Pokémon GO – How to Coordinate with Local Trainers!


Greeting Pokéjunglers!

Pokémon GO’s full release is fast approaching. It is currently due sometime before the end of next month. Many new features have been added for BETA players in recent days, such as the ability to use Pokémon candy (formerly evolution shards) to increase the maximum potential of a given Pokémon, or the ability to earn rewards for defending gyms. The general consensus for the game is that as long as you do not go in expecting an identical experience to the main series, chances are you will enjoy the reportedly challenging and addictive experience.

Despite the app still currently only being in BETA, trainers have found a way to coordinate and communicate with each other in order to get the most out of the experience. GO Chat is a unofficial third-party app that allows Pokémon GO users to reach out to other trainers for the purpose of  managing gyms, asking about locations of specific Pokémon, and later down the line trading. The app has an amazing two-thousand active users each day despite Pokémon GO not being widely available to the public yet.

Currently the app is available here for free on the Google Play store and after reaching out to the creator we have been assured that an iOS version is due mid-July. We were also told that precautions are being taken to keep the app safe from being taken down in the long-term, and that more professional graphics are coming soon! The chat app is doing really well and with the impending release of the main app there are no signs of that hype slowing down. What do you guys think? Will you be using this app to coordinate your very own Pokémon adventures in real life? Let us know below!


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