Shiny Magearna and Sun & Moon Icons

A Japanese magazine has revealed an alternately colored Magearna with a caption that reports it being the appearance it had 500 years ago. This does not conclusively mean it is the shiny coloration as well, but it seems likely. Magearna will be an event Pokémon for the upcoming games Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Also, we have images of the icons which will appear for the games on the 3DS menu. Cool!

<3 PJ

  1. Are we absolutely sure those are the logos? I know we talked about it in the other article, but we thought that it might be fake.
    If they are real, they look nice enough for me, just it looks slightly off to me, but that just might be due to the pixilation.
    As with Magearna, whether it is, it looks pretty nice <3 If there is a way to change the colors, I would so rock the golden look.

      1. Oh ok, I just wanted to make sure, considering that I didn’t see Serebii covering it.

    1. They are 🙂 I looked at the Serebii Sun and Moon page, considering that they might have put it there and just didn’t cover it on the home page.

  2. The fact that these logos are real just totally invalidates a certain persons “facts” that they were fake that was argued about in the last article, I wish I didn’t want to admit that this brings me joy but… ya know, sometimes karma can be a wonderful thing.

    That being said I’m glad they are real because the poke balls are beautiful, It would be cool to get some new pokeball types maybe in game too

    1. I just knew it. There was no reason to assume that they’re fake. I’m glad 🙂

        1. Exactly! I was really wondering why everyone said that they looked fake. I think they look awesome!

          1. I though they looked almost official they had a similar design to fan art but not everything is what it appears to be! They look really cool!

      1. Well suck it logic you can’t beat the power of Haxford’s hopes! We all know who I’m talking about. 😉

    2. I actually have had ideas for pokeball’s before like the dracoball a pokeball that raise your chance for catching Dragon types!

      1. that would be cool, I want more pink or purple-ish poke balls so that I can catch my fairies in style lol, right now they are all in dream/love/premier balls

        1. I hope they bring back Apricorns or something similar for more unique ways to catch pokemon

    1. Or another form reachable from a time reversion item, like, say, the “Clock of the Half Millennium”. Though GF would think of a better name.
      Ooooooor, maybe there’s a blueprint for you to create a second Magearna once you have the first.

  3. Can we all just focus on the real prize here, meaning that obvious stud in the bottom right corner, wish I had a glalie hat like that, I would get all the boys in my yard with that ಥ‿ಥ

  4. well guys looks like there’s two more days until the World hobby Fair,let’s get the hype train all Juiced up!:D

      1. It looks like fire shuriken, meets destructo disk lol. AG’s forehead is also glowing in the final part of the vid btw. Clearly something happening to it.

  5. Hey i’m back after a week in pre-engineering summer camp, which was awesome btw, so i have a couple of things to say about the e3 presentation: 1-pikipek is awesome definitly going on my team 2-i love the battle themes so far specially hau’s. Also not to be that guy but what is this world hobby fair i see ppl are getting excited about? Bonus question: am i the only one that heard the jurassic park opening at the start of the trainer battle theme?

    1. I don’t know what the world hobby fair really is, but Masuda is set to appear there on Saturday.

      1. Oh ok thx, in that case then i hope we get english names for the rock dog and the koala

      2. The world Hobby Fair is basically a convention where all the big names in toys and hobby stuff come out to reveal new products and show off their goods. There are even some games there (obviously with Pokemon being there lol)

  6. I’ve looked around, and I can’t find official confirmation of these logos. Could someone direct me to that?

    1. Look on Serebii’s page for Sun and Moon. The logos are there. I believe they were revealed on a Japanese site someplace, but I can’t find it.

      1. Hmm. That’s strange that it wasn’t covered in an update on the main page. Thanks anyway though!

          1. No. It isn’t. I’ve never said anything is confirmed I’ve just said that is how it is because they are clearly fake.

          2. I would just like to point out for you not to try to backtrack on anything before you do because I have the chat from yesterday saved

          3. As far as I know that conversation still exists on the website. Unless my comments were deleted. I am not trying to backtrack. I’ve just never said logic is a confirmed source. Just that it is a fact. I never say anything is confirmed without an official source.

        1. It says he found it on the japaneese Nintendo kids club website

          Does anyone know where that is?

      2. This was the fastest way to reach you and you’re the only mod I know of on PJ.

        There are some “colorful” words that, I feel, should be deleted due to the nature of the argument(s). Just my thought and hope you take it into consideration.

        Thank you for your time,


  7. So I had an idea on what Pubble could evolve into
    What if those rocks on its neck jutting out into the iconic Spiked Dog Collar, its body be much more adult with aspects of a coyote with a darker browner coat, and if anyone hasn’t noticed but there are rocks on the tip of its ears which I can see them extend longer and sharper, and lastly the eyes and muzzle; the eyes get sharper and nobler and it would have two stone teeth pointing down like saberteeth

    1. right I forgot you lived in your own little bubble…. serebii doesn’t post anything unless he’s almost certain that its confirmed and PJ doesn’t often say that things are confirmed if he’s not sure, he would have said he is not 100% sure… at this point I feel like nintendo/GF them selves could confirm them and you still wouldn’t be convinced

      1. Joe and Paul can post whatever and it doesn’t make it confirmed. Stop sucking their dicks. It isn’t confirmed until it is revealed through an official source.

          1. nobody thinks you’re right Auragar except you, it was just said below that they were found on the japanese nintendo site…. so why are you still fighting this?

  8. I deleted my comment because these icons are legit. They were on the Double Pack box from Pokemon Japan. Here take a look, the menu icons are on the left side.

    1. oh look, concrete proof, no one would ever try to debate that with you right? ……

      that being said Ll/bra good eye 😛

      1. oml… i just can’t anymore, clearly this guy is a troll if he’s this nuts

          1. Well these were revealed quite a while back and from what I can tell, the icons on the side are the same as the ones in the article, same angle and all

          2. Well Serebii post from the 15th of this month with when the double pack was revealed:

            Think what you will, I’m not gonna force my opinion on somebody else cause I mean I could be wrong and I will happily admit that. But it’s just an icon, hardly gonna make the biggest difference towards the actual gameplay will it, haha?

          3. He still made no big deal about the icons. But yeah Serebii isn’t an official source and never will be. People have posted actual links to the official source and while I can’t make them out I’ll believe people.

          4. I mean I never just use Serebii for information, multiple sources are important.
            What I’m tryna say is that he posted a pic for the official artwork for the double boxes so he mustve got it from somewhere official, as he doesnt really post pics unless they’re from official sources. I know you don’t agree with him not being official but you can’t deny that he has been going on for a while now and he has a reputation of sorts, so at times he can be trusted.
            I’m also tryna say that its not worth making a mountain out a molehill. I’m not taking sides but if you don’t believe somin, there’s no need to reply to everyone saying you completely disregard their opinions. I mean speculation is fun for people, let them have it.

          5. Serebii isn’t official simple as that. I don’t believe anything without the source. Except Corocoro but even with them I’m usual skeptical but there is no real way to prove if a scan is real. And I suppose I should try not to but that’s just how I am.

          6. You’re a man of facts and information, I respect that. I’m like that too – when it comes to important things (as in the EU referendum for the UK which I just voted in)
            At the end of the day, it’s just Pokemon and it’s just a bit of fun. People get stuff wrong sometimes because artists are very good at imitating Corocoro/Sugmiori style as theres tons of things to take inspiration from.
            I was like that too once, wouldn’t let anything go and was incredibly stubborn. Believe me when I say that as soon as I realised that life was easier not caring about what others thing and as long as you know you’re right, but you don’t have to necessarily say it out loud, you’ll feel a great weight off your shoulders

          7. Mmn… I’ve already conceded to the fact that I am screwed up so eh. I have also conceded to not being able to change though because it isn’t possible.

          8. Auragar the problem isn’t with you thinking that things are not real, its healthy to have a certain level of skepticism for things but everything in moderation, the problem is though that you do not need to attack people who think it is real and call them “idiots” and the like

          9. Yes I am far too harsh with my words but I cannot control myself. And sometimes I look like the idiot when I end up wrong. Even if they still look fake. >.>

          10. its fine, no hard feelings eh, the past is the past I’m sure we can all move on and grow from this

  9. I am a big fan of space and these icons look pretty cool (I mean if they’re real, its a nice aesthetic & the only pet peeve I have is that I would wish the sun symbol would be in the middle of the Pokeball like the moon symbol)

  10. I hope that since space is somewhat of a theme, that we get some amazing star reflection from still bodies of water, like in ORAS.

      1. I don’t remember, was the reflection just for the water by fortree, or all the water?

        1. I think if I remember correctly it was all the water, minus like the ocean

      1. you should probably get some glasses then, I wear a pretty high prescription and even without my glasses on I can see what they are

        dont drive

      1. I know right, I try to be a lover not a fighter, and arguing physically drains me

    1. There they are. I can actually make those out. Official sources are so nice. I concede they are real. Still look fake though. :/ Bad design but oh well.

    1. We’re all pretty deprived eh? 😛 anything S/M attracts attention lol

  11. I have a challenge of sorts for you all. Take any Pokemon, and try to give it a better, more fitting name. This idea came to me when I was thinking about how lazy of a name mr. mime is.

        1. Pikachu is a mouse. Pikachu – Electric Mouse
          Rattata – Rat
          Raticate – Rat
          Beedrill – Bee
          Butterfree – Butterfly
          Mothim – Moth
          Combee – Bee
          Vespiquen – Bee
          Garbador – Trash

          1. Pidgey – Bird
            Pidgeotto – Big Bird
            Pidgeot – Bigger Bird
            Articuno – Biggest Bird 1
            Zapdos – Biggest Bird 2
            Moltres – Biggest Bird 3
            Lugia – Mega Bird

    1. Audino – Auren

      Aur- being the medical prefix meaning ‘ear’, and the name being a play on the title RN (registered nurse)

        1. Thanks! I was never fond of the name Audino. Apparently it’s supposed to play on the phrase “I dunno”, but I don’t understand the purpose of that. I wouldn’t want a nurse to tell me she “doesn’t know.” :p

    2. I’m really struggling on that Mr. Mime. The best I’ve come up with is Barrilesque. (Barrier + Burlesque).

  12. Here’s something that would put Mega Evolution to shambles
    Imagine you were confronting the scientist of an evil team and he was experimenting with Pokemon Fusion, during the fight the machine exploded and accidentally fused two of your Pokemon together
    What were fused
    And how it looks




    2. Rhyperior and Excadrill
      Excaperior or Rhycadrill
      Basically Rhyperior’s body but with Excadrill’s Drills on each arm, and head I’ll come back to this

    3. I once made a Pokemon fusion of Claydol and Dusknoir called Claynoir.

      Unfortunately I can’t find it.

  13. Somewhere I heard that on Saturday we will get another live demo of a different part of the game (I do not remember where, so I am confused). Can someone please confirm or deny that it is a live demonstration of a new part of the game? If so, we are really in for a treat.

    1. Haven’t heard this but I would assume wherever you heard this they meant that Pokemon variety show? Or maybe the Fair thing? I dunno.

    2. After a quick search, it seems that confusion arose from something said by Giancarloparimango11, and he’s notorious for completely making things up, so take that with a grain of salt.

      1. I don’t watch him, so maybe I just heard it from someone who does. I just hope we don’t get he same thing from E3.

          1. “Welcome to another Pokemon Sun and Moon countdown video. [Nonsense Rumours] Buy my shirts which I shouldn’t even be able to legally sell for profit. Also check out my social stuff I will totally care about what you say and such.”

          2. That’s pretty accurate. I don’t watch his videos anymore because I realized he’s just in it for the views, but he was somewhat tolerable back before the subscribers went to his ego.

          3. Can I upvote this a million times? There are very few good PokeTubers these days. Majority of them are driven by click-bait and views alone.

    3. I haven’t heard of that anywhere. We are getting gameplay at the World Hobby Fair, which does take place Friday to Saturday, but I don’t know if it’s live or not.

  14. Now that I’m on break a better Rhycadrill
    It would be Rhyperior’s body but it’s protector plates turn red and change into the shape of Excadrill’s markings, the biggest part is Rhyperior’s claws transforming into Excadrill’s claws, and they’re trifolded and can merge into a drill and rotate
    It’s head would gain a Excadrill’s horn but molded into a helmet, and lastly Rhyperior’s horn mold back into a singular horn drill with Excadrill’s barbs and to top it off Excadrill’s frills
    Solid Rock AND SAND RUSH

    1. I actually love all the music I have heard so far from S/M :3 thanks for sharing this video

    2. I really enjoy the music that happens when you talk to Hala and enter the festival.

  15. I just had a thought
    What if we get a new Pokemon with access to Sand Stream

    1. What if we get a new pokemon with access to sand stream, thats ground/fairy type (¬‿¬)

      1. Well technically it’s possible maybe some supernatural sand fairy or Armadillo
        But granted it would not hold up well
        No decent resistances
        And a Water, Grass, Ice, Steel weakness
        Basically a Sandy Wormadam

        As I said before the only Ground/Fairy that would make any sense is a Pink Fairy Armadillo

        1. yeah last time I brought up Ground/Fairy I brought up the Pink Fairy Armadillo too, they could have more though but I assume that they would make up something not based on something from the real world for that, as for weaknesses, I really don’t care, you could give me something thats weak to everything and there is still a possibility I would love it 😛

  16. Guys, I think this Magearna is actually another form reachable from a time reversion item, like, say, the “Clock of the Half Millennium”. Though GF would think of a better name.
    Or maybe there’s a blueprint for you to create a second Magearna once you have the first. If it’s another form rather than a Shiny, maybe the two have different stats or movesets.

    As for why I think it’s another form, that’s because I don’t think they would put a Shiny form and say “this is how it looked like 500 years ago”, unless that’s just the movie backstory.

    1. I kinda see it as an AZ floette kinda thing, different from the original but we’ll probably never see it in game :/ but if we do I would gladly welcome it

    2. I wouldn’t expect that grandiose treatment
      It was fancy shmancy 500 years ago and now it’s faded wear and tear

      Simple as that

  17. Guess I’m caught in a dead time xD
    Anyways! I was thinking, before I went to bed. Considering we know that Popplio learns Disarming Voice at level 8? (or 9), I was wondering what all the other starters would learn.
    For Rowlet, I was definitely thinking it would learn Peck or Gust (maybe even Quick Attack). Litten was harder, but I narrowed it down to Quick Attack, Lick, or even Smog (kind of the same thing as Popplio sorta) (Earthen don’t kill me, es speculation ok pls)
    What do you guys think? (Seriously Earthen, I’m more leaning towards the other two anyways, I just brought it up due to Popplio getting a potential STAB move, and I like Fire/Poison for Litten)

    1. A Fire/Poison manticore for Litten’s final evolution would be amazing! I imagine it would look simply gorgeous and intimidating (sounds like an oxymoron).

    2. Fire poison would be super cool and if Popplio became water/fairy they would match up very interestingly and with grass/flying even more so, its not like its a trio but it would certainly be interesting and unique and I’d welcome it with open arms, now for moves learned perhaps scratch would also be a move litten could learn early on

      1. I thought so too, but then I remember that all starters get Pound, Scratch, or Tackle as well as elemental moves when you receive them.
        I think rowlet might get tackle or pound and Litten gets scratch :3

    3. Smog is not unheard of in Fire Types they literally outrank Poison types learning it
      But I still don’t believe in the Fire/Poison Litten
      Sulfur or Oils whatever you think is poisonous is not
      Sulfur is harmless to humans and animals and just because Litten’s fur is coated in flammable oils they don’t automatically mean they’re poisonous

          1. I’m more of a Sam girl 😉 But no worries, the friend that introduced me to Supernatural loves Dean :3 Plus, Dean is super funny so I feel the same sometimes

      1. Yeah, but still, I really like the typing and even if the oils don’t automatically mean it’s poisonous there is still a possibility it is, it’s not confirmed yet. :3

        1. There’s a big bold fine line between “Liking a type” and actually researching the future of its design and evolution

          1. I know, I know, but there still is something there.
            Some people say Fire/Dark, because Litten has a dark coat. At least it’s better than that (although dark types usually have the color black)
            Plus, there’s no other typing that can be predicted right now, since that’s all we have, info-wise.

          2. …What about them? The icons for the game don’t have anything.
            Unless you’re talking about the evos, in which case, they aren’t confirmed real yet. I’m Team Neutral for a reason. I can see both sides and until we get actual confirmation, I’m not gonna say they are real or not.

  18. On the subject of names (a few conversations down), let’s try to come up with names for the evolution of the new Pokemon:
    ~ Pikipek > Pikapecker (Play on of Woodpecker) > Peckadrill (Peck + Drill)
    ~ Litten > Litorch > Letigre or Litten > Litox > Mantitox

    I’m terrible with names so I’m not sure about the rest… 😛

    1. …. perhaps Pikapecker isn’t the best name for reasons… XP lol all the others are superb though

      1. Isthme, Imma letchu finish, but a manticore evolution typed Fire/Ground and not Fire/Poison would be an abomination!

        All jokes aside, Mantlecore sounds awesome!

      2. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at your Game Freak job? (seriously, that’s good)

          1. That they do, me on the other hand nobody could begin to comprehend my imagination

  19. I hope we get more than one bug line this Gen… *cough cough* XY *cough*

          1. bug/poison, bug/flying and normal/flying are too overdone imo we need more cool things like bug/ice (perhaps a volcarona counterpart) and like a normal/poison

    1. What I really want them to do is to make a good bug line rather than a weak one because of tradition.

      1. I mean sure, I think we already have tons of strong bug pokemon out there as well as not so strong ones so I will accept any bugs

          1. Oh I get ya, we have still had a few though like Leavanny, Beedrill and Ariados but I agree with you, I think grubbin will turn out pretty strong though

  20. Anybody else getting annoyed with all the stupid Solrock and Lunatone theory videos
    It just has little background other than them just looking like the sun and moon and being extereresstial Pokemon
    Stupid people thinking they’re guaranteed a Mega or some of the really stupid ones thinking they’re related to Solgaleo and Lunala
    Just needed to vent this

    1. We all know Mega Solrock and Lunatone are a given

      Solgaleo and Lunaala are only the emissaries of the sun and moon respectively, the real legends are Ho-oH and Lugia respectively.

      Mega Solrock will be launched into space to knock the moon out of Orbit and replace it as the new natural Satellite of earth.

      Stop being blinded Earthern accept the truth.

      1. The only thing I’m blinded by was trying to comprehend that statement
        What the hell is this

          1. Or the sheer fact is when everyone realizes that this one is just as watered down as XY they’re going to shit on it relentlessly

      2. Ummm Lugia and Ho-oh probablly won’t get mega’s because Lugia isn’t a Moon related pokemon yet ho-oh more is using more symbiosis
        Mega’s of solrock and Lunatone mabey but not 100% on par with it!
        And a solrock doing that no that is terrible!

        1. Sun creates light after storms, phoenixes can bring back the dead using fire and ashes of remains = Sacred fire/Rainbow = Ho-oh.
          Moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides, and essentially the sea, thus weather patterns and storms = Aeroblast/Deep-Sea = Lugia.
          Accept that he’s somewhat correct here, this was the hidden basis of gold and silver.

          Based on primal reversion or future super powerful legendary traits, we cannot determine every single legendary’s or Mythical’s for that matter, entire story. They have already made up more as they went along, mega evolution proves this entirely, they never expected it to go this long in the beginning, but they can see the success of it now.

          Regarding Solrock and Lunatone, Very few double sets or opposing pairs seem to be getting mega evos, excluding latias/latios… Not even Seviper or Zangoose… Which are the big two everyone expected in OR/AS. Mega evolution also is more suited for dead end pokemon to give them a fighting chance or pokemon that already have 3 stages that shouldn’t logically evolve, but break a limit anyways for it. This makes it more strategic, fix the dead ends or the best get better, but which one to choose? I don’t see duo sets of mega evos happening, but Latias and Latias… So…
          it’s a roulette here, no way of telling.

          “Terrible” is entirely subjective and doesn’t really add any “flavor” to the ideas you are trying to support, add a basis to back it up and people will respect that choice more, or maybe not, it depends on what you do with it.

          Lastly, I think you need to slow down a little when typing, a lot of people won’t take your comment seriously if it’s improper text jumbles like that. If you need a little bit more time to do the post right, take it, i just don’t want people to feel like they can walk over you with their ideas here, you also deserve a fighting chance.

          1. I know it more sounds as if they have connecetions to the Sun and moon but they are not based off them

    2. Eh i think they might at least appear in the games knowing old pokemon are returning and they might have ties to the two but I more am looking for Mega Flygon and Mega Raticate!

    3. I’m getting annoyed with theory videos entirely. They know most of Polemon’s fanbase is filled with stupid kids who’ll click on their sh*tty clickbait videos.

  21. BREAKING: Ash will beat Sawyer and battle against Alain in the Kalos league final. I just saw a supposed synopsis of XYX036, it reads: ”His greatest rival Alain, what is he fully capable of? At this most important stage of the battle, what tactics will Ash use to see victory? The two have fought before, but Alain has won every time.”

      1. What do you think the outcome will be? Personally I have two. He either beats Alain, or the battle is halted midway because Lysandre will attack the league or Lumiose City.

        1. I think the battle will be halted mid-way to allow for the Team Flare Arc to play out.

          Afterwards Ash vs Alain finish their battle with a 1v1. Ash-Greninja vs Mega Charizard.

          1. I don’t think the final League battle will be just Ash-Greninja VS Mega Charizard… that seems a little bit too lackluster. The League Committee could possibly exempt Alain from being in the finale after the Team Flare shenanigans due to his relations with Team Flare so… their battle getting interrupted mid-way seems way too far-fetched. Additionally, I don’t think the writers would want to try something so drastic so as to practically kill off the League hype (the climax of every Pokemon anime series) of a promised 6V6 by having it just be Ash-Greninja VS Mega Charizard! I think it’ll play out similarly to Black and White where Ash defeats Alain in the League but right after, Team Flare attack and make their move. Then Alain vows to defeat Ash and now has an even greater purpose than just wanting to protect his loved ones. Ash’s defeat of Alain may trigger Alain to prove to not only himself but Lysandre that he is worthy and, “strong.” During the climax, yes, it could be Ash-Greninja VS Mega Charizard AFTER the promised 6V6.

          2. But if Ash beats Alain in the final round then that would mean Ash wins the tournament……and to me the writers making Ash the winner of any Pokemon league tournament is much less likely than the final round being interrupted. I think the battle being interrupted is a good way for them to segue to the Flare arc. If what they’re doing is really so catastrophic as everyone is saying it’s going to be then what happens would certainly get the attention of everyone in Kalos. What better way to get everyones attention than to interrupt something that everyone in the region is presumably watching? lol

  22. So I got Explorers of sky
    At first I was super peeved by the “D.S” screen” but figured you could change it
    And I had to manually turn the system off to reset for the quiz but I finally got Chimchar which I technically never did but I think I’ll enjoy using, and naturally I chose Phanpy as my partner

    Parts of me are thinking how lowly Chimchar’s moves are but I bet I’ll find some good TMs

    Wish me luck or not….jerks

  23. I think my most favorite thing about my Fire Team is seeing the destruction of a Sun Boosted Sheer Forced Darmanitan Flare Blitz

  24. So i bred a 5v(no sp attack) admant clear body klink with a 6v ditto a friend gave me amd called it codsworth…it works incredibly well with shift gear and gear grind like wow it is just awesome! Thanks to this klinklang is my favorite steel type right now! Also plz tell me that someone here knows where the nickname i chose came from, if you do you are awesome xD

    1. OH MY GOD YES!!!!! I love Klinklang! He is so underrated I loooove him! Best steel type!

    2. Cogsworth is the clock from Beauty and the Beast, but you typed Codsworth, so I’m not sure if you misspelled it in-game or not.

          1. I didnt play fallout 3 myself so i dont know much about godfrey other than he is the protagonist’s mr handy akin to codsworth in fallout 4 right?

    1. I can imagine the title “Pokemon Sun” with a shadow of solgaleo where you can only see his blue eyes, the same for pokemon moon but with lunalas pink eyes and the sounds would either be their cries or the pokemon theme like in xy but with ukeleles mixed in there

        1. I was thinking on getting a new 3ds but only if the solgaleo and lunala skin make it to america

          1. Omg nvm I just heard nintendo’s new handheld is gonna be called mh or something so Im gonna wait for that xD

          2. Im still confused as to if the nx will be both a console and a handheld or just a console :/

  25. Saw this on Reddit and thought it would be fun. What pokemon team would you realistically have? Like, if pokemon were real, based on where you lived/have lived and stuff you’ve done in your life, what team would you probably have. This is mine

    Piplup – I had a strange obsession with Penguins when I was younger so I would definitely make sure I would get one on vacation
    Houndour – One of my dogs
    Iwanko – My other dog
    Sawsbuck – Lots of deer where I live.
    Staraptor – Its a bird.
    Magikarp – My dad took us fishing a few times so I think I would’ve gotten one.

    1. Based on the pets I had and the animals by me…
      Houndoom – my doge
      I’ll wait for some tropical-themed pokemon to leak for the rest 😛

    2. I feel like I might be misunderstanding the question, but if Pokemon were real, my team would be:
      – Arcanine
      – Ampharos
      – Staraptor
      – Quagsire
      – Togekiss
      – Noivern
      Much like Ash in this gen, I may have too many flyers. Aerial Pokemon are generally really cool though, so I don’t know.

      1. Its supposed to be pokemon you would realistically have instead of just favorites. Dunno if you got that or not or what 😛

        1. Hmm, I guess based on pets and where I live, I would have:
          – Mightyena (black dog)
          – Raichu (mouse)
          – Bidoof (closest thing to a groundhog)
          – Beedrill
          – Pidgeot

          1. My original thought was POOCHyena, but I evolved it. I would say houndoom, but I didn’t want my team to be too similar to other’s teams.

          2. Oh, and Greninja. We have lots of frogs around my place, and Greninja is cooler than the other frogs, so that’s why.

    3. I live in puerto rico a tropical island but including pets i would have:
      -chatot-my cockatiel
      -finneon-i have an aquarium
      -pidove- lots of pigeons here lel
      -iwanko- i love dogs and even though i dont have one irl i would have definitly gotten one
      -tyrunt-i had an obsession with dinos so i figured that maybe i would have gotten one on my trip to the smithsonian in 2013
      -snivy-i would have tried to get it as it is my favorite pokemon or
      -torchic-my grandparents had chickens

      1. I live in the caribbean too but I’ll wait for some hawaiian themed pokemon to come out

        1. Yeah alola pokemon will probably be very relatable to us lel *looks at nekkoala* well most alola pokemon

    4. -Honchkrow (bit of farmland here and there where I live. See crows a lot)
      -Serperior (only type of snake around here)
      -Politoed (lots of ponds here too :P)

      I have three cats so I guess those would do 😛

    5. -Skitty (because I have a cats)

      I live in the woods so like, we have tons of wildlife around here and tons of bears and deer.

  26. So I’m replaying heartgold cuz why not.

    My final team is:
    typhlosion (first time using him)

    What changes should I make?

  27. Congratulations to all UK PokeJungle users! The Leave campaign has exceeded beyond all expectations, and your country is free from the European Union! This is absolutely insane, as history has been made today. You should feel prideful.

    1. J.K Rowling didn’t want it and she’s a pretty amazing person so I assume its not a good thing for a lot of people, I could go on about why its not a good thing but I won’t, like I’m not from the UK so I don’t know, maybe lets not have something political here, I feel like it can only lead to a divide

      (its also been said that them leaving will lead to a heavy economic crisis in the UK so)

    2. I don’t recall this necessarily being a good thing. Won’t it damage the economy?

  28. well guys looks like tomorrow’s going to be a big day so let’s get the hype train all set up,get the Majora’s Mask meme on the way and let’s get this Pokemon party started!:D

          1. Hmm,looks like we need the world hobby fair schedule,it might be the only way to figure out which one has the Pokemon part.

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