EU Gets Pokémon Sun & Moon 3DS XL & Steelbook Special Edition

It has been announced that the Pokémon Sun & Moon-inspired 3DS will not only be launching in Japan, but Europe as well (with a North American release also highly likely). The 3DS features artwork of the new legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo and Lunala, in white lineart on top of a glossy black finish.

In addition, there will be a special edition of the two games which come in collectible steel cases featuring art of the Alola region within.


What do you think? Does it look like something you’ll purchase?

<3 PJ

  1. It looks nice but I have an issue,
    A: I live in Merica’ so I don’t have the ability to buy it
    Dos: Whenever you open it, onlookers see the design upside down

  2. Yay a another nice steal case box that the US won’t get……..great…….

  3. Hooray yet another item we can’t have or we have to wait longer than everyone to get! We Americans should get something for our troubles!

  4. As much as I love Pokemon, I never splash out on the collectible version of the game. I mean if I can get a pre-order bonus, I’ll do that but spending more money than I need to is never an option, haha
    I do hope that they’ll release both Sun & Moon in one like they have announced for Japan & what they did with FE: Fates

  5. Ooh be quiet you who lives in USA, at least you don’t need to wait to the 23th nov until you get the game, oooh it will be hard to not get into the internet for when it comes at the 18th at the rest of the world we in europe have to wait and try not get spoiled.

    1. Hey you have the ability to get that packaging we so far get nothing and I had to wait almost two months to get yo-kai watch for christmas so you can wait 5 or 6 days for it!

      1. As far as i remember yokai watch released in may or so here in europe. Soo why exactly that yokai statement? 2 months aren’t that much compared to a year, which we often have here. Just take harvest moon, america always has it a year before europe does. I don’t see why you feel neglected if something might come to you a bit later, if we have that “problem” all the time o:

        Please don’t feel offended though!

        1. I’m not offended I shouldn’t get fired up at things I sincerely apologize (I follow a similar way of the Ninja to not disgrace my honor so I apologize for accidents and me getting tantrums for nothing) So I apologize!

  6. I have the Xerneas and Yveltal version of this but I may have to give it up for this one

    1. I have that one too, the red one, but I’d give it up for that Pikachu one if it ever comes to NA

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          12. Have you ever considered that this kind of thinking is preventing you from changing yourself?

          13. How about instead of being too stubborn to open your mind to what anyone here is saying, you actually go look at proof that people do change?

          14. I think he’s pretty content with himself tbh, the dude probably thinks he’s the next Jesus from how he speaks

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    1. Eh. This looks like some Pokeball art from DeviantArt. It looks rather nice, but I’m going to toss this in the fake category.

    2. They do look a little fake off Li/bra said from Deviant but these look amazing the moon actually look like a spacial theme in the back!

    3. I think the pokeball looks a bit odd. It’s probably fake but it doesn’t really matter much

  7. So tomorrow is Mystery Dungeon, I’ve decided to treat myself since this Friday I’ll be paid
    Parts of me want to get Blue and Sky buuuuuut I for now only one

    But which was one and who should I aim to be

    1. I always try to be Bulbasaur, but no matter what I do I always screw up the quiz somehow.

  8. Something I just realized that I want in sun and moon is a sort of plot twist champion like Blue was. Instead of the champion being this character you saw once or twice in the story, I want to champion to be someone that no one expects.

    1. I think we should have someone unexpected but a Champion that Surpasses even the Greatness of Cynthia!

          1. Gens 1-5 were also aimed at kids, yet the AI wasn’t as dismal as in gen 6. They can aim the games at kids while catering to the older audience as well.

          2. Eh the AI has always been super stupid and easy. And even if it were so they’ve definitely been on a steep decline in difficulty.

          3. Not always. Just look at Gen 4. These games are a lot harder than other entries in the series, and still sold very well. I understand that what you are trying to say is that patterns show that Gen 7 will also be easy, but nothing says that that can’t change.

          4. Yeah, from what we have seen, it isn’t looking good. :/ Regardless, I’m choosing to keep hope that there will be difficulty options, or at least that it won’t be as easy as XY. Hau is the only thing that is possible evidence of it being easier, because the other things are just conveniences.

        1. I know but something harder than Diantha she was no effort the only Pokemon that even got me in a rough spot was Gourgeist and that was pure luck but was crushed without effort!

      1. Honestly, I never saw it coming that the champion was Blue. If they are trying to put homages to gen 1 in, make an unexpected champion.

        1. I saw Blue being the champion a mile away it honestly made sense. I still like it better than what they did in future generations.

          1. I agree with it being better. The champion should be someone that is actually prominent in the plot.

          2. We need less champions like Iris and Diantha. Iris had nothing to do with the plot at all, and Diantha you just saw twice, and didn’t do anything except talk.

          3. I mean technically Iris is actually a prodigy trainer
            Drayden was going to give the Gym to her
            And as the year went by she greatly excelled

          4. Yeah that’s true. At the very least I hope we get someone like Lance who is actually a bit plot relevant.

          5. I like the theory that he might be an elite four because they have one person from each island.

  9. Something i want out of Sun & Moon if Mega’s will exist I hope for Mega Flygon and mega Raticate!

    1. Flygon needs a buff
      To starters HA should be Sand Stream
      And as for its Mega it could receive a hefty boost in Special Attack and Speed so to compete with other Dragons
      And for its ability Sand Rush
      And none of that Bug/Dragon bull, Ground/Dragon always since Megas never change primary type

      1. Exactly it is powerful as Ground/Dragon
        and I think a Mega Raticate Normal/Dark and Huge Jaw ability!

        1. Yow that would be painful to think of
          But unless it gets some Defense it would be just frail

    2. Mega Flygon would be good as a Special Attacker as mentioned before.

      Keep it Dragon/Ground, but I hope it gets an updated Moveset. Give it Quiver Dance, or something to differentiate it from other dragons.

      Quiver Dance
      Earth Power
      Dragon Pulse
      Fire Blast

      Would be a good set, it just needs that boost to its attacking stats.

      1. As powerful as Quiver Dance is I can’t see Flygon ever learning
        Outside Lilligant it’s strictly Butterflies and moths

        1. True but having a single exception means it’s possible.

          It’s A Bug Type move, and despite Flygon not being Bug Type, it is based on a Bug (Dragonfly). I Just want it to stand out from all the other dragons out there that currently outclass it.

  10. Please let the special Pokemon 3DS come to the US. Just please.
    I would buy it so fast, not gonna lie.

  11. I think the 3ds doesn’t look appealing to me because Solgaleo is so small compared to Lunaala. I know that Solgaleo is physically smaller, but it just looks odd to me.

    1. I think the bundle pack comes with 100 Poke Balls, if I remember correctly.
      But we dunno if we will get it

      1. They should give 500 rare candies and 500 master balls as a special edition for selling your soul to Gamefreak 😉

        1. I have a little Arceus figure from a TCG box a few years ago and I love it. I would pay money for a Lunala one

          1. Yeah! I collect all the figures I can from TCG and I’ve been trying to get all the pins as well

      1. I think they’re pulling a Tobias
        Alain is determined to beat the league solely with Charizard and Metagross is his back up

        1. I hope not. I hope he has a strong team

          Man, sometimes I wish I was writing the anime.

          1. Im sure the Pokemon feel it too. Especially the forgotten ones.

            We all love you Stantler.

          2. Stantler is lovely I honestly hope it gets some attention in the form of an evolution or mega in the future, I’d love for it to become like a normal/psychic type

    1. I love Alan’s design. I really like it when trainers look similar to their pokemon

  12. Hmm. Seems we have a real life war between the Heroes of Truth and Ideals going on here in the comments. Guess Gen 5 taught us nothing at all.

    1. I’m not dismissing his opinion. I’m showing my side and offering advice.
      I used to think those thoughts and it hurt me. I wish to help.

      1. he’s dismissing yours though… too bad too, you were the kindest and most calm one, you have a wonderful soul clearly

      2. I can respect that because I too felt that way, but you need to be able to recognize when someone isn’t quite in a place where they are willing to accept help. Sometimes it’s better just to let it be.

        1. But as someone trying to get a job where I can help people, I try to push that as far as I can. I know when to stop but I at least try.

          1. well seeing as how he just said below that no human life is precious and he wants us all to die, I say we all just stop offering him help and just ignore him from this point on

        1. Nah. Games are just time wasters unless they are specifically built to teach like Brain Age and other shit games that no longer exist because they suck ass as games.

          1. Maybe to you, but for me, games like Undertale and Pokemon have taught me to try and be more compassionate. Same for any kind of art.

          2. Its kinda why I want to make games. Its like the last step further into story telling and I love when games tap into that

          3. Me too! I’m trying to go into programming and graphic design fields of education. My dream job is working for Nintendo when I get older.

          4. I kinda want to make a small indie studio kinda like Yacht Club Games and get an amiibo of a character I made

          5. I wish you the best of luck with that. I guess my real dream job would be developing a game from a series that I played as a kid.

          6. Swilix I must admit out of everyone I see here most are nice but you take the cake for most optimistic and helpful A+++!

          7. oh my goodness? really? :O You have no idea how awesome that makes me feel, thank you for the kind words Popplio 44 :3 , there are many really great people in this community

          8. I hope that comes out because when you truly believe in something it can happen in almost every case (excluding flight without something, ect.) but that is a great goal I wish you all the best luck!

      1. With all due respect, if you believe that Pokemon games are stupid, why are you here on a Pokemon site?

      2. bruh. Are you really starting this again? Just chill out and leave the computer for a bit. No need of intense negativity.
        Here’s a cute picture of Litten to help you calm down.

      3. I can ban you with a press of a button. I suggest you stop being so mean and rash to everyone here, because you’re starting to upset me personally with your condescending attitude and frequent cursing. This is your official warning from me.

        1. *yawn* You act as if bans hurt me or something. I have been banned before. I will always be who I am. How about you ban yourself and get off my case. Besides a good mod is impartial. You should be banned if you let personal bias cloud your judgement.

          1. Okay, I haven’t talked with you before, but I noticed that you frequently are rude and pessimistic. Do you really not care about others’ feelings? Even though they annoy you, you should keep it for yourself. It won’t do any good if you keep doing this.

          2. I don’t see myself as rude just brutally honest. And I am not pessimistic but realistic. And no I don’t why would I care about others’ feelings? Meh free speech and all that.

          3. I don’t care what you have to say about me. You are causing conflicts due to your behavior on a regular basis, and it has nothing to do with my opinions about your poor attitude. This is the truth, regardless of whether you think you are being “brutally honest” or not. If I see you continuing this behavior, you’ll be banned on sight.

    2. Really though, the only issue we have here is that he is disrespecting anything anyone says that he thinks is incorrect.

        1. Again, your “knowing” is literally just your opinion. An opinion that you are entitled to, just like everyone else. The issue is that you don’t think that you are disrespecting anyone, because you believe these things are the way they are. Your opinion is fine, but the insulting of others was very unnecessary and plainly not okay.

          1. People can’t change = your opinion
            There is no deity = your opinion
            The icons are fake = your opinion

            You keep saying that logic dictates these things are true, but I don’t want your logic. It is ok that these are your opinion, but if you want people to believe that you are right, try stating some real evidence for once.

          2. Hey man just let it go, it won’t get anyone anywhere. Let’s let him believe what he believes 🙂

          3. You’re right. This conversation is clearly going nowhere. I really just don’t know when to end it.

          4. I have that too, but it just occurred to me that the conversation was going nowhere. Let’s just enjoy Pokejungle 🙂

          5. Fact – “a thing that is indisputably the case.”

            Logic – ”
            characterized by or capable of clear, sound reasoning.”

            Opinion – “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

            Explain to me, the reasoning behind your ‘logic’ and how your opinion is somehow fact. Just saying “The Evidence is logic” is truthfully making you look ignorant.

    3. Lol. He’s the most negative person I’ve met. Literally everything anyone thinks is wrong. Lol. It’s almost cute.

    1. this is awesome it reminds me of a sonic/super mario sunshine style mashup (✿◠‿◠)

      1. For all of its problems, I cant bring myself to dislike it. It brought me so much fun when I was first getting into pokemon again

        1. For me it was a game that finally brought Pokemon to my Wii that I thought was useless 🙂 4th Gen is my favorite gen and this game contributed to that 🙂

          1. 4th Gen is the best, I agree. My top two favorite Pokemon games are from the gen (Pt, HGSS)

          2. I didnt even realize how much stuff there was to do in Platinum until I saw Chuggaconroy’s LP

          3. Those games were awesome! Diamond is one of my favorites, and Empoleon is my second favorite Pokemon. I’m really looking forward to their remakes in SM style

          4. I would cry. It will look so beautiful and it will breath more life into a region I love so dearly <3

          5. The day Sinnoh remakes come out will be the day I can die without regrets. It really hurts me when I hear people say that Sinnoh doesn’t deserve to be remade, and when people say they are the worst Pokemon games.

          6. I know, I feel the same. And people say that cause it’s slow and the variety of Pokemon. I mean, they are problems but it was the first DS game, it fixed some of the issues in Platinum and a remake would DEFINITELY fix it.
            There’s also some other reasons but I see those reasons so much so it kind of bothers me.

          7. I think for games how they work out Pokemon at Nintendo for future is:
            Sun & moon
            Diamond/Pearl remake
            New region
            Yellow/ Blue remake
            some others
            and one day if pokemon ends a game that includes every region every pokemon and be the greatest last blowout EVER!!!

          8. I think the only way that idea could work is if you don’t have access to your Pokemon from other regions until you beat the e4 of that region.

          9. True I had the idea that levels would be lowered back to 5 after beating each champion but that sounds silly when you say it out loud!

          10. It was because D/P was slow. I love the Sinnoh region but I cannot deny the slow walking, running, and especially surfing.

          11. I feel like if people said they were the worst that would make them great candidates for a remake, now I only recently got to play Pearl version and still have yet to beat it but I have no problem with it except the slowness of the battles and such, so I would welcome a remake

          12. I think they are going to be some of the last Nintendo made 3DS games before the next handheld

          13. Same 🙂 Diamond was the game that made me realize I’ll always love Pokemon while I was in a time questioning if I would.
            Platinum is awesome and HGSS were nice remakes

          14. It’s so amazing to see so many people praising gen 4 here! 😀 So often I hear people say that gen 4 sucks and was the worst gen, and those were my favorite games.

    1. Me too I still have a normal 3ds and my friends make fun of it for being so small it makes me sad

  13. That New 3DS really isn’t anything special. Just looks like a crummy sticker someone slapped on it. I think the black DS’ are pretty ugly anyway. And of course Europe is getting the steelbooks…AGAIN.

    1. Same, I’m trying to find something to watch because I’m MMing Shieldon and shiny hunting gets boring when you have nothing to distract you

      1. I bred around 8 boxes of Miltank eggs, got bored, and never hatched them. For all I know, I could have 8 boxes of shiny Miltank (miltanks?) and I’ll never know.

    2. I’m playing through OOT right now. I’ve never finished it, so I just restarted and am playing through it to the finish this time.

      1. Well for starters you should be ashamed
        It’s bloody 2016 and not finished it WHAT THE HELL MAN
        And second, I’m buying Mystery Dungeon tomorrow morning for Wii U and playing it when I get off work

  14. I’m sure this has been done to death, but since there isn’t much going on around here now, what are your five favorite Pokemon?

        1. yus, quagsire is another one of my many favourite pokemon, lol all good choices

          1. Thanks! I have made a list of my 150 favorite Pokemon, there are just so many good ones to choose from.

          2. true, I usually just say all of johto when asked about my favs because there are only two pokemon in it that I don’t love, still think they are cool but like all the others I fell in love with them 😛

          3. nope I love them too 😛 , its actually Scizzor and Donphan, I love phanpy though

      1. Oh, tired with Furret is Cinccino. I really suck at just ordering/finding who I like more. It sucks

        1. Honorable Mentions : Krookadile, Tangrowth, Dialga, all other eevevoltuions, all cat Pokemon (except Delcatty), Salamence, Dragalge

            Tangrowth??? What do you like about it 😕

          2. In my Black 2 Wedlocke, it held my team together and was a really good wall. Sadly, in one battle, it came down to killing her or her partner, so I let her go. Her name was Berry.
            From then on, I realized Tangrowth is awesome.

    1. 5: Darmanitan with my newfound love for the Flame, Darmanitan takes the signiture lead of my Fire Mono Team
      4: Chesnaught a really smexy design
      3: Emboar my favorite starter, perfectly matches my big bulky powerhouse demeanor
      2: Sandslash I love Armadrillos and Pangolins, my first favorite ground
      1: Rhyperior and Excadrill truly I couldn’t have asked for more reliable teammates so they take #1 equally

    2. 1.Swirlix/Slurpluff
      2. Banette
      Honorable Mentions: Krookodile, slowpoke, wigglytuff and Tangrowth

      1. Ooh, I like your honorable mentions idea. Just out of curiousity, why do you like Gloom over it’s other stages?

        1. There are many reason, I love its design and all the most out of all its stages but I really feel in love with it because of the anime where it shows how sweet of a pokemon it is, I’m a sucker for cheesy stories like that 😛

    3. My Top 5 changes really often, but oh well, I’m feeling these right now.
      1.Reuniculus (I recently noticed that I love this line A LOT! I find Reuniculus SUPER cute for some reason <3)
      2.Chandelure (I'm a huge fan of Ghost Pokemon since I have a small (BIG) obsession with Horror films and literature IRL)
      3.Umbreon (It is my favourite Eeveelution of all time, with Vaporeon coming in close 2nd)
      4.Xatu (It used to be my favourite Pokemon a long time ago)
      5.Empoleon (My favorite starter of all time, I love this line so much <3)
      Honorable Mentions : Krookodile, Samurott, Sharpedo, Claydol, Klefki, Ampharos, Ariados, Vaporeon, Espeon

      1. a lot of my favs are in this list too, I’m like you where my favourites change a lot and I have too many to count 😛

      2. I am the same way. My favorites change so often, mostly in order, but sometimes in Pokemon entirely.

        1. Haha, I feel you. I remember being obsessed with the Treecko line when I was younger, but nowadays I’m just like “anyway…” when I hear people talking about it.

      1. It’s great to see lots of Arcanine lovers around here. I didn’t expect to see so many.

        1. He is awesome. To be honest after Luxray I can’t really order my favorite Pokemon because I like too many. Salamence, Tyranitar, Metagross, Alakazam, Ampharos, Froslass, Typhlosion, Togekiss, etc. But Lucario is number 1 for sure and Luxray is definitely number 2.

    4. 1. Frosslass
      2. Walrein (whole line)
      3. Turtwig (whole line)
      4. Noivern
      5. Rowlet

      1. Heres mine: a couple are similar to Ultron’s.


  15. I’ll up the ante
    top 5 favorite attacks and why (And don’t just load up on every Signiture move)
    5: Dig, I’m fond of burrowing and I wish I could grab others and drag em down with me
    4: Drill Run; just an extremely cool attack, crashing into the opponent with your body spinning
    3: Hammer Arm; Smash things with a big fist
    2: Earthquake; do I even need to say, you set off an Earthquake and end everything
    1: Rock Wrecker; what is more destructive then launching an explosive Boulder at your foe NOTHING I SAY

          1. Like assaulting their mind with telekinetic force
            Or incinerating them to a charred crisp
            Dropping a wicked bolt of electricity onto opponents
            Setting off a destructive tremor
            And lastly tearing foes in half with imposing fangs

    1. Shift Gear – I like the idea of shifting up a gear to become faster and more powerful
      Future Sight – fun to play mind games with the opponent. Partner with a Fairy of Fighting type to whack any Dark types they try to switch in.
      Will-o-Wisp/Toxic – to infuriate people
      Calm Mind/Bulk up – I love the slow set up where the opponent struggles to wear you down. Couple with…
      Substitute – and make people rage like no tomorrow

    2. 1. Fiery Dance, the animation just looks so cool and I love Volcarona
      2. Quiver Dance, Awesome boosting move…for Volcarona 😉
      3. Energy Ball, I always thought it was a really awesome move
      4. Thunderbolt, just a very reliable move
      5. Flash Cannon, Gotta love that special steel move so magnezone can slay
      6. Leaf Blade, idk just love it because of Leafeon

  16. So I kinda wish they would create a new trading mechanism for gen 7, where you can trade items without having to trade pokemon and have it be super speedy. Often times I need to trade over a stone or something but am discouraged because I have to attach it to a pokemon and then trade it back and stuff..

    1. I’m surprised they haven’t already implemented this! The way we trade items now is primitive and a bit ridiculous.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly. Maybe if there are GF developers lurking here they can take note 😉

    2. They should include a fast transfer method where you can trade more than one at once. Or perhaps just a simple gifting method, without relieving a Pokemon in return. Or even make a thing where you can just drag Pokemon from your PC to another PC.

      1. New season of Race to the Edge starts Friday
        This beauty is the Triple Strike
        Assuming Strike or Sharp Class

        I love this thing

        1. Seriously!? Sweet. I finished season 2 not too long ago. I didn’t realize season 3 was so soon

          1. I know and it’s even renewed for another season in the Fall
            The shame is I’ll probably binge watch the whole season in one day

      1. “A Triple Stryke’s braided tail is a force to be reckoned with, but each individual tail also produces its own unique venom: A sting from the first tail numbs combatants, the second disorients them with mild hallucinogens, and the third creates an agonizing sensation of burning in your very blood.”

        Eeeyep I have an erection

    1. Oh I loved the HTTYD movies! I haven’t seen the show yet. Is it that good as people tend say? 🙂

      1. Personally I love it
        (Hell im watching the Second Movie as we speak)

        I very much enjoy it, certainly one of the better dreamworks animated series

        And Race To the Edge best season so far

  17. I’m confused.. does this mean the game itself will be slightly different???
    Why so vague???
    I won’t pay, I dislike it if so.

      1. I don’t know. .. maybe I’m reading it weird.. but in my mind it sounds like the game is different slightly including the box.
        Plus… Whose going to buy the same game twice… For a Tin..
        This should of been a pre-order thing like they did for Emerald

          1. How else would you get it? I didn’t know they sold things like this separately. .. but ok if they do. Buying from someone who doesn’t want the case doesn’t count though.

          2. I’m still confused…? If you wanted the steel book (provided it came to NA) all you would have to do is buy the steel book version…. the only difference between it and the normal version is the package so I don’t get why you would buy it twice

          3. Ohhhh wait.. I think Serebii originally said a few months after the release it something like that’s high got me confused. They updated the site and even cleared up the other confusion.. it’s the same game.. different box. I was going by what they said. All good now ?

  18. I hope we get a koala Pokemon this generation! I think they could do some really cool things with its design.

    At least, this is what the average Pokemon fan would say right now. Nekkoala and Iwanko still don’t officially exist.

    1. ahgftdgsh I thought you were serious for a second haha. I’m still wondering why didn’t they reveal them? The CoroCoro magazine is out right?

      1. It is, but the two still haven’t been added to the official site. It’s the first time that Corocoro has had news but the official site hasn’t updated with said news once the magazine has been officially released.

        Personally, I’m guessing that they’ll be revealed at the world hobby fair gameplay this weekend, Junichi Masuda is going to be playing part of the game.

        1. Yeah, this is the first time an “exclusive scoop” was truly an exclusive scoop from corocoro.

    1. If that was the shiny, that would be dope.
      And also, this really makes me dream about shiny hunting in SM <3

      1. My dream is to hopefully find enough Ground Types to further my Ground Type Mastership

      1. I mean, I think es fake cause I would think they would change the egg hatching scene and not have the same one as the one in ORAS

  19. I miss Animal Crossing. I’m thinking about restarting Wild World or City Folk soon, just to get back into that experience. But I’m thinking about the future of the series. Don’t you think it’s interesting how the Animal Crossing Mobile app is releasing in Fall 2016, right around the time when the NX and its launch titles will be revealed? It was stated that the mobile game will tie into full Animal Crossing console experiences, so do you think that Animal Crossing could be an NX launch title? I certainly think so. If not, late 2017 or early 2018 are guaranteed. The connection is already confirmed, something has to be down the pipeline!

    1. Oh man, I hope so. Animal crossing is so addictively fun, they need to make another one. I believe new leaf came out in either 2011 or 2012 in Japan, so we are well due for another one. I just revisited my old town in New leaf a few days ago, I really missed the place. I wish that in the next game, you could freeze your town in stasis or something, so that when you come back a year later, everything isn’t ruined.

      1. Yep, November 8th 2012 for Japan. I know that their team has been involved with amiibo Festival, Happy Home Designer and Splatoon since then, but they also had to have been developing the “next big thing”. All of that is behind them now (including the Wii U itself), so it’s full speed ahead for Animal Crossing NX.

  20. While every type is popular to some extent, anybody have a type they almost never use? Surprisingly, fire, rock, and ground tend to be ones I don’t remember using much. Sorry earthen.

      1. Right? I use moves with those types. I actually used a magmortar with thunderbolt in x and y post game (what little there was) and stealth rock and earthquake tend to find their way on my team most of the time. But other than that, even bug isn’t as popular with me although gen 5 had some great ones I’ve been dying to use.

        1. yeah I’ve been trying to make myself use pokemon and types that I wouldn’t normally this past 2 years and honestly I noticed that there are more types that I don’t use than I do, Like I have pretty much only been using fairy, ghost, grass, dragon and water.

    1. In my playthroughs of Y and ORAS I’ve never used a fairy type.
      Outside Gen 6, ice.

    2. I find myself not using Psychic and Rock a lot…. And then I also don’t get Ice all that often….

    3. The type ground seems a bit bland, so unless it is paired with any type other than rock, I hardly ever use it. (Please earthen go easy on me. . .)

    4. I almost never use Fairy, Psychic, Ice or Fighting. I actually like the concept of Fairy, but there are not many Fairy Pokemon I like. Psychic I just don’t like (except some of them). I usually use Dragon, Water, Ghost, Flying and Poison.

  21. So while we are all bored, why not have a little discussion.

    What was your favorite aspect of the game from each generation.

    Mine are:
    Gen 1- The challenge!
    Gen 2- The Pokemon designs/Post-game (but basically everything about the games)
    Gen 3- The Region
    Gen 4- The Lore
    Gen 5- The Story (duh)
    Gen 6- The new battle mechanics/Music

    1. Gen 1 – Certain Pokemon/ music (Don’t have too much I like about gen 1 really)
      Gen 2 – Region/post-game
      Gen 3 – evil team/music
      Gen 4 – Region/evil team/pokemon/story somewhat
      Gen 5 – Story/evil team/music
      Gen 6 – Region/music

    2. Gen 1 – the Pokemon designs
      Gen 2 – post game/replay ability
      Gen 3 – the music
      Gen 4 – the difficulty
      Gen 5 – story (honestly for lack of an out standing feature)
      Gen 6 – the graphics

    3. Gen 1- It was the beginning whats not to like
      Gen 2- Everything, the pokemon, the story the lore
      Gen 3- Secret Base introduction had me obsessed as a kid
      Gen 4- Nothing really stands out to me at the moment except the evolutions of some old pokemon as well as some cool new ones
      Gen 5- The graphics, the story, the landscape, the feel of it all
      Gen 6- The introduction of Fairies and 3D

    4. Gen 1: Nothing. Maybe the feel of the old games?
      Gen 2: Haven’t played, but from HGSS I can assume post game.
      Gen 3: Region
      Gen 4: Lore
      Gen 5; Story
      Gen 6: Battle mechanics.

    5. Gen 1- Nostalgia and gym leaders
      Gen 2- Post Game
      Gen 3- New mechanics
      Gen 4- Team Galactic, Story, and Region
      Gen 5- Team Plasma, Story, and Region
      Gen 6- Uh….updated graphics and super training

  22. We were discussing down below the different types that we (don’t) use, and then I got to thinking that each type tends to have a characteristic about them right? Like fire tends to be good attackers, steel is pretty solid and defensive, and electric is fast. Now there are exceptions of course but I was curious about what you guys think the others are or if you really don’t think there is any similarities between most of the Pokemon of one type.

  23. Alright, since I feel like a lot of questions are being asked, I’ll ask another one of my own. What is your favorite music track per gen, or if you are too lazy for that, favorite track overall?

        1. I’d also remark how I wish I could enter the place on bike so I could hear the music

    1. Gen 1 – route 3
      Gen 2 – azalea town
      Gen 3 – route 120
      Gen 4 – route 203
      Gen 5 – relic ruins/route 10
      Gen 6 – route 1/route 15

      1. Honorable mentions:
        Gen 1 – gym theme
        Gen 3 – biking theme
        Gen 4 – route 205/Cynthia battle

    2. Gen 1 – Vermillion City
      Gen 2 – Route 48 (I know its HGSS but I dont care)
      Gen 3 – Slateport City / Sky Pillar (Not ORAS version)
      Gen 4 – The snow routes
      Gen 5 – Credits
      Gen 6 – Legendary Battle Theme/Route 15

    3. Gen 1 – Pallet Town
      Gen 2 – None come to mind
      Gen 3 – Wally’s Theme (I know, only in gen 6, but es a part of Hoenn sooo shuddup)
      Gen 4 – Route 205 theme
      Gen 5 – Any relating to N (Emotion, N’s Farewell, battle theme, upbeat theme, etc.)
      Gen 6 – I like so many! <3 But probably a tie between Route 15's theme and Laverre City's
      Honorable mention is any theme related to the TIme Gear melody in PMD Time/Darkness/Sky. All of them have a similar melody and I love each of them (especially Primal Dialga's theme)

    4. Gen 1- Definitely the opening theme
      Gen 2- Lance theme
      Gen 3- Cycling Road (route 110) I also like the opening theme
      Gen 4- Cynthia Theme, Twinleaf Town
      Gen 5- N’s Castle, Farewell,
      Gen 6- Freaking Everything…. But in all seriousness to narrow it down: (Surfing themeeeee, Lysandre theme, Professor Sycamore theme, Melancolie Path, Route 18, and Kiseki…)

  24. Okay more discussion 😀

    What is one thing you want the most in Pokemon GO….. It can’t be “for it to be a good game” if you are against it. Something you think is critical for the game to be successful if it isn’t implemented..

      1. I agree with you. That gives room for more opportunities like PvP battles, and more battling in general.

      1. They said it will be implemented a little bit after launch. But yah those genwunners are terrible. I met one in person and it was a horrible experience…

      1. Literally said not to comment that. But whatever…. Anything you can think of for it to be better instead of just putting it down?

        1. For it to not be a cash grab. But that is all mobile games can be and would require GO to be delayed for many many many months.

    1. On a good note, the game has great music. And I think the fact that there will be all pokemon in it brings my hopes up.

  25. So questions have sort of overrun the comments (not that I mind) so who do you think is the best pokemon professor? My nostalgia wants me to say Oak but honestly I’m going to have to go with Juniper. She helps you out on your journey and actually takes time to see how you’re doing. She also gives you a lucky egg, which is awesome! The worst would definitely have to be Elm. Totally forgettable.

    1. Oak. Not nostalgia talking, he’s just everywhere. And the one to invent the Pokedex…

      1. If I rule out the anime, it’s easy for me to say Juniper. But it’s hard to forget Oak from the anime >.<

    2. I really like Sycamore for his personality and theme, but I definitely feel you about Juniper. She’s also sort of like me, I tend to be a bit spacey at times, especially when I am focused on the things I love

      1. I need to replay Kalos. I don’t remember much about the characters, sycamore included

  26. Anyone think Super Training is kinda pointless? Horde EV training is way more effective and faster. You can EV train a pokemon in less than 30 minutes with that

    1. I sometimes use it if I get a good bag for one Pokemon, but I just Horde EV train

      1. I think being able to get multiple evolution stones and reset bags are nice, but horde ev training so too good

      1. Most of battle them are fall in the same monotonous but I feel this is kinda different …as I said I don’t like battle them most of the time except some legendary them and E4 … favorite part is from’s look like flute sound for me.

  27. I kind of hope that this doesn’t come to America. I would have to buy it when I wouldn’t use it…..

  28. So this is my last Pokemon GO comment, I promise.. I’m just excited for it now that its coming soon.

    But speaking of coming soon, when do you guys think it releases?

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