Official E3 Recap Broadcast – FINISHED

Today is the Official Japanese recap of everything Pokémon related at Sun & Moon. We won’t be providing live coverage as we’re not expecting any new information, though should some arise we will update swiftly! If anything there’s a chance we could see some Grubbin, Nekkoala and Iwanko in action, but we’ll see!

To watch the stream you will need to visit the niconico website (click HERE) and sign up. We recommend using either Facebook or Twitter to do so. Once you have done so you can enjoy the stream!

Stick around and chat in the comments and we’ll bring you the big news… if there is any, of course. 😉

[UPD]: The stream is over and did not reveal any new information, new trailer added above!

  1. I’m trying to keep my hopes down but I still hope they might show SOMETHING new!

    1. Watching it right now. It’s not likely that we’ll get our Iwanko and Nekkoala info just yet… 🙁

        1. Yeah, I saw your comment but considering the phases of the legendaries, they’re probably real. God, how pissed I would be if Iwanko turned out to be fake… I’m in love with that thing.

          1. Same thing for me and the Koala Bear Pokemon. I like them both. I remember before the leaks were in the process of being verified real by Serebii and Pokejungle and other sources, someone said on HeavyMetalFairy’s Twitter that the Koala looked like had it been done on DeviantArt.

          2. Well, they seem legit to me. Same thing with the starter evo leaks… The difference of course is that I want Iwanko and Nekkoala to be real and the starters to be fake. That Popplio evo just doesn’t sit with me, the more I look at it, the more disgusting it gets. I started to like Litten’s and Rowlet’s looked fine from the start but idk… Did you overcome that love-hate relationship with Rowlet’s final?
            Btw, subject changed to GO. It’s not likely that we’ll get anything new.

          3. Well, there’s that one pic on the upper side of the sheet with the head exposed. It looks like a swallow with that head, not like an owl. That archer thing is awesome but it seems too complicated to be real…

          4. To me, I sadly flip it on the other side of the coin. These designs look too good to be fake. It seems to me that Nintendo likes to put the most thought into the Starters and the Mascot Legendaries when designing them. But apparently they didn’t do so good this Generation in tems of the Starters especially Litten. If the leaks, are true, which I think they are. God, I will punch Game Freak if it’s real & if it is Fire/Fighting! I think hundreds of fans would want to join me for that.

          5. Personally, I like Fighting types in general so I would have no problems with it being Fighting. But I’ll be sad if it turns to be real. Litten should’ve stayed on 4 legs because it had so much potential. And I can’t stress enough how much I hate this girly approach of Popplio’s final…

          6. I don’t mind Popplio. I can kinda see where they were going with that. A mermaid/sea lion combo. But then again, it’s just downright weird to have a feminine design for a Starter although Delphox was based off of a Sorcereress or Witch.

          7. Delphox is all right. It’s feminine but not to this extent. I like almost every feminine Pokémon so far but this… Something’s just not right with this one.

          8. When the final forms of the Unova starters were leaked I hated Serperior so much. After looking at it for like 2 days I started to like it and now it’s one of my favourite starters. But this thing… Sorry for whining all the time because of Popplio’s final form but I just don’t want to accept that my favourite Alola starter becomes… this…

          9. For me when the Unova Starters leaked I remember not knowing what to think. But when they were verified, Iike with current Alola Starter leaks, I hated Emboar, Serperior was my in-between, and I loved Samurott. As much as I somewhat love Popplio’s final (sadly, manly points lost for old Drake), I don’t want this leak to be real either.

          10. Well, it’s not like we decide what’s real and what’s not. What pseudo would you like to see this generation? Personally, I’m hoping for a Dragon/Fighting. It’s my dream since Gen 4. Also a Dragon Eeveelution would be awesome to give Sylveon a counterpart.

          11. Serperior sucks! It’s so uncreative. It’s literally just a big snake. They could’ve eve spiced it up by giving it arms. But no. It’s just a basic snake. Doesn’t even have a second typing. The worst grass starter hands down

          12. Yeah and Delphoxs design still doesn’t bash you over the head with its femininity the way the FAKE poplio mermaid does. Neither does meganium

          13. There was an article a few weeks ago containing some pretty convincing art of the final evos of the starters. I hope, they’re fake…

          14. I hope they’re not. However, the art style is very convincing and that Top Secret thing is also on the images that we saw in the very first “trailer” back in February. So yeah… If they’re fake someone did a very splendid job. Be fake… Please…

          15. Yeah seriously you guys. These Pokemon have no cross over appeal from a business prospective. Rowlett is the most adored starters in years. Do you really think they would have it evolve into a creature who doesn’t even have a face?? Do you honestly believe they would troll us with yet another fire/fighting starter?? Do you really think they would evolve poplio into a hyper feminine sea lion mermaid?? Get real people. Not too mention we have no idea where these leaks came from and they were clearly modeled after the old Noivern leak to gain credibility. Further morr, I don’t ever recall the final starter evolutions being leaked or revealed before the middle stage.

        2. Clearly they’re not fake. Why would they be featured in Corocoro if they were? And we’ve seen Iwanko for a sec in the trailer!

        3. The only reason they weren’t in the E3 trailer is because the new Pokemon are all found on Route 1. Maybe these two won’t be found on that particular route.

          1. That’s also possible. Iwanko’s Rock type might hint that it’s around a cave or another rocky area and Nekkoala might be in some kind of a forest too.

        4. They aren’t fake. It would have already been confirmed. They were not officially announced until the 15th, the day after the Sun and Moon Info. They were leaked earlier.

  2. This E3 was rather enjoyable for me! We got some amazing Sony information with God of War, Spider-Man, and Death Standing. Obviously, Nintendo was my favourite with the amazing S/M love footage and slew of information for LoZ: Breath of the Wind! I cannot wait for all of these game to release. My wallet is crying!

    1. Didn’t watch anything apart from Nintendo to be honest. I’ve never been into Zelda but that new game seems sooooo awesome. I’ll start to save money for an NX right now 😀

    2. I agree with you regarding Sun and Moon. The gameplay looked amazing! And other than that, I’m purely a Nintendo guy only and my only series that I like are Super Mario and Pokemon of course. I’ve been trying to get into other series such as Legend of Zelda, but I just haven’t been able to find the time or get out of my comfort zone. I bought Ocarina of Time for 3DS but I was never able to finish it and it was a fantastic game for what I saw so far. I can see why people like the Zelda series so much and why Ocarina of Time is considered a classic among many people and that was only my first time playing a Zelda game. I think I should get back into it.

      1. I didn’t watch it either just had it in the background. I’m quite good at understanding Japanese so I pretty much knew what was going on.

    1. Wow, nice pic. Thanks for sharing! Btw, it reminds me. In the S/M stream they said something like models represent their actual sizes in battle, compared to your trainer at least. I can’t wait to see Wailord’s size compared to our character 😀

        1. It’s not just Wailord though. Bigger Pokémon like Groudon or Tyranitar could be interesting as well. The smaller Pokémon we’ve seen so far look pretty good. I’m curious about the others. They should increase the distance between the 2 opposing Pokémon to make the difference more realistic. I mean, if they’re going for real size, a Tyranitar and an Aggron would be much closer to each other than Popplio and Caterpie in the video if they keep the distance the same. We’ll see.

          1. I’m excited to see battles with bigger Pokemon. Already liked the battle with Krookodile and Pangoro 🙂

    2. I’m getting some serious little mermaid vibes. And I love the Staryu and Starmie in the sand <3

    3. So beautiful, so pristine a true marvel of nature

  3. well guys it is all that rehab just gave us the recap of all things that we know I’m Pokemon Sun,Moon and Go,there still is next month Corocoro.

  4. Japanese trailer where you can see the “Actions” of the Pokemon they meant in the Pokedex. The rest is nothing new.

      1. They showed the Brick Break animation on the US/Europe Trailer. I’m guessing that Sandile, Eevee, and Pancham will be in the S/M PokeDex.

        1. If Eevee’s in there a new Eeveelution might be on the way. It’s not decisive because of the older Pokémon in the dex but let’s hope for a Dragon-type Eeveelution.

  5. Not surprised there wasn’t anything new in this stream. They made no hints at it being something terribly special…….well except for calling it a special, but I digress. Anyway there wasn’t anything telling us that there would be new stuff. I still wonder how they plan to show off Iwanko and Nekkoala. Maybe next weekend when Masuda does the World Hobby fair we’ll see them.

  6. Ok, so since I posted this on the last article no one really answered my question. So let’s try this again since I’m curious. Since Gen 7 probably won’t see Sinnoh remakes (I want them but we just had ORAS on the 3DS so very unlikely), what games do you think will follow Sun and Moon? Will it be a third game or a similar approach to Black and white 2

    1. I’m still hoping for Sinnoh remakes to be honest. I know it’s been one remake per handheld so far, but just maybe. A third game that connects S/M and XY would be awesome though.

          1. I completely agree. Just bought one myself after my “not so slim” father sitting on my old one. So yeah… I’m loving it so far 😀

          2. I have the 20th anniversary edition New 3DS. I likeven it a lot but the screen is too small for games like Monster Hunter and Xenoblade so I might get the Sun & Moon edition if it comes to America

    2. Though I want to see a remake of all the other games, done up in this new game graphics, I desperately want them to do a remake of the Yellow Version. THAT would be totally AMAZING in the Sun and Moon graphics. XD

      1. That’s actually completely something I didn’t think about but completely possible! That’s actually an amazing idea!

  7. Ugh why no Pubble and Koalumber
    I need more I’m just so sick them dangling info over our snouts and not giving anything
    I am seriously getting so bored and we have basically 6 months away from the glory of Sun and Moon

    1. It very well could be that some special Pokemon may have some unique characteristics, but it could also be the angle at which we’re looking at it.

  8. I just can’t get over how great these battles look. (And the new engine as a whole) Imagine Sinnoh remakes with this engine or better. Byron standing behind his bastiodon, taunting you with his supreme sexiness, or Archie commanding his sharpedo to crunch you up in that sexy outfit ?

  9. For those who care NX will not be a super powerful console and will be shown in Fall. Likely not September so either October or November. I’ve been saying October so eh. And when they do talk about it, it will be all NX, just NX so whenever it happens no Pokemon news sadly.

    1. Nintendo’s consoles don’t need to be powerful to succeed, people don’t really care as much about that anymore. I mean this E3 Sony and Nintendo dominated and yet Xbox showed it has the most power compared to the three, and it still came in 3rd for all of the E3 conference, if you ask me its Xbox thats going to have a tough time in sales when the NX comes out, after all you can play almost all the good games xbox has on a sony system plus tons of others that are exclusive, and nintendo offers different games.

      1. People actually do care about power still. Way more than they should. NX will sell shittily. I hope their gimmick isn’t shit or I won’t be buying it either not because lack of power but because shitty gimmicks need to die.

        1. I don’t think most of the gimmicks nintendo has had have been shitty, Amiibo’s are considered a gimmick and they are extremely popular, motion controls were a cool idea on the wii so much so that the other consoles started to use them too, and for the wii u they are still present but you like never use them. The gamepad is a gimmick but its probably one of the best they have had, seeing as how it gives you the ability to play your games off the tv. Nintendo is a great company and they rarely do things that upset their true fans, they upset the fans of other consoles that want them to become these cookie cutter games and consoles that the others usually have. Nintendo knows what they are doing, if you don’t like it don’t get one. Plain and simple. They don’t need to change.

          1. Like I said if the gimmick is shitty I will not be getting one. I hated the Wii because of the shitty gimmick it had. Wii U is ok but nobody wants to make games for it. I much preferred the GC though but then again people didn’t want to make games for it. Nintendo has just been shafted for a long time and they try to make shitty gimmicks to stay relevant and it is usually worse off for them.

          2. I completely agree with you however profit isn’t a thing you should take lightly. They should make things that get new audience into Nintendo as well. There are fans of course but sometimes they’re just not enough. They’re a company after all. Profit is a very important factor. If they want to grab the attention of new people they should change some things. That’s how it works. Btw, I’m fine with Nintendo as it is, I’ve always loved them for what they are.

          3. Yes, that is true, some things could change and it would be totally fine, but I just think they are a unique company that does unique things and if they became like all the rest it would harm them more then hurt them. That being said they do have a lot of fans outside of the nintendo fanbase throughly intrigued with the new Zelda game, there are a lot of people that want to buy an NX purely for that alone so far and that is going to put their sales through the roof when it finally comes out.

          4. It’s their biggest project after all. I’ll probably get an NX for Zelda alone. I’ve never been into the series but this is just too beautiful to miss out. Also, I completely agree regarding their uniqueness. That’s why I don’t like PS4 or Xbox games. They’re almost the same with slightly altered graphics and mechanics. They’re just not original. Nintendo has this unique way of doing games. They’re all completely original and have a fresh and light feel to them. That’s why I mostly play Nintendo games and very rarely some indies like Binding of Isaac.

  10. Ugh… Just got here from CancerFAQS… Cannot have a conversation with those people…

  11. According to Soul Heart ability Magearna S.attack should boost after knock out Pangoro …right?

      1. My english is simple ….but at least I can understand this ” Soul Heart : Raises the Special Attack by one stage when a Pokémon on the field is knocked out”.
        if u was right …the should say ..when ur allays on the field is knocked out…right?

        1. The official site says “…each time another Pokemon in the area faints.” At this point there’s really no telling its exact details because the wording can be interpreted as either all Pokemon on the field or all ally Pokemon.

  12. I love the new battle intro where you can’t see the Pokemon at first through the grass. It just adds to the suspense of finding something new!

  13. (Possibly unpopular opinion incoming) Is it bad that having Ohmori as lead producer makes me worried about sun and moon? I mean, ORAS did lots of things well, but it was far from being the best Pokemon games (lack of difficulty, lack of post game (after the delta episode was over that was it)).

  14. Has CoroCoro been officially released yet? I’m surprised that we haven’t gotten a worldwide release of the dog or koala.

    1. Yep, every issue releases at the 15th. I’m also surprised that we haven’t gotten anything yet.

    2. Yeah it has, and that’s what I’m wondering too.
      Maybe they don’t want to reveal them yet because of the secret between the starters and Iwanko?

    3. It’s also possible that they’ll wait until next Monday or something. There are a lot of things they showed during E3 so it’s understandable that they want people to hype that up. Then a bit later when the E3 hype ends we’ll get Iwanko and Nekkoala. Or maybe they’ll wait until that something on the 25th.

  15. I’m ready for my dolphin Pokemon, Eevee’s Dragon-type evolution, and experiencing what could possibly be the greatest Pokemon game ever!

      1. You’re never alone! I mean… not to be creepy or anything… you do have tiny organisms you don’t see floating around the air and coating your skin so… Okay, I’ll stop. 0///0

        1. So the bacteria and viruses want a Dragon Eeveelution too! Biology isn’t that terrible after all 😀

    1. Earthen demands Ground/Fighting Mud Wrestling Warthog/Boar
      And it has to have Guts

  16. I have an idea for when the game releases. Every Friday (or every other, or something else) there should be a battling article where people arrange battles in the comments. It would be even better now with battle royales. I want this to happen because battle spot only allows for three Pokemon and I want to have real battles.

    1. I think this would be good. It would avoid other articles getting spammed for battling requests and trades.

    2. This probably wouldn’t work for the 18th or the 25th though, as people will still be playing the game. Also I hope we get day 1 bank support so we don’t have the same fiasco as last time.

    3. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I saw somewhere that there were still only 3 allowed in Royales.

    4. If I get hired to be a new writer for the site, I’ll try to make this happen! I feel like there’s a lot of potential for this.

  17. So baby evo’s haven’t been seen in a while, but if we were to get some in S/M what would you all like to see?
    For me I’d love to see the following pokemon get pre-evo’s

      1. Thats ok, everyones different, I love them because they are so cute most of the time and its even cooler if they learn moves that the others in their evolution line can’t learn so its kinda neat

    1. Definitely Maractus. It was one of my favorites from Unova and I think it needs some love. Just picture a single small cactus bulb with a little flower hat!

    2. Miltank and Tauros could get a shared pre-evo but the others are pretty unnecessary in my opinion. It doesn’t seem like they’ll pull another Gen 4 and do something like this. It would be interesting but not too likely.

      1. I’m not saying they will, I’m just asking if they ever did, what would people like to see, and you are totes right about Miltank/Tauros

        1. Well, this shared Miltank/Tauros pre-evo would be pretty nice. As Wes said, Maractus should also get some love but I think they didn’t give it a pre-evo because it would be too similar to Cacnea. Absol should’ve had a baby form from the start but they shouldn’t and probably don’t even want to mess with Pokémon that can Mega Evolve. I also want Shuckle to get some sort of an evolution relative but it’s pretty unlikely at this point. A Mega Shuckle with a large boost to its Attack stat would be so nice. And Delibird needs love too! 😀

  18. I want something other than a Dragon-type Pokemon to be the pseudo-legend! I love Dragon-type Pokemon and it’s probably my favorite type along with Ghost and Fairy, but it’s time for a change. 😀

        1. lol getting pretty deep there, I feel like you’re too young to be my father but idk lol

          1. Yeah. I generally like Fighting types, and while I don’t like many of the Dragon type Pokémon, I see a lot of potential in the actual concept if they combine it with something interesting. I really hope that eventually we’ll have a badass Dragon/Fighting Pokémon that’s not a legendary.

  19. Ok so not many are feeling the baby evo’s but what about normal Evolutions to old pokemon? If you had to pick one, I think the most obvious one for me is Heliolisk it just needs an evolution so bad imo, something Electric/Dragon, I mean its in the dragon egg group already and it just feels incomplete to me

    1. Heliolisk for sure. I had one during my playthrough of XY and it feels too unfinished. And Dunsparce. A big ass dragon 😀

      1. yessss! I always thought that a dragon/flying or dragon/ground would make a good typing for a dunsparce evo but also a dragon/normal would be pretty unique too

        1. Lol, both of my toughts. Dragon/Ground or Dragon/Normal would be nice. I don’t know about Flying, it just doesn’t fit in my opinion.

          1. No probs! 😀
            Fairy would be interesting and it’s not completely unlikely. I do feel like Dunsparce will get a Mega eventually and it will kick ass! 😀

          2. one can hope, a branch evolution would be cool too, like two different dragon evo’s with two different secondary tyes

          3. That’s a good idea! Make Dunsparce the next Eevee and give all of the evos the primary typing of Dragon. Then I’m all set for my next adventure with 6 Dunsparce in my starting team 😀

      1. yes, all good choices, I actually saw two really cool evolutions for zangoose and seviper respectively zangoose had this almost warewolf like look and seviper became this really cool long huge serpent with large fangs and stuff.

      2. Druddigon should get a Mega instead of an actual evolution. I don’t see where they could take the design without making it too complicated or simply ugly. The Combee thing would be very welcomed too.

    2. I would have to say Sudowoodo
      I had a BALLER idea for Sudowoodo to evolve into a Treant/Golem
      Where it would nearly triple its height and weight, massive pillar like arms and legs with a back and upper shoulder filled with jagged protruding green spikes and its body would be dark brown with mossy jade patches, it’s antenna would gain its trademark green clubs but it’s hands would sharpen into claws, same for its digitless feet it would have five root like toes in the shape of a star and its dopey face actually grows eyebrows and tusks to show great age
      Since Sudowoodo are surprisingly unable to learn Ancient Power I decided that they could only evolve by trading it with a special held item I personally call a “Mountain Boon”

      These mighty Pokemon are said to spend years not moving, but in heavy rain they retreat to the mountains


        Honestly, this is the best idea you could come up with, I’m digging it so much. Gosh! Go work for Pokémon!

        1. I keep telling them I’m a freaking natural when it comes to designing Pokemon

          1. You’re not though. All your designs would come across too monsterous while many Pokemon, even the monsterous ones, still carry s sense of cuteness. Something I think you’d miss completely.

          1. Sorry for playing this but I like your reaction so much! 😀
            I’ve been on Pokéjungle since the XY announcement but I didn’t comment at all. I was reading through a lot of comments the past few months and I always found your replies quite interesting. So yeah, if I’m annoying it’s because I like you 😀

          1. I just googled some fake evos and it seems like others want it to go in this direction too, theres some pretty cool designs out there

      1. That would be awesome too, we know for sure it won’t happen in S/M but maybe in the next gen?

  20. So if I am going to draw this (or if Blaq shows up) I need a fitting name for this Sudowoodo evo
    Also as the rules dictate Mr. Mime gets one too
    All I got is Treemendous

    1. or something similar to like a behemoth, I love your pick though haha its a nice play on words.

      Theres also Sodoquoia, because the sequoia tree is the largest tree in the world and going off of how they evolve, bonsley -bonsai are small trees, sodowoodo -I think this is just like sodo-woods like fake woods, idk you’re good with names lol

    2. Decedar (Deceit + Cedar)
      Dubirch (Dubious + Birch)
      Quasifir (Quasi + Fir)

      Diffferent trees depending on the design you go with. 😉

  21. Btw, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Balint (well, it’s technically Bálint, but you probably can’t spell it with your keyboards :D) and I’m from Hungary. I’ve been here since the announcement of XY, found the site the exact same day. I recently decided that I’d like to be a part of this community because you all seem to be very nice. My favourite Pokémon is Typhlosion and I want it to Mega Evolve this generation so much!
    I don’t know if this introduction post was necessary or not, but I just felt like it so yeah… I hope we’ll get on well 😀

    1. As with all new members, you must be subjected to the trials of pain to prove you can survive in the jungle

        1. Well I was going to cover you in honey and Basculin meat and strand you in a Urasring invested forest

      1. My only description I can come up with for a Mega Typhlosion is to just have its entire backside is engulfed in searing flames but an extra large flame on both shoulders and the top of the head
        It’s creamy body will have turned a darker color and its eyes turn a deep red, and just some minor spots like its paws getting claws
        And as for stats and a ability
        I want to say just a minor increase in defense and its Speed and Special Attack skyrocket
        But what ability would accompany this wild inferno? Either Adaptability or Flame Body but I was thinking Incinerate which converts Normal moves to fire but it lacks any decent special normal moves

        1. This idea seems quite good and honestly, I can’t imagine a Mega either. That deep red eye thing is actually pretty nice, I was thinking about that a lot. I see a very high chance of the Johto starters getting Mega forms this gen. I’ll hope for the best.

          1. Well the intense fire courses through its veins and the added heat in its eyes allow it to see in intense fire and smoke

    2. Cool! Im a fan of purugly! Anyways, everyone being accepting and nice makes this place much better than the others.

    3. Üdvözlünk! 😀 Én Michael vagyok. Örülök, hogy megismertelek. Hogy vagy? 🙂 //// Nice to see another Hungarian here! Technically I’m 1/4 Hungarian but whatever 😛 I apologize for any grammatical errors, and would be grateful if you would bring them to my attention. 🙂
      Oh, by the way Typhlosion is one of my favourite pokemon as well <3

      1. Wow, that’s quite surprising to be honest. Didn’t expect to meet Hungarian people here. I’m already liking this place more and more! 😀

    4. Awesome! I love introduction posts, because it makes this site much more personal! I’m Evan from the Netherlands and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here! 🙂

    5. Welcome to Pokejungle, Bálint, I’m sure you’ll have a good time here. Also, the Cyndaquil line is my favorite starter line.

  22. One more little idea
    Do you guys think Pokemon might shatter the boundaries of traditional Legendaries to create a Elder God Pokemon or would they get sued by Lovecraft

    1. Sued by lovecraft? Is he even still alive? Also, Bloodborne exists so probably not.

  23. Hey anyone remember this?

    Well, Quite a concept~
    But it was missing… something…
    Maybe this?!

    You’re welcome, this was done by me using a bit more of the retro crash and a popplio that fit with a few adjustments, hope you like this gift~

    Credit to Malco for the original drawing and concept.
    Colored edition developed by me, using elements such as crates and concept art redone from Crash Bandicoot and Naughty Dog.
    Crash Bandicoot belongs to Naughty Dog.
    Popplio Belongs to Nintendo/Gamefreak/TPCi.

    1. I’ve been seeing that wacko everywhere lately
      Guest staring in Skylanders
      PS4 HD remake bundle

      Personally I grew up with Spyro, and speaking of which will be the main character of the upcoming Skylanders T.V series which I can only guess will be amazing because Eric Rogers is writing it and he worked on Futurama and Futurama is amazing

    2. Nice coat of paint. Where did you get the boxes though?

      And if I think too hard, Crash is using Popplio as some sort of battering ram.

  24. I’m kind of glad Simisear is the Least liked Pokemon of All Time. I feel it had 6 6 6 not so hidden in its design. ..

      1. Umm.. 6 in each ear. And a 6 made by its hair in the center of its head.. between the devil horns.
        Plus it’s based on flames

        1. One little notion is I dislike its Dex entry
          How sweets fuel its firepower

          How on me can a Pokemon obtain sugary foods

          1. I mean it’s a forest dwelling Pokemon, it’s not like doughnuts or candy bars grow on trees

            It would’ve made more sense that it uses the sugars in berries to fuel its attacks

            This also applies to Swirlix

          2. It loves sweets because they become energy for the fire burning inside its body.

            Because it eats nothing but sweets, its fur is as sticky sweet as cotton candy.

  25. Nintendo is working on a new Mario game and it might be shown at E3 2017. It’s obviously going to be an NX title to push the sales of the system. Nintendo has thought about making a Spin-off Zelda game with Sheik! Lastly, the changes made in Zelda: Breath of the Wind, were spawned from the negativity from Skyward Sword!

          1. My least favorite from all the ones i played. If it got a 3d treatment i wonder how it would compare?

          2. Yay! Also, i didnt hate skyward sword. I really wanted to go back to it becauae i loved the story and characters (Peatrice! <3) but the controls…. I just either couldnt do it right or something but it just halted my playthrough

        1. MM is my favourite too, although its more of an obsession really, there was a year where I played it every single night, for the whole year

          1. ‘Twas my first full Zelda Game
            I borrowed the Collectors bundle from an acquaintance and played it everyday

            Hell I 100%ed it and still just spent hours rolling in termina for no reason

        1. I know right? Ghirhim and Vaati were always my favourites and yet we will probably never see either of them again :/

          1. I couldn’t give a squirt of piss about that elf
            Ghirahim was everything a good hero needs, a villain who gets up in your grill at every step of the way, he reveled in your hard times and wanted to spill your blood at every opportunity, Ganon just was in a window, horseback and on top of a tower and you barely saw him
            But Ghirahim was more, he was calm collected playfully taunting your species and invaded your personal space
            But what I truly love about Ghirahim is he is truly psychotic, breaking down showing his true colors as a sadistic and deranged lunatic who wanted to end you and bring forth darkness

    1. Breath of wind is getting So Much hate for it’s art style. When people say the Wii games 10 yrs ago looked better .. I kind of agree. I prefer a more realistic look. Maybe that’s why I go PS4 over other consoles

      1. When will the Zelda bashing end, sometimes I want to find these blokes who nitpick the game for stupid reasons and bash them in the schnozzola

      2. Uh. Where are you getting your responses? People have been praising the artstyle. Hell, the Sony President seriously wants to play the game; he played it at E3. I love the artstyle so far, we have enough realistic looking games.

        1. Umm.. have you looked at the trailers on YouTube. And read the comments.. people are divided in half.. and it seems the people who hate it are more abundant or just more vocal. Though I don’t think the likes display this.. so they are likely just more vocal.
          My favorite was..
          “Is this for Nintendo 64?”
          “No.. it’s a calculator game.”
          Sorry. I’m sure its fun

          1. I typically don’t read Youtube comments. Their useless due to group mockery. People hated the most recent CoD game and it showed in dislikes. So, I would expect the same for Zelda. Obviously, the NX version would look better due to superior hardware. I’m getting the game on the system. Based on the Youtube likes, I think the overall opinion is positive.

      3. Very vocal minority. Heck i remember one guy said i was the same as skyward sword (which isnt even close as skyward sword uses alotnof watercolor and pointilism.) Breath of the Wild stole the show at e3 this year.

          1. Not really actually. It was the number one most played game at E3 and the number one most talked about game (on Twitter).

          2. Oh ok. But I personally don’t think it was the best. .. but I read that wrong. It may have been most popular. People love Zelda in general

          3. Its ok to think that. We as a species thrive on interaction and difference of opinion

      4. Who honestly cares about graphics though. I’ll take a game with good story, music, and characters over that trivial bullshit any day. It looks fine.

        1. Hey man some people like those kinds of things. Let them do them, you do you. 🙂

          1. I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous people value aesthetics over things that actually matter to a good game (not saying that Rece does)

        2. I love seeing amazing game graphics or an interesting artstyle such as Zelda. Obviously story, music, and characters make the experience, but in this day and age; a good looking game is important.

        3. Ok.. that’s a Terrible argument. I’m not picking sides.. it May be a Great Game.. . But to say.. “who cares about graphics”?
          That’s half the purpose of creating new consoles in the first places. Nintendo will never be the strongest console. And other systems Can have Beautiful graphics And amazing game play. I only hear Nintendo folk say this. If you listen to other Console users graphics matter a lot.. especially to computer users. Just not Nintendo fans. But in Every game review I’ve Ever seen.. Graphics are rated and heavily discussed

          1. Video games are an escape to most, who the heck would want the gross browns and grays of realism over the beautiful and florescent dream scape that is most of nintendos art styles for games, realism has been done 1000 times before, why does it need to be in zelda? nintendo games are unique for that very reason, and to change that would make it the same as every other realistic rpg/adventure game out there, and who honestly wants that? …

          2. I’m not solely a “nintendo folk.” I have an Xbox and I would have a PS4 if I wasn’t working minimum wage. However, when I play a game, I play a game. I don’t worry about FPS and realistic lighting. That is not that important in my book. Sure, I want things to look nice, but there comes a point when (if the developers have done their job) I’m so immersed that I don’t really pay attention to graphics.

      5. first of all, graphics mean nothing in terms of gameplay, so when people only like a game for graphics alone its a very shallow route to take. Secondly BotW is was extremely well received at E3, the people that don’t like it, like people have said below are a very vocal minority, the art style honestly look lovely and the gameplay more so. I am a PS/Nintendo fan through and through and honestly was very much more impressed by BotW then most of what sony showed, but everyone has different tastes of course

        1. The people that don’t like it are also the people who probably aren’t actually zelda fans and realize that
          1) Zeldas art style is different almost every game
          2) Zelda games are more than their graphics

          Not saying a zelda fan can’t have an opinion about how it looks, but it’s really not something to bitch about when we’ve had this many installments in the series with varying styles.

          1. I mean I’m not the biggest fan of wind waker art style, but I think it’s well done and it’s not something I’m going to be complaining about because the game itself was really good.

          2. I love all Zelda games, just some more and less than others. Weirdly enough WW was the one that sucked me in the most and made me feel like I was in the game, and it had the most unrealistic style, but yeah they’re all good in their own way

        2. No one ever likes a game just for graphics.. and these people didn’t say they don’t like the game.. just not the graphics and art style. It’s not for everyone. If they went more realistic maybe it would be less divided. Especially because the Wii U isn’t super powerful. If they went more realistic like they did 10 yrs ago on the Wii.. they could of gotten away with more maybe.
          But again. They only dissed the art

          1. more realistic like on the wii? I hope you don’t mean TP… because that was an extremely sub par zelda game with ugly npcs and a forgettable story/ game

          2. Oh yes! TP. If they improved on those graphics more would have liked it. I realize now they are constantly changing the style for fun.. but hey.. it’s just the truth.

          3. they just remade TP, doesn’t make it any less gross… the color palette and fog effects in that game were awful… but ok, you’re entitled to your opinion

          4. I wasn’t suggesting what you’re thinking. I was just saying that game aimed more for realism.
            If they took a more realistic approach, TP aside, then there would be less fuss over the graphics. It’s just the truth. Not based on what I want.. I don’t care.. just based on the games main complaint thus far.
            This is the Wii U.. and a Completely new game..
            If they designed it as such with realism in mind and dropped anything which still doesn’t work I’m sure it would of been more well received.
            Unless they tried this and it still didn’t look great due to the Wii u’s power

          5. Ok, cool, thats fine, I still don’t agree with you that its graphics are a problem but thats ok, it doesn’t matter. Things can be done well with realistic graphics (see Dragon age: Inquisition, The Last of US and even the new Horizon game) but all of the games that do that, have bright popping colours (with the exception of dark the last of us scenes). TP does not, and it never will, and it ages more and more everyday, zelda games with artistic styles age very well. Honestly from my own personal experience most of the people that I have encountered that don’t like a games graphics honestly wouldn’t even play it if it did have realistic graphics, they just don’t like nintendo and like to complain, so nintendo doesn’t need to go out of their way just to create something for people that won’t ever play it anyways. Thats all I have to say, I respectfully disagree, but I will not pursue it further.

      6. Hmmm….. To me the game looks like a little bit of realistic and a little bit of cartooney. I don’t know, might just be me but I find that the art seems a bit realistic. Especially the environment. I mean, that water though…..

      1. First island = Oahu
        Oahu’s official color is yellow
        Yellow is called MeleMele in Hawaii
        The first island is MeleMele, the Hawaiin term for the official color of the island it was based on

    1. Nice, but only time will tell. I definitely think its naming theme is colors, but it could also be names after red, green, and blue (cause add that with yellow and you get the original 1st gen games).

      1. Eh, but colours were used as a naming them in the first gen already,
        And as far as I can tell, DPPt lacked a naming theme (unless you count ‘place names reflect the nature of the place’ as a theme).
        I’m not saying colours are an impossible theme, but I think it’s unlikely.

        1. I mean, for the islands. It make sense because of what we know of MeleMele. I just think the other colors will reflect the colors of the names of the original games.
          The town naming theme might be something different for all we know. I’m just talking of the island names themselves.

    2. I find that this theory will probably be true. But I am wondering what the guardians will be. Maybe a legendary QUARTET!!!!!

  26. After watching the game play, I will say this: I’m leaning more towards Popplio than I am towards Rowlet for Aurora’s journey (Moon version, Cosimo, my Sun version character gets Litten). What do you guys think of Poplin after seeing it during the live play?

    1. Eh, still my least favorite of the 3. The real question is do I want Rowlet over Pikipek? I’ll just have to wait and see the final evos..

    2. It it called Aurora in English now?
      I’m getting litten..
      I wanted litten and popplio if it was fast.. I paused its stats…
      Seems it’s a slow bulky sp.atker..
      So I think I’m going with just litten.. or litten and Rowlett like I originally wanted.
      Love popplios performer skills tho

      1. I already see fanfic fuel showing my Popplio has a natural sense of creativity in battle
        And all the Water Balloon abilities
        Bubble roll, Bubble slap, Icy Bubble, Disarming voice to send sound waves to cause it to overload and so much more

      2. No……… Aurora is my game characters name…. She’ll have either Popplio or Rowlet

          1. I do. It’s my Sun character. I get both versions. One character for each. I’m not going to have the same character on both versions. Relax

          2. Whenever I get two games in a generation (Pt/SS, B/B2, Y/AS) I name one Wes and the other my middle name so I don’t get them mixed up, so I understand what you’re getting at!

      3. Aurora is my characters name in Moon. She picks either Popplio or Rowlet as her starter.

    3. gonna be either Popplio or Rowlet for me.

      For the first time the fire starter is a nono

    4. I truly love Popplio and that’s the first time I’ve ever had legitimate feelings for a Water Starter
      And I hope that it goes like this
      Me Popplio
      My Youngest Brother Litten
      And my Middle Brother Rowlet

      Also still 100% convinced that Popplio will not be a Fairy

  27. So with what we know, I feel like I might have an idea on what Sun and Moon’s theme might be (besides the alchemy theory). I feel like it might have to do with spiritual vs physical…. Based on the gameplay we got and the descriptions on the legendaries and even that man made island I have a feeling this is what we’re in for. Anyone agree, disagree, have any other theories?

    1. I agree, it’s definitely got that feel from what we’ve seen. I can imagine the evil team not believing in the spiritual side and it causes some serious issues.
      I’m trying to think of something else but I can’t think of anything.

  28. So I layed a truth bomb on some Popplio Fairy wanter
    You know you got them on the ropes when they delete everything said

  29. I think e3 was decent this year, better than last year. Honestly I don’t care for e3 other than smash and pokemon. People seem to like the new Zelda game that’s cool. I don’t want people to be disappointed even though I don’t like Link games at all

  30. Part of me wants to buy a New 3DS…but something tells me that as soon as I buy it, they’ll announce a new handheld :/

        1. Not to taunt you or anything, but after having it for a while, my brother wanted help on his regular 3ds, and I realized that I could never go back.

          1. I sometimes shiny hunt on both my old 3DS and the new 3DS and it’s so weird using my old one cause it’s so small xD so I can definitely feel for you there

          2. Lol. I kinda want to get one of the new sun and moon versions because I’ve never had an exclusive printed one, but I don’t really like either of them honestly…Black is boring and I don’t like yellow. Plus I have this tradition where I always get a red version of Nintendo’s handhelds. Also my 3DS dies really easy so that’s just an extra lil push

    1. If you already have an existing 3DS/XL, I would just hold off on buying the “New” model unless you really wanna play SNES Virtual Console, Hyrule Warriors Legends, or one of the exclusive titles..

      1. For me, I have an original 3DS (from when it was first announced/released) so I really felt like I needed an update, considering I’ve had it for a few years. And I don’t really regret it. But then again, I bought it when it first came out so whatever. To each their own, really.

      2. You think they’ll announce a new handheld or something? Should I wait till I hear about the NX maybe?

        1. I don’t think so.

          But regardless of whether the NX is part-handheld, my point still stands. You only get “New” if you need to play exclusives like Xenoblade 3D or you need the best performance on Hyrule Warriors Legends or Smash.

          I’m assuming you already have an existing 3DS/XL that you play Pokemon on.

          EDIT: AH, did you say your 3DS dies easily. Well then, you should replace it, or at least have the techs look at the battery.

          1. I kinda just want a bigger screen too, to appreciate sun and moons new graphics. So might as well just get the new version of the 3DS if I’m gonna upgrade 😛

          2. Screen size is a good consideration. Get an N3DSXL then. What color do you like? Not black or yellow, I’m guessing?

          3. I prefer Red. All the regular XL’s I’m looking at are more expensive than the “new” XL’s though. Amazon has a new 3DS XL in red for $175, but their regulars are $199

          4. Oooh, well good thing there’s a red XL waiting for you, I thought your color won’t be available…

            My favorite color is green, clearly they don’t wanna cater to this yet with the N3DS XL. (There’s a nice Yoshi one for the regular XL.)

  31. Woah, I just noticed the pokeball shaking animation. I really like how it doesn’t just shake left and right.

  32. What’s everyone’s favorite Pokemon type here? Personally I like Bug Pokemon with Steel coming in second

    1. Poison. I like the strategy it symbolizes: trickery, annoyance, and slowly wearing down the enemy.

      1. Poison is my third favorite! I love watching the enemy die slowly from being poisoned

      2. Nice :3
        My reasoning for my types is that they are more offensive types (not saying there aren’t defensive Pokemon of those types) and I’m a more offensive player :3

        1. My strategy is the polar opposite of yours. I protect my Pokemon above all else while wearing down and weakening the opponent. Both ways work though, there’s more than one way to win.

          1. True, and I’ve grown to love bulkier Pokemon like Jellicent. I’m more likely to use Pokemon that can take hits now then I was a few years ago

          2. My way of winning is fighting over and over until I get lucky and win 1. Even if it means loosing 100 times. Which I did. I have like, 200 games on smash bros and I won 3 online .-.

          3. xD I’ve played and won one “for glory” match, and can’t bring myself to ruin my 100% win streak.

    2. Psychic and Dragon (really can’t decide what type I like more between them)
      Fire is second :3

      1. I want a top five from you. Let me guess though:
        1) Ground (Duh)
        2) Rock
        3) Fighting
        4) Dragon
        5) Steel

    3. Mine is probably Psychic because there are so many scientific designs, from biology (Solosis line), to astrology (Solrock + Lunatone), and everything in between!

    4. No particular order
      Likes: Fairy Steel Ice Dragon Electric Fire Water
      Neutral: Bug Dark Ghost Flying Grass Ground Poison Psychic
      Dislike: Normal Fighting Rock

      1. I agree with your dislikes. Except for Zangoose I can’t stand any Normal-type Pokemon or the type in general

      2. Though I want to state I’m jealous of you all! Im such an indecisive person it took me 13 years!!! To even find my favorite pokemon. 13 years and still kinda back and forth on this I still don’t have a favorite type really.I hate being like this everyone has their favorites and everything and I’m here arguing with myself what I like the most. It’s always like “Well I like this…. but this is pretty cool… but it has some flaws…”

        1. No worries, I’m like that with most anything. Fav music, fav Pokemon, fav whatever, cause I like/love most anything, so it can be hard to decide
          For some reason, I just know what my fav type(s) is. And even then, psychic and dragon are tied cause I can’t decide one or the other.

          1. Im glad im not the only one I have the exact way of thinking as you
            This goes the same thing for hating too. I cant fully HATe something because Im just too indecisive.
            There are only like a few things I truly hate from my game series
            Cloud in Smash bros
            Diddy Kong in Anything
            A Pokemon that shall never be named

          2. Yeah, I’m sorta the same way, except I go about it differently.
            I don’t hate things cause I just never focus on what I hate in anything. I don’t get it time and energy.
            And plus, anything I can hate can have redeeming qualities, so it’s hard for me to fully hate something.
            I don’t care for certain Pokemon designs, but I can’t hate on one either because I have used it or it has something to it that I can’t hate.

          3. Believe me, it took years for me to be this way. I used to be all negative and in a dark place for a couple of years.
            I dunno how I did it, but I guess I realized how bad it was for me mentally/emotionally to be that way, so I challenged myself to get out of it.

          4. Yup thats literally the same process… It’s annoying. I just want strong emotions!!!

          5. Oh, I have strong emotions….just positive emotions. I can really love something xD just it’s with everything xD

        2. Yeah, deciding a favorite Pokemon is hard. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 in no real order. They are: Turtwig, Togepi, Ampharos, Arcanine, and Ho oh.

          1. After Espeon and Gardevoir (who are both tied for first, by the way), I can’t even begin to figure out my list after that.

          2. Yeah, definitely a huge surprise. My name after all is ‘PercyJolteon’ after all. 😛

        3. Im having an existential crisis on who my favorite is. Lucario has been loosing his appeal for me.

        4. As soon as I saw Volcarona and learned it had a special location in the game, I knew it was my favorite. Honchkrow was replaced on that day…

    5. Psychic is my number one. Though I also like Fire and Electric and Dragon. And my all-time favorite mon Lucario is Fighting/Steel so yah.

    6. I can see why you like Scizor.

      I like Dark and Psychic a lot. So you’d destroy me in a fight.

  33. So that guy I totally told off banned me from commenting and wiped all comments away
    Just goes to show I won

    Some just can’t handle truth and logic

        1. I mean, we don’t know yet if it is or isn’t.
          And don’t start it here, cause I really don’t care and I’m neutral about it anyways.
          If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

          1. That may be so but I provide sound evidence that proves it won’t
            While everyone has no evidence

          1. Just a zealous update going on and on saying Popplio is a Fairy because of Disarming Voice, and how Fighting Types don’t learn it and blah blah blah we need ore fairies and how it’s based on competitive nothing on design or origin, and claiming the Debunked Images were hacked into the site

            So naturally I had to bring the Hammer down

          2. Well if it is fighting it’d probs be a special attacker…which may be kinda cool if they add more special fighting moves. But disarming voice isn’t definitive proof it’s a fairy type. It’s evidence…but not proof

          3. Exactly my point
            Nothing boils my blood faster then blind assumption
            And as a gourmet designer I know the insides and outs of the process
            But still i must say I too am not 100% sure it it is or won’t be a fairy, but what I can still say my evidence of it not being one is much stronger than most cases

          4. Whatever it is, I just hope it isn’t pure water. It’ll be more attractive to me if it gains another type

    1. You were also harassing that user (or at least the user felt harassed,) so his ban of you is justified. To get people to see it your way, maybe you should hold back a bit, y’know. Make the conversation flow smoother. (Heh heh heh.)

  34. man guys that was the most best E3 ever it was so awesome seeing all the best games Rhythm Heaven Megamix,Pokemon Sun and Moon,Yokai Watch 2 man I can’t wait to get some of these cool games!XD

    1. The only thing that would’ve made it better would’ve beeen a new Animal Crossing… :/

  35. Name origins this gen are confusing to me. I have no idea with Grubbin other than a grub, and Yungoos confuses me as well. Why is there no ‘e’ at the end, and why the yung?

          1. I guess that’s true. I think I’m just salty because something about the name “Yungoos” strikes me the wrong way.

          2. I just don’t like that it’s very similar to Zangoose. I think they could’ve been more creative

          3. It sounds the same, but to be fair, they both mongeese (mongooses?).

            Also the other one is a biped and white with a tattoo.

          4. This seems like a new concept to me. They never really used to misspell words that I remember.

          5. Muk (Muck), Furret (Ferret), Wynaut (Why Not), Honchkrow (Crow), Timburr (Timber), Klefki (Key).

            That’s just one from each generation off the top of my head.

          6. Huh. I stand corrected. (But Furret isn’t changing a word, it splices fur and ferret)

        1. Creativity? There isn’t a rule that it has to be spelled exactly like its original concept.

    1. When I see Grubbin I see (Grub + Grab/Grabbin’ + Insect)
      And with Yungoos: (Young + Hungry + Mongoose)

      1. Hmm. I think Hungoose would be a better name, but the people making the game know better than I do.

    2. Maaaaaaybe they are trying to make a Dragon Quest reference.

      Though yeah I guess that Yangus guy doesn’t look anywhere near the critter.

  36. SO I’m doing the fav randomizer thing, and I’m at the end almost and it has me trying to choose between Espeon and Gardevoir and I want to pass since I can’t choose and it’s like ‘Nah, bro, decide.’
    ….What do I do? xD

    1. You can keep taking it to get a 2nd and 3rd and so on.

      Surprisingly I actually got Froslass, Mismagius, and Banette when I retook it. And here I thought I liked Psychic types. :p

      1. I mean, true, but it’s still hard to decide because I really love both of them and it’s hard to decide
        I love Espeon’s design more and how it looks catlike, but I have really fond memories with Gardevoir.

    2. ur name is PercyEspeon so it’s pretty obvious u should choose Espeon ….Magic Bounce is awesome though.

  37. Yellow in hawaiian is Melemele.
    The Island that you start on is called melemele – aka from Hala’s quote: “for all life on our islands, and for all those who undertake the island challenge with joy in their hearts.. we pray for your protection… for them and all Melemele”

    And Hau is grandson to the Kahuna – which means Wise man in Hawaii.

    Maybe Hala is the Kahuna, and Hau is his grandson – both names start with Ha… and their hairstyles similar?

    1. I think Hau being Hala’s grandson is established already. Or at least I’m taking this for granted as a fact without confirmation… I’ll have to re-watch the Treehouse playthrough later…

  38. So Core Punisher was confirmed as a dragon type move ….it looks like ground type for me.

      1. yeah Dragon type confirmed by serebii…’s just looks like ground type for me.

        1. I suppose I would’ve drawn that conclusion too if it wasn’t for Garchomp’s typing, since it explodes from the ground.

  39. guys that was the most best E3 ever,but now it’s time for what we know so far in Pokemon Sun and Moon List. so what do we know so far?

  40. Good morning everyone. I would just like to ask anyone on here to keep my Little kitten Sylveon in your thoughts and prayers today. She had a seizure last night and then went into cardiac arrest. She’s now being hospitalized for the next few days at the vet. We don’t think she will make it but there’s always hope.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear this. I hope she’s gonna be fine. Sending love from Holland <3

    1. From the same thread, I don’t know it anyone has already posted these, more simple designs if they are real, time will tell

      1. Well the guy on 4Chan claims to have seen it on Twitter and it’s being deleted

        1. I gotta say, if these are real, I’m loving the simplistic designs. And they seem to be taken more inspiration from the actual region of Hawaii, which is nice

          1. I’m positive that this could be real
            I just try to think how Gamefreak would design a Pokemon compared to how we could’ve

        1. I think for me its the female-esque design that throws them off and looks horribly fake, the masculine one is a stretch but doesn’t look extremely fake, the little ones, well they could go either way, but I agree with you in thinking they are fake as heck

        2. they’re obviously fake alright, and they even look so hardly believable as Pokemons

        1. Didn’t post the full size image cause watching OITNB which is more important to me right now/we’ll find out if they’re real when the games are released in 5 months, haha

    2. someone posted about this the other day on twitter and I thought it was poke jungle actually saying it was fake

      1. I can’t really say, but I’m leaning towards real
        I would consider using it if real

        1. I just looked and it was Pokejungle that tweeted about it the other day saying it looked like the run of the mill fake but he also didn’t know for sure and said he wouldn’t mind if it was real, so who knows

    3. This was posted on the Pokejungle Facebook page 2 days ago ? Anyway it’s fake.

  41. This Monjaw or Humongoos as others call it, I noticed that it’s left ear is actually chipped, this could either mean a slip up or an artistic marvel showing this Pokemon scuffles with nearly any Pokemon in hopes of devouring it, including things bigger than itself
    Personally I really like it, it just looks like a absolute fighter and eater, if it’s previous evolution was always hungry this form looks like it needs to eat constantly

    1. Also this just struck me
      What if they introduce a new Biting attack that recovers HP like literally taking a bite out of the opponent and swallowing instead of bite and hold/release, I was going to say that causing the opponent to faint recovers double or fully heals it

      1. That would be interesting …. and slightly disturbing.

        It would probably only be Base 75 though to keep it in line with other draining moves (Giga Drain and Drain Punch).

        With Strong Jaw that’s a Base 112.5 BP move before STAB 😮

        1. If this were to happen I could give it to my Bug/Dark Mosquito Pokemon which is all about HP Draining

        1. I wanted to call it Blood Fang but try getting that past a E rating
          So Dread Fang

          1. I wanted it to be Bug because Vampsipher is this colossal Mosquito Pokemon that stabs its mouth into prey and drain their fluids
            It would be the master of HP draining attack with its signature ability “Life Drainer” which increases the damage of HP draining moves
            And it would learn Life Stealer, a Bug Type move that is basically Leech Life 3.5
            But it has shit defense

          2. I think it has a lot more opportunity as a bug type move. I like your idea for a mosquito pokemon too.

          3. But Life Stealer is Bug
            Base damage 80
            The user jabs the opponent with its mouth and drains their energy, recovers half damage dealt

          4. I know, I’m just saying that I think it has a lot of opportunity as a bug type move. 😛 Perhaps other bug pokes could learn it

    1. hope not, a snail that looks exactly like a real life snail would be kinda boring for a pokemon, but ya never know

        1. all of those have at least an animated or interesting like design though, this is literally just a snail…

          1. You can’t tell me grimer, voltorb, and friends are interesting. Grimer looks like sludge – pure sludge lol. Fearow looks like a crane.

          2. Hey, Grimer and Muk are awesome! I especially love their animations in gen 6 graphics 😀

          3. It’s just blobs lol. Don’t get me wrong, I like them too. At the end of the day they’re still blobs of sludge and trubbish is still a bag of trash (one of my personal favorites).

          4. My bad, my fault on misinterpretation.

            Yes, it is way too simple. At least grimer and friends have eyes and animation that reflect their personality

          5. they do not look exactly like they their real life counter parts… this snail has nothing that would set it apart from its real life counterpart with is what I am trying to say, its like when they had real life dogs and fish in the Kanto anime, everyone knew they were not pokemon because of what they looked like, this is the same, people know that grimer and the like are pokemon, do you understand what I’m trying to say here?

          6. Let’s see, it’s huge, pinkish-purple, the shell is just a turned cylinder on its back rather than being a part of the snail.

            You said grimer and them were interesting, which they’re really not. Simple designs? Yes. Interesting? No.

            Nothing is wrong with simplicity, but it doesn’t always mean it’s going to be interesting, design wise.

      1. Did you mean its design is too simple, as in lacking personality (if it were a pokemon and not a kids play thing)?

      2. Look I only say this because right know we only have one Snail in the form of Shellmet
        The fact they would build a actual looking snail like thing makes me suspicious

        1. well we also technically have gloomy and Sliggoo which are slug/snail like pokemon.

          1. oh I forgot them, theres also Shellos which is a sea slug (not a snail i know but still lol)

    1. Listening to these recreations makes me definitely feel the hawaiian vibe going on.
      And with the rival, I definitely think this is Hau-exclusive. Based on what we know of Hau, it fits him, I feel, more than it can fit any other rival.

    2. That trainer battle music in my opinion is horrible. It doesn’t really follow a clear melody and is really all over the place.

  42. Read this online but apparently someone went through the files of the recent Pokken update and there were files on Scizor, Empoleon & Darkrai. Could be new fighters/supports (but even if they are supports, one will still be fighter cause only 2 per support)

  43. I wonder when they’re gonna release Volcanion internationally. It’d be kinda weird if they don’t release it for ORAS/X&Y considering it’s a gen 6 pokemon…

  44. Nekkoala and Iwanko have just gone and vanished. I think this might be the first time that CoroCoro information hasn’t been revealed worldwide. I really wanted to know those names as well…

    1. I know, it’s crazy. The only thing I can remember that’s somewhat close to this is when Trevenant was shown in the Mewtwo and Genesect movie (I believe?) and it never got revealed internationally til after the game came out.
      But it doesn’t make sense here, since this was in CoroCoro and Trevenant never was. It’s odd.

      1. God, that was awful. Remember the drawings people were making that looked nothing like the end product?

        1. Yes! Do you remember the name people gave it before its official name was revealed?

    2. I was wondering that cause usually the international reveal comes not long after but of course with E3 and three Pokemon newly revealed, I’m sure they’re just waiting a bit for the hype to dye down, before announcing it. Maybe it’ll happen this Sunday if they showcase it on that Pokemom show?

    3. Nrryghhhhh I’m getting info antsy again
      My only hope is the Hobby Fair next week
      Otherwise it’s a solid 4 weeks until Corocoro
      And 6-5 months for the whole game

  45. We’re going to be getting NX information this fall, which was confirmed by the General Manger (GM) of Nintendo of Canada. I honestly thought this was kind of obvious due to Nintendo having to reveal the console before 2017. It’s likely were going to see the console in September or October. I’m guessing it would be before or during the Tokyo Game Show, which is the second biggest gaming event. Reggie said their focusing on content with the NX! I hope it delivers with the promise of third-party titles.

  46. Gamefreak is missing an opportunity here. Have an event for Volcanion in the gen 6 games then activate an event in SuMo letting you catch Magearna! Like the Zoroark/Shiny Hampsters from Gen5

    1. I remember when having a Zoroark was actually rare… But then Zorua was a gift Pokémon in BW2

        1. Omg you’re so lucky you can trade in old systems! I wonder if there’s a place I can do that here…

          1. *Gives brand new 3DS system to gamestop*
            Gamestop- Here is your gamestop gift card for trading in your purchase, it has a balance of $3 enjoy

          2. People always give Gamestop a bad name during trade ins, but I’ve gotten like 25 dollars for games 2 years old, and I got 40 dollars for my 3 year old 3ds.

          3. There’s no gamestop in my country but tbh I’d take any money if it meant not packing away my old 3ds to collect dust

  47. I beg to differ on “no new info”
    Those 4 actions we saw for Pikipek, Yungoos and Grubbin were what the Action button is on the new pokedex. Now I guess we know it’s 4 animations of each pokemon.

    1. Yeah, it seems to be one movement for standing still, an idle animation, a physical hitting move, and an indirect move
      Although I noticed that they accidentally did Grubbin’s direct attack animation twice and we don’t see it’s idle animation.

        1. I don’t know for sure, since my friend Hipster commissioned it from someone on dA, I’ll ask him about who did it.

  48. All day today I had nothing but desire for more info but I put that aside for something I want even more
    Warhog: the Macho PKM
    Ability Guts/Sheer Force
    HP 120
    Attack 145
    Defense 95
    Sp Atk 30
    Sp Def 90
    Speed 70
    Bst 600 (I think)
    A massive pig like humanoid with dark pinkish skin with splotches of dark brown mud on its body in the shape of a leotard, majorly muscular arms, legs and pectorals, its would have a 4 clawed hoof like fists and hoofs for feet, its warthog like face has a long snout with 4 tusks coming out of the mouth 2 big and 2 small, its eyes would be bright red and it would sport a large Crimson Mohawk that runs down the top of his head all the way to the base of his back ending with a tail with a small tuft

      1. Even better that lets me bump up its attack to 155 and its speed to 80
        Giving it a above average BST of 570 which is just below the standard OU Legend

        But the bread and butter is its jaw dropping attack power and the most STAB super effective attacks ever

  49. This is probably super unlikely, but I really want there to be a virus Pokemon. Probably not actual size, of course, but still fairly small. It could have a new move similar to Curse that inflicts a new Sickness status on a Pokemon that takes away HP every turn, with a very low chance of it spreading to surrounding Pokemon on the field.

    1. As someone who loves cell biology, I’d be over the moon if we got a virus pokemon. Idk about all the status stuff, but the concept is interesting.

  50. Just gonna go ahead and drop this theory bomb here…
    The sense this video makes is eye opening.

    1. I like the idea of visiting Azoth as opposed to the entirety of Kalos. It could tie up loose ends without giving us a repeat of the same region we just played.

          1. And that’s a Movie Location which has never once been in a game
            In case you haven’t really realized, Magearna technically has zero in-game information outside of it being made by humans and that it suffers for Pokemon and will try to help
            But the cold hard fact is that we know nothing else of it

            And the movie claims that Magearna was abducted by the Azoth kingdom not originating, and the whole Azoth Kingdom is a sham since

            And I cannot stress this enough Movies and Games never once mixed

          2. Except the part were Mega Mewtwo Y appeared in the Genesect movie, before Megas were officially announced for the games.

            And how exactly is the Azoth Kingdom not a place, when its a bloody kingdom? Doesn’t matter if its a movie exclusive location lol.

          3. Mega Mewtwo Y used the term “Awakened Form”
            Which by all means is basically Mega Evolution and I base this on Mewtwo’s mutant DNA and the sheer fact that Mega Stones could not have existed before Mewtwo’s birth
            I theorize that Mew itself can utilize a Pseudo-Mega Evolution itself without the aid of a specific stone, and Mega Mewtwo Y it takes on a Mew aspect so this aids this theory
            As for X it is purely artificial Mega Evolution

          4. But if mega stones were created by AZ firing the Ultimate Weapon (3000 years before RBY), then they’ve been around for much longer than mewtwo, who was only created a few decades before RBY…

          5. It could be the one place that’s both in the anime and games 😛 There’s that walled city after all, but then again, it’s in Alola, not in Kalos.
            We don’t know until we get the info.
            I don’t think we can shut down anything at this point, really.

          6. I have extreme doubts about that
            Anime and Game have a very thick like of no canonical

          7. Even so, I still think we will go back to Kalos, but it was something I thought could happen before all the AZOTH stuff.

        1. …But, did you watch the video?
          Azoth is mentioned in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. The movie’s setting is the Azoth Kingdom which is located in Kalos.
          This video brings up an assload of points.

          1. Project AZOTH not the kingdom
            There is no known records of in game file text that mention it,
            It is a codename for plans to obtain the power of the ultimate weapon in hope of super charging Pokemon with power similar to Mega Evolution

    2. The very second I saw the words “Kalos” and “Back to” I lost all optimism

    3. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any plot information come from the Volcanion movie… I wonder why nobody’s covered it yet (from what I’ve seen)

        1. But wouldn’t there be more information about Magearna’s creation and the Soul Heart..? Also those “evil” Mega Evolution things

          1. *Face Palm*
            Non-Canonical you dummy, the Soul Heart is game canon

            “Magearna is a Mythical Pokémon that was created by a scientist of uncommon genius 500 years ago. Magearna has the power to perceive the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of other Pokémon. If a Pokémon is injured, Magearna will feel the other’s pain and suffering and will try as hard as it can to save that Pokémon.”
            “Magearna’s real body is the spherical construction in its chest called the Soul-Heart, created by a scientist who gathered the life energy from Pokémon.”

  51. Just here to say the whole disconnection to Project AZOTH and The Azoth Kingdom ties are all false

    Project AZOTH files
    “PROJECT AZOTH File No. 1 The goal of Project AZOTH is to return the world—return everything—to the beginning. In order to further the project, we must proceed with research on Groudon’s Primal ReversionOR/Kyogre’s Primal ReversionAS. Primal Reversion is a potential of Pokémon Evolution, a potential different from Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is made possible by the energy of people and Pokémon. Primal Reversion is made possible by natural energy. In Primal Reversion, GroudonOR/KyogreAS absorbs natural energy into its body, thereby increasing its power dramatically. Both states significantly enhance Pokémon’s power: the difference lies in the source of the required energy.”

    “PROJECT AZOTH File No. 2 We intend to analyze the power of the ultimate weapon used in Kalos 3,000 years ago and work on the development of a drill weapon utilizing the technology. The Seafloor Cavern is sealed by the power of a Legendary Pokémon. The only way to gain access to the cavern is to break the seal with power that exceeds that of the Pokémon. According to the report from the Petalburg recon team, Devon Corporation holds the secret of the technology of the ultimate weapon. We will dedicate all our resources to obtain this technology.”

  52. Did we ever get confirmation on who made Magearna and why? Cuz I just had a thought. What if AZ commissioned it to me made as an attempt to replace Floette? I dont really have any evidence for this theory, just a thought.

    1. Magearna is a Mythical Pokémon that was created by a scientist of uncommon genius 500 years ago. Magearna has the power to perceive the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of other Pokémon. If a Pokémon is injured, Magearna will feel the other’s pain and suffering and will try as hard as it can to save that Pokemon

    2. Magearna kinda resembles Diancie a bit. Its possible its creator used Diancie as his inspiration for Magearna.

  53. So to start a little discussion, why dont we say what our favourite movies are ? You can only pick one !!

    1. ……Bye. Why can’t I choose a multitude of movies?!
      Nah, serious, it’s Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s one movie I can watch multiple times and not get bored and enjoy it. (there are some others but NBC beats it).

      1. Jurassic Park is mine. I can literally watch it everyday. When I’m in a foul mood I turn that on and I’m grand after haha. I also love Jurassic world as its the sequel that the original film deserves 🙂

        1. I love Jurassic World as well, both that and NBC are a part of my small DVD collection (movies I feel I want to watch again/love)

      2. Man, the older (like late 80s and 90s) Disney movies are so fucking ingenious. Lion King can still me cry to this day, even though I’m 23 haha.

        1. I love Disney in general. I just recently got Zootopia on DVD cause that movie was beyond amazing. I cried a couple times during it (then again it is so easy to make me cry in any media, movies, books, tv. Basically just say ‘cry’ and I will xD)

    2. Bear City, because stocky hairy men in underwear.

      On a serious note(although above statement is still true): I don’t really have a favourite movie, in the context you’re referring to. There are MANY (like hundreds) of movies I genuinely enjoy equally.

      1. I just watched the trailer for that and had literally no idea what to expect hahaha. The film looks Hilarious, Im straight but i find the gay culture humour fantastic ! I did here some Ru Paul in there also 😉

    3. I would have to say either South Park Bigger Longer Uncut or this kinda raunchy film called Hell and Back

    4. 1. Howl’s Moving Castle / Spirited Away / Whispers of the Heart
      2. Tangled / Frozen / The Little Mermaid
      3. Ratatouille / Zootopia / Finding Nemo
      4. Princess Mononoke / Kiki’s Delivery Service
      5. The Lion King / Beauty and the Beast / Alladin
      6. Kung-Fu Panda / Alice in Wonderland (Live Action)

      If we were to by the hotness factor… Big Hero 6 because TADASHIIIII!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

      1. BH6 is bomb, also a part of my DVD collection. I was basically bawling the whole movie xD

    5. Bon voyage, Charlie Brown! or Snoopy, come home…
      Been watching since I was little.

    6. In no particular order:
      -Captain America: Civil War
      -Wreck it Ralph
      -Toy Story 2&3
      -Big Hero 6
      -Harry Potter (1, 2, 3, 7pt. 1 are my favorites)
      -Lord of the Rings (All 3!)

  54. So it turns out that Monolith Soft has been helping with development of Breath of the Wild, which is really cool. I wasn’t aware that this was the case with Skyward Sword as well. With this game, Sun and Moon, and an entirely new generation on the horizon, Nintendo’s future looks pretty darn good.

    1. I’ll wait till the NX to see if their future actually looks pretty good.
      Not much apart from Pokemon and LoZ that we know about.

      1. Everyone “in the know” seems really confident in the NX. These are also people who are aware of the Wii U’s failures, and therefore have reason to believe that a positive change is going to occur. I think Nintendo has invested a lot of time and money into research and development. Due to comments about how the system is like a “new Wii”, I think that they have analyzed their Wii strategy and will replicate it as best they can. At least, that’s a best-case scenario.

    2. That’s actually pretty cool, i hope they prove successful with their concept in Zelda.

    3. I knew the Zelda Team will get assistance from Monolith Soft. The studio has worked on two open-world titles. Xenoblade Chronicles X open-world was amazing and brimming with interesting concepts and life. I hope the Zelda Team used Monolith Soft properly in filling that large world!

      1. Xenoblade Chronicles X’s world was the part that kept me playing. They can do what they are good at. Massive, stunning worlds while Nintendo does their magic

  55. Just hit 20 shinies on my challenge for 100 shinies by Sun/Moon’s release! I’m looking for something big/meaningful for the last one, if anyone has any ideas i’d be glad to hear em

    1. It may be tough considering you would have to get a cheating device in Platinum for it, but Shaymin would be cool. It symbolizes gratitude so it would be neat.

    2. Congrats 🙂 How about a shiny Charizard? It’s the most famous starter, and the second most famous shiny (after Red Gyarados, Sugimori’s artwork “Encounter with Shining Pokemon” has a black Charizard).

    3. maybe try for a solrock or Lunatone? I can’t think of a better shiny to celebrate Sun/Moon except maybe espeon/umbreon

        1. I’m trying to figure out how i want to do this. Masuda method is super time consuming, but aside from that, the only other way to get one with boosted odds is dexnav, which is also time consuming and I could only hunt for Solrock because I have OR

    4. This idea is genius. It gives you something to pass the time, and wow it sounds like a great idea. How long have you been at this?

        1. Ah, I hope it picks up for you. As far off as it may seem, 20 shinies since February is highly impressive. Congrats to you.

          1. Thanks! It’s been going better lately, 2 shinies today (Krabby and Dunsparce), and 2 yesterday as well (Larvesta and Sneasel)

    5. I was aiming to get the Shiny versions of all the Pokemon that recieved Megas in ORAS before new Pokemon games were released but then College happened, so..

    6. Just because Wynaut, but try SRing for a starter/legendary in a previous game (pre-gen VI). Unless you’re specifically hunting in gen VI for whatever reason.

          1. Nothing but pointy jabby hardness
            That’s why I prefer women with tons of cushioning

    1. Honestly I like both Protagonist, but I might as the girl this time if it means more customization options, because let’s be honest GF won’t make more option for guys

  56. alright guys I think it’s high time we figure out what we know about the clues we got it on Sun and Moon,so we need a list of everything we know so far on Pokemon Sun and Moon,so what have we got?

    1. You’ve left a lot of comments like this, and in my opinion, if you want to figure things out about the upcoming games, the best thing you can do is actually just think it out yourself. Watch some theory videos, get creative. Telling other people to figure things out won’t get you anywhere

    2. With everything we know the alchemy theory stands, though it’s not a clear theory so much as it is a bunch of connections.

      1. I think Pokemon is connected to Fullmetal Alchemist because Fullmetal Alchemist is based on Alchemy.

    3. Based on Hawaii
      A subtle theme of Alchemy and Life
      Five Islands one artificial
      Integrated species of Pokemon
      Professor studies Pokemon Attacks
      Mysterious bracelets
      Starters seemingly based on alchemical symbols
      Each island is said to have its own guardian
      Protagonist recently moved there
      Friend is a doughnut/Pokemon lover
      Prof. assistant is against Battling
      Sooner or later the ecosystem will fall
      Villainous Team NOT revealed
      Gym Leaders NOT revealed

  57. Something interesting my brother noticed: There doesn’t appear to be any flagship city in this region like Castelia or Lumiose. Unless that manmade island is not actually the E4 but a huge city?

    1. If there was and flagship city I would say that it is the large one in the middle of the north east island.

  58. I just want to share with u my theory …. we have 5 Islands as we know each Island has one guardian, we already know the name of the 1st island is Meleme and that’s mean yellow in Hawaiian language , I believe each one of these Island represent some kind of color and these color r the same color of these hexagonal on P.Zygarde chest …the artificial one could be represent by the white color though.

      1. I think the guardians r actually Zygarde cores or maybe another zygarde form that help to complete P.Zygarde.

  59. So its official IGN picked LoZ:Breath of the Wild as their game of the show for E3, and it seems like everyone agrees with them and I mean how could you not its gorgeous, sucky though that they didn’t really mention S/M but oh well, also its seems Horizon was pretty high up there, which also looks beautiful

      1. I know I just felt like if I didn’t mention pokemon at all that my comment would be too far off topic lol

  60. Oi….Binacle in the dub sound….weird
    And they’re smaller then I realized

    But nonetheless I still love my Barbaracle

  61. okay guys this might be a little off topic:how many cartoon characters are based on Pokemon?

  62. I just had a thought, how the friggin hell can a Binacle actually fight something
    I know they can detach themselves from their rock and kinda jump but it still seems lackluster
    Maybe for defense they do a handstand and use their rock as a shield
    And maybe if the battlefield was smooth enough it could use the rock like a curling stone and stretch out their claws as it spun
    Maybe they both can leap into the air, cling to the opponent and simultaneously attacked in different areas, and I kinda see them using Shell Smash to shatter their rock and greatly boost their speeds and they would throw each other like a spear and the twin fury would overwhelm the opponent

    1. Can they hop or something? If not, perhaps they spring themselves forward with a somersault or do a handstand like you said. Just checked the pokedex entry and it says they can “stretch and contract” and also take “bold hops.”

      1. They do short hops
        The reason I compile this info is that I need a clever way to write how the Binacle in my X journey acted
        But all I got is that after beating the Cyllage Gym Me, Diggersby (Newly evolved) Pancham and Tyrunt decided to rest at the beach before heading to Geosenge
        And my Pancham gets attacked by one while swimming and it clamps onto it, but that’s where it stops
        I was thinking it completely wows me with its tag team fighting or while trying to save Pancham it leads us to a whole colony of Binacle led by a Barbarcle and the one that attacked us defects

  63. Pokemon Sun/Moon will be at the World Hobby Fair, which is from June 25th to June 26th. Junichi Masuda will be their playing a part of the game on stage. Prepare yourself for more Pokemon news soon! (source: serebii)

    1. the world hobby Fair will totally give us more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon,which means we need more lots of cool costumes,my costume I’m going to be a Mega Charizard X!

      1. you know whatever time I need to wait I play video games or watch Longplays to pass the time along.

        1. I’m playing Super Paper Mario, Majora’s Mask, and going to start Mario Galaxy 2

          And in the last week I binged watched How to Train Your Dragon TV series and the entire Sam and Max game all 15 games

      2. I like that it’s something Not stressful I can look forward to.. I need more things like this in my life currently .. lol

  64. UGH, what’s with people blocking off their secret base flags unless you become their secret pal? It makes me really mad…I’m running a blissey base, I do not have room for you.

    1. MY base is always open, i do add a puzzle element to mine, but it’s mostly just a path, the ones that annoy me are the warp panel returns after a long puzzle challenge.

      1. God I hate those warp ones too. I’m just trying to get to a flag -_- I don’t want to spend all day in there

        1. I got 1000 flags, so i am retiring hunting for bases, but if anyone wants a new one, i could share mine, easy to find and i got an interesting assortment of pokemon i could use.

  65. so whats the deal with the koala and dog did corocoro not officially reveal them?

    1. It is strange
      Maybe they’re waiting for a specific date to reveal them
      Which totally agitates me, I want details

        1. And I want a Ground/Fighting type with Guts
          It has to have guts or a ability that prevents Attack reduction from Burns

    1. Timid, mostly.

      For Mild, is there a physical attack you’re thinking of including to make it a mixed sweeper?

      1. Not really…I actually just decided to make it all special. It’s attack stat really isn’t worth investing in compared to its special stat, imo.

        1. Well I think you meant Modest, I guess. Now that makes it just a toss-up if you need to beat any specific Pokemon in speed for Timid, or just have more power in Modest.

          1. Honestly I’m new to competitive battling, I’m just trying to breed some decent pokes first 😛

          2. You should do a “Basic Everything Team”
            Special Attacker
            Physical Attacker
            Special Wall
            Physical Wall
            Entry Hazard

        2. Hydreigon @ Choice Specs
          Ability: Levitate
          EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
          Modest Nature
          – Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse
          – Dark Pulse
          – Flamethrower
          – Flash Cannon

          This is pretty much the Special Tsunami sweeper
          Avoid Chanseys and plan your attacks accordingly as Specs only let you use the first move

          1. Thanks, although I might go with timid just to give it an extra lil boost for speed.

          2. Still going for specs for that extra oomph?
            Otherwise Life Orb might be your fancy

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