙̗̭͚̮̞Ō͋̿͒ͧ̽̅̿̒́̈̃̃͌ͫͥ҉̶̶̵̡̻̤̪R̢̼͕͚̟͍̱ͪ̑ͯͭ̓̾͛͂ͧ͗ͬ̔͂ͬ̆̕ ̶̺̖̬͈̭̭̳̣̙̈́̑ͩ̓̅̍̂͘ͅB̵̵̡̼̪͍̝̝̥̜̲̮̝̥̪͍̼͖̮̭̥͋̓̽̈͌͐͗ͩ̄ͯ̐́ͬ͐̚ͅȄ̶̠͈̦̣͕͈̹̦͓̙͓̺̼̥̹͔̀ͩ͋̉͌ͥͨͧͥͩ̊̊̂͑̚͡ ̶͋ͤ͑ͥ̆̉̅ͦ̒̽͊̿ͣ͊́ͨ҉̵̨̡͍͖̤͔̼̹͎̘̩͚̺̗͇̭C̴̢̦̝̟͖̙̮͍̳̟͔ͯ̄̓̽͘͢A͕̫̬̱̣̣̬̝̫̪̩̼̯͗͐̄̄̊̓͌͒͒̉̆̃̐͠Ú̢̳̺̗̭͕͔̣͖͕͊̽ͪ͗̂͒ͨͮ͌̀͢͢Ǵ̷͖̭͓̞̦̫̘͎̼̯̟͖͎̳̤̍̊ͣ͒̍̐ͭ̇̎ͫ̓̄̚̚͢͞Ḩ̵̙̯̣͎̯͖̹̲͚̖̼̠͕̱̻̱͖̬̰̉̍͂ͩ̾ͨ̎ͦ͑͌̀̿T̬̳͚̱̰̗̻͚̪̓̾̈́̊̏̉ͪ̃̌̔̀̀

        I̡̢̫̰͕̰̺̮̻̱͔̝̲͐̐̔̒̽ͨͣ̔̏ͫ̄̇ͤͧ̏ͪͧ͞ͅT̆ͤ̂̃̑̎̃ͧͭ͌ͫ̈͏̰̯̱͚͘’̴͇͓͖̜͂͛ͮ̆̇ͤͧ̔̍͌̅ͧ͆ͯ̈́̈́̏S̡̧̺̺̪̘̼̬͉̹̓ͨ͋̈́̊̆͋ͯ̏ͭ͊̓̑ͫ͑ͧ͢͠ ̝̹̳̮̖̠̱͍̠̗̮̮̗̓̐̓ͪ͌ͣ͒ͣ̇̇̑̾̆ͪ̄̂̿ͨ̅͘ͅC̢͕͈̞̦̗͈͐̃͂͑̽ͦͮ̊̽ͣ̆̀ͬ̈́͆̽ͪͩ̂́͝Ȃ̴̸̢̺̻̣̻͕̬̲͕̗͉͛͋ͭ̽̿̅̽ͩ͑̈͜͡T̴͋̆ͣ̔̋̑̈̊̽̓̄̈̾̐͋͘҉͉̝̺̯̱C̢̡̜̥̲̪̪̲̗̠͚̰̝̼̖̦ͩ̿ͨͮͭ͋ͬ͐͐̆̎ͅḨ̶̞̗̦̹̳͕̘̖̀͗̆͑̓ͣ̔̂͒ͬ̉̑̾͛̌̈̽ͬ͢ ̓ͭ̿̿͛͑ͬ͆ͮ͒ͬ̆́̆̕͜͏̟̻͕͍̫͙̗̭͚̮̞Ō͋̿͒ͧ̽̅̿̒́̈̃̃͌ͫͥ҉̶̶̵̡̻̤̪R̢̼͕͚̟͍̱ͪ̑ͯͭ̓̾͛͂ͧ͗ͬ̔͂ͬ̆̕ ̶̺̖̬͈̭̭̳̣̙̈́̑ͩ̓̅̍̂͘ͅB̵̵̡̼̪͍̝̝̥̜̲̮̝̥̪͍̼͖̮̭̥͋̓̽̈͌͐͗ͩ̄ͯ̐́ͬ͐̚ͅȄ̶̠͈̦̣͕͈̹̦͓̙͓̺̼̥̹͔̀ͩ͋̉͌ͥͨͧͥͩ̊̊̂͑̚͡ ̶͋ͤ͑ͥ̆̉̅ͦ̒̽͊̿ͣ͊́ͨ҉̵̨̡͍͖̤͔̼̹͎̘̩͚̺̗͇̭C̴̢̦̝̟͖̙̮͍̳̟͔ͯ̄̓̽͘͢A͕̫̬̱̣̣̬̝̫̪̩̼̯͗͐̄̄̊̓͌͒͒̉̆̃̐͠Ú̢̳̺̗̭͕͔̣͖͕͊̽ͪ͗̂͒ͨͮ͌̀͢͢Ǵ̷͖̭͓̞̦̫̘͎̼̯̟͖͎̳̤̍̊ͣ͒̍̐ͭ̇̎ͫ̓̄̚̚͢͞Ḩ̵̙̯̣͎̯͖̹̲͚̖̼̠͕̱̻̱͖̬̰̉̍͂ͩ̾ͨ̎ͦ͑͌̀̿T̬̳͚̱̰̗̻͚̪̓̾̈́̊̏̉ͪ̃̌̔̀̀

  21. Taking an off topic vote for what game I should play next
    Should I play Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, or Pokemon White 2?

    1. Ocarina of Time and then Majora’s Mask. Ocarina of Time is kinda flawed but I still consider it one of the best games ever made. The 3DS version is better though

        1. Wow, I actually dont know. I guess I just got it in my head but I actually cant really think of much. I guess the combat system is the only thing. It isnt bad, but it can get a bit tedius. Wind Waker perfected it though. But yeah, OoT isnt really that flawed now that I think about it

          1. Haha, that’s alright. The biggoron quest is probably my biggest problem with the game (pun very intended).

      1. I’ve played through most of it (I am in Ganondorf’s castle) but I never finished it. I would likely restart though because I like to play games through to the end rather than picking up where I left off. It just doesn’t feel right to me.

    2. Majoras Mask!!! its and amazing game, Ive played it like 600 times (I wish i was joking)

  22. I actually haven’t heared the SuMo rival theme until now. I like it! I like battle themes that are different than just the blood pumping crazy ones. I want more themes like that and Champion Iris

    1. I’ve listened to it many times already. Contrary to popular opinion, I like it because it fits Hau. If we get a true rival though, I hope we get a different one.

      1. I think that it may change as you battle him throughout the story. Kinda like Wally in ORAS but maybe it will have multiple iterations

        1. It would be cool the journey changed Hau and he ends up being the jerk rival we all want in the end. It would be a good character arc at least.

          1. We need more champs like her. That battle was scary, and that’s what a champion should be. Intimidating and powerful, unlike the pushover that was Diantha.

          2. I feel bad for Alder though! We never even truly got to battle him in his own region unless you wanted a rematch. His signature pokemon is Volcarona though so I gotta give him some props for using my favorite pokemon <3

          3. diantha? the messiest team in pokemon history. there was no synergy nor theme. It felt they just throw random pokemon together

          4. I feel like they were just trying to show off some cool Kalos Pokemon rather than make a real team.

        1. Diantha has the best champion theme music to me. Even if “Mega Gardevoir and her random minions” is the basic description of the team Diantha is using.

  23. i just heard the recreations of the battles theme for sun and moon and WHEW!
    a bops only soundtrack in the making

  24. One thing I wish they do in Gen 7 is actually complete the guide book before it releases. They didn’t have images for many of the Pokemon, and a lot of information felt missing. It was incomplete, and they released it, and that probably bothers me more than it should.

    1. Seriously? I didnt even know that. That’s ridiculous when they are basically competing with the internet

      1. Yeah. I usually buy the book, but if it is incomplete again, I will stop buying them.

    2. Why were they trying to hide the Kalos pokemon? A lot of them are meh and it’s not like there are many to begin with lol

      1. I don’t think they were trying to hide them, so much as they just didn’t put images in. There is just a blank spot where it should be.

          1. It’s super nice! I’m honestly not regretting this choice. The only thing I don’t like about it is the stylus I guess. It’s a big shorter than my last. My old one does fit in it though. The screen is so big though, I love it. I also like the new 3D

  25. Heh, with the trainers standing behind their pokemon, I just thought of this. Imagine you trying to catch a trainer’s pokemon and them just freaking out

    1. Actually, using Pokeballs during Trainer Battles seems to be completely disabled. Since the Y Button is a quick-access to a Pokeball, it was dulled out during Trainer matches. I guess GameFreak didn’t want to waste time animating something like that. I always loved how the Trainers had ninja-reflexes with deflecting the Pokeball in the older games.

  26. Off topic, but man I’m jealous of my girlfriends oldest and youngest brothers. They’re taking the whole summer to go around the Asian area. Spent the last week in taiwan, now they’re in Japan for a while, going to China after, then back to Taiwan for a while longer. I’ll tie it into topic by saying, imagine the different pokemon they could catch if pokemon go was out

    1. If you ever get your chance, I would suggest SE Asia to see more traditional stuff or venture East for more modern.

  27. I just found out that Drill Dozer released on the Virtual Console a few days ago. Well, I think I know what I’m doing today…

  28. I’m feeling the fakemon’s itch
    Now truly and honestly I want to create a Fakemon for each existing type but those often get dual typed any that would just complicate it
    I have been interested in Fire Types lately so what would be a awesome fire type that hasn’t been done before
    Either a black cobra with glossy flammable scales Coalbra, a living purple and black flame that produces highly poisonous smoke Smolderume, a Rampaging Red Bull with a fiery anger. Infernox, Boiled Frog that has insane HP and Special defense but very little offense Froiler or Confrogerate and lastly a Peacock mixed in with a Pheonix

    1. Lol, infernox is the name of a lego set my brother has. Also, Ho-oH is a peacock phoenix.

  29. So, I’m actually pretty excited for GO. I now embrace the fact that it is nothing more than a spin-off and something to reach out to the mobile audience so most of the game won’t be main series mechanics. I truly think that once we get more than just 151 pokemon it will be a LOT more interesting and will have a lot of diversity…
    So I’m pretty excited, plus I travel often so it’s definitely a fun thing to pass the time!

  30. guys, I’m thinking about getting pokemon bank, but I’ll be buying a new 3ds in a few months. do you know if I’ll be able to access my pokemons from both 3ds or if it’ll be restricted to the 3ds I purchased it from?

      1. you sure? someone on tumblr (I know, not too reliable) told me that I could only access it from the ds I payed it from

        1. Well you’re transferring the data right? If so that should at least keep the pokemon

          1. I just looked on pokemon bank site FAQ, indeed I can only access it from the ds I payed it from 🙁

    1. This is an interesting theory, but I automatically doubt it. First thing first, the Lass is from the Alola Region. Wouldn’t GameFreak use the Lass from Kalos? Also, it could easily be somewhere from Alola since Hawaii is literally known for flowers. I love Bird Keeper Toby’s theories, but this is rather far-fetched.

      1. Yeah and I sorta realized that in the Alola region map, there’s certain sections of the islands that are cut off due to other structures, so it could be in any of those places.
        I still thought it was a pretty nice theory though, considering the yellow flowers do resemble the ones in Kalos

      2. True and we are probably not going to Kalos due to going to 2 regions would take a lot of space on the 3ds and it hasn’t been done since HG/SS.

        But something to point out, I wouldn’t think that a Lass has a Krookodile and Pangoro… So maybe the Lass is just a place holder for something they don’t want to show yet….

        1. This was my first thought, because they showed the Lass’ model in the Treehouse gameplay

        2. Eh. I could see that as a possibility, yet GameFreak usually doesn’t do placeholders. It could easily be a later portion of the game where a Lass is using those Pokemon. Also, Krookodile and Pangoro does fit the Alola vibe, so I’m sure we will see them in the region.

          1. Yeah, I mean just throwing ideas out there cause I really want to go back to Kalos eventually (it feels so empty to me ugh) but probably won’t happen in these games.

  31. So while playing Black on my new 3ds my pinkie accidentally hit the power button. Now I get to train my emolga up 7 more levels ^.^ I’m so happy.

    1. That’s an unusual response to losing progress. When I lose save data, I usually lose all my motivation.

  32. *while waiting for the world hobby Fair,started to March to the music of ravel’s bolero*

  33. So Magearna has alternate colors huh? Could it be its shiny or do you guys think it’s just special colors like Vivillon?

    1. It could be a shiny. <3
      If that's the case, it's looks pretty nice. 😀 I love the fact that it's Poke Ball part is now colored like one, and the gold is the best part tbh :3 <3

      1. Supposedly the coloring in the pic are what she looked like originally 500 years ago. I imagine the previously known coloring is due to the colors fading. Either way I also love the color lol

      1. *6 years later*
        US : Um….are you ever gonna distribute shiny Magearna internationally?
        GF : lol what’s a shiny?

          1. I know! It’s so stupid that these events happen.
            I’m still a bit salty that they released shiny jirachi as I love its shiny. (I mean, it is for their holiday, but still, spread the love of that holiday elsewhere please! :3 It’s a cool holiday)

  34. Unrelated, but the Steam Summer Sale is starting soon! Anybody have any games they are planning to get? I’ve been looking at Stardew Valley lately

  35. I’m getting restless to see the starter evos. Show ’em game freak! Show them that my perfect little cat isn’t ground type!

    1. At this point, I just want confirmation that it won’t turn out like the leaked evo with the Fighting-like appearance…*shiver*
      Anything but that, please.

    2. I will take anything that isn’t Popplio being part Fairy
      Hell it could be Ghost, Dark or Psychic and I’ll take it

    3. I’m really hoping for a good Fire/Dark evolution. Right now Houndoom is the only one, and I think that there are many options that they can go with the design + stats.

      1. A dinosaur made of weapons theme
        Axe beak
        Scythe wings
        Sword claws
        Maybe a spear tail
        Maybe Ordcheirus (Ordnance and Orthithocheirus) for a name

  36. UGHHH, I missed the E3 sale!! I thought it ended at 8:59 PM PT, but it was actually AM! Now instead of buying 30 dollars in eshop money for the game I wanted, I have to buy 50 dollars worth of cards, because I don’t have enough for tax. I guess that’s what I get for waiting until now. >.<

        1. i just saw the extra moveslot theory too. they really are reaching the stars with this theories

    1. Is the Ol’ Analysis Machine a taffy maker?
      Because these theories sure are being stretched a lot :^)

      1. I mean, the location of the house is one of the only things I can agree on, as I observed the same thing. But the other theories I’m like ‘…well, it’s your theory, I guess, interesting points, but meh’

        1. The house one isn’t even a theory though, it’s fact! 😛
          It’s like saying that the Alola region being based on Hawaii is a theory.

          1. True, that’s why I didn’t say it was a theory, only a thing I can agree with since it is clearly on the map. :3

      2. The old analysis machine is getting a bit rusty. The only new thing that I saw was the garage.

  37. I think I commented this before but here it is again:

    There are two types of people….

    Pokemon GO


    Pokemon Sun and Moon

  38. honestly, i dont want the frontiers back. i want the PWT to come back. Especially now that i actually know how to battle competitive.

    1. or what about…. BOTH

      No, jk… Honestly, I can’t decide. I think that the Frontier is a little harder, but PWT is more fun.

    2. I want frontier because I like the environment there. It seems like a fun place to be, and I like that there is an area designed to be tough.

    3. But Hoenn Frontier has a Battle Dome which is a tourney mode, and is more strategic.

    1. Yeah, saw that in the theory…. I think if you look at the tackle slot it’s bigger because of the effective sign on the right… I think it’s only 4…

          1. Yup… So good pointing it out, but it looks just like a bigger slot to me 😀

    2. The thing is, tho, that the selection screen from where you picked a move only fits 4 (can’t find the one that is shown with dazzling gleam, but imagine it there) (refresh if you can’t see it)

      1. Ugh I’m sorry but that bottom screen is just horrible! why not just make it four giant squares like before? It just makes useless space I hate it so much

        1. I hope that it is customizable. I believe they said the list was an homage to the first gen.

          1. I hope so, because Kanto doesn’t need homages like this when there is obviously a better option. What’s next make a homage to the nothing post game?

          2. Oh boy…. Hopefully not XD.

            I honestly think we are in store for a HUGE post game. I mean, why would they make these quick games. These are the 20th anniversary games! They have to be epic!

          3. I have an idea. For the 20th anniversary, let’s implement these features in sun and moon as an homage to first gen!
            – Undo the physical special split
            – Glitches everywhere! Yay!
            – Take away the fairy, dark, and steel types
            – Make psychic and dragon broken in the meta game again
            – Make leech seed broken again because it stacks with toxic

        2. I dunno why, but I really like it. The four square thing was getting a bit stale, imo, since it’s been done for the past couple generations. And I don’t mind the empty space, I hate things being cluttered and having a lot going on.
          Who knows, maybe it could be customizable.

    3. The bottom screen interface for battles already has four slots for moves. This space is likely to show the item a Pokemon is holding.

  39. Yo I’m actually legit excited for GO now. With them confirming all pokemon eventually, I think I’ll really enjoy the game. Plus trading will be implemented later after launch! And launch is only 2-3 weeks away!!!

    1. Trading is such a big part of GO for me because I am only trying to catch in this game, not battle. It should be implemented for launch.

      1. I understand, but I think the reason they aren’t implementing trading is because they want Pokemon to only be obtainable if you catch them yourself… So that way, you actually do the work XD

        1. Maybe they’ll have only local trading… That’s at least what I think. But imagine if you live in California, and you want to get a Mamoswine or a Cryoganal (when they update it with all pokemon) then all you have to do is trade.

  40. I’m confused with Magearna’s design. Supposedly it was created many many years ago, and it is designed to look like a pokeball. I know the anime is not canon, but in Pokemon 4ever, it shows that that specific pokeball design is a recent creation, because young oak has different pokeballs.

    1. You’re supposed to be
      The whole Pokeball time line is in shambles
      The giant stone Pokeballs
      The capsule one Sam Oak used
      The Apricorn stuff

      Honestly don’t get hung up on the canonical representation that this “Fancy Magearna” presents, tis a fight you’ll surely lose

    2. perhaps modern day poke balls were based on Magearna’s design, and they didn’t decide to use it until recent years looking back on it in history and being like, thats sweet lets use that.

        1. firstly you liked to a page that doesn’t exist….? but I’m assuming it was meant to be the poke ball history break down, and ya know thats cool, but I’m already aware of the history of the pokeball, that being said, we’re talking about Pokemon… they throw random things in all the time, they don’t care about continuity especially in the anime 😛

        1. Yeah they are good. I also like the crane idea. Not amazing but interesting..

    1. Ooooo I love that beetle. I wouldn’t mind a crane evolution for Pikipek. Wouldn’t mind seeing it go another way either.

    2. These are all pretty nice, especially the bug. I really like the way Grubbin looks, so I have high hopes for its evolution. Lol my main problem is I will have a full team before the 1st badge and I won’t try anything cool in late routes

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