RUMOR: Sun & Moon to allow 5 moves per Pokémon?

A recent Reddit thread has questioned whether or not the 4-move meta may be changing in Generation VII with the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon for the Nintendo 3DS this November.

The image comes from E3 and shows the new summary of a Pokémon’s current moves, but the background striping seems to suggest that there is an extra slot. This is not any sort of solid indication and could simply be a striped background which does not align with the data, but with the way in which Tackle lines up it does give fans pause. It should also be noted that Professor Kukui is studying Pokémon moves, a foreshadowing of something new we may see.

Obviously this would have huge implications for competitive battling and many Pokémon that have found themselves too limited by the four move standard could have room to shine.

Others in the Reddit thread have suggested an HM slot, Mega Evolved attacks or something Synchro/Synergetic-related.


Just for clarification, I will also post the menu showing screenshots in which it appears that only 4 are present on the right side. This does not rule out all possibilities however 🙂


Certainly not worth taking anything as fact, but definitely a great topic for discussion!

<3 PJ

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  1. Probably not happening. If you look closely the Tackle slot is enlarged. You can tell because the slots have a green white pattern. And then the top two are just white.
    If it is a 5th slot I really hope its for HM’s. That would maybe help, but if it’s anything else, I am not a happy camper…

    1. I don’t think the top slot is the same shade as the second slot, its clearly darker for me… maybe our screens are different though??

      1. Hmmm… Maybe mine is too bright. Either way, if there is a fifth slot, praying its item…. Because, I don’t really see anywhere item info would be…

        1. I think its specifically a move menu though? Like i can’t recall but in the current game I’m pretty sure you only see the item in the general status menu for the ‘mon

  2. A lot of people are therozing that the fifth slot will be for the held item. I’m not sure what to think honestly. It would a very big change for the series if so and I can’t really see it happening. They did actually consider it all the way back in the days of the Ruby and Sapphire beta but the idea was soon scrapped.

    1. Not as bad as the “The Alola region is so small!” when they released the image of just the first island. -_- That shit made me mad.

  3. The last thing we need in these games are to make Pokemon even easier. That being said, the part where it says “effective” is lower down, making me think that this is incorrect.

  4. Ok we got some new clues: 5 moves and a Pokeball colored Magearna. Hmm we need more Clues.

  5. Oh my goodness this is the best idea I have ever heard, I can’t believe I’ve never considered this myself! 5 moves would be an amazing game changer! The battles could go so many different ways! Oh man this just got me pumped. I’m really hope this is true but if the proffesor studies poke moves than its a dead give away

  6. That leaked treehouse schedule (that turned out fake) did mention a 5th move dubbed as “special move”

  7. A fifth move would definitely shake up competitive (whether it would be good or bad is left up to you) but if it was true it would look a lot better as the side bar rather than the move selection screen of previous games.

  8. Here’s an idea:

    What if a fifth move was added, but it requires you to swap it with another move before going into battle?
    For example, if I had a Gliscor with Earthquake, Substitute, Protect and Toxic, and had the back up 5th move X-Scissor, I could swap out any of the preivous 4 moves with X-S in the overworld, outside of battle. I could decide, before going into battle, to change up my move pool depending on the situation. Could you imagine THAT in competitive play? ?

    1. Like siding in Yugioh. . .
      I don’t know if I like this idea..
      I don’t even side

    XYZ034 (July 21st): Semifinal Full Battle! Ash vs Shota
    XYZ035 (July 28th): Fierce Rival Battle! Ash-Greninja vs Mega Sceptile
    So, going by these titles, it looks like Ash will at least get to the semis. Here’s hoping he will crush that annoying little prick Sawyer and ends up in the final.

    1. I believe Ash will get to the Finals where he loses to Alain.
      Here’s hoping this is a good league, the title are looking good so far.

      1. Its a rather short arc though. I believe the league starts in episode 32 and the semifinal conclusion is episode 35.

        1. Yeh it is kind of short and I think he’s just using his Kali’s Pokemon.
          But after those we should have a two part final making it 6 episodes on total.

          1. Me neither, but now that we know the league arc’s probably only 5-6 episodes, it wouldn’t make much sense if they give him a brand new mon. Goodra or a reserve from Oak’s lab seem like 99% likeable right now.

          2. He Needs a grass type.. I’m going to be So Upset if he doesn’t bring back a grass type or catch one. Though I agree a new one seems odd so late Unless it’s gen 7..
            I want mega sceptile.. tbh

          3. All down for Sceptile, but its very unlike because of Sawyer. Torterra is a good alternative though

          4. His team should have been

            I don’t get why his team is so bad this gen.

            They could have even given him:


            As reserves

          5. Bad!? I completely disagree, it’s one of his best. And Trevanant doesn’t fit him at all. All his Pomemon are speedy and can sweep. That’s his style, so goodra had to go for a faster Dragon. Plus Noivern is his flying type

          6. I think his team is bad. There’s no variety. There’s nothing interesting. All of them have the same battling style. He can’t do anything cool with them.

            I liked Goodras’s Rain Dance/ Hydration.

            I’d even have been happy with him having a Florges and Trevanant and using them in a double battle together.

            I understand his battling style, but it never stopped him.getting the likes of Torterra, Snorlax, Donphan before and using them to good effect.

            Trevanant would have been good cos it would make him think up a good strategy to using a Bulky Pokemon.

          7. That’s only 1 pokemon out of the norm per team, he still needs 1. Plus he does a Ton of original stuff with them in anime, especially greninja your picks would have been overall too slow.. Minus pyroar. But he Always catches regional bird

          8. Well they can always deviate from the formula to keep things interesting. I want Ash to be portrayed as proper Pokemon trainer that uses his brain to adjust his style depending on the situation that he’s in.

            I would have liked a longer a longer league and some reserves used. Maybe evolutions for Gible and Totadile, but I guess that was too much to ask for.

            I’m not gonna enjoy how he’s gonna use the same Pokemon for the whole league, gets repetitive so quickly. Ah well, such is life, can’t always get what I want.

          9. And? That’s just how it is. . .
            He always has a flying type for the flying.. so maybe Hawlucha is his flying type.. I don’t know..
            Either way.. they wanted Noivern for his speed over Goodra. Goodra would make his current team terrible type wise with both on team

          10. His team isn’t bad, but he doesn’t have any variety. Three flying types and also except for Pikachu, all his pokemon are physical attackers.

          11. I agree with the physical. .
            But Ash Always has Grass Fire Water Flying Extra..
            Minus the grass so far..
            The extra flying typed were just a bonus, and they don’t have same weaknesses..
            So it no longer bothers me

          12. Meh 3 flying types is a bit too much if you ask me. I agree that speedy moves are Ash’s bread and butter, but if you ask me I still think he should’ve had more variety.

            I have had this team in my head for a while


            Pyroar can be replaced by either Noivern or Goodra btw

          13. He just needs a grass type if you ask me! If he goes through league no grass type.. that’s a Giant middle finger to the type I feel

          14. I agree. His team.could have been’s not just about overlapping Weaknesses, it’s about battling style. Yes Ash likes speed, but give him a slow bulky Pokemon and make him think up effective strategies to using them.

          15. His Sinnoh team still remains my favourite, it was the perfect blend of speed (Pikachu, Buizel, Infernape) with raw power (Torterra, Infernape, Gliscor)
            His Kalos team does have more potential though, especially Noivern.

          16. Since Black and White i have had pokemon in mind for him but he has never gotten any of them B/W (Rufflet, Purrloin, Cubchoo) and they could have evolved but none caught. and X/Y (Bergmite, Jumpluff(for an odd reason) or Gogoat) and he caught neither of them!

          17. Which is sad he won’t bring his stars of the leagues back Charizard, Bulbasaur, Sceptile, Muk, Krokadile, Levanny, Quilava, infernape, torterra, Kingler, and Snorelax (only pokemon to learn 6 moves ever)

  10. I feel like this would make battles easier, because of the possibility to cover your weaknesses better. Maybe there’s something special about it and we get to hear it this weekend.

    1. You can cover your weakness better but so will your opponent. The battles wouldn’t be easier. If anything it would be even trickier. In a good way!

    1. Is there something we have to see here? Its looks like a promotional poster for the movie.

        1. Not every episode. Only the ones with Ash-Greninja and plot. When I say that the shuriken is different, I mean the one in Greninja’s hand. The standard big shuriken only has 4 edges.

      1. Yeah, and he has the standard shuriken on his back again already, before he throws it. I’m guessing he charges it up before throwing
        Kind of like piplup did whirlpool

        1. The 2nd preview of the Kalos league (shown after the Goodra episode i think) shows Greninja powering up the giant shuriken even further. It glows even more intensly and is also slightly bigger.
          Guessing there’s no limit to AG’s hidden power lol

          1. It didn’t surprise me though. AG has Protean+Mold Breaker. Its basically the most powerful non-legendary in the anime lol.

          2. Of what I’ve seen once again Ash calls none of his old Pokemon back for Kalos league *sigh* no Heracross again!

          3. From what I know, you are required to have 6 Pokémon after you reach the QF, and since Ash will reach the semis, that means he’ll have a 6th pkmn. The writers are purposely not showing anything to keep us in suspense.

  11. My brain just isn’t right this morning
    Spare the grueling details (Nightmare)
    But this supposed fifth slot could be used to show held item

  12. I hope that the 5th slot is for HMs, not usable in battles. Because then we will be able to have 6 party PKM learning 6 HMs but having a good battle moveset…

    1. I always have 6 party PKM learning 6 HMs while having a good battle moveset already!

  13. Wow if we do get 5 moves this Gen, its going to shake up competative battling a whole lot.

  14. Others have talked about this in the last article. I heavily doubt that it’s another move slot. It looks like it’s simply going to be for items, but the fan-base blows simple stuff like this out of proportion. It doesn’t rule out any possibilities, but the bottom screen during battles is already full.

    1. I’m leaning towards it simply being there for when you’re teaching it a new move. There’s no way they’re adding a new move. It’s way tok late to add huge crap like that. Adding a type is fine, it was a balance issue. Adding a 5th slot does the exact opposite of that. And although VGC16 makes me second guess the following statement, I like to think GF isn’t going to just break the game they’ve worked on for 20 years. Now if there was a 5th slot sitting there while in battle, then yea, they’re likely adding another slot. But this is a stretch.

    2. maybe you can still learn 5 moves at a time, but will have to swap it out for another move in the status screen

  15. My brain… hurts… blob with lips!!!!!!!! One Minute Melee, Orange soda
    Mega Beheeyem
    Looks like itself but with a enlarged cranium with electrical discharges also its fingers stretch out
    Keeping its low speed its defenses boost and it keeps analytic

  16. i think a Fifth move could be a nice change of pace and make more sense for two of Ash’s Pokemon Snorelax and Grotle. Grotle when it learns energy ball it uses five moves after it learns the move! and Snorelax in the Battle Frontier knows Rest, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Hyper Beam, Protect, and Headbutt!

  17. okay guys we’ve got three days left until the world hobby Fair,so we need some Clues what we know so far,the clues that you know about the five moves and the pokeball colored Magearna,so what do we know?

    1. Everything that people know has been discussed either on YouTube, in forums online or right here in the comment section, haha

  18. Crazy theory: Fusion moves and move burst mode.

    The fact we have ‘effective’ info in each move may not be casualty, there may be big changes in the game mechanics regarding games, allowing us to combine them and create a new move: a fusion move with the possibility of being dual-typed and also a “burst” mode for certain ones (the giant water shuriken is an example), being a kind of “mega evolution” for moves.
    The 5th slot will be then just informational, showing the original data of the move that has been transformed.

    or… it will be just a placeholder for a backup move that can be changed with the other 4 before a battle.

    1. Or the fact they are cutting down on excessive tabs and clicking to just present all info on one screen they said in the interview they wanted battling to be more immersive so they can just dive in without having to go though a ton of screens

      Placeholder move is just stupid, either learn it now or forget about it

      1. I find it useful. Who wants to be around with for example HM 01 Cut? It’s a lost slot. I could use my favorite competitive Pokemon also for exploring the game, without having to go to the move deleter every now and then.

  19. Let’s see, we got a new bracelet that Masuda avoided talking about, a professor that studies moves, 5 slots in a move list, and the starters and Iwanko holding a secret. You’d have to be in crazy levels of denial if think something is not up. However since bracelets are involved, it must be bigger than just having 5 moves, maybe there’s something special about the fifth. And in case you’re thinking there’s not enough room for five moves, there a big empty space to the left in case you didn’t notice, they can put anything there.

  20. What if the fifth move slot is there because this is also the screen where you choose a move to delete?

  21. Hey, dumb question but can someone tell me the results of the poll on the sidebar? I’ve tried to look at them ever since I noticed it, but it won’t load. :p

  22. Maybe it’s a fifth move that it can only learn upon Mega Evolving/Whatever evolving? That’d be pretty awesome!

    1. I thought something like that .. .buuut.. then I think.. do they Really need to make megas more powerful?

      1. Would probably just be the base template/default space for that menu. It’s just there, wouldn’t necessarily mean THAT specific Pokemon can learn a fifth move.

  23. I think it is a move slot, but not the same move slots we’re used to. The prof is supposedly researching Pokémon moves, and we remember the last prof researching evolution introduced us to Mega-Evolution. There’s been buzz and rumors about Pokémon in Sun and Moon being able to learn/use “Mega-Attacks” and there’s the one video supposedly of Pikachu using one of these “Mega-Attacks”. At first it was thought each Pokémon, or each type, would have a specific Mega-Attacks but maybe there’s a handful that each ‘mon can learn and THAT is what that 5th slot is for, your current Mega-Attack which would only be triggered by doing something or other in battle. At least I’d hope the Mega-Attacks would require something to be used, Mega-Evolution is a bit too easy imo, would have been more strategic if you had to hit some kind of prerequisite before it could be used but anyway that’s my vote. 5th attack slot for Mega-Attacks.

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